Westview Cemetery

Westview Cemetery is located in Moultrie, at the corner of 7th Street SW and 7th Avenue SW. This is a partial listing and the transcriber, Elizabeth Duggan, estimates that it is only about 5% of the graves there. If you would like to assist her in transcribing this cemetery, please email her for details.

Names listed in parentheses below are maiden names.

NameDate Of BirthDate of DeathAdditional Info
Abercrombie, Era G11/01/191804/01/1964 
Abercrombie, Marvin S02/16/191812/21/1993 
Allman, Curtice Price04/07/191004/13/1970"Mother"
Allred, Zara D08/26/189705/02/1982 
Anchors, Flocie Jeanette "Mincy"07/21/188802/03/1979 
Anchors, George Montgomery03/29/188401/20/1946 
Anchors, Nolie Marjorie01/19/191709/19/1994LCDR US Army, WWI, Korea, Vietnam
Bailey, Caroline S08/08/188907/02/1973"Mother"
Bailey, Nancy M07/19/195507/20/1955"Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bailey"
Bailey, Thelma T "Plunk"10/29/193201/31/2000"At rest" "Together forever"
Bailey, W D "Bill"02/27/191403/09/1972"At rest" "Together forever"
Baird Sr, Eugene A03/07/188106/06/1974 
Baird, Annie Maude (Butler)04/05/188305/20/1970 
Baird, Eugene Alton07/10/190403/07/1984 
Baird, Lois (Sineath)10/12/190602/01/1981 
Baker, Beaulah (McDaniel)07/24/190212/03/1993Married 12/26/1923
Baker, Harry Otto10/06/190303/08/1986Married 12/26/1923
Barnes, Howard Taft01/14/190911/25/1965Georgia GMM2 USNR, Korea
Barnwell, Alton Oliver05/24/194101/10/1944"Darling we miss thee"
Barnwell, Elmer D (Ladd)05/09/191108/01/1992 
Barnwell, Eula Grace (Boozer)10/10/188212/31/1966 
Barnwell, Gladys D08/13/191306/08/1951 
Barnwell, Harrell O04/28/191805/14/1975F1, US Navy, WWII
Barnwell, Pauline01/03/191201/29/1969wife of Elmer D (Ladd) Barnwell
Becton, Alma M09/25/189501/24/1977wife of John T Becton
Becton, John T04/05/188409/03/1947 
Becton, Thomas Mosley02/19/193009/11/1994SGT US Army, Korea
Bedgood, Jerry L07/18/191501/09/1977 
Bell, Tom Dewitt05/15/190805/19/1948 
Bellinger, Euphemia (Sloan)04/13/187201/30/1936 
Bellinger, William P09/01/186604/13/1941 
Bellinger, Willie C04/11/191201/05/1977 
Belvin Jr, James Wiley02/14/193108/26/1947 
Belvin Sr, James Wiley01/23/189602/17/1963 
Belvin, Grace (Baird)03/12/190710/22/1967 
Boatwright, Emma L07/20/189402/04/1974 
Boatwright, J Sam03/07/189607/02/1944 
Boatwright, W Clifford10/27/190612/17/1943 
Boring, Thelma (Minter)09/26/189610/08/1983 
Boring, Walter Harmon09/23/188306/13/1973 
Bowers, Vessie (Woodward)10/08/1916  
Bowers, William David12/26/191301/12/1982 
Bragg, Louise (Moore)03/22/192401/18/1974"Beloved Wife & Mother"
Brantley, Beaulah (Cooper)01/14/190111/25/1975"Gone to heaven to be with Jesus"
Brantley, Van Allen09/15/188402/23/1985 
Brightwell Jr, James C11/17/194911/17/1949 
Brightwell, Alice (Cadwell)02/14/191806/21/1982wife of James Clynton Brightwell
Brightwell, James Clynton11/17/191912/05/1978 
Brinson III, Isaac Cornelius09/11/194709/12/1947son of Mr & Mrs I C Brinson Jr
Brown, Margaret C10/13/190203/12/1995"Daughter of S.J. & Lula Conn"
Bruce, Andrew C01/28/190605/13/1979 
Burgess, Walter09/17/192606/13/1971Georgia, F(or)S2 US Navy, WWII
Byrd, James Dalton10/28/191204/05/1977 
Cannon, Henry Cleveland11/05/188612/19/1954 
Cannon, Julian Bradley "Brad"11/24/195910/01/1971 
Cannon, Leon R02/13/191101/08/1947 
Cannon, Reba (Jones)07/17/189301/23/1984 
Carithers, Jimmie (Strickland)05/12/189107/10/1984 
