Murphy Cemetery

These are members of the Gibson Lanier and related families buried at Murphy Cemetery in Colquitt County, GA. The information was recorded on February 7, 1999, by Virginia Lanier Perry and Harold Lanier, great-niece and great-nephew of Gibson Lanier. The transcription was provided by Katherine Lanier Ricker, daughter of Virginia Lanier Perry. Names are linked to tombstone photos taken by Lowell Turner Berenguer. Note that some of the photos are large files.

There is also a historical marker for Murphy Settlement at Murphy Cemetery.

Name Birth date Death date Other Information
Bradley, Gibson Bryant3/18/19029/20/1969Grandson of Gibson and Elizabeth Sloan Lanier
Bradley, Jewel Baldwin6/15/19081/29/1997Wife of Gibson Bryant Bradley
Bradley, J. Edward8/4/186810/8/1935Husband of Fannie M. Bradley
Bradley, Fannie M.9/28/18727/23/1913Daughter of Gibson and Elizabeth Sloan Lanier
Carlton, James A.11/26/18781/1/1961Husband of Bertha Murphy Carlton
Carlton, Bertha Murphy8/2/18845/6/1962Wife of James A. Carlton
Carlton, John D.2/18/18916/27/1916Husband of Sarah Louvenia Hutchinson Carlton
Carlton, Sarah Louvenia Hutchinson12/16/18538/12/1934Wife of John D. Carlton
Lanier, Gibson 2/2/1911
age 74
He was born in 1841. Confederate Marker
Lanier, Eliz. Sloan  Elizabeth Sloan Lanier, wife of Gibson Lanier, is buried here beside him. She was born 1837 and died 1920.
Lanier, Clower2/18/188010/5/1948Son of Gibson and Elizabeth Sloan Lanier
Lanier, Nettie Lane18861981She was wife of Clower
Lanier, Murphy B.4/25/19103/26/1989Son of Clower and Nettie Lane Lanier
Lanier, Mildred Smith12/6/191412/1/1977Wife of Murphy B. Lanier
Lanier, John W.11/22/18678/27/1933Son of Gibson and Elizabeth Sloan Lanier
Lanier, Leila P.8/12/186612/1/1922Wife of John W. Lanier; her maiden name was Parham.
Lanier, Infant Son10/1/1909 Entire inscription reads: "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Clower Lanier Born & Died 10/1/1909"
Parker, Minnie Lee Bradley3/21/18933/23/1982Daughter of James Edward and Fannie Lanier Bradley
Pierce, William T.8/27/186212/5/1934"Uncle Billy," husband of Priscilla Lanier; his actual birth year was 1862
Pierce, Priscilla Lanier3/29/186612/9/1930Daughter of Gibson and Elizabeth Sloan Lanier; her actual birth day was Mar 27
Pierce, Homer H.12/18/18937/29/1914Brother of William T. Pierce.
Pierce, Herman Thomas6/3/189112/30/1961Son of William T. & Priscilla Lanier Pierce.
Pierce, Touchton Dalton Birdie Martin1895 Wife of Thomas Herman Pierce
Pierce (Infant)  Inscription: "Son of L. L. Pierce & Wife" Luther Littleton Pierce was son of William T. & Priscilla Lanier Pierce.
Plymel, Barry10/5/18707/10/1939Husband of Sally Amanda Lanier
Plymel, Sally Amanda Lanier9/3/18701/26/1963Daughter of Gibson and Elizabeth Sloan Lanier
Turner, Grace Lanier1/5/19304/19/1988Great-niece of Gibson and Elizabeth Sloan Lanier
Turner, Virgil Woodfin11/26/18958/11/1976Husband of Cora Bradley Turner
Turner, Cora Bradley4/28/19006/13/1991Daughter of James Edward and Fannie Lanier Bradley
Murphy, Lemuel W.2/24/18873/12/1972Brother of Bertha Murphy Carlton
Murphy, Esmer V.3/21/18941/4/1975Wife of Lemuel W. Murphy

The following surveyed April 2002 by Lowell Turner Berenguer. Commentary in collaboration with Katherine Lanier Ricker. Names are linked to tombstone photos taken by Lowell Turner Berenguer. Note that some of the photos are large files.

