Please submit your Hancock County surnames to me (suzanneforte@windstream.net),

along with a brief history of your research into that surname, and I will

post it here along with your email address for others to contact.



BRODNAX and GARY Surnames: 

        Wiley (HWILEY3@aol.com) is researching Brodnax and Gary surnames.  Hartwell Gary's mother was Boyce Gee Gary, several of his siblings and uncles arrived in Hancock County about 1798 from Prince Georges County, Virginia.  They were land owners via lottery by that date.  Info at Sparta library tells about Hartwell Gary, a justice/judge in the county, until his death.  Cannot locate any cemetery or grave site for any Gary's in the latest published Hancock County cemetery book.  Hartwell's son, Nicholas, married Martha Brodnax. For reasons unknown,  Hartwell disinherited Nicholas for marrying Martha against his wishes.  Looking for information about Hartwell or any of the Gary family from Virginia of that time.  Would like to share information.


McCRAY and Faison/Fason/Foson :

        Anne (ARous72400@aol.com) is researching these names.  They are found in census records from 1820 thru 1880, but cannot find them in a cemetery.  Have a letter from John McCrays's daughter stating that they were all buried in Hancock County, letter is dated 1946.  Have an obit for James and John McCray from the Ismulite in 1890 and 1891.  The first McCray that I have a record on was Eppa who said that he was born in Georgia.  Eppa married Mary Faison/Fason/Foson,  in Hancock County around 1814.  She was the daughter of William Faison/Fason/Foson.  William was a Revolutionary War Soldier and the DAR as erected a marker in the Sparta City Cemetery in his honor.  Don't know where he is actually buried.  Eppa was born 1787-1789 in Georgia.  Lived in the Linton Area on the forks of Buffalo Creek.  His neighbors were the Boyers and Hitchcocks.



        Scott (SOFRASER@aol.com) is researching these surnames from Hancock County.  Thomas Foster with wife Hannah came to Hancock County in the late 1700's, all but five children were born in Hancock County.  Other names associated with the Foster family: Bird, Knowles, Jackson.  Thomas died in Hancock County August 13, 1834.  Thomas Brooking/Brookins was in Hancock County early to mid 1800's with wife  Elizabeth  (Lizzie)   Other names associated with Brookins Family, Jackson, Madison  Jasper Callaway can be found in Hancock County in the 1800's.  Most children (7) born in Hancock.  Antonia Deas immigrant from Spain can be found in county in the early 1800's.  All children (8) born in country.  Joshua Joseph Culver can be found in country with wife Nancy of the Ellis family, another family associated early in Hancock County.


        Sharon ( feaginrk-genes@yahoo.com) is researching these  surnames  from Hancock County.  Her grandmother was Carrie Greene, great grandparents were Joseph Edward and Sarah Florence Smith Greene.  Joseph Edward Greene's parents were Joseph Whitfield Greene and Sarah Elizabeth Watts, and Sarah's parents were John T. and Carrie C. Clark Smith.  Sharon is looking for places of burial of these people and to get in touch with others researching these names.  Please see pictures she has provided at this link:  Greene Family Photos


        Henry  ( hmgen1@earthlink.net ) is researching the Moon and Drake surnames from Hancock and Greene Counties between 1780 and 1860, specifically his great great grandfather, James W. Moon who married Mary Drake on December 28, 1841 in Hancock County.  First two children born in Greene and next two born in Hancock.  His great grandfather, Paschall Rowan (P. R.) Moon, born in April 1845 in Hancock County.  By April 1848, James W. Moon with wife and two children (Boswell J. Moon and Paschall Rowan Moon) two died before moving ) moved to Tallapoosa county, Alabama.  He is trying to find out the parents of James W. Moon.  He states in 1850 census that he was born in Georgia.


Annette ( Andersonrep3402@aol.com ) is researching the family of William Logue: She is  looking for any and all information on two individuals, both named William Logue some say he was known as William R. Logue, Jr of Hancock County. I need confirmation of this and if there is any information at all about him.

William R. Logue, Jr. was born around 1799 married on 26 Feb 1846
Emily L. Simmerson b: 1848 d: 23 Jan 1894 Having two sons - Asa Alford William F. b: 1852
and the other would be according to a family bible

William F. Logue b:1852 d:27 Oct 1889
married Sarah E. Brown b: 1848 d: 23 Mar 1886 these two Williams lived in Hancock Co, Sparta Georgia. Their children were born there but eventually settled in Coffee and Washington Co. GA. they had five children
William Harris Logue was born 06 Apr 1975 Asa Lorenza Logue was born 19 June 1877
Charley Jefferson Logue was born 02 Aug 1879 Walter Rogers Logue was born 12 Nov 1881 d: 11 May 1940
W. C. Logue was born 19 Nov 1883 d: 3 June 1886 

I believe that Emily's parents were Asa and Elizabeth 
Simmerson of Hancock, GA and Sarah's parents were William and 
Elizabeth Brown of Cato GA.

