(1792 -1960)

(Partial Transcription by Rick Lynn mayfieldga@netzero.net )

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1. 1792 - from forward T. E. Smith

Page one- Henry Hand; Joseph Baker; Benjamin Thomson; Jeptha Vining;  Adam Jones; William West; Frederick Ledbetter; Cornelius Whittington; Jacob Bankston; Joseph Howell; Aaron Parker;

Page two to 1793 - Daniel Bankston; Jacob Bankston; two to three - Adam Jones

Page three - 1794 -1798  Robert Day;  John Parker; (think Jeptha) Vining; (think Benjamin) Thomson; Daniel Bankston;  Parris, a man of color belonging to Mrs. Moore was admitted into the church.

Page 4.  1798-1804 Benjamin Thomson son of Benjamin Thomson Sr.; Robert McGinty; John Harvey;

Page 5. 1803-1812  Francis Flournoy;  William Hardwick; Daniel Bankston:

Page 6.  1815-1819  Joseph Roberts; William Hardwick; V. or W. - H. Stokos; mentioned Bro. Cook No first name given 1815;  no first name -Bro. Kilgore; William Cook; no first name Bro. Tucker and Anthony Jones;

Page 7. 1798-1823 Bro. Armstrong (my family); William Hardwick; John Andrews; Anthony Jones; Bro. Tucker 1826; Rev. Haygood; said to be the Peacemaker

Page 8.  1828 Jessie Battle and wife Martha; Jessie went to Bethel ; 1841 Joseph Holmes; James Thomas; colored member Andrew belonging to Bro Battle;

Page 9.  1828 Jessie B. Battle; John Evans; Bro Haygood died 1827; Joseph Roberts;

Page 10. 1829-1830 Brother Broom; Birch M. Roberts; Jesse Battle; 1835 John A. Evans; jesse Battle; Thomas Whaley (think also an Armstrong of mine); Joseph Roberts; 1836 around this time he died Joseph Roberts;

Page 11.  Around 1836-1837 Radford Gunn; Jesse Battle;  John M. Shivers; L.B. Tucker; J.B. Battle; L. Evans; A. Jones; T. Whaley; J.M.C. Cason; John A. Shivers; J. W. C Cson (not sure if mistype or relative); John M. Jackson; Mrs. Latimer 1842;

Page 12.  1844 - William H. Stokes; married Mrs. M.E. Evans1842; July 1844 Major a slave member in good standing applied for and granted a letter of demission (not sure what this means); W. H. Stokes;

Page 13.  1844 Radford gunn; W. H. Stokes; 1840's 1850's the colored joined the church in large numbers appointed colored moderator

Page 14. only white male member over 18 had a voice; W. H. Stokes; Wilsiam Quinn page 14-15 John A. Evans and W.H. Stokes 1845;

Page 15.  1849

Page 16. W. H. Stokes; T. Whaley; J. A. Evans; 1850 - W. H. Stokes; 1851 The spring was repaired;

Page 17.  October 11, 1851 Brother Stokes tendered resignation but changed mind and served until 1854; J. A. Evans; T. Whaley; M.S. Anthony; J. M. Shivers;

Page 18.  1854 - Carlos W. Stevens; members 118 of which 73 were colored; Joseph Holmes; Stokes was also a teacher; also Stevens was a teacher; Jasper and sixteen other slaves belonging to Rev. Battle sought letters of dismission; to preach alone a slave must have full endorsement of his church.

Page 19.  Brother Stevens 1858 resigned; W. M. Verdery; young man; Carlos Stevens declined the call ;

Page 20.  1860 Second election Carlos Stevens accepted; 1861 M. Mark S. Anthony died April 10, 1861;    Bro. N. M. Jones died; John J. Hyman to take his place as clerk; It was resolved that they spend a few minutes each morning sunrise to invoke God's protection for soldiers and armies.  Anthony Jones;

Page 21 Bro. Charles died 1861 property of Mrs. Harris; Radford Gunn at 65 spent two years in army; John J. Hyman left for the war;  April 1862 Bro Holmes disposed of all the testaments in the library; 1862 raised $75  to support a minister in the army. Thomas Whaley; Rev. Verdery upon receiving their freedom, many of them chose the family name of former owner.  1866 - Bro A. M. Jackson

Page 22 - 1866 Brother Jackson; Carlos Stevens performed his last act of services he died October 31, 1866 ;  Eulogy sent to W. M. Allen and W. B. Barksdale  (married one of my Armstrong girls) Thomas J. Veasey  chosen as pastor. 