Name Birth date Death date Other Information
Bradley, [Don]na S. [piece missing from stone at beginning of first name]18801963Daughter of William T. and Lucinda Coston Sloan, Second wife of James E. Bradley. She died 22 June 1963.
Bradley, John Hubert10/8/190311/1/1987Son of James Edward Bradley, husband of Reba Turner Bradley
Bradley, Reba Turner4/30/191310/4/1977Reba Lucille, daughter of William Monroe and Magnolia Virginia Turner, wife of John Hubert Bradley
Carlton, Bertha M.8/2/18845/6/1962Bertha Ophelia Murphy, daughter of George Washington Murphy and Mary Magoline "Maggi" Rosencrantz Murphy; wife of James A. Carlton
Carlton, Elisha A.10/11/185412/13/1935Elisha Alderman Carlton, son of Stephen Carlton and Sarah Wells; husband of Elizabeth J. Murphy
Carlton, Elizabeth J. Murphy2/14/18586/27/1933Daughter of James Murphy and Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Murphy Murphy; wife of Elisha
Carlton, Irene C.9/11/189210/27/1943Irene Courtney Griner, daughter of William Mack Griner and Lillie Maude Smithwick Griner; wife of Thurston A.
Carlton, James A.11/26/18781/1/1961Husband of Bertha Murphy
Carlton, Thurston A.5/22/18927/31/1949Son of Elisha Alderman Carlton and Elizabeth Jane "Betsy" Murphy Carlton; husband of Irene C.
Christie, Bob Henry9/22/19232/3/1978Husband of Marcelle; 2nd Lt., US Army, WW II
Christie, Marcelle Murphy2/28/19263/6/1997Wife of Bob Henry
Dunlap, Alice Gray7/31/18522/8/1937Alice Gray Andrews, daughter of Gray Andrews and his wife Alice; wife of John T. Dunlap
Dunlap, John T.10/17/18517/2/1920Husband of Alice Gray Dunlap
Hegwood, Benjamin F.12/27/192510/23/1999Husband of June Sloan (daughter of Eugene Edwin Sloan and Lillian Newsome Sloan
Hegwood, June Sloan2/10/1934 Daughter of Eugene Edwin "Gene" Sloan and Lillian Newsome Sloan; wife of Benjamin F. Hegwood; died 11/15/1999
Hunnicutt, Frances Browning Sloan11/07/19266/21/2000Daughter of Luke Browning, widow of Homer W. Sloan
Kennedy, Adelyn Dooley4/21/189710/11/1992Wife of Arch Randolph Kennedy
Kennedy, Arch Randolph4/14/18894/10/1953Son of John Thomas Kennedy and Serena McDonald Kennedy; uncle of Grace Lanier Turner; husband of Adelyn Dooley
McCarthy, Donald E.8/9/19197/11/1995Donald Edward McCarthy, husband of Doris Pauline Turner McCarthy
McCarthy, Doris Turner7/31/19164/22/1970Doris Pauline Turner, daughter of William Monroe and Magnolia Virginia Turner, wife of Donald E. McCarthy
McCarthy, Edward Dennis5/12/18879/8/1976Father of Donald E. McCarthy, husband of Ruby
McCarthy, Ruby Barnes7/3/19015/5/1976Wife of Edward, mother of Donald
Murphy, Adell H.4/17/18954/27/1971Wife of Marvin "Boss" Murphy
Murphy, Annie Carr2/23/18705/15/1944Anna Helena Hortense "Annie" Carr, wife of Thomas Iverson Murphy
Murphy, Audrey L[illian]9/18/19006/9/1919Daughter of Calvin Murphy and Mary Alice Ricks Murphy
Murphy, Ben8/6/1847Nov 1922Husband of Kitty; Benjamin J., son of Lenfel Calvin Murphy
Murphy, Charlie H.7/31/18886/19/1958Charles Herbert Murphy, husband of Rosa P.
Murphy, Corbett C.8/26/18968/4/1974Corbett Celester, son of James . "Jim" Murphy and Navy Ricks Murphy; husband of Nora G.