Any information on this family would be 
much appreciated.


Sherri ( SHERRI0526@aol.com ) is researching these surnames.  John D. Andrews was born about 1819/20 in Hancock County, Georgia.  He married Louise F. Griggs, daughter of Henry Griggs and Nancy Ann Sturdivant on September 4, 1896 in Hancock County.  Would like to find out his parents names.  According to the census, they were born in North Carolina.  Any information would be helpful.  Please contact Sherri is you have information on this family.


George (charlotteairportcop@msn.com) is researching these surnames.  James W. Lewis was born about 1815 moved to Hancock from North Carolina.  Married Emeline Henry in Spartenburg Co, S.C.  Later he married in Gaston Co, N.C., Susannah Clemmer in 1845.  Children were Thomas, William, Harriet and Mary.  James died in 1895.  Anyone with information on this family, please contact George.


J. Allen Harrell ( allenharrell@charter.net ) is researching these names from Hancock County.  They were there in the 1700's to early 1800's.  Neal Harel was born in Hancock County about 1800 or 1801.  His father's name is unknown but he was from South Carolina.  If you have any information on these families, please contact J. Allen Harrell.


Anne Rousseau ( ARous72400@aol.com ) is researching the McCray family from Hancock County.  Epaphroditus McCray and his sons John and James.  John was a druggist and James was a Judge of the Interior Court o Hancock County.  James and John died in the early 1890s in Hancock County.  She has found their obits in the Ishmalite paper. Searching for their burial places and some background on Epaphroditus (sometimes called Eppa and Eppy)  Please contact Anne is you have an information on this family.


Reginald Wilson ( rwilson@arkedu.k12.ar.us ) is researching the Wilson and Battle surnames from Hancock County.  Josiah N. Wilson was a doctor born in North Carolina.  He married Eliza J. Battle in Hancock County on Oct 13, 1825.  His daughter was named Anne M. Wilson born in 1830 in Georgia and a son named William H. Wilson was born in 1832.  They moved to Lewisville, Arkansas in the LaGrange Township,  where in 1836,  he has another son named Eugenius Wilson.  Reginald would like to know more about this family and the slaves they had.  Please contact him if you have information on this family.


Cliff Johnson is researching the Berry surname from Hancock County.  The following is information about this family.  Please contact Cliff at berrylott@bellsouth.net is you have information on this family.

The oldest son of John Berry was John J. Berry and he was born in North Carolina according to census. He was b. 1788 NC, and d, 3 Jun 1857 Hancock County, GA. It is my belief that John J. left NC and went to Virginia at some point and married Mary W., as his first son, Albert M. Berry was born in VA in 1812 according to the census. John was back in NC in 1814 when his second son James Edward was born 20 Sept 1814. All his other children that I know about were born in Hancock county as follows:
Mary Catharine b 1819 d 4 Nov 1844 Hancock
Fitz William 1824 Oct 1873 Hancock
Austin W. 1828 Jul 1870 Hancock
Lucius F. 1832 
Augustin T. Unk
Virginia Ann Unk
His first wife Mary W. died 13 Sept. 1837.

He married second, 29 May 1844 to Martha E. Scroggin, b. 1813 in Brunswick County, Virginia.
The only child of this marriage was a daughter, Alice L. b. 1848 in Hancock County, GA.

I have been unable to find graves for John Berry, John J. Berry, Mary W. Berry or Martha E. Scroggin Berry in Hancock 
county. I am still looking.


Raymond Kelly is researching the Kelley/Kelly surname from Hancock County.  Please contact Raymond ( RKelly6704@verizon.net ) if you have information on this family.  

 KELLEY/KELLY Families in Hancock Co., Ga., 1793-1820

I am researching the Kelley/Kelly Families in Hancock Co., 
Ga., from 1793-1820. My ancestor John Kelley and his wife 
Hannah Moon resided in Hancock Co., Ga from 1794 until1799.