Carithers, M Wyche07/15/189605/31/1952 
Carter, Bertha H07/17/191805/25/1974 
Carter, Leonard G09/11/193206/27/1972GA PFC US Army, Korea
Carter, Lizzie P08/24/189205/30/1981 
Carter, Luke C01/28/188606/22/1966 
Carter, Martha Ellen05/10/196305/10/1963 
Carter, Mildred (Davis)11/20/191405/08/1980 
Casey, Hattie R01/11/192005/28/2000 
Casey, John Thomas10/16/187611/20/1946 
Casey, Lottie Louise10/26/191706/26/1943"Wife of M.E. Casey"
Casey, M E "Gene"03/01/191101/19/1998 
Casey, Randall19381959 
Casey, Sallie (Ruis)10/19/187503/10/1960wife of John Thomas Casey
Causey, Amos L08/29/189804/10/1946"Father" "There is rest in heaven"
Causey, Cornelia L02/10/189807/10/1966"Mother" "There is rest in heaven"
Cheshire, Mary M12/06/187106/15/1958 
Clark, Cora H06/23/190208/29/1971wife of Frank Clark
Clark, Frank03/03/190003/08/1982 
Clark, Frederick Lee04/10/194105/06/1941 
Clark, Levie L08/06/187607/19/1964 
Clark, Richard Bloodworth01/20/189704/10/1980 
Cobb Sr, Carl F01/21/194811/25/2000 
Cobb, Huie03/27/190612/04/1948 
Cobb, Ida G02/25/190209/12/1970wife of William T Cobb
Cobb, William J09/14/192212/03/1985 
Cobb, William T09/23/187707/15/1952 
Cohen, Clyde Malone06/22/188812/09/1971 
Cohen, Henry F/S?04/22/188905/27/1958 
Conn, Sam J18681953 
Conner, Robert01/19/189812/30/1967GA PFC CO C 51 MED TNG BN, WWII
Cooksey, C Howard12/21/189107/06/1957 
Cooksey, Inez E06/05/190302/27/1992 
Courtney, Beatrice (Johnson)10/04/190712/27/1976"Grandmother"
Courtney, Bryan J11/29/189605/08/1937 
Courtney, Essie Maude (Johnson)08/17/189705/19/1995 
Courtney, George Dewey04/02/189808/28/1948"Grandfather"
Cowart, Bertha A11/22/188112/06/1944 
Cowart, Geraldine09/08/193509/08/1935"Daughter of W.E. & R.L Cowart" "Gone so soon"
Cowart, Leon R03/24/191204/29/1945 
Cowart, Ruby Lee (Gregory)01/06/191102/02/1994Married 09/04/1932
Cowart, Willie Estelle02/25/191001/13/1983Married 09/04/1932
Cox, Amanda12/14/189805/25/1974 
Cox, John B07/02/189106/25/1964 
Crawford Sr, William C05/12/189301/06/1976 
Crawford, Annie L03/13/188911/13/1968 
Crawford, K D01/16/192511/13/1936 
Crider, Beverly A03/09/1956 "Mom"
Crider, Danny L07/03/195404/21/1998"Dad"
Crider, Johnny19241978 
Crider, Mac C09/04/189506/12/1950 
Crider, Mary E19232000 
Crider, Mattie K01/01/190510/22/1959 
Crosby, Oma (Presley)07/27/185701/22/1939 
Dampier, Devorah10/13/190502/06/1992 
Dampier, June T09/19/090509/07/1949Engraving of sword
Darbyshire, Bessie E11/15/189502/23/1956 
Darbyshire, Matthew Ray12/03/188812/14/1960 
Daughtry, Nora (Bailey)10/31/191112/22/1941 
Davis, G W19151938 
Davis, Rufus L09/07/189511/23/1977 
Davis, Sallie18761943 
Davis, W E18661936 
DeMott, Gail Ann10/15/195610/15/1956 
DeMott, George Ronald "Billy"07/04/192707/20/1990"Daddy"
DeMotte, J R12/03/189403/01/1947 
DeMotte, Lurline02/07/189704/20/1950 
Dorch, Walter J11/08/188411/17/1955 
Dudley, Pauline M09/20/191808/12/1947 
Edwards, Birdie (Davis)10/23/190606/29/1987 
Edwards, Ferman U08/07/192506/03/1986 
Edwards, John Clifford04/08/190408/03/1965Reverend, "G" emblem
Evans, Elbert10/27/189407/07/1970 
Evans, Emily (Chenault)09/25/187403/11/1963"Wife of Eli B. Evans"
Evans, Gordon L05/10/192311/13/1944"Son"
Evans, Jincy J07/12/189603/19/1986wife of Elbert Evans
Fleetwood, Ethel Mae07/23/191109/03/1973 
Fleetwood, James F06/25/190103/29/1946 
Foster, Alford L18751948 
Foster, Ora P18801969 
Funderburk, Aldwin G07/02/190412/07/1981M.D.