 Page 23 – 1867 – Thomas Whaley; J.T. Baker (Think may have been father of Olivia Baker who married Jessie Armstrong at Norwood ); W. B. Barksdale (also married I think one of the Armstrong girls); Death of A.M. Jackson was announced Sept. 1867.

S.L. Pattilo was elected to replace: Bro. Veazey ; John A. shivers;   Oh, just found the program for 157th anaversary;

 Page 24 – In 1868 the black members were asked if they wished to remain as member. Some chose dismission while other remained for years until death. Bro. Clark, a colored Bro. was granted dismission in 1891.  In Feb. 1870 it was agreed to help a house of worship for the colored congregation.  That must be the Black Church just down for the Horeb church.  Fall of 1868 Pastor Veazey said he could not continue as pastor.  J. H. Allen was accepted to take over.


Page 25 – Time and Change  Allen – Jennings

Sept. 11, 1869 – the house was furnished with a stove. W. M. Allen then J.W. Ellinton pastor; born and grew up in Crawfordville;  from loan from Alexander Stephens he completed Crawfordville Academy and Mercer U. in 1858.  Church out of debt announced by R.H. Stevens April 9, 1870 ;

 Page 26 - Absenteeism had grown to large proportions in 1871  ?? They agreed in 1871 That all “free” male member attend the monthly conference.  Rev. Ellington;   1872 John W. Allen chosen as chorister; B. McDermon; In 1872 some members died  - Parham Allen in February; Thomas Whaley in March, and Joseph Holmes in July;

 Page 27 – Some members went to the Jewel Church when it was built in 1869; A. J. Hardwick;

 Page 28 – 1873 Ellington resigned; W. J. Alexander; 1874 T. J. Veazey ; R. A. Stevens died in March; 1875

Bro. A. J. Hardwick; ordained by -  Alva Rainwater; T. J. Pilcher – Think married an Armstrong; A. Pattillo, J. A. Shivers; Silas Leonard; and T. J. Veazey.

 Page 29 – 1876 more correspondence with other churches;  J. T. Baker; J. B. Jones to Elim; S. L. Pattillo and T.J. Allen to Powelton, Baker and Whaley to Jewells. A.J. Hardwick and J.S. Allen to Long Creek.  J.H. Kilpatrick; J.W. Ellington; new one

L.R. L. Jennings; T.J. Veazey tendered resignation as pastor; John A. Shivers elected for a year.

 Page 30 – 1877 – J.M. Jones; J.T. Whaley; L.R.L Jennings elected but declined;  J.A. Shivers elected salary $125; later declined; M.H. Lane ; he left a short while later;  Bro. Pilcher served until 1879  L.R. L. Jennings accepted;

 For some reason pages 31 and 32 are missing.  Not sure what happened to it

Page 33 – James Hines Kilpatrick was born in Burke County , October 18, 1833, son of J.H.T. Kilpatrick and Harriet E. Jones.; 1854 in White Plains; Came to Horeb in 1884 continued until 1903;  Was to offer 150.00 but,  If necessary to pay him $200 a year for his services; J.T. Whaley; The Sabbath school was reorganized in 1885  Rev. S.L Pattillo

 Page 34 – 1886 ; J.T. Whaley; J.M. Jones;  April 1887 J.B. Jones and W.B. Moss were ordained by Rev. Kilpatrick; A.J. Hardwick; and A.L. Pattillo

Page 35 – July 1888 – the death of A.J. Hardwick was announced  -   these prepared the memorial J.W. Allen; J.M. Jones; J.T. Whaley; Carl Miner given money for his studies; Frequently in January, young people were charged with certain social and moral offenses; the chorister was charged with playing the violin to dance by and Bro. Beckom with dancing;  They were cited  (lol – cited or a sight).

