Thank you for visiting our County GAGenWeb site. The main page may appear a little confusing to a first time visitor! Please accept our apology! The difficulty, unfortunatley, stems from trying to make as much information visible while at the same time keeping the main page uncluttered.

The Links along the left side of the page, as illustrated here:

are actually links to all of the different kinds of information available for the Glascock County GenWeb Site. Please note, however, that some of the links will connect you directly to supporting webpages, while others will require the use of use of "dropdown list," as seen below:

Examples requiring use of a "dropdown list" include Census records, Cemetery information, Historical Items of Interest, Family Histories, and Land Records. If the selection of an item along the left side of the page results in the display of a group of "dropdown list," then that's an excellent indication that one of the "dropdown list" will be required to gain access to the information needed.

The "dropdown list" will show up as small white boxes on the lower half of the main page. To select an item from one of these list, first open the list by clicking on the small down arrow along the right side of the list box, then (in the dropdown window that becomes available) scroll down to an item of choice and make a selection.

A Search Box, as seen below, is available near the bottom of the main page to assist you in locating information. It's use is highly recommened. Not only does it search for information through all of the many webpages assigned to the Glascock County site, but by selecting an item found in the results window you are linked directly to the webpage containing that information.

Please note in the image above that a link to "Search Rootsweb Databases" is also available just below the Glascock County GAGenWeb search box. This enables you to search through all records stored in the Georgia GenWeb Archives. Clicking on the highlighted words Search Rootsweb Databases will connect you to the Rootsweb Search Engine. When you are done, be sure to use your back button to return to the Glascock County GAGenWeb Site.

Frames: This capability has been added to the site to enable the experienced user to use frames as the main display page. Simply click on the word "here" in the words "Select here for Frame Version." The sole advantage in this capability is to enable the user to connect and display the many different supporting webpages without having to leave the mainpage. In other words the user can very quickly walk from page to page by clicking on the list of items along the left side of the mainpage.

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