Funderburk, Aldwin J07/14/194510/26/1990son of Aldwin J and Louise C Funderburk
Funderburk, Louise C02/02/191106/29/1996wife of Aldwin J Funderburk MD
Gammage, Bernard M04/15/190604/09/1961 
Gammage, Jacob Monroe12/04/194401/10/1988 
Gammage, Myrtle (Croft)01/05/191212/12/1974 
Gardner, Jeanette (Winders)02/02/194211/18/1986Birdbath at foot of grave
Giles, Mary Jane05/31/195006/14/1950"Daughter of Connie B. & Gordon Giles"
Goff, Daisy19121963 
Goff, Mollie D18801941 
Goff, William D18691954 
Goings, Chester O03/10/189001/15/1965 
Goings, Evelyn (Skipper)02/08/190211/06/1989 
Golden, George E10/07/193301/26/1998 
Golden, Willie Mae19021989 
Goodman, Joseph D05/13/193001/21/1978S SGT US Air Force, Korea
Goodwin, Betty P12/22/193612/22/1936"At rest"
Goodwin, Otto C05/19/189501/26/1955"At rest"
Goolsby, Clement G09/06/190008/11/1953GA PFT HQ 4 Service Command, WWII
Goolsby, Orene (Williams)01/22/191211/17/1987 
Gordon, Bessie P (Taylor)10/10/189203/11/1971 
Gordon, John B08/14/188609/27/1952 
Gordon, Ruth B19131959 
Gregory, Agnes S02/26/190207/05/1994 
Gregory, Alfred Homer01/07/188412/15/1960 
Gregory, Bobbie Fay12/09/193812/09/1938 
Gregory, Clara B10/09/191607/06/1953 
Gregory, George G08/05/191403/20/1977 
Gregory, Jack L09/29/192806/19/1999"Our Father which art in heaven"
Gregory, James Allie08/12/190603/02/1977 
Gregory, James Medfred04/13/191106/15/1995 
Gregory, John E05/21/190510/15/1983 
Gregory, Lewis E12/09/190802/23/1972 
Gregory, Maddie (Carlton)04/17/189002/17/1974 
Gregory, Mary E10/25/189908/13/1985 
Gregory, Octavia Wilson11/06/188010/24/1948 
Gregory, Ross Vernon02/10/194602/14/1946 
Gregory, Versie D12/01/191512/31/1996 
Gregory, William Henry05/24/187107/30/1937 
Griffin, Annie B (Manson)12/26/186609/23/1945"Gone but not forgotten"
Griffin, George W18771961 
Gurganious, David Worth11/01/188010/09/1948 
Gurganious, Mima (Stephens)11/03/189007/09/1983 
Haas II, Jerry Douglas09/14/192408/07/1993 
Haas, Craig Wayne09/05/194609/21/1985 
Hall Sr, James A12/16/192305/02/1980"Loving Husband and Daddy"
Hall, Alla (Foster)04/16/189309/04/1961wife of Edward L Hall
Hall, Carl E06/10/191601/20/1945Georgia, SGT 2 INF 5 DIV, WWII, Died in Luxemborg, "May the light of heaven shine down on him"
Hall, Edward L01/26/188706/06/1964 
Hall, Louella "Pat"03/17/192503/12/1999"Loving Wife and Mother"
Hall, Randall Gary07/30/195409/01/1999"Loving Daddy and Brother"
Hall, William C "Bill"03/16/192905/13/1982Lieutenant of the Police Dept, Moultrie, GA
Hammock, James Bryce01/26/191402/22/1972 
Hammock, James Randall03/22/194903/22/1949 
Hancock, Mary Lou (Rumph)08/23/190311/06/1978"Wife of Ira D. Hancock"
Harnage, Caulie C01/25/190501/29/1969"Gone but not forgotten"
Harnage, William H10/09/194007/07/1949"The angel band was not complete. He's gone to fill the vacant seat."