 Page 36. 1890 to 1894, church in financial trouble; Mr. Birdsong granted permission to cut down pines on church grounds for $1.00 a tree.   March 1892  they prepared a 100th celebration J.T. Whaley, J.M. Jones; J.P. Reynolds; V.M. Verdery, and W. M. Allen   There was a William Verdery perhaps father of V.M. Verdery said to be oldest living pastor; Rev. J.M. Kilpatrick 9th year as pastor;

 Page 37- one entry of May 27, 1893 “Returned thanks to sisters Amanda and Mattie Reynolds (wonder if she was an Armstrong or Farr girl).  1894 W.B. Moss resigned; J.P. Reynolds appointed; Sure wish they had some parishioners names – In 1896 death of sister Lazinia Collins and Ida Ivey were requested; (Think Ivey was one of my Armstrong girls); Lazinia Collins was born August 22, 1817, baptized by W.H. Stokes in 1867  Her death occurred in February 1896.

 Page 38 – Sister Ida Ivey wife of Bro. W.H. Ivey was born June 20, 1859 and died February 21, 1896 left husband and four children.  Sept. 1897 – Mattie Reynolds and Sara Barksdale were appointed committee to raise funds  (Think Sara Barksdale is buried just north of the Horeb church by another church where that road meets the Highway and plaque for Governor Raeburn.  The church took a firm stance against drink and dancing first offence (sin no more)

 Page 39 – Rev. Kilpatrick 1901; 1890 to 1895 moderator of Georgia Baptist Convention.  Some women were chosen for places in responsible leadership in church affairs.

 40.  1903- Committe formed to get a pastor;  J.T. Whaley; J.P. Reynolds; J.M. Jones; were named; they nominated R.E.L. Harris; April of 1904 J.T. Whaley resigned as clerk succeeded by W.T. Whaley; Think here a misprint In May 1804 (1904) Bro. Robert Barksdale felt called to preach;  - J.M. Jones; W.T. Whaley, A. B. Armstrong; Amanda Reynolds; Jessie Stevens, Hattie Wheeler (think an Armstrong girl) appointed to attend the repair of the church.

 Page 41 – 1905 J.W. Ellingington preached but few present on account of the small pox scare. Fall of 1905 Robert Barkdale supported to go to Mercer.  Sisters Claudia Reynolds and Jessie Stevens were appointed to raise money for the stove and pipe.  In Dec. 1906, Death of W. M. Allen was announced.  Jessie Stevens, Hattie Wheeler, and Carrie Armstrong were appointed to draft a resolution memorial.  June 1907, W.T. Whaley and A.B. Armstrong elected deacons. 1907 Rev. Harris offered resignation

 Page 42 – In December Rev. J.A. Harris, brother of R.E.L. Harris was present at conference; W.T. Whaley; In 1912 Duplex envelops were introduced to keeping record of collections.  In  August 1908, Death of J.T. Whaley was announced.  memorial was prepared by Carlos S. Verdery, J.M. Jones, W.H. Barksdale; J.A. Harris resigned in Aug. 1909; R.M. Rigdon was chosen; came from Macon; Lula Brantley (think an Armstrong girl), Hattie Wheeler, and Jessie Stevens raised money for new church at Devereux 1909;  Rigdon only a few months followed by C.S. Durden salary of $250; Carlos Brantley was asked if it could be subscribed

 Page 43 – Durden also served for a short while; Bro. C.S. Henderson became pastor and remained for three years. P.T. Jones; Lula Brantley; and Ruth Reynolds;

1911 A. R. Cason prepared a program; major purpose to promote tithing.

1913 J.W. Hall and W.H. Barksdale elected deacons.  C.E. Wheeler admitted; 

C.S. Henderson  re-elected. In 1913 there was a rumor and later found to be true that the property, including spring and pool were about to be sold.  (Um, this was about the same time I think someone  was trying to buy John Oliver’s land, my Grandmother’s first husband in Mayfield – He ran the mercantile store in Mayfield). The church bought the property and had a deed made to the church trustees.  In 1913 committee formed to find a good price for a good organ.

