R.E. Lee

General Robert E. Lee, *CSA* Army of Northern Virginia

(1) Final Order to "Brave Survivors of the Confederacy at Appomattox Court House"!!

(2) A man without a country, General Robert E. Lee


Brantley County Confederate Patriots


Brantley County's ancestry was well represented in the War for Southern Independence. "It was not a civil war, as some suggest, and definitely not a war to abolish or preserve slavery. It was about "independence;" the right to choose a way of life and preserving local government." More than anything thing else, it was a war about the U.S. Federal Government taking on the appearance of a Government which they had left in Europe.


BURIAL MARKERS - SOME SKETCHES FOR MILITARY VETERANs - WWI, War Between the States (Civil War), Indian Wars !



An interesting fact, Robert E. Lee did not own any slaves during the Civil War period; General U. S. Grant (Federal) continued to own slaves throughout the war.


A conservative estimate, approximately 98% of the Confederate fighting soldiers did not own slaves. Why would they sacrifice their life for a right to own something which they did not possess? To the contrary, They were fighting for the survival of their independence.


We believe in equality among the brethren, and support President Abe Lincoln's emancipation proclamation, and unity of the states theories. However, in modern day times, we tend to get a little confused about Constitutional rights of, government by the people and for the people. Local Government is now defined as, Washington D.C., with flavors of foreign influence. Where are the Congressmen and Senators that were elected from our local area to represent the local area?


BRANTLEY COUNTY PATRIOTS:The The War of Southern Independence was fought long before the establishment of Brantley County in 1920. The realignment of county boundaries, regardless of time period, does not reduce the agony suffered by Brantley County ancestry in that war. This pain continues to be lived in the hearts of their descendants.


Brantley County lands were realigned from Charlton, Pierce, and Wayne Counties. Wayne and Pierce Counties contributed the largest geographical area, as well as population. Earlier in history, portions of Ware had been realigned to Pierce, Glynn to Wayne, Camden to Charlton and Wayne Counties, and subsequently to the new Brantley County . With the realignment of land came residents, the pioneers of of southeast Georgia. Although identified with other counties, some of these Georgia patriots lived in the geographical area which is now known as Brantley County. It seems that most of the men joining the Confederate States Army wanted to be in the Calvary and were assigned to the 4th Georgia Calvary. The remaining men were eventually assigned to the 13th Georgia Regiment, which became the 26th Georgia Regiment. We will attempt to provide "rosters" of various companies. We were unable to accurately identify all those Brantley County boys, but perhaps you can!

(Information assembled by Thomas Earl Cleland for the edification of Brantley County descendants and genealogists)