Harnage, Willie J01/26/190607/12/1995"Gone but not forgotten"
Hegwood, Edward12/19/191107/21/1983 
Hegwood, Lanelle05/04/192811/02/1989"Mama"
Hendrixson, Clara L01/23/190001/07/1977"Mammy"
Hendrixson, Jesse M01/14/190006/29/1975"Pappy"
Hiers, Culvert H05/09/189705/15/1971 
Hiers, Lillian (Goff)05/15/190409/29/1956 
Hill, George W01/09/189710/15/1948 
Hill, James G08/24/190004/04/1931 
Hill, Mittie C09/26/190004/08/1983wife of James G Hill
Hill, William Elmer05/15/190509/16/1965 
Hines, Emma Elodia12/14/189201/02/1983Member of DAR
Hodges Jr, Edgar Eugene19111983 
Hodges Sr, Edgar Eugene18851950 
Hodges, James Carr "Jim"19131975 
Hodges, Janet (Groover)19111984 
Hodges, Marie (Clements)18921981 
Holton, Elizabeth (Pippin)03/29/187910/12/1943 
Hood, Charlie E06/04/189010/12/1953 
Hood, Mennie T10/27/191512/16/1948 
Hood, Viola J06/02/189007/26/1976 
Horne, Estelle (Turner)05/04/191212/13/1896 
Hudgins, Alice E18571946 
Hudgins, Harold H08/15/189307/07/1992 
Hudgins, Hortense S01/09/189502/22/1999 
Hughes, Cleveland L07/20/192804/27/1947 
Humphrey, Burnie R03/14/188812/23/1957 
Humphrey, Maggie F02/06/188902/19/1959 
Humphrey, Mildred W01/26/192003/20/1945 
Humphrey, Ralph10/15/191306/19/1977 
Hunt Sr, Warren C02/08/188908/09/1980"At rest"
Hutcher, Frank G07/02/191608/07/1950 
Innis, A02/20/188105/29/1941 
Johnson Sr, Jefferson Cordie08/27/190104/24/1964 
Johnson, Annie M10/15/188904/26/1967 
Johnson, Annie Pearl02/19/190710/05/1997 
Johnson, D T04/24/189206/26/1957"Precious Husband"
Johnson, Nellie L05/01/190802/08/1972 
Joiner, Mamie (Crosby)10/17/189308/09/1977 
Jones, Inez05/22/1913  
Jones, Irene H01/19/191909/07/1992 
Jones, Max B02/27/191110/18/1982 
Jones, Ray06/22/190803/10/1982 
Jordan, Benjamin J08/11/188807/06/1957 
Jordan, Clara E04/26/189002/09/1977"Wife of Benjamin J. Jordan"
Jordan, Ora (Gay)05/23/189509/20/1961wife of William Claude Jordan
Jordan, William Claude11/16/188512/23/1947"G" emblem
Keefer Jr, Charles H02/21/191610/03/1964Ohio, Major Army Air Forces, WWII
Key, Florence (Powell)06/09/190605/13/1995 
King, H C05/07/190007/14/1948"Father"
Knox, Lee18821967"Grandfather", "Our Father which art in heaven"
Knox, Leona (Mixson)18831963"Grandmother", "Our Father which art in heaven"
Knox, Leonard Samuel10/19/190712/15/1974 
Knox, Lucille (Moody)01/15/191909/12/1992wife of Leonard Samuel Knox
Knox, Vera (Barnwell)08/31/191205/20/1947 
Lacey Sr, James G08/06/189407/24/1968 
Lacey, Esther Lee06/07/189909/06/1961wife of James G Lacey Sr
Lambert Jr, John10/03/193709/04/1940 
Lambert, John B05/10/190303/12/1955 
Lambert, Vrola L08/24/188901/05/1981 
Lewis, Edna (Loucks)04/16/1914  
Lewis, Elizabeth M09/15/190206/20/1944 
Lewis, Henry W06/04/191602/21/1976 
Lewis, Ola (Moring)10/14/187601/17/1948 
Lewis, Robert E11/21/186705/04/1950 
Little, Kathlene W (Wilson)02/15/192504/23/1987 
Livingston, Jessie S08/21/188007/10/1971 
Livingston, John M06/22/187901/14/1959 
Livingston, Kenneth05/20/191401/22/1978 
Lollar, Elizabeth (Cobb)07/17/194310/07/1990 
