Glascock County Administrator Bond Records

(Partial Listing)

The following Administrator Bond Records are made available thanks to Ms. Karen Mouton at and are complete through 1882. Later years represent only selected records. They were hand copied directly from the county record book, so it's possible that some of the names may be mispelled.

If you have access to additional records or see a name that is mispelled, please contact Wayne Dorough at . He will be glad to note the corrected spelling or include the additional record for you. In doing so, please specify the source of the material. It is important that we not include material from copyrighted sources, or someone's suppositions or information from unconfirmed sources.

The information displayed is for public use only and should not be used for commercial purposes.

RICHARD RHODES deceased-Calvin Logue administrator with Charles Logue 

   5 April 1858

SUSAN WALDEN deceased-Abraham Brassell administrator with Charles Logue

   and Vinson Davis 3 May 1858

WILLIAM G WALDEN deceased-Calvin Logue and Richard Walden administrators 

    with Charles Logue and Amos Walden Securities 2 August 1858

JANE BOYD deceased-Calvin Logue administrator with Richard Walden security 

    2 August 1858

WILEY T J WILCHER deceased-Jeremiah Wilcher Sr administrator with Jeremiah 

    Wilcher Jr & Calvin Logue 6 Sept 1858

JAMES KITCHENS deceased-Seaborn R Kelley Principal with Allen Kelley Security 

    1 Nov 1858

DANIEL F HART deceased-Samuel Hart administrator with Joel English 6 Dec 1858

MARY HOWELL SNR deceased-Anasias Beckworth administrator with Jacob B 

     Kitchens & George W Kelley 6 June 1859

LAURENCE KITCHENS deceased -Adam Jones administrator with George H Jones 

    7 May 1860

MARY M GREEN deceased-William Green and Nathaniel Thompson  2 July 1860

JEREMIAH WILCHER deceased-Julius C A Wilcher administrator, Ruth Wilcher, 

    Jeremiah Wilcher, Allen Kelly, Wiley Braddy, Jordan S Wilcher, Larkin Wilcher, 

    James McNunn, Howell C Wasden, Nathan Braddy, Lorenzo D Downs, Jeremiah 

   W. Wilcher & George Wallen  securities 6 August 1860

WILLIAM A SEALS deceased-John D Seals administrator with Eliza Seals, Henry 

    P. Harris, Calvin Logue, John Raley, Elisha Hattaway 3 September 1860

ELI BLANKENSHIP deceased-Calvin Logue administrator with Augustus C Reese 

    & Tobias Logue

WILLIS BECKWORTH deceased-Anna Beckworth administrator 

DARATHEN W CHERLY deceased-George W Davis administrator with Benj F Riley 

    & Richard H Clark 7 Oct 1861

SETH WILSON deceased-James T Wilson administrator with Vincent Davis, 

    Augustus Neal & James W Usry 7 Oct 1861

IRWIN HATTAWAY deceased-Amos Hattaway administrator with Jacob H.

    Kitchens 15 Oct 1862

JOHN KITCHENS SR deceased-Abraham Brassell administrator with Vincent 

    Davis, Joel English, John Swint Sr 15 Oct 1862

WILEY K BLANKENSHIP deceased-Abraham Brassell administrator 3 Nov 1862

HANSEL BECKWORTH  deceased-Sarah J Beckworth administrator with Lincent 

    Braddy and Montclaborn Thigpen 3 Nov 1862

ELISHA LOCKHART deceased, Mahala Lockhart administrator with  Wiley G. 

    Braddy & J C A Wilcher 1 Dec 1862

ROBERT M THOMPSON deceased, Jacob H Kitchens administrator with Ezekial 

    Matthews 5 Jan 1862

WILLIAM F DAVIS deceased, Administrator Abraham Brassell with Jeremiah 

    Logue 12 Jan 1863

WILLIAM D GRIFFIN deceased Jeremiah Logue administrator with Abraham 

    Brassell & Charles Logue          ?

ASA NEWSOME deceased  Joday Harris, administrator with Joshua F. Usry 

    1 Dec 1862

ARCH A TODD deceased Mary Ann Todd administor, William J Usry & Elean 

    Todd  2 Feb 1863

AYDEN SIMPSON deceased Wiley G Braddy administrator with Jeremiah Logue, 

    Brinson Logue & Howell C Wasden 2 Feb 1863

TOBIAS LOGUE deceased Jeremiah Logue administrator with Brinson Logue & 

   Wiley G  Braddy    ?