Murphy, Eula Florence Abercrombie8/11/189710/30/1993Wife of Ollie
Murphy, Eunice Lowrey2/23/19215/27/1985
Murphy, Floria Redding1880156Daughter of Thomas C. Redding; wife of W. Pack Murphy
Murphy, George W.12/9/186210/14/1950George Washington Murphy, husband of Maggie Rosencrantz; son of James Murphy and Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Murphy Murphy
Murphy, Gordon19071935Son of W. Pack Murphy and Floria Redding Murphy
Murphy, Infant8/18/1912 Child of Marvin and Adell, presumably
Murphy, Infant of T. I. And H.A.2/13/19092/13/1909Thomas Iverson and Annie Carr Murphy's child
Murphy, Jacqueline3/17/19513/17/1951"Infant daughter of Christine and Harold Murphy" ? Van Harold Murphy Sr. and Christine Carlton Murphy.
Murphy, Kay Jean1/21/16448/7/1952Daughter of Vayden
Murphy, Kitty7/19/1856Nov 1954Kitty Andrews, wife of Ben
Murphy, Laverne Marvin11/23/191812/25/1988Husband of Mable
Murphy, Liller M.3/02/18877/30/1968Wife of Union G. Murphy
Murphy, Lois B.  Wife of Thermon
Murphy, M_____ B. [couldn't read]Nov 18 [53?]Oct 1918 ?
Murphy, Mable Johnson4/6/19177/10/1986Wife of Laverne Marvin
Murphy, Maggie Rosencrantz5/10/18588/25/1955Mary Magoline Rosencrantz, wife of George W. Murphy; daughter of Joseph A. Rosencrantz and Mary Ann "Polly" Sloan Rosencrantz
Murphy, Marvin D.18901963"Boss"; son of Union B. and Nancy Vienna Rosencrantz Murphy; husband of Adell
Murphy, Mary Blanche2/11/19023/18/1994Mary Blanche McInnis, wife of Theron
Murphy, Mollie Bradley1/25/18955/2/1981Daughter of James Edward Bradley and Fannie M. Lanier, sister of John Hubert Bradley; wife of Noah Clifton Bradley
Murphy, Nancy Mae Carlton5/8/189211/9/1967Wife of Ward
Murphy, Noah Clifton2/8/18942/15/1981Son of Jessie Murphy and Elizabeth Mary "Lizzie" Gay; husband of Mollie Bradley (daughter of James Edward and Fannie Lanier)
Murphy, Nora G.4/21/189710/13/1980Nora Agnes Griner, wife of Corbett C.
Murphy, Ollie Van10/20/18951/28/1992Son of Benjamin J. and Kitty Andrews Murphy; husband of Eula
Murphy, Rana or Ranee A.6/23/19338/30/1935[First name difficult to read]
Murphy, Rosa P.6/21/18944/1/1988Rosa Irene Pittman, wife of Charlie H.
Murphy, Thermon J.7/23/19808/21/1991Husband of Lois
Murphy, Theron Dewrell3/1/190012/8/1971Son of James R. and Navy Ricks Murphy, husband of Mary Blanche
Murphy, Thomas Howard19041991Son of W. Pack and Floria Redding Murphy; born 04/07/1904, died 08/15/1991
Murphy, Thomas Iverson9/1/18759/22/1950Son of Calvin Murphy and Mary Alice Ricks Murphy, husband of Annie Carr
Murphy, Union B.18671955Union Byrd Murphy, son of James Murphy and Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Murphy Murphy
Murphy, Union G.5/29/18822/20/1966Union Gordon "Judge" Murphy, son of Calvin Murphy and Mary Alice Ricks Murphy; husband of Liller M.
Murphy, Van Harold, Sr.1/3/19193/28/1981Son of Ollie Van Murphy and Eula Florence Abercrombie Murphy, WWII marker
Murphy, Vayden L.9/4/19229/4/1996Son of Charlie H. and Rosa P.
