Census Records

There are two Census Projects. The Colquitt County transcriptions that I have done have been submitted to both projects.

If you have access to federal census records for any county and are willing to transcribe them, please contact one or both of these projects.

YearTranscribed By
1860Jacki Jonas
1860 Slave ScheduleJacki Jonas
1870Jacki Jonas
1880Jacki Jonas
1880 Mortality Schedule
Mortality Codes
Bob Torbert
1890Destroyed by fire at Department of Commerce
1900Partial transcription
1910LDS FamilySearch
1920LDS FamilySearch
1930LDS FamilySearch
1940LDS FamilySearch

Need help in locating the area of Colquitt County your ancestors lived?
Look at a
map showing the name and location of the Militia Districts.

So now you know what the personal property and real estate property values were when
your ancestor answered the census enumerator. How much is that in today's values?


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