JOHN SWINT JR deceased, John Swint Jr & Robert R   Beck administrators with 

   William McNeil, William Swint, William J Usry, James W Usry 4 May 1863

THOMAS J  HAMMETT deceased, administrator William Howard 3 Nov 1863

NATHAN POWELL deceased, Richard Powell administrator with george W Kelley 

    7 Dec 1863

AMOS WALDEN deceased Richard Walden, Administrator with Wiley G Braddy, 

    Jeremiah Logue & Ezekial Matthews 11 Feb 1864

ELIZABETH MARSH deceased, Allen Moat administrator with Abraham Brassell, 

    Samuel Chalker, Wells Barton 1 Aug 1864

BENJAMIN G CHALKER deceased, Catherine Chalker administrator with Allen Moat 

    & Camuel Chalker 1 Aug 1864

SETH WILSON deceased, Richard Walden administrator with Ezekial Matthews 

    17 Aug 1864

RICHARD GRIFFIN deceased, Richard Walden administrator with Timothy Kitchens 

    10 Oct 1864

GARY KITCHENS deceased Terrill Kitchens administrator with Timothy Kitchens 

    10 Oct 1864

TIMOTHY MCGRAW deceased, administrator Abraham Brassell with Richard Walden 

    10 Jan 1865

LORENZO D DOWNS deceased, Tempa Downs administrator 10 Jan 1865 with 

    Nehemiah Dixon & James McNeil

WILLIAM GREEN deceased, Bell Thompson administrator with Richard Walden 

    10 Jan 1865

WILLIAM HILSON deceased Edmond G  Scruggs administrator with Wiley G Braddy 

    2 Oct 1865

WILLIAM G WILCHER deceased, William G Lyon & S F L Wilcher administrators with 

    Wiley G Braddy & J C A Wilcher 6 Nov 1865

JASPER N  WICLHER deceased Elijah Dickson administrator 5 Nov 1865

JASPER N  WILCHER deceased Lodica Wilcher administrator with James McNeil, 

    Seaborn R Kelley & Frances M Kellery 6 Nov 1865

L D DOWNS deceased George W Downs administrator with Brinson Logue, Tempa 

    Downs & George W Allen 7 May 1866

JACOB H   KITCHENS deceased Benjamin F Kitchens administrator with Seaborn R 

    Kelley, John S Swint, Larkin Landrum & F M  Wal____  4 June 1866

BARNDALL SWINT deceased Mary Swint administrator with Joel Landrum, Augustus C. 

    Reese 2 July 1866

ROBERT M  THOMPSON deceased Nancy Thompson administrator with Joshua F Usry 

     & Freeman M Walker 10 Sept 1866

ABEL HATTAWAY deceased  Reuben A Hattaway administration 1 Oct 1866

ABEL HATTAWAY deceased Charles H Kitchens admininistrator with James M Nunn & 

    Wm R Hunter 1 Oct 1866

HANSEL BECKWORTH SR deceased Annias Beckworth administrator with Freeman M 

    Walker 4 Jan 1867

LUCINDA BRADDY deceased John M D Snider administrator, with Francis M Kelley & 

    William Martin

ELIZABETH HAMMITT deceased William R Hammett administrator with David Denton 8 April 1867

BENJAMIN S SMITH deceased Thomas H Gibson administrator with Richard F Jones & Freeman M Walker

    8 April 1867

CHARLES LOGUE deceased Brinson & William R Logue administrator with Jeremiah Logue, Henry Logue 

    W J G Wilcher & Richard Walden 6 May 1867

ALEXANDER J J CHALKER deceased James J Chalker Administrator with George Underwood & George P

    Hudson 1 July 1867

MARTHA LOGUE deceased Brinson Logue administrator with Richard Walden & William McNeil 3 Dec 1867

WINNY BOYD deceased Henry Howell administrator with Wells Barton & John C Newsome 2 Nov 1868

BELINDA SIMPSON deceased George W Downs administrator with Reason Walden, Henry L Sammons 4

    Jan 1869

FREEMAN M  WALKER deceased Brinson Logue administrator with Terrell Kitchens, Reason Walden &

    Amos Hattaway 1 Feb 1869

RICHARD POWELL deceased Augustus C Reese administrator with Hardy H Todd, John Chalker, J S Swint

    3 May 1869

ISAAC DOWNS deceased Henry Howell administrator with Henry Hammett & E M Walden 4 July 1870

BOSE B KITCHENS deceased B C & Charles N Kitchens administrators with William R Hunter, J N Davis, J

    B Williams, Wiley W Kitchens 1 May 1871

ELIZABETH USRY deceased G F Usry administrator with Richard Walden & John F Chalker 13 Dec 1872

NANCY TOLER deceased James McNeil administrator with Linney McNeil & Jeremiah W Wilcher 6 Sept 1875

