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The Georgia Journal.
Wednesday, October 10, 1810
Pg. 3

Will be sold on the first day of January next, at the Levels in Hancock county, 4 likely young Negroes, the property of Sarah Mitchell, Dec'd. Sold for the benefit of the heirs of said deceased. Terms -- 12 months credit, giving bond with approved security.
James Mitchell, }
John Mitchell, } Adm'rs

October 10. 50----6t.

The Georgia Argus
19 Sept 1810

Pg. 3

For Sale.
That Valuable Tract Of Land, On which the subscriber lives, in the county of Hancock, containing four hundred and seventy-five acres. the land is of excellent quality, laying on the Oconee River, on which is a valuable fishery and ferry; also a Grist-Mill Cotton and Packing Machine on Logdam Creek, which runs through the tract -- the improvements are good -- a framed dwelling house forty feet long and twenty feet wide, also a framed grainery thirty six feet square, and about one hundred and fifty acres of open land; the place is healthy and well watered situate on the road leading from Eatonton to Augusta. Also a tract in Putnam County, containing one hundred and thirty six acres on which is an excellent Grist-Mill, and a Saw Mill nearly completed on the Oconee River, about two miles above the first described tract -- This property is well worth the attention of any gentleman and will be sold on reasonable terms and the payments made easy, the property may be seen by application to the subscriber living on the premises.
Joseph Cooper
September 17. 25-tf.

Georgia, Hancock County.

Whereas Abraham Wallace hath applied to me for letters of Administration (with the will annexed) on the estate of Joseph Carr Senr. late of this county, deceased.

Whereas James Ellis, John Alford and William Miller has applied to me for letters of Administration, on the estate of Isaac Ellis deceased.

Whereas Ed. B. Brooking has applied to me for letters of Administration on the estate of Samuel Brodnax deceased.

Whereas Sarah Tait has applied to me for letters of Administration on the estate of Robert Tait deceased.

Whereas Robert Simms and Henry Graybill has applied to me for letters of Dismission on the estate of John Rudeseile, deceased.

These are therefore to cite and admonish all and regular the kindred and creditors of said deceased, to be and appear at my office within the time prescribed by law, to shew cause if any they have why said letters should not be granted.
Given under my hand at office this 12th day of September, 1810.
John Chambers, for Myles Greene c. c. o.

The Geirgua Argus
17 Oct 1810

Pg. 3

An Official Return (except the counties of Scriven, McIntosh, and Morgan) of the result of the Election, held on Monday the 1st day of October, for Members of the ensuing General Assembly, and four Members of Congress.

Baldwin Talliaferro Battelle
Bryan Pray Harden
Bulloch Williams Lockhart
Burke Byne Emanuel, Robinson, Wimberly
Clark Cook Hill, Redd, Clayton
Chatham Davies Guthber, Telfair, Bryan
Camden Hardie Jones
Columbia Foster Blair, Marshall, Williams
Elbert Barnett Daniell, Hudson, Jarrett
Effingham Scruggs Nowlan
Franklin Little Blair, Brown, Allen 
Greene Park Watts, Browning, Nesbit
Glynn Burnett Wilson
Hancock Rabun Terrelle, Brown, Raines
Jones Butler Jackson
Jackson Henderson Montgomery, Mathews, Cochran
Jefferson Wood Jackson, Whitaker
Liberty Bacon Mallard, Dunwoody
Lincoln Remson Fleming, Clark
Laurens Shepherd Stringer
McIntosh Spalding Hopkins, M'Donald
Morgan Brown Whatley
Montgomery M'Cormick Troup, Swain
Oglethorpe Hudspeth Luckie, Sanders, Bealle
Putnam Lane Iverson
Pulaski Fulgham Colson
Richmond Walker Walton, Ware
Randolph Crawford Runnells and Harvey (tie) 
Scriven Lanier Gross, Polloch
Twiggs Johnston Glenn
Tatnall Hardin Brinson
Telfair Griffin Carroll
Wilkes Talbott Wellborn, Terrille, Pope
Wayne Powell Knight   
Wilkinson Ball Hicks
Warren Hardiway Bealle, Gray, Newsom
Washington Irwin Watts, Hopsen, Robinson
Walton No Return

Married on Tuesday the 9th in Hancock county, by the Rev. Daniel Duffy, Thomas Haynes, Esq Attorney at Law, to Miss Rebecca Lewis, youngest daughter of the late Francis Lewis, sen. Esq.

A List of Defaulters in Hancock County, for the year 1810.

Captain Atkinson's District
Moses Brown, Milley Herring

Captain Burch's District.
Sarah Jones, Archibald Steward, Lucretia Minton, Founten Blankenship

Captain Burnes's District
John Freeman, Sen. James Butler, Margaret Mitchell, Frederick Ray,Henry Poarch, Robert Jackson, Isham Brooks, Daniel Duffey, Samuel Roach.

Captain Dickson's District
Benjamin Averett, ------ Bussels, James Tait, Israel Johnston, Rye Dunn, Harrod Love.

Captain Harper's District.
Charles M. Daniel, Susannah Parham, Thompson Powell, Benjamin Bass, John Mootry, Laurence Flournoy

Captain Hart's District.
Alexander D. Ellett, (Widow) Whaley, William Henry, Jeff Whight, Orphs. Drake Linney White, Nancy King.

Captain Jones's District.
Patrck McLinsey, Robert Mathews.

Captain Kelley's District.
Richard Andrews, James Allen, Greenberry Blount, Burwell Cannon, Carr Howell, Jeremiah Huckerby, Hubert Mitchell, James Potter, Thomas Bryant.

Captain Lucas's District.
Clement Reese.

Captain Moffett's District.
John Miller, Harrison Harris, Isham Dauncan, JOhn Bryan, Frederick Swint.

Captain Rodney's District.
Lindsey Roberts, Charles Peavy, John Layfield, Alexander Spears, Harrison Thomas, Job Waller, Peter Parker, Eli Henson, William Brown.

Captain Sledge's District
Thomas Goore, (Widow) Roberson, Stephen Farley, Absalum Hall, Lud Melone, Trewett Foster, Robert Gilmore, John Walker.

Captain Smith's District.
James Parker, Samuel Barbour, James Allen, Thomas Glynn, Nathaniel Cobb, David Kirkpatrick, William Herbert, Robert McGinty, Rheubin Adams, Stephen Marshall, Larkin Brown.

Captain Turner's District.
Joshua Harp, Martin Johnston, John Pound, James Patterson, John Patterson.

Captain Waller's District.
Joseph Waller, Warren Culver, Joel Newsom, Nathan Twilley, Tabitha Marchman, Josiah Dennis, Joshua Dyes.

James Hamilton, R. T. R.
October 17