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A new idea to help researchers.  Please send me the following information about your ancestors that lived in Fayette County and I'll add them here.

Name Spouse Birthplace To Fayette From: From Fayette To: Life-span Submitter
CLEMENTS, Israel Harriett Anderson Fayette Co., Ga N/A Cass & Brown Co., TX bef 1856 - 1869 Linda Blum-Barton
DUFFELL, Columbus W. Latitia Johnson Fayette Co., Ga N/A Foard, Denton & Wise Co., TX; Grady Co., OK 1857 - after 1930 Vicky Martin

HARRIS, Joshua

  South Carolina Married Greene Co Ga 1819-There in 1820; 1830,40,50 Meri. Co Ga; 1860 Fayette Co Ga ;wife probably died in Fayette-29 Jun 1868. Died 1869 Terrell Co Ga-where  most of children were. 1795-1869 Ms. Gerry Hill
HOLDRIDGE, James D. Seliah Drake; Nancy Blackstock Laurens Co, SC Laurens Co., SC Henry Co., GA 1785-1843 April James
JONES, Harrison Rebecca Jane Phillips Harrison - Clarke County, GA; Rebecca - Newton Co., GA; Harrison in Fayette bef 15 Apr 1830 (when his brother Robert was born in Fayette); Rebecca moved to Fayette w/ her parents in 1839. N/A 22 Nov 1828 - 16 July 1906;

Rebecca - 1834 - 10 Aug 1911

Anne Westbrook
JONES, Jesse Rebecca Miller Georgia Clarke County by 1820; moved to Fayette btw 1828 & 1830 N/A ca 1788-aft 1860

Rebecca - d. btw 1850 & 1860

Anne Westbrook

McLEAN, Oliver

Rachael Miller


York County, SC N/A 1767-1847 Linda Blum-Barton
McLEAN, John 1st - Rebecca Cavender; 2nd - Martha E. Jones York Co, SC York County, SC N/A 1803-1850 Linda Blum-Barton
McLEAN, Sarah H. Thomas H. Duffell York Co, SC York County, SC N/A 1795-1849 Linda Blum-Barton
McLEAN, Elizabeth S. Allen Reeves York Co, SC York County, SC N/A 1796-1842 Linda Blum-Barton
McLEAN, Anna Jacob Pearson York Co, SC York County, SC N/A 1798-bef 1884 Linda Blum-Barton
McLEAN, Martha Hiram Moses York Co, SC York County, SC N/A 1800-1848 Linda Blum-Barton
McLEAN, Mary N/A York Co, SC York County, SC N/A 1801-1855 Linda Blum-Barton
McLEAN, Linea "Linny" Miles Ward York Co, SC York County, SC N/A 1805-1885 Linda Blum-Barton
McLEAN, Hiram Hampton Olevia Adeline "Ollie" Barber Fayette Co, GA N/A Palo Pinto, TX; died in Weatherford, TX 1835-1869 Linda Blum-Barton
McLEAN, Theodore Hampton Betty McNeil Fayette Co., GA N/A Florida - Died in Ocala, FL 1858-1942 Linda Blum-Barton
McLEAN, William Frances 1st-Sarah Brooks; 2nd-Martha Hubbard Fayette Co, GA N/A Marshall Co, Alabama (1920 Census) 1880 was still in Fayette Co, GA. 1848-aft 1920 Linda Blum-Barton
McLEAN, Allison Hurst Helen Augusta Hester Fayette Co, GA N/A Dewitt Co, TX; Died in Wilson Co, TX 1849-1905 Linda Blum-Barton
OGLETREE, Absalom Eleanor Gray Caswell Co., NC Wilkes to Fayette by 1840 N/A 1778-1846 Linda Sparks Starr
PHILLIPS, John Louisa ? John - NC John was in Newton Co., GA at least by age 16; he married Louisa ca 1833; He moved to Fayette Co. in 1839. John died in Fayette County on 13 Oct 1868; Louisa died in Fayette Co., after 1880 1812-1868

Louisa - ca 1811 - aft 1880

Anne Westbrook
REEVES, Oliver Allen Mary A. Rentfrow Fayette Co., GA N/A Fort Payne, Dekalb Co., AL 1838-1912 Linda Blum-Barton
ROBERTS, Sansom W. Haney Hanson Georgia Walton Co, GA N/A 1804-1849 Linda Blum-Barton
SKINNER, Archibald Nancy Bishop [#1- Henry Co., GA 28 Mar 1826 Fidella Morgan [#2-Fayette Co., GA 24 May 1842 Rebecca Robinson [#3-Rusk Co., TX Feb 1852 Elbert Co., GA Henry Co., GA Rusk Co., TX; A son, John Henry Skinner was born in 1853 in Rusk Co.  Archibald either died or left the area, and was not found after 1853.  ca1804-after 1853 Janelle Foster
SNEAD, Absalom Diana/Dinah nee Beasley Snead [was first married to an unknown brother of Absalom Snead both b. Richmond Co., NC Diana - 27 Mar 1812; Absalom ca 1811; Forsyth Co., GA - they were married there but no land records have been found so the length of their stay there is unknown.  md. 12 Mar 1839 In Fayette by 1840 census; and at 1850 census; Absalom presumably died btw 1850 & 1860; Diana migrated to Cherokee AL & is enumerated there in 1860 & 1870; She is not found in 1880 census but was living in GA when she died in 1887 (in Fayette or Henry Co.) 1811-btw 1850 & 1860;

1812-1887 - Diana

Anne Westbrook
STARR, Benjamin Charlotte Pinkston Wilkes Co., GA Wilkes, ca 1832 Spalding when lines redrawn 1785-1851 Linda Sparks Starr
STEWART, Daniel Araminta D. Coleman NC NC Talladega Co., AL 1840 - Shelby Co., AL 1850 - Hopkins Co., TX - 1880 - Dallas Co., TX - 1895 1810 - 1909 Teresa Stewart Sitz
WEST, Willis, Sr. Silvey Harmon poss. Bladen Co, NC Sampson Co., NC N/A 1755-ca1837 Fran

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