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Charles Winn Lamar and Josie E. Nichols
Mark Hall & Elizabeth Dupree
Dooly Co., GA Marriage Book A
(May 5, 1846 - June 23, 1853)
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Dooly Co., GA Marriage Book B
(1852 - 1875)
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Georgia's Virtual Vault, Dooly, 1846-1930

Georgia Marriages, 1699-1944

Dooly County, Georgia Marriages 1828-1850

Fenn, John H. married Ross, Susan C. on 25 Nov 1828

Wright, R. E. married Yawn, Samantha on 20 May 1833*
The listed date for Reuben Evans Wright and Samantha Rebecca Yawn (3rd wife) (born Feb. 18, 1849) should be 1883, not 1833; correction submitted by James E. Nobles (, G-Grandson of Reuben Evans Wright, on 17 Feb 2005
Morgan, M. P. married Summerford, William on 13 Sep 1833
Summerford, Daniel W. married Summerford, Ella on 17 Nov 1833

Clegg, J. P. married Whitsett, G. E. on 23 Dec 1839

Bender, Christiana married Truluck, William L. on 05 May 1840
Powell, Lydeen married Slade, William on 05 Aug 1840
Burges, Permelia married Daniel, Robert T. on 27 Aug 1840

1844: Denkins, J. W. married Heyden, Eula J. on 13 Jan 1844
Bellflower, Martha married Wright, George on 21 Dec 1844

Hart, William W. married Hilliard, Quintine on 08 Jan 1846
Stephens, Hardy married Watson, Mary on 16 Jul 1846
Mclane, D. A. married Perry, Mary on 02 Nov 1846
Grantham, Jesse L. married Sutton, Mary Ann on 26 Dec 1846

Simpson, Arthur married Williford, Mary on 04 Jan 1847
Lewis, Jane married Perry, James on 18 Feb 1847
Calhoun, Mary M. married Chesley, John M. on 08 Mar 1847
Clements, Priscilla married Moss, John on 19 Mar 1847
Johnston, Felix A. married Jones, Susan E. on 20 Mar 1847
Brown, Sarah married Marlow, William on 24 Apr 1847
Hardison, Margaret A. married Mauk, Francis on 24 Apr 1847
Brown, Sarah married Lindsey, William on 25 Apr 1847
Stokes, William M. married Wood, Martha C. on 09 May 1847
Dollar, Nixon married Swearingen, Elizabeth on 23 May 1847
Key, Pleasant H. married Outlaw, Perlison on 25 May 1847
Phillips, Elizabeth married Williford, Adrian on 27 May 1847
Hodges, Lemuel married Mcclelland, Sarah A. on 19 Jul 1847
Edwards, Caroline married Merrick, William on 03 Aug 1847
Hathcock, Permelia married Smith, Isaiah Jr. on 15 Aug 1847
Calhoun, George married Story, Nancy on 26 Aug 1847
Dykes, R. M. married Walters, Jemima on 04 Oct 1847
Dykes, R. U. married Waters, Jeremiah on 14 Oct 1847
Mann, Thomas A. married Mcintyre, Catherine on 07 Nov 1847
Calhoun, Elizabeth married Collier, Henry on 18 Dec 1847

Simmons, Martha married Ward, Isaac F. on 10 Jan 1848
Goodman, Mary married Lane, William on 16 Jan 1848
Bass, Accus married Hasting, Malinda on 26 Jan 1848
Fields, James R. married Jordan, Nancy Penney on 26 Jan 1848
Blachard, Frances married Hathcock, James on 30 Jan 1848
Handley, Michael married Stephens, Martha on 30 Jan 1848
Thompson, James H. married Waters, Sarah on 20 Feb 1848
Flinn, John married Love, Rebecca Jane on 02 Mar 1848
Hudson, Tolliver married Peavy, Lydia C. on 02 Mar 1848
Flemming, James married Leonard, Mary A. on 17 Mar 1848
Bullington, Edmond married Youngblood, Martha on 24 Mar 1848
Purvis, William E. married Sutton, Elizabeth on 27 Mar 1848
Goodman, Elizabeth married Riley, William on 29 Mar 1848
Horn, Elisha B. married Walters, Sarah Ann on 13 Apr 1848
Jones, Gracey Ann married Smith, Henry B. on 13 Apr 1848
Phillips, Mary married Runnells, William on 15 Apr 1848
Barnes, Merrick married Burton, Susan on 24 May 1848
Locke, Martha Ann married Mashburn, Llewellyn on 06 Jul 1848
Baker, Thomas married Christmas, Mary on 21 Jul 1848
Higdon, Wineford married Slade, William on 13 Aug 1848
Dalton, Mariah married Floyd, Benjamin T. on 23 Aug 1848
Bryant, M. J. married Watson, Martha J. on 17 Sep 1848
Rhodes, Kitsey Ann married Taylor, Joseph on 28 Sep 1848
Bullock, Mary Jane married Waters, Allen on 02 Nov 1848
Benson, Mary married Marlow, Eli on 07 Nov 1848
Philman, Elijah married Stephens, Amanda on 20 Nov 1848
Brown, Sarah married Jenkins, John A. on 29 Nov 1848
Dickerson, Martha C. married Spell, John on 30 Nov 1848
Pipkin, Ada married Williford, Semantha on 17 Dec 1848
Watson, Willie married Young, Martha A. on 20 Dec 1848
Dykes, Warren married Simpson, Lanny on 23 Dec 1848
Atkinson, Henry married Christmas, Mary on 29 Dec 1848

