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Barnard, Germany, Heard, Fraser Unknown Robert C. Johnston, Jr

I have discovered evidence in my research that Edward Barnard, the infamous Indian Trader, and early land owner in the old town of Augusta, may be related to my Barnard Heard family of neighboring Wilkes County and Robert Germany family of Columbia and Richmond Counties and Augusta, Georgia early history. I would like to locate more evidence and facts about the relationships between Edward Barnard and his wife Henrietta Fraser, daughter of James and Margaret Fraser, and the Germany family, in particular, James Germany who married Margaret Fraser after the death of her husband, and Robert Germany, brother of James Germany. The Germany family of Augusta and the Heard family of Wilkes County were connected in many ways, with two Heard brothers, Maj. Barnard Heard and Gov. Stephen Heard, marrying two daughters of Robert Germany, Nancy and Jane respectively. Since Edward Barnard, Robert Germany, Barnard Heard and Stephen Heard are deeply imbedded in the early history of Georgia, the town of Augusta, the fighting with Indians, and the Revolutionary War, I strongly feel there was a deeper relationship between these men and their families.

I am very interested in learning more about the children of Edward Barnard, especially any daughters. "Barnard Heard" is an interesting name and I'm wondering if he was named after Edward Barnard because of close ties with him and Barnard's father, John Heard, who built Heard's Fort near the present site of Washington, GA. Any help, guidance, or theories as to the connection of these historical figures during the early days of Georgia would be greatly appreciated.

Castleberry, Danelly, Waters Unknown Barb Waters See Query
Crawford, Edding, Garrison, Humphries, Lucas, Marshall, McNeal, Pittman, Pollard, Stearns, Waller, Wellborn, Wynne Unknown Joe  Marshall

 Joe Marshall is a descendant of  Rev. Daniel Marshall, and is searching for as many descendants of Rev. Daniel Marshall and Martha Stearns Marshall as possible. Rev. Daniel was born in Windsor, Connecticut in 1706. He came to what is now Columbia County, Ga. in 1771, or before and established Kiokee Baptist Church. He died in 1784. His first son, (1) Daniel, Jr. born to Rev Daniel and Hannah Drake (who died in childbirth) supposedly died in Columbia County without issue. Other children born to Rev Daniel and Martha Stearns Marshall were: (2) Abraham Marshall b. 1748 in Ct. d. 1819 in Columbia County; m. Ann Waller, was pastor of Kiokee after his father. Children surviving childhood were Jubal Orion II, b. 1800 was said to have moved to Alabama, and Jabez Pleiades b. 1802, b. 1832, succeeded his father as Pastor of Kiokee . (3) John, b.~1750 Ct. was in Columbia County at the death of his father, but said to have moved to Alabama or Louisiana later. Married in Columbia County, had four daughters. (4) Zaccheus, b. 1753 in Onnaquaggy, Mohawk Nation, Pennsylvania, during his parents 19 year journey from Ct. to Columbia County. D. 1821 in Columbia County. Married 1775 Susannah Lucas from South Carolina. Children were Elbert, Samuel, Martha, Daniel L., Charlotte, and Elizabeth. Martha married Robert Pollard of South Carolina. (5) Levi, b. 1754 in Winchester, Va. m. Sarah Wynne, three sons and four daughters. Was a successful Planter in Columbia County. (6) Moses, b. 1756 in Winchester, Va. m. Mary Garrison, children were Benjamin, Sina, Dorcas, Sarah, Mary and Solomon. Moses died in Hancock County 1803-1806. (7) Solomon, b. 1763 in South Carolina, m. Sarah Crawford. b.1763 in Virginia. no record of children, he was said to be present at fathers death. No record of children. Recent information indicates he may have moved to Huntsville, Al., married Susan Humphries, became a lawyer and Judge, and had family, d. ~1850. (8) Joseph, b. 1765 in South Carolina, m. Elizabeth Waller, Elizabeth Edding, and Mrs. Nancy Younger McNeal. Children were Mary, Joseph Abraham, Hulda, Selina, Daniel. He died in 1817. (9) Eunice, also known as Lucy, b. 1760 in North or South Carolina, married John Ichabod Pittman, said to have moved to Gwinnett County, Ga. (10) Mary, little is known about Mary except that she married Elias Wellborn, and (11) Benjamin, little is known about him. He was in some records briefly and it is assumed he died young. He was not listed as being at his father’s bedside at death, as were all others listed.