Love, Samuel Oscar Sebastian08/19/190707/22/1960"Most beloved" "Gone but not forgotten"
Lynch, Nora (Crosby)08/08/188906/16/1940 
MacNab, Archie H04/05/187906/09/1959 
MacNab, Evelyn M01/17/189102/20/1962 
Mainor, Lula T10/29/190612/09/1972wife of Luther W Mainor
Mainor, Luther W03/09/190302/26/1949 
McBryant, J Oscar12/06/188503/04/1946 
McBryant, Vernon Holton10/15/190109/20/1967"Wife of Johnnie T. Sheffield"
McCain, Betty Sue (Justice)11/07/193102/02/1988"Mother"
McCall, Lilly M10/16/191408/22/1981 
McCann, Ester V09/17/192509/17/1936"Our darling"
McCann, Haddie10/30/185605/01/1954"At rest"
McCann, Jannie May04/07/190310/12/1977"One of God's angels gone home"
McCann, William02/20/186103/27/1935"Not dead but sleeping"
McCann, Willie N01/28/189201/24/1971"At rest with God"
McCoy, Madison05/11/190608/15/1980 
McDonald, Ann (Patten)03/14/194206/30/1987 
McGuire, A B (Mac)04/10/186605/21/1947 
McGuire, Kate07/04/187610/27/1950 
McLeod Sr, John W10/23/188809/16/1963 
McLeod, Lila (Mitchell)06/17/189408/16/1948wife of John W McLeod Sr
McPherson, George M06/25/188202/21/1984"At rest" "Father" U.S. Navy, Spanish American War
McPherson, Mamie L18831977"At rest" "Mother"
Merritt, A A12/29/188007/26/1971 
Merritt, John Grady09/21/191508/06/1981Married 02/27/1935
Merritt, Mamie L01/30/188807/30/1947wife of A A Merritt; "One worthy of remembrance"
Milam, Flossie B11/12/191406/11/1984 
Miles, John A12/11/189408/29/1983 
Miles, Maddie Lou (N)12/15/189903/30/1961 
Mims, Charles Emmit10/19/189601/13/1948Georgia, PFC 325 INF 82nd Div WWI
Mims, Josie (Perryman)10/18/189806/13/1984wife of Charles Emmit Mims
Mixson, Lennie Pearl08/25/194309/08/1952"Our Baby"
Montgomery, David C10/30/189010/12/1947 
Montgomery, James Edward09/08/195502/08/1995 
Montgomery, James Hill07/09/192801/17/1981Cman 2nd Class US Navy, WWI
Montgomery, James P04/10/193712/23/1965Georgia, MMI US Navy
Montgomery, Jerry S09/04/193711/22/1968 
Moore, Daryl William01/31/194511/13/1991PHC US Navy, Vietnam
Moore, William E07/02/192105/02/1946"US Air Force"
Morey, R B11/13/191805/02/1967 
Morgan, Monroe Carter07/25/189305/09/1968"G" emblem
Morgan, R Ivey09/18/189311/29/1961 
Morgan, Sue (Croft)07/25/190603/09/1973wife of Monroe Carter Morgan
Muntean, Barbara (Tillman)12/13/193404/18/1985 
Napier, Lula (Argo)05/01/187807/19/1948wife of Owen N Napier
Napier, Owen N10/30/186903/23/1949 
Nevels, L B12/16/190906/03/1995 
Nevels, Lucile (Johnson)05/17/191301/20/1958 
Nevels, Sandra Ann07/01/193703/30/1938 
Nevels, Weldon G09/13/1916  
Norman Jr, Jack Butler09/27/194703/24/1991"A loving and devoted husband and father"
Norman, Blanche (Butler)03/20/189305/21/1972wife of James Franklin Norman
Norman, Jack Butler12/16/191505/22/1953 
Norman, James Franklin02/22/189001/25/1963 
O'Neal, Charlie10/09/193201/26/1960 
O'Neal, Charlie J04/07/187705/12/1955"Gone but not forgotten"
O'Neal, Pearl E12/13/188711/10/1964"Gone but not forgotten"
Oxley, George D07/29/193707/29/1937 
