Columbia County Churches

Name Address Misc/Liniks
Abilene Baptist Church 3917 Washington Rd, Martinez, GA  
Damascus Baptist Church 6375 Ridge Road  
Dunns Chapel 6563 Ridge Rd, Appling, GA  
First Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

Cobbham Road, Appling, GA

Kiokee Baptist Church

Macedonia Baptist Church

Baston Road, Martinez, GA  
Sharon Baptist Church 6262 Cobbham Rd, Appling, GA  
Shiloh Methodist Church 5970 Cobbham Road
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 835 N. Belair Rd, Evans, GA  
White Oak United Methodist Campground  

History of Camp Meetings in Georgia

White Oak UMC    
Offsite Links to Church Research Resources
The First Baptist Church in Georgia - Kiokee Baptist Church - Columbia County, GA.
Georgia Baptist Church Records - Jack Tarver Library, Mercer University, Macon, GA.
Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee

Historic Rural Churches of Georgia (enter site and click Columbia County)

If you know of any historic churches and their history, please contact this organization.  The link is on the web page.

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