Fayette County Maps & More

Georgia State Archives New Virtual Vault - Includes Earliest Maps available for Counties that include original Land Lots

Fayette County Militia Districts Map 

Map showing modern Fayette County and surrounding counties.

Map of Original Henry County showing Land Districts and Present Counties (1895)

1914 Map of Fayette County, GA -

Modern & Old Place Names with links to maps where available - A UGA Project  

South Carolina SC - State Historical Maps  Early maps showing Carolinas & Georgia

U.S.  Census Bureau

This link is to the Maps Collection of the Library of Congress. I did not find anything specific to Fayette County here but there are Atlanta area maps & panoramas.

University of Texas at Austin Library Site for Maps

United States Digital Map Library - A USGenWeb Project

 University of Alabama Historical Map Site - Includes some great Georgia maps

GNIS Survey list of waterways in Fayette County -

Name Latitude Longitude
Camp Creek 332905N/332017N 0842346W/0843030W
Flat Creek 332012N 0843214W
Flint River 304232N 0845150W
Gay Creek 332342N 0842341W
Gin Branch 332553N 0843446W
Ginger Cake Creek 332524N 0842933W
Kedron Creek 332638N 0843429W
Line Creek 331100N 0842950W
Morning Creek 332756N 0842305W
Murphy Creek 332348N 0842331W
Nash Creek 332512N 0842435W
Pelham Creek 332417N 0843008W
Perry Creek 332403N 0843005W

Sandy Creek

332728N 0842953W

Shoal Creek

332113N 0843027W
Tar Creek 332957N 0843114W
Trickum Creek 333003N 0843634W

Whitewater Creek



Woolsey Creek



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