WILLIAM N N BRASSELL deceased Sansel B Brassell administrator with Ezekial Matthews 4 Oct 1875

WILLIAM B DICKSON deceased Seaborn Kitchens administrator with John N Kitchens & Timothy Kitchens 1

    Nov 1875

LARKIN LANDRUM deceased Richard Walden administrator 1 Nov 1875

SARAH J THIGPEN deceased Hickman Dixon administrator with Seaborn Kitchens, J Logue 3 Dec 1875

THOMAS DIXON deceased Jonathan T Dixon administrator with H B Dickson, O R Lasseter 3 Dec 1875

BENJAMIN IVY deceased Elizabeth Ivey administrator, G Dixon, J S Peebles  Jan 1878

NANCY THOMPSON deceased Richard Thigpen with J S Peebles, Seaborn Kitchens & Eli Harris 2 Dec 1878

SAMUEL CHALKER deceased William R Logue with Joel English, Eli H _____, J S Peebles 3 Feb 1879

ELISHA WALDEN deceased Jeremiah W Wilcher administrator with E G Scruggs 5 May 1879

JIM W USRY deceased John L & Martha S L Usry administrators 28 Nov 1879

MARY SWINT deceased John C & Edmond B Swint 1 Dec 1879

JERUSHA KENT deceased Bryan Kent administrator with Reason Walden, G W Downs, T W Kent, H G S

    McNeil 2 Feb 1880

JANE KITCHENS deceased William F Kitchens administrator with Wills H Pierce & William R Logue 2 May 1880

MARTHA L ENGLISH deceased Henry Logue administrator with John B Williams , Seaborn Kitchens 25 Nov


SUSAN J ENGLISH deceased  with Henry Logue & John B Williams 1 Aug 1881

JEREMIAH WILCHER deceased Julius C A Wilcher administrator with William J Wilcher, Wiley W Kitchens,

    Wiley G Braddy 3 Oct 1881

FRANKLIN P NUNN deceased B C Kitchens administrator with John B Williams, B N Neil 5 Dec 1881

WILEY KITCHENS deceased William A & George W Sherley administrators with E G Scruggs, Terrell

     Kitchens, William Dye, J. Lawrence Johnson & Rebecca Johnson 5 June 1882

MARY A E WILLIAMS deceased John B Williams administrator with Henry Logue 18 Dec 1882

ELISHA HATTAWAY deceased Amos Hataway administrator with J   Lawrence Kelley 4 Dec 1882

HENRY LOGUE deceased George H Logue & Dr T J M Kelley administrators 27 jan 1885

ABRAHAM BRASSELL deceased James F Brassell administrator with J B Williams 4 March 1885

WILLIAM R  HUNTER deceased Mary Hunter & R L Kitchens administrators with John H Kitchens, Seaborn

    Kitchens, Sarah D Hunter, G H Logue & G C Dixon 4 Oct 1886

MARY MILLS deceased C H Kitchens administrator with B B Kitchens Jr, J R Brooks, T J M Kelley 6 May 1889

WILLIAM B  WILLIAMS deceased William T Williams, William Sheppard, Thomas S Roney, R L Usry, Dr T J

    M Kelley 6 May 1889

AARON KITCHENS deceased Gary N Kitchens administrator with John H & William Kitchens, C L Hattaway,

    L D Peebles, E L Ivey 3 June 1889

HENRY M GLOVER deceased James M Adams administrator with A H Sammons, Thos J Hadden & I S

    Peebles 1 Jul 1889

TERRELL KITCHENS deceased Rachel E Kitchens administrator with E G Scruggs & T J Burkhalter 5 Aug


SARAH FOUNTAIN deceased Thomas S Roney administrator 2 Sept 1889

SEABORN SAMMONS deceased J M Tompkins & Dr T S Roney 7 Sept 1889

CHARLES R  WILLIAMS deceased Nancy Williams administrator with J F Brassell & J W Whitely 7 Nov 1894

J LAWSON WILLIAMS deceased M W Usry administrator with J P Allen 11 Jan 1895

NANCY KITCHENS deceased S W Kitchens administrator with T J M Kelley & F M Kitchens 1 Apr 1895

AMOS HATTAWAY deceased  Geo B Hattaway, W V Walden, J P Allen, K P Allen 2 Oct 1895

NANCY WILLIAMS deceased C H Williams administrator 4 May 1898

ANNIE (AMMIE) M KITCHENS deceased M C Kitchens administrator with J S Landrum, W J Kitchens, C M

    Snider 7 Feb 1910

SARAH HADDEN deceased AJ  Howard administrator with J W Whitely 3 June 1912

J C A WILCHER deceased Thomas A Walden administrator 7 Dec 1912

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