Glascock County Court Records - Minutes Book A 1858-1868

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The following are selected court records submitted by Karen Mouton at    She ask to please keep in mind they may be incomplete in some instances and may contain errors. If you have questions regarding the records, please feel free to contact her.

P 3 Petition of William Kitchens guardian of his minor children Mary Kitchens, Thomas and Amanda Kitchens, all three the children of Nancy Kitchens formerly Nancy Wilcher dec shows that there are 5 distributees of the estate of said deceased to wit Elizabeth Dickson the wife of John N Dickson and Martha J Coxwell the wife of Jeremiah Coxwell and the 3 minors 4 Mar 1861 for estate to be distributed

P 4 Petition of Abraham Brassell shows that Susannah Walden departed this life intestate and the estate is likely to be left without any person to take care of it and is likely to be wasted to the damage of heirs and creditors ask for temporary letters of administration 6 Mar 1858

P 5 16 Mar 1858 Petition of Abraham Branham showing that the estate of Susannah Walden deceased is unrepresented therefore ordered by the court that temporary letters of administration upon the estate of Susannah Walden do issue to Abraham Brassell and it is further ordered he give bond and security of $2400 and Larkin Wilcher, Loranzo Downs, Jourdan L Wilcher, Richard Walden and George W Allen are appointed appraisers of estate. Abraham Brassell, Adm has leave to sell the personal estate

P 5 Glascock Court of Ordinary met 1st Monday in April -In the matter of Jeremiah Wilcher Jrs application for letters of administration on estate of Wiley T J Wilcher dec is continued

P 6 April term 1858 Proper form has been published calling upon all persons interested to show cause why letters of administration should not be granted to Sarah Rhodes upon the estate of Richard Rhodes dec

April term 1858 Upon application of Calvin Logue adm of Richard Rhodes for appraisal of estate, Seaborn Kitchens, Munclaborn Thigpen, Allen Kelly, Jeremiah Logue and Richard Walden are ordered to appraise estate

P 6-7 Petition of Calvin Logue adm of Richard Rhodes showeth that Richard Rhodes died 20 Dec 1857 it is his duty to see that the allowance to the widow is set apart

P 7 April term 1858 Application of Calvin Logue adm of Richard Rhodes having been read and considered is ordered by the court that provisions due the widow may be set aside. Seaborn Kitchens, Monclaborn Thigpen, Allen Kelley, Jeremiah Logue and Richard Walden to make a valuation Apr 5, 1858

P 8 5 Apr 1858 F M Kelley ordinary asks for order to sell the personal property of Richard Rhodes by advertisement

Apr term 1858 The petition of Calvin Logue adm of est of Richard Rhodes dec for leave to sell the personally property of dec

P 9 May term 1858 Petition of Abraham Brassell showeth that Susannah Walden resident of said county departed this life leaving a estate worth $1200 and at time of death was not entirely intestate-petiioner prays the court to pass an order granting Letters of Administration 3 May 1858

Citation having bin duly issued and published show why letters of administration should not be granted to Abraham Brassell 3 May 1858

P 10 Petition of Calvin Logue and Richard Walden as adm of est of Wm G Walden dec late of Warren County desire to change the adm from the old county to the new county and post bond August term 1858

P 11 Aug term 1858 Calvin Logue and Richard Walden are allowed to record their adm in Glascock County

P 11-12 Calvin Logue and Richard Walden authorized to sell the land and negroes of Wm G Waldens estate

Aug term 1858

Petition of Calvin Logue adm of est of Jane Boyd dec asks to move administration from the old Warren County to the new Glascock County

P 13 Aug term 1858 Court allows Calvin Logue to move the adm of Jane Boyd to Glascock County.

P 13-14 Aug 1858 term Allen Moat, Joel English, Tobias Chalker, Samuel Chalker and Green Newsome are appointed appraisers of est of Jane Boyd 2 Aug 1858

P 14 Petition of Wm A Selas shows Nathan Harris dec died Feb 1822 and left a large estate which is unrepresented and asks for letters of adm in right of his wife Eliza Seals formerly Eliza harris who was daughter of said deceased

P 14-15 Henry P Harris objects to Wm A Seals being granted administration for est of Wm A Seals on the grounds that the objector is duly appointed adm of said estate

P 15 Matthews Kitchens in right of his wife Rhoda Kitchens, formerly Rhoda Harris: and Ezra Castleberry in right of his wife Sarah Castleberry formerly Sarah Harris both daughters of nathan Harris dec file petition and preferences to the said court for Wm A Seals (who married Eliza Harris another dau) to be appointed by the court adm of est and objects to appointment of Henry P Harris