Dabney , Carr, Watkins Unknown Lynne

 The Carr family was in Columbia County in early 1800's.  Thomas Dabney, Jr, was born Sept 28 1790, died 1835, he married Anna Bell Watkins on December 15, 1819.  Not sure is Watkins was her maiden name or from a previous marriage.  Please contact Lynne if you have information on these families.

 Edwards, Jackson, Lambert, Moore Unknown Dave Romesburg Researching brothers Meriday and John Hugh Edwards in Columbia County, Georgia from 1800 to 1825. The brothers were born in Columbia County, but he can find no further information on them, specifically,   who their father and mother were. Meriday was married twice. First in 1816 to Nancy Jackson. secondly, to Annie Lambert in 1817. He died in 1824. John Hugh Edwards married in 1822 in Wilkes Co. Georgia, Nancy Willis Moore. He and his family moved to Warren county, where they lived through 1870. In the 1870 Warren county census, John Edwards and Nancy are listed and on the family list, there is a William Edwards, 9 years old, which is Dave's Great Grandfather. The family listed just below contains an Allis Ivy, age 5. She is the lady that William grows up to marry in 1881 in McDuffie County Georgia. Dave would like to find who William Edwards' mother and father are, and who Meriday and John Hugh Edwards mother and father are, and where they are from, where they went.
Evans, McDaniel, Jennings, Lamar, Percival Unknown Peggy (McDaniel) McDonald

Humphrey Evans b1776 Mecklingberg Co., VA d.1864 Appling, Columbia Co, GA.  He married Jane Jennings b.1776 Mecklingberg County VA, d. after 1864.  Their children were:
William J. 1808
Prudence H. 1810
John P. Jennings 1814
Jane 1816
John P. Jennings EVANS married Caroline Rachel Appling LAMAR of Columbia County.
Their children were: Nancy Jane b1837. Married Dr. James Jackson CARTLEDGE of Columbia County.  Prudence Sophronia b1841 Married Richard FOSTER Humphrey b1844 CSA
Eliza Matilda b1846 married 1st. James Anthony GARNETT (died in Civil War)
married 2nd. William McDANIEL of Modoc/Edgefield SC

Fisk, Florence, Gibbs, Huffman, Prather, Smith, Taylor Unknown Donna Vandersall

 Donna is  descended from Wiley Wilson Huffman who lived in Columbia County from at least 1870 through his death in 1910. His wife was Narcissus Prather who was born in Columbia County in 1848. Her parents were A. C. (Addison Christian) Prather and Malissa Smith.
Her other great grandfather was Otis Peyton Florence (originally from Lincoln County) who was married to Margaret Waltina Fisk of Columbia County (in 1890) for only a few years before his death. (Any info on his death would be appreciated.) He was the son of Stearn T. Florence. Margaret was the daughter of John Newton and Margaret Fisk. I've found surprisingly little information on the Fisks considering they were such a prominent family.
Finally, I'm looking for any information on James W. Gibbs and his wife (probably his second) Henrietta Taylor. They were in Columbia County in 1880. I'm looking for anything about their marriage and her death (which occurred prior to 1885).

Foster, Colbert Unknown Mary T. McGuire

Researching William Claiborne Foster, born Virginia , may have lived in Columbia County before 1820. Married to Elizabeth Colbert, who was probably a widow as a son Frederick Colbert is mentioned in her will. Children of union are John W., Julia B, Prudence, William C., Richardson, and Flavel Foster, born before move to Alabama. Think William C. died in Georgia, Elizabeth died in 1835 in Monroeville , Alabama .