    Not recorded - Oh, just thinking about my grandmother mentioning the death from shooting of a man named Wheeler some time around 1910 to 1913.  Not sure if anyone else heard something about that.  Sad, but I believe my Olivers were responsible

 Page 44 – February 1917 – a Hobart M. Cable Piano became property of the church.; Ruth Reynolds was elected pianist.  Mary Lou Jordan and Mrs. C. T. Jones were assistants.  Bro. Henderson offered resignation; Solomon F. Dowis acted as moderator; elected pastor; He was liked clerk appended the minutes saying, church was at peace.; Envelop system was adopted for collections.

 Page 45- In October 1916, Union Meeting Rev. Dowis served as moderator;  Paul T. Jones; clerk; On January 1917 article one was struck down.  April 1918, C.F. Reynolds was requested to purchase a record book.  A.B. Armstrong requested to purchase some tools.

 Page 46 – J.M. Hall given permission to cut trees on the west side  The Baraca Class (?) was granted permission to lower the ceiling in the vestibule and make classrooms at their expense.  In August 1917 Rev. Dowis offered his resignation; Now living in Duluth , GA.   A large number of ministers were engaged as chaplains and Camp Pastors ;   Rev. C.T. Ricks; and J. J. Guillebeau were there for a short while ;  In  the fall of 1918 no pastor;

 Page 47 – January 1919 returned to ballot for minister; R.E.L. Harris 21 votes and J.J. Guillebeau had 15 votes; 1919 – April that S.F. Dowis would assist;  In October, S. F. Dowis ws re-elected;  C.F. Reynolds was made Treasurer; J.M. Jones died on December 25 1919 ;

Page 48 – June 1920; In October S.F. Dowis announced his resignation; Z. M. Leverett  consented to serve Devereux, Jewell, and Powelton;  Bro. Leverett established his home in Devereux.

 Page 49 – Dr. E. J. Forrester conducted a series of discussions.  August 1921 asscociation W. M. S. met at Horeb.

 Clerk Paul T. Jones;  Treasurer, O. M. Ivey,  Asst J. W. Hall

Pianist, Mary Lou Jordan

 Superintendent, H. G. Whaley , Associates H. S. Allen;  P. T. Jones

Secretary C. R. Hill

Treasurer  C. F. Reynolds

 Page 50  - Teachers

 A nick name for Group

Baraca                 C. F. Reynolds;  P. T. Jones; 

Philathea             Mrs. R. H. Armstrong; Mrs. J. W. Hall

Willing Workers  Mrs. J. R. Armstrong;  H. T. Whaley

Volunteers           Miss Lulu Brantley;

Sunshine             Mrs.  P. T. Jones;  Ruby Reynolds

Busy Bees          Belle Brantley;  Mrs. H. A. Whaley

Boosters             Mrs. A. B. Armstrong;  Mrs. S. A. Hammock

Beginners            Mrs. C. R. Hill                Mrs. S. B. Hollis

Cradle Roll          Supt. Mrs. S. A. Hammock Pianist – Mrs. P. T. Jones


Page 51 – 1921, 1922, Bro. Z. M. Leverett; submitted resignation fall of 1922; Rev. J. A. Bonner ;  Bro. C. R. Hill stewardship; Also passing Members – Hattie Wheeler 1921; Dahlia Jackson 1921(think was an Armstrong); B. F. Jordan 1923;  Hugh Smith 1924; Rev. Bonner moved out of area 1926;

 Page 52 – June 1927 James Ivey; C. F. Reynolds; Ruth Clark allowed to keep two church lamps; September 1927 Rev. James Ivey elected Pastor;

 Page 53 – The death of Sarah Brantley, L. J. Copeland and Joel P. Reynolds Sept. 28, 1928 served in the confederate army;  memorialized in 1928-1929;   Paul T. Jones resigns as clerk;  1929 James Ivey re-elected as pastor;   C.F. Reynolds offered fertilizer to all who would set aside an acre of land for the church;  Rev. Ivey resigned in April 1930; Dr. B. D. Ragsdale of Mercer; Rev. R. B. Harrison serving ;