P 15-16 Aug term 1858 Court orders that the dispute be appealed to the superior court of Glascock County and stand for trial

P 16 Sept 1858 Jeremiah Wilcher declines the appointment of administration on estate of Wiley T J Wilcher agreeing that Jeremiah Wilcher Sr may be appointed adm in his stead and is granted letters of administration. A warrant of appraisement is granted to Larkin Wilcher, Wm G Wilcher, Wiley G Braddy, Howell C Wasding and Jourdan S Wilcher

P 17 Oct term 1858 Richard Waldens application for letters of guardianship is continued to the Nov term

Richard Walden application for guardianship of the minor heirs of John J Ba?tes late of Hancock County dec was continuing on the ground of his refusing to except the guardianship 4 Oct 1858

Nov term 1858 Calvin Logue is appointed guardian of Sidney A Bafs, George W Bafs, Susan F Bafs and he gives bond

P 18 Nov term 1858 Seaborn Kelley has been legally appointed adm on the est of James Kitchens (formerly of Warren County) dec-the residence of said Seaborn Kelley has been changed by the creation of a new county-he gives new bond in the sum of $10,000 with Allen Kelley as security

P 19 Dec term 1858 Benjamin G Chalker has made application for letters of guardianship of Benjamin Pool minor heir of Hardy Pool late of Jefferson County Dec and also for the person and property of Leucy Ann Pool, minor heir of George Ann Pool late of Richmond County Dec-Guardianship issued 6 Dec 1858

Seaborn R Kelley is appointed guardian for Eliza Ann M Kitchens and Rebecca E Kitchens, minor heirs of James Kitchens dec 6 Dec 1858

P 20 Dec term 1858 Benjamin F Kitchens and Hiram N Kitchens minor heirs of James Kitchens dec over the age of 14 makes choice of Seaborn R kelley as their guardian and Seaborn R Kelley accepts 6 Dec 1858

Dec term 1858 Samuel Hart is appointed adm of est of Daniel F Hart he gives bond 6 Dec 1858

P 21 Dec term 1858 Jeremiah Wilcher Sr as adm of est of Doc W T J Wilchers est is given leave to sell real estate and regroup 6 Dec 1858

P 22 Jan term 1859 John Thompson is appointed guardian for John N, Nancy F and Wm H A J Thompson children of John Thompson

P 23 Feb term 1859 Jourdan S Wilcher is appointed guardian of Jourdan Walden minor heir of Wm G Walden dec and he gave bond 7 Feb 1859

Richard Walden is appointed guardian of John G Walden minor heir of Wm G Walden dec-he gave bond-7 Feb 1859

P 24 Feb term 1859 Wm G Walden minor heir of Wm G Walden dec over age of 14 years makes choice of Wm Martin for his guardian and William Martin accepts 7 Feb 1859

P 24-25 Calvin Logue guardian of Sidney A Bafs, George W Bafs and Susan F Bafs of Hancock County is granted leave to sell 5 Negroes belonging to estate of said John F Bafs

P 26 Apr term 1859 Petition of Ananias beckworth shows that Mary Howell died intestate and ask s for administration 19 Apr 1859 and temporary letters of adm are granted

Ananias Beckworth is granted leave to sell the estate of Mary Howell dec

P 27 May term 1859 Petition of Wm McNeal shows that on the 22 Sept 1856 Richard Rhodes, then living, executed to Amos Hattaway and John H Warren his bond for titles binding himself in the sum of $2000 to make good and sufficient titles in fee simple to a tract of land then in Warren now in Glascock containing 300 acres. Petitioner shows that the land when surveyed measured but 236 acres and that John Lyon the only heir in the right of his wife Sarah Lyon alias Sarah Rhodes agrees that the sum of $213.33 be deducted

P 28 Blank

P 29 May term 1859 It is ordered that Calvin Logue adm of Richard Rhodes proceed to execute to Wm M Neal titles of land

June term 1859 Anasias Beckworth is granted adm of est of Mary Howell Sr dec and he posts bond 6 June 1859

P 30 Jeremiah Wilcher guardian for minor heirs of Wm Davis dec






Nehemiah Dickson guardian for sister Livia Eastewoods children Frances Adaline Hopkins, Clerancy A V Hopkins and Alexander Eastwood

Virgil W Kitchens died Sept 1862 leaving Vilanta L wd and three small children

Geo W Downs shows he is hus of Tempa Downs that Tempa Downs was widow of Lorenzo D Downs dec

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