Wade, Anna married Wooten, Edward J. on 04 Jan 1849
Musselwhite, Richard married Story, Sarah Ann on 05 Jan 1849
Eubanks, Tempy married Key, Homer on 11 Jan 1849
Golden, Mary married Spradley, Dillard on 14 Jan 1849
Lewis, Martha married Young, Seaton T. on 17 Jan 1849
Giles, Henry married Hutto, Sarah on 25 Feb 1849
Slayton, Martha married Westbrook, Thomas W. on 05 Mar 1849
Story, Alexander married Watson, Narcissa on 11 Mar 1849
Brown, Martha H. married Kean, John L. on 18 Mar 1849
Farnell, Elizabeth married Odam, Joseph on 23 Mar 1849
Mercer, William married Story, Nancy on 25 Mar 1849
Matthews, Julia Ann married Vinson, James on 01 Apr 1849
Musselwhite, Ann married Royal, Simon on 03 Apr 1849
Fulghum, Caroline married Musselwhite, Thomas on 12 Apr 1849
Collier, Calvin C. married Hall, Mary on 09 May 1849
Royal, John B. married Story, Jincey on 09 May 1849
Graham, Semantha married Roberts, Ashley B. on 31 May 1849
Clements, James married Pittman, Elizabeth on 11 Jun 1849
Mcdaniel, William married Walker, Charlotte on 27 Jun 1849
Mcneese, William T. married Pettee, Rosie Ann on 08 Jul 1849
Calhoun, John B. married Ellis, Caroline on 22 Jul 1849
Cato, Salinda married Humphries, Samuel L. on 23 Jul 1849
Carr, Mary married Reynolds, Robert on 09 Aug 1849
Culpepper, David married Simpson, Martha A. on 12 Aug 1849
Clemmons, William married Webb, E. on 15 Aug 1849
Lee, Ruth W. married Norris, Green Jackson on 28 Aug 1849
Jones, Samuel P. married Pearson, Hope L. on 04 Sep 1849
Pope, Elizabeth married Weldon, John W. on 08 Sep 1849
---, Martha married Daniel, Wesley A. on 09 Sep 1849
Mcdaniel, John C. married Roberts, Anzanny on 09 Sep 1849
Delong, William F. married Sheffield, Mary on 10 Sep 1849
Brown, Asbury married Dickerson, Elinder on 03 Oct 1849
Wallace, Mary married Williams, Melton on 13 Oct 1849
Giles, Barnabas M. married Thompson, Milbrey on 20 Oct 1849
Adams, Catherine married Westberry, Jefferson on 24 Oct 1849
Harvey, William P. married Sutton, Martha on 24 Oct 1849
Mcnair, Mary L. married Wright, Thomas L. on 30 Oct 1849
Barfield, John L. married Cox, Martha R. on 31 Oct 1849
Brown, Martha E. married Rogers, Elihu W. on 22 Nov 1849
Dozier, Henry married Larrell, Mary A. on 25 Nov 1849
Coleman, Catherine married Ellis, Frederick B. on 27 Nov 1849
Hodges, Penelope married Taylor, William on 29 Nov 1849
Brown, Mary married Dickerson, William M. on 20 Dec 1849
Dozier, William married Whitney, Rebecca on 22 Dec 1849

Thompson, Ardilla married Woodruff, William A. on 03 Jan 1850
Dykes, Susan M. married Truluck, Julius C. on 10 Jan 1850
Johnson, Orphy R. married Rutland, John H. on 08 Feb 1850
Bealle, Artimissa A. E. married Jones, James on 18 Feb 1850
Jordan, Elizabeth Ann married Luper, William on 31 Mar 1850
Lane, Harriett married Mayo, John A. on 09 Apr 1850
Fudge, Frances J. married Swerengen, Thomas on 11 Apr 1850
Dillard, Elizabeth C. married Rambo, Marcellius on 17 Apr 1850
Dawson, Frances married Dillard, Nicholas P. on 22 May 1850
Belleflower, Seaborn L. married Harris, Martha A. E. on 28 May 1850
Collier, Irene married Jenkins, Lewis N. on 20 Jun 1850
Owens, Sarah Ann married Thompson, Luke on 08 Jul 1850
Floyd, Matthew married Wellman, Chrisham on 24 Jul 1850
Richardson, William F. married Spradley, Elizabeth Ann on 25 Jul 1850
Buckles, Mary A. married Walden, Benson B. on 14 Aug 1850
Borden, Amanda A. married Walden, William G. on 15 Aug 1850
Fillyan, James C. married Horn, Anna on 09 Sep 1850
Fort, Benjamin F. married Key, Virginia E. on 12 Sep 1850
Bond, Cornelia M. married Young, Lucious A. on 03 Oct 1850
Pipkin, Nathan married Rhodes, Emily on 13 Oct 1850
Johnson, Mary married Jordan, John on 29 Oct 1850
Connell, Assebeth Ann married Young, Jacob J. on 30 Oct 1850
Holliday, Frances A. married Williams, Jackson J. on 31 Oct 1850
Gilbert, Jackson G. married Walden, Pearcy on 30 Nov 1850
Grantham, Sophia married Josey, Hickson M. on 08 Dec 1850
Permenter, Evelyn married Taylor, John M. on 17 Dec 1850
Jump, Green married Proctor, Martha on 22 Dec 1850
Dupree, Elizabeth married Hall, Mark on 27 Dec 1850*
*should be 1860; Marriage license copy submitted by: Ernest Hall
Futrell, Elizabeth married Sutton, Jasper N. on 29 Dec 1850

Submitted by: Tammy Ann Bartlett Harrison,
The Bartlett Genealogy Foundation Online Repository
"The largest Bartlett sharing information network, online and offline."

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