I have listed a specific Query below on the Kelley/Kelly Families living in the Island Creek area of Hancock Co., Ga in 1794.
In 1793 there were 5 Kelley’s in Capt. McDowell’s Company 
of the Washington County, Georgia Militia. They were Sgt. 
David Kelley, John, Jesse, Thomas, and William Kelley.
In 1794 there were 4 Kelley families in the Island Creek 
District (GMD 104) of Hancock County, Georgia. The heads of 
households were Jesse, John, William and David. John and Jesse 
lived on adjacent plots. On July 5, 1799; Jesse sold his 60 
acre plot to John Kelley. On August 5, 1799; John sold this 
same plot to Thomas Lewis. I believe they migrated to Jackson 
County, Georgia in 1799.
What is the family relationship between John, Jesse, 
William, David and Thomas Kelley? Who were their spouses and 

information on the KELLEY/KELLY Family History :

Abercrombie, Booth, Lamar, Jackson, Raines

Gerry Hill ( gerryinga@yahoo.com ) is researching these surnames. 

Rebecca W. Jackson & W. Nathaniel married 1823. He was the son of Thomas Raines & Sarah Abercrombie of Hancock, and she was  the daughter of Wilkins Jackson & Sarah Lamar of Hancock County.
Grandparents in Hancock-Charles Abercrombie,  Revolutionary War  Soldier & wife Edwina Malinda Boothe
Martha Warren widow of Mark Jackson
John Lamar Jr, Revolutionary War  Soldier & Frances Breedlove
Great Grandparents Benjamin Breedlove,  Revolutionary War  Soldier and Mary Watkins
John Booth Rev Sol & Ann

Please contact Gerry if you have information on this family.


 Marilyn Johnson ( nanadville@msn.com ) is researching the Godby surname. 

She is  trying to find the family of William Godby, born in GA, possibly Burke Co., has  not been able to locate him in the censuses.

This is the information she has available: 
He was born c. 1815. I know who he married but not where. I know he lived in Lee Co., as a young man with his own family, and there were lots of in-laws around him.
I would like to find his parents and siblings, where they lived, etc. 
I found Godbys in GA from the 1790 census, but can't connect. 
William ended up in Decatur Co., and was there for the 1860 census. He died and was buried there. The older Williamses settled in Sumter Co., GA, and the younger ones continued to scatter. I know there are several families we are related to in Seminole Co. which was a part of Decatur until 1920.
  I am seeking my great great great grandfather Godby, possibly also named William.  
  William Godby is found in the Town Creek lottery of 1784/85. I believe that what was then Washington Co. is now Hancock Co.
  My great great grandfather, William Godby, married Elizabeth Williams and lived for awhile in Lee Co. That is where they were in the 1850 census. Elizabeth's parents moved to Sumter Co., and there are children of William and Elizabeth buried at the Williams Cemetery there.
  They were found in Decatur Co. in 1860, along with several of Elizabeth's brothers.
  With lots of folks working on it, we have traced the Williams family. The Godby family remains a mystery. 
  Is there someone who would know how to get from the William Godby of the land lottery to my William Godby? I know that Elizabeth's father, Stephen Williams, was raised in Washington Co. His father was Reuben Williams from North Carolina.
  The woods are full of Godbys in Seminole Co. (once Decatur) and we are anxious to find a connection if there is one.

Please contact Marilyn is you have information on this family.


Mary Frances McGehee is researching the Theweatt surname from Hancock County.  Her great great grandfather, William Thweatt was born in Georgia in 1800.  
  His middle name may be Montgomery. He named his first son, Daniel Harman or Harmon, Thweatt. This could be his father's name.

Any help will be most appreciated

Please contact Mary Frances at   ( Mgehaa@aol.com )  if you have information on this family.

Champion, Benson

Larry Black is researching the above surnames.  He is descended from Rebecca Champion, who married Joseph Burton Rucker in Williamson County, Tenn., in 1844.  Rebecca's  father was Alexander Champion, her mother Mary "Polly" Benson.  Hart and Mary  were married in Hancock County in 1810.  Rebecca's grandfather was Hart Champion of Hancock County.

Please contact Larry at jlb109@hotmail.com if you have information on this family.


Peggy Price  PAPrice3993@aol.com is researching the Cooper surname. 

 Joseph COOPER family that lived in Powelton, GA. He 
had at least 2 sons, one being Lloyd Napoleon COOPER born 09 August 1898 in 
Powelton, GA. Family story has the family gave land for a church in the area. 
Does anyone have any info on this family?

Please contact Peggy if you have information on this family. 

