Vienna Elementary School, 1950s

Photo contributed by Donald Carey Bailey

Vienna Elementary School, 1952, Mattie Atkins' 2nd grade class

Mark Walton, Joe Ruben Brown, Raymond Bridges, Eugene Wright, J. C. Pope, Sam Powers, Bobby Carr, Monica Moore, Tommy Pilgram, Angeline Kimball, Donald Carey Bailey, Bronnie Peavy, Jack Barco, Helen Spivey, Charlotte Standredge, Louise Plunkett, Becky Jones, Patsy ???, Ann Bush, Betty Murphy, Linda Mclain, Christell Allen, Linda Powell, Johnnie Patterson, Rachel Hays
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Vienna Elementary School, 1953, Amelia Fort's 3rd grade class

Joe Reuben Brown, Mark Walton, Luther ???, Donald Carey Bailey, J.C. Pope, Linda McLain, Betty Murphy, Helen Spivey, Becky Jones, Louise Plunkett, Howell ???, Norris Bedgood, Angeline Kimball, Monica Moore, Jane Woodard, Linda Powell, Ann Bush, Christell Allen, Johnnie Patterson, Rachel Hays, Bronnie Peavy, Patricia Jones, Ralph Purdis, Sam Powers, William ???, Bobby Carr, Tommy Pilgram, Jack Barco
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Vienna Elementary School, 1954, Mrs. L Morgan's 4th grade class

Helen Spivey, Louise Purdis, Becky Jones, Jane Woodard, Angeline Kimball, Ann Bush, Louise Plunkett, Christell Allen, Jo Ann ???, Johnnie Patterson, Rachel Hays, Eugene Wright, Bronnie Peavy, Sam Powers, Monica Moore, Tommy Pilgram, Mary Nell, Ralph Purdis, Ann Crozier, J.C. Pope, Joe Reuben Brown, Mark Walton, Bobby Carr, Donald Carey Bailey
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Vienna Elementary School, 1956, Jane Forehand's 6th grade class

Royce Brown(?), Bobby Carr, Monica Moore, Mark Walton, Jo Ann ???, Eugene Wright, Christell Allen, Jane Woodard, Louise Plunkett, Helen Spivey, Ann Bush, Ann Crozier, Angeline Kimball, Bronnie Peavy, Johnnie Patterson, Rachel Hays, Becky Jones, Sam Powers, Ralph Purdis, J.C. Pope, Donald Carey Bailey, Ed Mowrie(sp.?), Norris Bedgood
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