Page 54 – Mrs R. B. Harrison conduct training program; Rev. Harry V. Smith assisted;  November 1932 Death of  Sister Amanda E. Reynolds; October 1935 Bro. Harrison elected as pastor; Rev. Carlton Dyches began in January 1934; motion of N. C. Myers;

cooperate in building up the church; Rev. Dyches served until 1946;  His daughter Peggy became a candidate for baptisms;

 Page 55 – In 1937 and 1938, Rev. Grover Tyner from Augusta was guest minister; assisted by his son who played the violin; On June 28 1942 Horeb reached its 15 (typo 150th anniversary.  Rev. Joe Moore; , address of welcome by Clarence Reynolds; hym composed by Rev. R.E.L. Harris,  prepared by C.F. Reynolds;  Rev. W.H. Barrett of Sparta included an address; address to the deceased members by Mrs. Will Hall address by Rev. William Mclin;  At that time a service flag was dedicated to 13 young men from the community.  In 1944 Rev. S. F. Dowis returned to assist in the revival meeting;

Page 57 –  February 1945; Bro. Tison assisted the pastor;  Bro. George Wright conducted the music;  In October  Rev. Dyche’s physical physical condition had not improved; June 1946, letters of dismissal were granted to Rev. dyches, his wife, and Peggy; settled in Martinez . This period marked the passing of a number of church members:  Florence Allen Hollis - 1934; Lucy Jones – 1935; Willie Ivey – 1936;

Daniel F. Bekum – 1938 ; O. M. Ivey -  1941; Clarence F. Reynolds -  1943;

L.D. Humphries – 1944; W.F. Darden – 1944; N. F. Smith – 1944;

Page 58 – There was a Rev. Baugh; Rev. Carlton Dyches, and Rev. G.S. Wright officiating

 Page 59 – In February 1946, Rev. T. L Brown was recommended; Rev. J. B. Williams from Mercer was elected; In 1947 he was assisted by Herman Callahan; raised money for Judy Williams on  the mission field;  H.C. Reynolds; Milton Guy; and Thurman Meeks.  Rev. C. A. Wood left the services as field worker; succeeded by Rev. W. B. Hollingsworth; In 1949, Rev. James Franklin conducted a service.

 Page 60 –1949 Rev. Hollingsworth was helpful;  loss of Rev. Dyches; in that year, Rev H.A. Oglesby of Macon accepted;

 Page 61- January 1950; $200 left in the will of Mrs. H.C. Reynolds be used in construction. Bro. W.C. Corley of Sparta asked to assist in revival; Irby D. Steward resigned as clerk; held that position from 1931 and became Treasurer; Wayne Lanterman and Forest whaley were elected as deacons. Elected as pastor in October, Rev. Douglas Fullington

 Page 62 -  June 1951;  Installed gas was now served with electricity and heated by coal burning stoves;  Rev. Fullington resigned in June; revival conducted in October by Rev. J.B. Williams; December 1951;  Rev. W. H. Evans was in the pulpit; J.B. Williams and Judy on Mission Field; 

 Page 63 – 1953 Bro Evans resigned; Bro J.W. Brantley called for one Sunday per month; November 1956, Theo Burrell was called for two Sundays. Rev. Elmer Sizemore invited to conduct services January 1957; Training Union – Mrs. W.K. Foster was leader; also Mrs. R.W. Lanterman was leader; discontinued in 1962; Rev. William Akins became pastor; September 1957; 1959 – Rev. Marvin Kelley was elected; succeeded by Rev. hugo Davis; also W.S. Rogers; O. Chappel Wilson and Rev. John Rabun;

 Page 64 – Years not listed on this page.  There were names – Rev. Milton Dwelle; Wayne Brooks; James Travis; Doyle Middlebrooks; George Holoman;  Billy Johnson; At this time the country churches in the South decreased in numbers year by year.