Goings, Kendrick, Moore, Copeland

Unknown Betty Matthews Moses Goings was born about 1775. His son, Joseph,  was born 1790-1800 in Columbia County.  Married November 1, 1822 to Jude Kendrick, their son was Joseph B. Goings, born 1830-32 in Columbia County, married about 1850 to Caroline Moore.  Joseph B. Goings died in Winchester, Virginia, October 6, 1864 during the Civil War.  They had a daughter, Mary Laura Goings who married Stephen Wright Copeland.
Griffin Unknown Diane

Jeremiah Griffin was born in 1774 in Wilkes County, Georgia and died in 1847 in Canton, Mississippi.   Between these dates he lived in Columbia County.  Some of his children were born there.   He may have been the owner of a prosperous gold mining operation as well as a planter.   His children were John, Richard, Nathaniel, Mary Ann, Jane, Nancy and Elizabeth.  Possibly another daughter.

Grinage, Greenage, Walton, Gill, Stanton Unknown Celeste Garrett

She would like to know where any of her Grinage ancestors in Georgia are buried. Also, there are other Grinages and Greenages in Georgia between 1760s and 1820s that she is not positive how (or if) they are related to Joshua. Here’s some of the information that she has:  Joshua Grinage and his possible relatives moved to Georgia around 1790 from Virginia. Joshua bought and sold quite a bit of land in Columbia County. His sister? (Sarah or Sallie Grinage) married William Walton. Several other Grinage names (sometimes spelled Greenage or Greenwich) that were associated with Joshua in Virginia are:   James and Aaron (who went to Louisiana); Edward (who lived in same household in Georgia as Joshua, then went to Tennessee); Rachel and Rebecca (who married in Columbia County, Georgia). Joshua's first wife, Sarah Gill, died in Columbia County in 1800. About a year later Joshua marries Mary D. (Polly) Stanton. Sometime afterward Joshua moved to Lincoln County. 
There are also other Grinages living in Georgia and South Carolina around 1767 that may be related. John and William Grinage, whom I have never found in the census records, had business relations with Joshua. John died in Columbia County around 1812. Joshua also sold John land in 1811 (have not obtained a copy of this deed yet - it is located in Putnam County for some reason). William Grinage had a business in Augusta and Joshua acted as his lawyer. William (or a son named William) eventually moved to Tennessee. There are also several female Grinages who were not the daughters of Joshua: Prudence; a Nancy Grinage (not the Nancy Grinage that married John Avery); Respina?; etc. Did I mention that a Mary Greenage married William Lenox in South Carolina in 1794? And of course there was an Obadiah Greenage that was hung in 1767 in Savannah for being a part of a notorious gang.

Hand Unknown John Reed John Reed is researching the Hand family in Georgia. They have been in SE GA since the mid 1800's and believes they came to Columbia County by the mid 1700's...the family came from England to Long Island in 1635, and then in time sent some hardy souls down South. 
Henry Hand Sr. b. 1/12/1735 E. Hampton, LI, NY  d. 9/11 or 9/13/1811 Columbia Co. GA m. Sarah Miller ~1758
Rev. Henry Hand Jr.  b. 5/17/1764 d. 1/19/1837 m. Elizabeth Harrison
William Hand  b. 1786 Columbia Co. GA d. 1860 m. Sarah E…?
William R L Hand  b. 12/5/1818 d. 10/12/1897 Hazlehurst, GA ~“Handtown” m. Ester Deen b. 2/24/1832 d. 5/21/1908
William R L Hand and his descendants are buried  in Jeff Davis County,  would like  to find out more about the first Georgia Hands, why they came [land grants?], who they were, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if desired, posted on the "Hand cousins" yahoo group bulletin board:

Hays, Hayes Unknown Susan Black Davis

Susan Black Davis is researching these surnames from Columbia and Warren Counties

Hixon, Stallings Unknown Doris Leifeste

Doris Leifeste  is researching the Hixon and Stallings surnames. William Hixon, Sr.,  died in Columbia Co., Ga., in 1772 or at least that is the date that she has  found on Rootsweb for his death. His wife's name was Elizabeth. They were both born in N.C. Their children were Ann, Elizabeth Ann, John, Kashiah, Mary, Timothy and William Jr., all born in Columbia Co. from 1755 to 1767.    William, Jr., was the father of Rev. Seaborn Hixon, who was b. 1799 in Columbia Co. He married Mary Stallings.

Hutchinson Unknown Anna Jones

Her great great grandfather was Seaborn Hutchinson, born 1824 in Georgia, his brother was John Hutchinson born in Columbia County.