Mary Collins Landin is  looking for early Hancock County and Twiggs County information 
on John Moffett. He is listed in 1811 and 1812 tax lists as Captain 
John Moffiet of Captain Moffiet's District (1812). She cannot find 
additional tax lists from Hancock on line, and would like  to know how long 
John Moffett stayed in Hancock County. He was in Perry County MS by 
1818, where he organized Tallahalla Baptist Church, and was in the 
1820 Perry County census. She  would like  to know how long he stayed in 
Hancock County before leaving for Mississippi. Three of his 
brothers, Eli, Craven, and Henry, were in Mississippi as early as 
1809. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and any 1800-1817 deed 
and any 1813-1817 tax list look-ups would be wonderful!! I will 
be glad to return favors of lookups here in Mississippi. 

Please contact Mary at LANDINMC@aol.com if you have information on this family. 


Shellman, Lucas

William Shellman ( wcshellman@yahoo.com ) is looking for   information about John Andrew Shellman, born abt 1825. There is a 
record of Robert Bolton Shellman marrying Caroline Lucas in Hancock County, GA in 
1824, so the dates line up. He is  trying to either confirm , or rule 
it out as a possibility. Miss Lucas would later marry Simeon Fuller in 1838. In 
the 1850 Census, Montgomery County AL, a Caroline fuller is listed as having two 
girls in residence named Shellman, ages 18 and 16, then three fuller children, ages 4-12.

Please contact William if you have information on this surname.


 Herb Stanford (  hwstanford@stanfordwhite.com ) is   researching James Madison Stanford who, with is wife Elizabeth, is 
found in the 1850 and 1860 census records for Hancock County. James was born about 1827 in Georgia and died before 1868 in Hancock County. He 
married Elizabeth Ann, who some researchers think may have been a daughter of John P. Sykes (though 1830 and 1840 census records do not 
support this).

In 1868, Elizabeth Ann married John W. Treadwell, who died before 1900. Elizabeth Ann died in DeKalb County, Georgia.

James may have been a son of one of the Stanford's who settle in Warren and Columbia counties, moving to Georgia from Maryland after the 
Revolutionary War. James and Elizabeth had 3 or 4 children, but the census records are not clear as to their names.

I would appreciate any information on James Madison Stanford, his 
ancestors, and his descendants.
Please contact Herb is you have information on this family

Jackson, Bass, Grimes, Butts

Shane Carroll ( daffyjeeps@aol.com ) is researching these surnames.

William Sanford Jackson is his direct ancestor. His children married into many Hancock and Baldwin Co families. 
Rachel Elizabeth Jackson, Emeline M Jackson, Mary W Jackson, James Edgar Jackson, William Lawrence Jackson, Joseph Doles Jackson, Helen M Jackson, Henry Fraley Jackson, and Anna L Jackson.

Henry Fraley Jackson Sr. is his great-great grandfather. He had Henry Harris Jackson, Robert Goodlow Jackson, Alex Guy Jackson, Effie Estelle 
Jackson, Henry Fraley Jr. Jackson, Judson Butts Jackson, Otis Pierce Jackson, Ruby Rebecca Jackson, and Ethel Bell Jackson.
Most of these families lived in the Carrs Station area of Hancock County and were members of Island Creek Baptist Church. Henry Fraley Jackson Sr is buried there.

Please contact Shane if you have information on these families.

Chambers, Busby

Randy chambers ( ran2berry@yahoo.com ) is researching these surnames. 

His great great grandfather,  James Clifton Chambers (b 1838 either Ga or TN), recently married to Sarah Busby were living in Maryville, Hancock 
County in 1860. Living next door was a Moses Chambers (b abt 1798 SC) and his family. The census listed them as shoemakers but Moses operated the Ferry at Maryville at some point. James joined the Greene County 55th Inf Co B during the civil war and spent most of the war at Fort Douglas in Chicago. Moses must have died between 1860 and 1870 as his wife and three of his daughters were in Wilkes County. One daughter, Nora married a Henrick (or Hendrix) in Oglethorpe county and died there in 1903. Also joining the 55th was an O. Busby but I have no information concerning him. 
In the years prior to 1860, there were many Chambers living and passing through Hancock County. My Chambers were of the Methodist faith. I can not connect my Chambers family to any of the prior chambers in Hancock County. My uncle told( who is named after James) that he had a brother that was a few years older named William Joseph Chambers. After the war James left Hancock and moved to Oglethorpe where he lived primarily until 1895 when he moved to Ruttersville on the Savannah River across from Lowdnesville, Abbeville Co. SC. He is buried at Ridge Methodist Church across the river in Abbeville Co. Would appreciate any information on this family. (We are connected to the Chambers of Cades Cove, Tn). 