Murphy, W. Pack18611935William Patrick "Pack" Murphy, son of James Murphy and Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Murphy Murphy
Murphy, Ward E.12/21/18926/2/1962Son of Timothy R. Murphy and Ella Frances Rogers Murphy, Husband of Nancy Mae Carlton
Pierce, Beulah8/22/18889/1/1975Beulah Lane, daughter of Bryant and Mollie Lane; wife of Will, sister of Byrtle (Mrs. Luther G.) Lanier and Nettie (Mrs. Clower L.) Lanier
Pierce, Will8/6/18866/9/1949William Gibson Pierce, son of William Thomas and Priscilla Lanier Pierce; husband of Beulah
Roache, Blanche Murphy2/13/191212/24/2002Daughter of Thomas Iverson Murphy and Annie Carr Murphy
Rosencrantz, "Bill" W. R.18721937Son of Joseph and Polly
Rosencrantz, Joseph Henry12/11/18705/19/1938Son of Joseph A. Rosencrantz and Mary Ann "Polly" Sloan Rosencrantz; husband of Rosaretta
Rosencrantz, Polly Ann Sloan2/4/184610/22/1925Carved on the stone: Wife of Joseph Rosencrantz, Whose grave has been lost. Private, Co H 29th Regt, Ga. Inf. Oct 1 1861 until May 10 1865, Wounded Sep 19 1863, Chickamauga, Ga, Died July 28 1870 as a result of wounds
Rosencrantz, Rosaretta3/11/187712/13/1960Wife of Joseph Henry
Russell, Baby??Infant of John and Ophelia Dunlap Russell, grandchild of John T. and Alice Gray Dunlap.
Shaw, Stella D.3/20/18882/??/1915Daughter of John T. and Alice Gray Dunlap
Sloan, Esther L.7/18/18924/4/1962Wife of Jasper N.
Sloan, Eugene E.7/29/19061/7/1994Eugene Edwin "Gene" Sloan, son of Isaac S. Sloan and Ada Mann Sloan; husband of Lillian N.
Sloan, Homer W.1/19/19266/25/1958Son of Charles Homer Sloan and Julia Giles Sloan
Sloan, Jasper N.2/6/18805/25/1959Husband of Esther L.
Sloan, Lillian N.2/26/19107/24/1998Lillian Newsome, daughter of Vard Newsome and Bell McCullough; wife of Eugene E.
Sloan, Lucinda  "age 93". Lucinda Coston, wife of W. T. Born abt 1840, died 11 Jan 1931
Sloan, Marion B.5/21/19068/13/1968Marion Bruce, son of John Linton Sloan and Florence Lanier; husband [divorced] of Willie Magnolia Turner Sloan. On his stone: Georgia, PFC US Army, World War II
Sloan, Mary Etta9/19/18633/23/1930Mary Etta Parker, mother of Newton Sloan
Sloan, Mittie Hart9/07/18971/24/1987Wife of William Baker Sloan
Sloan, Newton2/1/18975/22/1980Son of John Sloan and Mary Etta Parker Sloan; husband of Priscilla Odom Sloan
Sloan, Priscilla Odom6/10/189810/17/1977Wife of Newton Sloan
Sloan, Sallie18711962
Sloan, W. Gordon6/07/19135/24/1997Son of Henry David Sloan and Ruth Murphy Sloan
Sloan, W. T.  "age [??]" William Taylor Sloan, son of William Hardee Sloan and Elizabeth Zilpha McFail. He was born abt 1848 and died 06 Oct 1938.
Sloan, William Baker12/04/18835/15/1971Son of William Taylor Sloan and Lucinda Coston Sloan; husband of Mittie Hart
Sloan, Willie M.2/19/19077/31/1958Willie Magnolia Turner, divorced wife of Marion B. Sloan; daughter of William Monroe Turner and Magnolia Virginia Turner
Sloan??  Next to Marion is a round stone, with only the following, hand carved: "Dec 4 1932" This is believed to be the infant of Marion Bruce Sloan and Willie Magnolia Turner Sloan.
Update, 1/29/08: This is Constant M. Sloan, born 29 Sep 1932, died 03 Dec 1932, buried 04 Dec 1932. Dates and name obtained from Florida death certificate.
Turner, Alyne Murphy8/19/190612/10/1993Enna Alyne, daughter of George Washington Murphy and Mary Magoline "Maggi" Rosencrantz Murphy; wife of Hubert Owen Turner
Turner, Hubert Owen3/8/19013/29/1980Son of William Monroe and Magnolia Virginia Turner, husband of Enna Alyne Murphy Turner
Turner, Magnolia Virginia8/7/18754/20/1940Magnolia Virginia Morris, wife of William Monroe Turner, mother of Virgil, Hubert, Otis, Reba, Doris, and Willie
Turner, Otis Guy9/29/19052/7/1970Son of William Monroe and Magnolia Virginia Turner, husband of [Living] Murphy
Turner, William Monroe3/27/18734/28/1951Father of Virgil, Hubert, and Otis Turner, Reba Turner Bradley, Doris Turner McCarthy, and Willie M. Sloan

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