Jones, Harrison Unknown Sue

Sue is  seeking information on the parents of Adam Jones (1760-1827) who married Nancy Harrison in 1782 in Amelia County, Virginia.  Adam and Nancy moved to Columbia County, Georgia in the late 1700s. Adam was Justice of the Peace in Columbia County from 1791-1792. Any information  on the parents of Nancy's father, Richard Harrison (he died in Columbia County in 1816), would be appreciated as well.

King, Few Unknown Henry

Henry King is  researching the family of Henry King. He married Sara Few b 1812, Columbia 
County Ga.Moved to McNary County, Tenn, had 9 children , then divorced him and married a 
Ledford circa 1860 .Henry needs information about Sara;  was her maiden name Few?
or was she previously married.

Lashley, Olive, Wheeler, Thomas Unknown Robin Goodwin

    Robin is  looking for information on the Lashley family. She  only knows the following information: Elijah was the son of Edmund (Edmond) Lashley and Delilah Olive. Elijah married Mary Wheeler in Columbia County, Georgia on 10/12/1812. Elijah had a sister named Elizabeth who married Lewis Thomas on Jan. 8, 1824 in Columbia County Georgia. They also had another sister named Sarah and a brother named Hardy, but she has no information on those two.

Lyle, Shannon Unknown Lisa Lyle Vimmerstedt

 I am  interested in any deeds or land owned by Robert Taylor Lyle in the early 1900's (probably around 1906) or his father in law Elbridge Gerry Shannon. I know that they lived in Martinez, Georgia and had several children born there from about 1906 until 1915 when they left Martinez, GA and moved back to Lexington, KY. I was just wondering how in the world they decided to move to Martinez---it might have been that the Shannons had some land there and when Elbridge Gerry Shannon died in 1906 then his daughter Mayme Shannon Lyle and her husband Robert Taylor Lyle moved down there to be with her mother.   

 Maryland Unknown Claudia

The family  moved to Richmond and Columbia Counties about 1875.

Morgan, Sanders, Hollowell, Whitson, Williams Unknown Chris Sparks See Query
McDuffie, Taylor, Johnson Unknown Annette McDuffie Haven

Looking for William McDuffie b.1800 Georgia, d. ? Georgia - Son William McDuffie b. Sept. 1827 Georgia died in Civil War, Port Hudson La. 1862 - migrated to Holmes County, Florida - m. Charity A. Taylor b. May 15, 1830 Thomas County, Georgia; George McDuffie was born in Columbia County.  His parents were John and Jane McDuffie, they came to Columbia County in the 1790's, and had quite a few children.  I have not seen a list any where of their children's names with the exception of George.  William McDuffie b. Sept 1827, in Georgia is a brick wall for me. He is my gg Grandfather.

 Pearre, Key Unknown Beth Webb

  Beth Webb is researching her maternal  ancestors PEARREs (from Georgia) and KEYs (from South Carolina just across the border). She  trying to establish her connection to the line of Nathaniel PEARRE, Revolutionary Soldier and Humphrey Offutt PEARRE, 
Confederate Soldier of the 48th Georgia Infantry. The KEY line married the Pearre's in 1910 and I can only take it back to William H. KEY b. 1855. 

Phillips, Parish, Whitaker, Kendricks, Taylor, Adams, Johnson, Lord Unknown Janice Newton Thurmond See Query
Ray, Bobo Unknown Bev

Ann Elizabeth Bobo Ray was born 22 Feb 1802 in Columbia County.  Her mother was Jeaney (Jenney, Virginia) Bobo, born about 1768 in South Carolina.  She married a Mr. Ray and they moved to Columbia County.  Mr. Ray had a brother, Joseph Ray, who married Jeaney's sister, Nancy Bobo and these two families came to Raesville, Georgia about 1790-1800.  Ann leave about 1825 because she married J.C.B. Washington and joins him in Franklin, Missouri in 1825.  Please email Bev if you have information on this family.

Runnels/Reynolds, Cliatt/Clyatt Unknown Dori Lloyd

Trying to find information about Lucy Runnels/Reynolds who married Isham Cliatt/Clyatt in Richmond Co. GA on 
July 10, 1817. There is an Isom Cliatt in Richmond County in 1820. This may be my Isham. The 1830 and 1840 censuses have Isham in Columbia County. 1850 lists him in Lincoln County--I'm assuming the county changed names, he didn't move. By 1860 they are in Berrien County. I suspect she is a sister of Martin B. Reynolds, daughter of Mary (ukn), but have no proof or corroborating stories. 

