It still amazes me that some folks have discarded their belief in Santa!  I know he exists as I have TWO letters from him, dated 47 years apart and he knew I had left Monroe and was living in Atlanta and has made his presence known to me on more than one occasion!

          With the name “Nowell”( “The First Noel” is often spelled this way), and loving the Christmas season and considering myself fairly knowledgeable on Santa and his lineage, for those who still are skeptical I share with you an interview Santa gave Parade Magazine Reporter Alex Tresniowski four years ago on December 22, 2013. After reading this interview I hope this will reignite the love, appreciation and belief this man has instilled in millions of kids, both young and old as we continue to look up that sooty old chimney, worrying if he and his bag of gifts can make it down on Christmas Eve. As I did so many years ago in my Monroe home, the mantle would be furnished with a plate of cookies & a bottle of Coke rewarding him for making it down the chimney to the living room. On Christmas morning the plate & Coke bottle would be empty, making it very clear he had been there and appreciated my hospitality to help keep him going on such a busy night!

          For all children, young and old who still look to the bearded man in the red suit for his annual Christmas Eve visit, I share this interview with you:

          Q – You have so many nicknames. What should we

                   call you?

          A – Santa is fine. You know, from time to time I have tried

                   out new nicknames: The Toyminator, Chairman of the

                   Fjord, but nothing sticks. Did you know in Afghanistan

                   they refer to me as Baba Chaghaloo? And in Romania

                   I’m Mos Craciun.  I like that one because it kind of

                   makes me sound like a rapper.

          How has your workplace changed over the years?

          Oh, you wouldn’t believe it.  For one thing, we don’t really

          call it a workshop anymore.  Technically it is the world’s

          largest distribution facility in the world.  No, wait, that is

          Amazon.  Anyway, we’re in the top two.  The elves and I

          try to keep up with the technology and that includes

          upgrading my red suit—it’s now 100 percent neoprene

          with maximum thermal efficiency.  Next I’m going to

          have the little fellas put a seat warmer in the sled.

          Do you ever encounter celebrities while you’re

          delivering presents?

          I do and it is always a thrill.  A couple of years ago I

          delivered a hibachi to Matt Damon and he was just

          the nicest guy.  Saw Cher in her bathrobe once. Let’s

          see, who else….Oh, I met one of the Real Housewives

          of New Jersey, but I couldn’t tell you which one.  All

          I know is that she had enormous hair.

          Do you really read every letter sent to you by

          children around the world?

          You bet I do, and it’s not just letters anymore! Now it’s

          tweets and emails and Facebook messages and posts

          on Pinterest!  I draw the line at text messages, though.

          How did you come up with “Ho Ho Ho”?

          That’s trademarked, by the way.  You owe me twenty bucks.

          I’m kidding of course.  Actually I came up with that in the

          shower.  These days I would have to run it by a million     

          focus groups, but back then it was just one man trying to

          capture the joy and spirit of the yuletide in his bathroom.

          Your weight issues have been well documented

          over the centuries.  Are you eating better these


          I try to limit my carbs, avoid saturated fats, do a little cardio

          now and then.  But think of all the milk and cookies!  And

          that’s only here. In other countries children leave me

          pudding and porridge and mince pies.  That’s like seventy

          million calories right there!  Christmas morning I have to

          take an antacid the size of a hubcap!

          Everyone thinks of you as being full of mirth, but

          Deep down, are you happy?

          I couldn’t be happier. Seriously, I have the best job ever!

          I bring smiles to children’s faces. I spread glad tidings and

          good cheer.  I have a reasonably good dental plan. Let’s face

          it, I’m the luckiest guy in the world. So, Merry Christmas,

          everyone!  Ho Ho Ho!


          After reading this interview from the “Man at the North Pole”, I think we all can have a good night’s sleep on this Christmas Eve knowing the “man with the bag” is still around, taking care of himself and his elves and reindeer along with all the children of the world.  And in the words of the grand old man of Christmas, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”