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NAME: Robert Lamar Whittle
SURNAMES: Taylor, Wade, Woodard, Southwell
DATE: Mar 21 1999

QRYTEXT: I am in possession of a Taylor family bible that is more than a hundred years old that has these entries:
J.L. Taylor was married to Clara Woodard Jan 1, 1885
J.L. Taylor was married to Sallie Wade November 20th 1888
Tom Taylor was married to Sallie Southwell Oct 1896
Orvals(sp?) Taylor was borned Jan 3 1886
J.L. Taylor was borned October 8 1861
Alfred Taylor was borned July 1 1897
Oscar Taylor was born Jan 30 1886
Sallie Wade was born June 28 1871
Clara Taylor departed this life August 2 1886
Orvals(sp?) Taylor departed this life September 8th of 1886
J.L. Taylor departed this life November 11th 1914
Sallie (Wade) Taylor departed this life November 11th 1936
Sallie Wade and James L. Taylor are buried in Sunnyside cemetery in Cordele GA.
Sallie and James Taylor had no children. The bible came to me through my mother who was a sister of Sallie Wade..

The above text was taken from the Dooly County, Ga Query Forum.

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