The photo was submitted by Barbara A. Browning, email:

This is the story behind the picture:

Her ancestor Arthur “Paul” Browning was born in 1891, in Walton County, married Sarah Still around 1889.  She had his picture in an oval “bubble” type frame for many years. 

She decided to take Paul’s picture to a frame shop for rebacking and cleaning.  When the picture was removed, another picture of a man, same size and style, was behind Paul’s picture.

She has no idea who his man is.  Could he be Paul’s father, Benjamin Browning, born in Walton County around 1851, or could it be one of the Stills.  But, Sarah Still Browning was first married to a Breedlove and Benjamin Browning was first married to Sarah Mobley…could be her father.  She also has a McHan/McMahn ancestor, might be that line.

If you recognize the man in this photo, please email Barbara at the above address.