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Missing Daughters

Without a Family Bible, it is sometimes difficult to find daughters, who were born in the early 1880's. The burning of the 1890 Census in Washington has made it difficult to know that these girls ever existed, because they often married before the 1900 Census was taken.
One such case came to light recently when Mrs. Janet Chapman and her husband, a descendant of the Revolutionary soldier Benjamin Brown, who is buried in Fayette County, discovered in an old collection a Bible which was inscribed "Presented to Lizzie Brown Hill by J. D. Brown, father". Dated Jan. 1922
Janet and I had listed other daughters of James Dempsey Brown, Benjamin's ggrandson, but no Lizzie Brown. There did appear to be several years in the early 1880's during which J. D. and his wife had no children.
Janet asked for my help.
The first thing that I did was use Ancestry. Com to look for Lizzie Hll in 1900. I found a Lizzie Hill in Coweta County who had been married approximately one year to George W. Hill. This Lizzie A. Hill was born in April 1882. The birth year would fit within the missing years in J. D. Brown's family.
Next I searched the marriage records for Coweta County for 1851-1900. No marriage record for George Hill and Lizzie Brown existed there. Next I searched the Fayette County marriage records for the same years. Soon I noticed G. W. Hill had married Lizzie Brown on 17 Dec 1898. This evidence along with the note in the Bible confirmed to me that J. D. Brown did have a daughter that many of us had not known existed.
We are presently awaiting a search of an obituary for a George W. Hll who was born in 1910 and died in Fulton County in 1988. In the 1920 Census George and Lizzie Hill had a son named George W who was 9 years old.
Sometimes these missing daughters are found and placed in their respective families and others are still waiting to be discoverd.

Doug Adams
26 Oct 2010

Janet Chapman would like to find a descendant of Lizzie Brown in order to return the Bible to the family.  You may contact her by email Janet Chapman

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