Bledsole, Bradley

Charles Maynard ( cmaynard3@comcast.net ) is researching these surnames

His Great Grandmother was named Mattie Bedsole Bradley. She married his Great Grandfather George Alfred Bradley (second 
wife) sometime before 1891. According to the gravestone in Jewell Baptist Church cemetery, she was born in 1862 and died in 1907. I know that 
Mattie is a nickname, but I’m not sure if it is for Martha (usually a nickname for Martha) or for Margaret. I have no information about her 
background or family.

I have some information that is supposed to be from the 1910 U.S. Census that gives the following:

George Alfred and family live in the 112th Militia District, Hancock County
He is now married to his second wife Margaret (Mattie) Bedsole
He emigrated in 1867, naturalized, superintendent, cotton mill
Margaret E. – age 38 – b. Georgia (1862-1907)
Children: George Alfred, age 20
Lyde Bowen, age 14
Elsie, age 11
Joel, age 36
John Charles, age 19 (his Grandfather)

This information cannot be entirely correct. If Mattie died in 1907, she would not be on the 1910 Census. If she was 38 in 1910, that would make 
her birth year 1872, not 1862. I have not seen the actual census record, so I am not sure what it says. I believe that Joel was the son of George 
Alfred and his first wife (Mary E). I am certain that John is the son of Mattie and George Alfred.

Please contact Charles at cmaynard3@comcast.net 

JOHN MILLER  (click here)


Diane Daniel ( circle_d55@hotmail.com ) is researching John Brewer, Sr. and Jr. of early Hancock County, 

 The  Brewer family was from Brunswick County, Virginia (also Greensville County, Virginia).

 Some of these may have left this area in the late 1780's and moved to what 
became Hancock County, Georgia. I am trying to get information on a will of a John Brewer, Sr. recorded there in possibly 1798. He was married to Bethiah Morris. Also, looking for will and/or estate inventory information on John Brewer, Jr. recorded in Hancock County, Ga. 
around 1803. He was probably married to Mary (Polly) Mitchell. Any information would be 

Please contract Diane if you have information on this family.


Susan Bragg ( susan.a.bragg@gmail.com ) is researching these surnames.  They are in Hancock County from South Carolina and Ireland 

 and settled in Amite Co, Mississippi about 1775-1800.  

Please contact Susan is you have information on these surnames.



(Click Here for more information)



Mike Yarbrough ( mikeyarb@sbcglobal.net ) is researching the above surnames.  Green Washington Jackson was the grandson of Henry and Sarah Mapp Jackson.  Henry Jackson was born in 1760 in Orange, North Carolina, and died in 1830 in Hancock County. Sarah was born in 1773 in Granville, North Carolina, and died in 1836.  

Green Washington Jackson was born Jan 13 1823 in Jones County, Georgia and died Oct 4 1891 in Hollonvile, Pike County, Georgia.  He married Isabelle Julia Hutchinson, born Aug 12 1823 in Georgia.  George Washington Jackson died Aug 25 1888 in Hollonville, Pike County, Georgia. Please contact Mike if you have information on this family.



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James Howell ( jlo711@att.net ) is researching his 4th great grandfather, Joseph Howell. 

  He was a deacon in the old Horeb Church in 1792, however, he can find no real evidence that he was buried there.
He has a copy of his will that seems to leave his land to his children, principally to Meshack, but the landmarks on the deeds are difficult to identify, i.e. "flat rock on road".  So he is not sure where his home place was.
In reading about the old town of Powelton, there was mention of a "Howell House" being dismantled and moved.  Does anyone have any knowledge which Howell this house belonged to.
I would like to identify his burial site if possible as well to establish where his home house was.

If you have any information on this family, please contact James at jlo711@att.net .



Nicki Sheryl Walker Masterson is researching the Hoyle family who lived in Hancock County, GA in the late 1700's and throughout the 1800's. She is specifically looking for information for John Hoyle (1770-1824). She has census record from 1820, and some entries from the Inferior Court records, but no birth, marriage, or death records, no cemetery records or church records. His descendants are William S. Hoyle (1796-1853), John J. Hoyle (1797-), Andrew Spicer Hoyle (1809-1884) and Nancy Saphronia Hoyle (1815-1872). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Contact Nicki at nicki@mastersonfinearts.com if you have information on this family. 



Paula Harvey is looking for information on John and William Coulter,  John was born in 1728 and died in 1795.  William was born in 1750 and died in 1795.  Both were born in South Carolina.  William died in Hancock County.  William was on Hancock County records in 1811.  Please contact Paula at ( ptharvey@comcast.net) if you have information on these men.


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