Roberts, Fitzgerald, Morris Unknown Gerry Hill Gerry is researching the different Roberts families of Columbia Co. Ga.
Actual line Jesse who married 9 Feb 1805 Columbia, Mary Fitzgerald and moved from Columbia to Merriwether to Ocalla, Marion, Fl. where he died 11 Dec 1848. Two of his sons Irby and Wiley Asbury also married Columbia-that I have been able to identify. Another dtr. Mildred is supposed to have married Abraham Rittenhouse Morris 16 Jul 1835 Columbia. Other married Meri. Would like to sort out all the Roberts in Columbia
Strozier Unknown Phyllis Porter Phyllis Porter is searching for information on John Martin Strozier who is listed in several deeds in Columbia County in 1795 and 1798. If anyone has any information on this man or his family, please contact her.  She descends from Peter Strozier of Wilkes County and is trying to determine the relationship of these two men.  Also are there any estate records for John Martin Strozier or any other records that might provide names of his children.
Tindall, Young Unknown Mike Grady If anyone can help me locate information on James B Young, born about 1790/91 it would be greatly appreciated. James married Aletha Tindall (b-1805) on or about 8 Jan 1824 in Columbia, Georgia.  Their children would have included Louisa(b:1826)James(b:1831), Mary(b:1833), Thomas(b:1835) and William B Young (b:1845). (All birth dates are could be +/- 1 year) I have found James and Aletha listed on the 1850/60/and 70 US Census' in Columbia County, but can't seem to find anything further back than that.  I am researching William B Youngs' line as he is my great, great grandfather.
Also, any information on William Booker Young, William Booker Young Jr., or Irvin Young would be appreciated as well. I believe that all lived in the Augusta/Hephzibah area, where my father was born and raised.
Wall, Theis Unknown Janice Johnson

Janice is researching her great great grandfather's line.  His name was Jonathan Wall, born 1817 in Georgia.  He is on the 1840 Census for Columbia County, with a one year old son born 1839 and a wife.  The son's name was William Carter Wall.  Do not know his wife's name.  This is his first wife, his second wife was Harriet Theis.  Would like to have information and names of Jonathan's parents.  Have other information on Jonathan from 1850.  Would be glad to share.   Please email her if you have information on this family.

 Washington, Fitzgerald, Revell, Silas

Unknown Jan Jan is researching the James Washington family of Columbia County.  The earliest she has found them in Columbia County is the 1820 census.  He is listed with his five sons.  However, he had two sons who were married in the county in 1813 and 1815.  James was born between 1750/1760.  She does not have the name of his wife, but two of his five sons were George (born about 1786) who married Sophia Fitzgerald, 9 July 1815 in Columbia County, and James, born about 1787, possibly in Northampton, NC who married Nancy Revell, 18 Feb 1813 in Columbia County.  If anyone has information on this family, she would greatly appreciate it. Her branch descends through G. W. Washington whose wife was Martha in the 1840 and 1850 Columbia County censuses with all their children.  G. W. is never in the censuses with them for some reason.  They migrated to Colorado Co, Texas in the 1860 census.  Her family descends from G. W. and Martha Washington through their son Robert Silas.
Willingham Unknown Phillip Barr

Phillip Barr is searching for descendants of William Willingham who died in 1797 and his wife Nancy. They were associated with the Kiokee Church.

Young, Tudor, Hancock   Helen Hirtriter

Helen Hirtriter is researching these names.  Descendants of Hosea Young     Descendants of Sarah J. Tudor and Ann Tudor   Descendants of James Timothy Hancock

Youngblood Unknown Ron Youngblood

Looking for information on John Miles Youngblood, Jr.  He petitioned for land in what is now Columbia County in 1771. He was awarded 300 acres of land on Little Kiokee Creek in 1774.  His wife's name was Mary and he stated in his petition that he had seven children. I'm really seeking the names of those children.  John Miles Youngblood, Jr. also served in the American Revolution out of Georgia. 

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