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Indigent Pension, No. 951


Name:  Thomas M. Jackson

County: Hancock


July 1, 1896 1895


Questions For Applicant.



Hancock County


Thomas M. Jackson of said State and County, desiring to avail himself of the Pension Act approved December 15th, 1894, hereby submits his proofs, and after being duly sworn true answers to make to the following questions, deposes and answers as follows:

1.       What is your name and where do you reside? (give State, County, and post office)

  Thomas M. Jackson, resides in Hancock County, Georgia

2.       Where did you reside on Janaury 1st, 1894, and how long have you been a resident of this state?

In Hancock County and live in state all my life

3.       When and where were you born?  Hancock, State Georgia

4.       Did you volunteer in the Confederate Army or in the Georgia Militia? Confederate Army

5.       When and where did you enlist? at Charleston, S.C. Oct 1863

6.       In what company and regiment did you enlist? Company A. 6 Ga. Regiment

7.       How long did you remain in that company and regiment? During entire war

8.       If you were discharged from same and joined another, or if you were transferred to another , give an account os such discharge or transfer? Never discharged or transferred

9.       For how long a period did you discharge regular military duty? During whole war from 1863

10.    When, where and under what circumstances were you discharged from service?

 Never discharged

11.    What is your present occupation? Have none

12.    How much can you earn per annum by your own exertions or labor? Nothing

13.    What has been your occupation since 1865?  Farmer as long as able to work

14.    What sum would be necessary for your support for this pension year , and how much are ou ablt to contribute thereto either in labor or income? One hundred & fifty dollars and contribute nothing.

15.    What is your present physical condition and how long have ou been in such condition?

Am a chronic rheumatic and have been twenty five years

16.    Upon which of the following grounds do you base your application for pension, viz.: first, “age and     

        poverty,” second “infirmity and poverty” or third “blindness and poverty”? Infirmity & poverty

17.    If upon the first ground, state how long you have been in such condition that you could not earn

       your support?  If upon the second, give a full and complete history of the infirmity and its extent?

       If upon the third state whether you are totally blind and when and where you lost your sight?

       Chronic Rheumatism have been so for twenty five years and am unable to do any kind  

        of physical work.

18.    What property, effects or income do you possess? None

19.    What property, effects or income did you possess in 1893 and in 1894 and what disposition, if any, did you make of same? Posessed none.

20.    In what County did you reside during those years and what property did you then return for taxation? Hancock and returned no property

21.    How were you supported during the years 1893 and 1894? By my son.

22.    How much did your support cost for each of those years, and what portion did you contribute thereto by your own labor or income? Don’t know how much, but contributed none.

23.    What was your employment during 1893 and 1894? What pay did you receive in each year?

Had none, received no pay.

1.       Are you married and have you a family? If so, is your wife living and how many children have you? 

       Give age and sex of children and their means of support? Yes, wife living, one living child boy,     

       age 34 years, farmer.



Physicians providing affidavit for Thomas M. Jackson:

C.G. Nelson and R. C. Wiley both reputable physicians of said county, after personal examination, say that his precise physical condition is as follows:  Age 70.  Applicant has had chronic rheumatism for 26 years as many as three time has been in bed from two to five months.  Arms and legs both very much wasted in consequence.  Is physically unable to do manual labor of any kind.

2nd day of April 1895


Ordinary’s Certificate signed by:  T.L. Reese  of Hancock County, GA

2nd day of April 1895



James W. McCook, of Hancock County presented as witness in support of the application of Thomas M. Jackson.  Testifies to knowing Jackson for fifty years, that was in the same company and regiment of the Confederate Army.  That Jackson was recruited and entered the service at Charleston, S.C. Company “A”, 6th GA Regiment.  That he served from 1863 until the close of the war, was never discharged.





1899 Indigent Soldier’s Pension (For Those Already Enrolled), No. 857

T.M. Jackson, Hancock County, GA

Warrant Issued: January 12, 1899


1900 Indigent Soldier’s Pension (For Those Already Enrolled), No. 2593

T.M. Jackson, Hancock County, GA

Warrant Issued: January 26th, 1900


1901 Indigent Soldier’s Pension (For Those Already Enrolled), No. 2190

T.M. Jackson, Hancock County, GA

Warrant Issued: January 31, 1901


Widow’s Application, Hancock County, 1911

C.F. Jackson widow of T.M.

Applied:  August 9, 1910

Important info and dates: 

1.       Married on October 24, 1854

2.       Thomas dies March 18, 1901

3.       Served in Company “A”, 6th GA Regiment

4.       C.F. Jackson owns 72 acres of land

5.       Brother to Thomas, J.B. Jackson, provides affidavit to prove marriage and death dates

6.       (2) affidavits from freeholders witness to information:  J.E. Walls and N.C. Lunsford