 These pages not numbered; Page 65 without names or useful information page 66 Church constituted June 28, 1792 by Jeptha Vining; Adam Jones; William West; Frederick Ledbetter; Cornelius Whittington;  Page 67 not useful;

 Again no page numbers; Page 68 – September 1890 – Bro. W.H. Kilpatrick presented church covenant;  Page 69  Names of pastors (durn, wish they listed the parishioners)

Jeptha Vining; Benjamin Thompson; Robert McGinty; John Harvey; Francis Flournoy;

Joseph Roberts;  

Page 70 – Radford Gunn; Wm. H. Stokes; Carlos Stevens; William M. Verdery; T. J. Veazey; J. H. Allen; J.M. Ellington; W.J. Alexander; John Shivers; T. J. Pilcher; L.R.L. Jennings; Page 71 – J.H. Kilpatrick; R.E.L. Harris; J.A. Harris; R.M. Rigdon; C. S. Durden; C.S. Henderson; S.F. Dowis; J.J. Guillebeau; Z.M. Leverett; J.A. bonner; Paul T. Jones; James A. Ivey; R.B. Harrison; Carlton Dyches; 

 Page 72 – Carlton Dyches; T. L. Brown; J. B. Williams; H.A. Oglesby; Douglas Fullington; W.H. Evans; J.W. Brantley; W. R. Aikens; Marvin Kelly; Hugo Davis; O.C. Wilson; John B. Rabun;

 Page 73 – appointed deacons

1792 Joseph Howell             1795 Aaron Parker                1806 William Hardwick

1818 L.B. Tucker                            1818 Anthony Jones             1828 John A. Evans

1828 Jesse B. Battle             1838 John M. Shivers           1842 Joseph Holmes

1846 William Akins                1852 Archibald M. Jackson  1858 M.T. Anthony

1859 N.M. Jones                             1861 M. S. Jones                  1864 Thomas Whaley

1868 A. L. Pattillo                  1868 J.A. Shivers                  1869 R. H. Stevens

1869 James Whaley             1870 S. L. Pattillo                  1883 George F. Rhodes

1887 J.B. Jones                    1887 W. B. Moss                            1907 J. W. Whaley

1907 A. B. Armstrong (one of mine)                                    1908 J. B. Arnold

1913 J. W. Hall                      1913 W. H. Barksdale           1913 C. E. Wheeler

1918 C. F. Reynolds             1919 K. M. Hall                      1919 O. M. Ivey

1920 A. S. Allen                     1924 J. S. Shurley                 1926 B. A. Bedsole

1936 Will Hall                         1936 Wilmer Foster              1936 Irby Stewart

1950 Forest Whaley              1950 Wayne Lanterman


Clerks appointed                   1792 Jacob Bankston           1808 William Hardwick

1823 James Thomas            1830 John R. Evans              1836 John A. Evans

1840 James M. C. Cason     1841 John M. Shivers           1855 A. M. Jackson

1858 M. S. Anthony               1861 John J. Hyman             1862 W. M. Allen

1871 John M. Jones              1883 James T. Whaley                  1904 W. T. Whaley

1912 C. T. Jones                            1913 Paul T. Jones               1929 Robert Pirkle

1931 Harris Armstrong (another of mine)                                      1932 Irby D. Stewart

1950 R. W. Lanterman


Page 74 – In 1967 the members were – Pastor -  John Brewton Rabun Jr.

Treasurer  - Lester Lewis;  Clerk- R. W. Lanterman; Pianist - Miss Brenda Lewis

Assistant – Mrs. E. N. Whaley (interesting her family continued there for many years)

Chorister – R.W. Lanterman; Assistant – Edward Carr

Deacons -  Irby Stewart; R. W. Lanterman; Forest Whaley; Wilmer Foster


Sunday School  Superintendent - Irby Stewart, assistant – George Altman

Secretary – Miss Jeannie Altman; Assistant – Forest Whaley

Pianist - Miss Brenda Lewis; Assistant – Mrs. E. N. Whaley


Teachers                      Mrs. Edward Carr                   Rev. George Wright

R. W. Lanterman          Mrs. R. W. Lanterman           Mrs. Lula Brantley

Mrs. E.N. Whaley         Mrs. Forest Whaley               Mrs. L. L. Jones

Mrs. J.C. Ledbetter      Mrs. N. C. Myers

also Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Stewart