Oxley, Hiram Franklin01/02/190803/23/1992 
Oxley, Jessie R03/22/190503/27/1965 
Parker, Eli Bullock09/13/191108/05/1948Georgia, SGT HQ CO IRTC, WWII
Parker, Margaret (Cohen)08/16/191302/09/1990wife of Eli Bullock Parker
Parker, Sarah Margaret03/06/194503/09/1946daughter of Eli Bullock and Margaret Cohen Parker
Parrish, Rachel (Hodges)19161998 
Parrish, William H19051956 
Patten, Lindsey Roy05/06/190406/28/1980 
Peacock, Archie05/16/190909/12/1970 
Peacock, Sara Jane04/19/186910/27/1950 
Pearce, Hazel (Jones)08/17/191503/04/1988 
Pearce, Howard19091998 
Pearce, infant19711971 
Pearce, infant19711971 
Pearce, Lee J19391987 
Pearce, Oscar Samuel03/27/192010/03/1996S2 US Navy, WWII
Perry, Charles Samuel08/25/192502/03/1991 
Peters, Willie B09/22/190007/24/1968 
Pope, Billy Charles03/20/193605/23/1987 
Pope, Magdalene B08/10/191605/15/1974wife of Billy Charles Pope
Powell, Harry Harrison02/14/190104/03/1939"Daddy"
Price Sr, Willis05/13/186206/24/1944 
Price, Charlie A09/09/187506/25/1944 
Price, Gladys G04/12/190912/10/1999 
Price, Johnnie (Willis)10/03/190409/06/1984 
Price, Rubye05/12/190208/05/1981 
Price, Sarah (Tucker)02/07/187401/10/1949 
Price, Susan L02/25/187301/26/1961 
Purcell, Clyde Odessa03/03/187606/07/1967"Gone but not forgotten"
Purcell, Harvey M05/17/187804/17/1953"Gone but not forgotten"
Ray, Brewton M03/13/192112/17/1968 
Ray, Edith P03/10/190712/17/1980 
Redgood, Essum07/17/189305/21/1965wife of W Henry Redgood
Redgood, W Henry08/28/188411/02/1957 
Richter, Royce09/14/191907/27/1944Georgia, PVT 119 INF, WWII
Richter, Sara W01/07/190006/17/1966 
Ricks, Melton C04/15/191307/06/1972"Papa"
Ricks, Ruby K12/11/191204/29/1986"Mother"
Riddlesburger, Charles Lynwood10/07/190904/15/1948 
Rodgers, John M07/02/185611/19/1940"Asleep in Jesus"
Rodgers, Lillie (Davidson)10/12/187108/10/1956 
Rodgers, Lillie Lorena05/05/189701/07/1970 
Rumph, Lucy V01/20/188306/10/1972 
Rumph, Ralph H03/06/188007/23/1957 
Rutland-Rayburn, Pearl04/29/190806/04/1995"Mother"
Rutlend, Jasper Floyd05/12/190708/16/1947"Father"
Rutlend, Jasper Virgil05/11/194005/16/1940 
Schinkel, Anna Katherine (Evans)06/04/190708/10/1997"Librarian, Teacher & Friend"
Schmidt, Myrtle Bell (Griffin)03/07/191312/28/1989 
Schmidt, Wallace R05/20/193305/10/1974A1C US Air Force
Schwall, J Frank01/22/191101/02/1973 
Schwall, Lessie W10/08/191605/07/1998 
Schwall, Vickie Lynn08/18/194708/19/1947infant daughter of Mr & Mrs J F Schwall
Sheldon, Susan C (Swafford)10/15/194712/04/1991 
Shiver, Minnie A01/12/187408/11/1952 
Shockley, Imogene (Mainor)08/18/193003/16/1991"Mother", "In loving memory"
Skipper, Claudie Mae12/16/187908/07/1957wife of Joel Dawson Skipper
Skipper, Joel Dawson12/25/187203/14/1944 
Smith, George T09/06/192704/01/1958 
Smith, John M08/04/187808/11/1953 
Smith, Mary (Carr)03/22/185708/17/1934 
Smith, Mattie P03/05/188802/03/1974 
Snipes, Dallas Eugene05/25/190512/18/1970 
Snyder, Alma H04/07/190712/10/1976 
Squires, Edgar B03/17/191812/30/1994"Papa"
Stines, Murvian F05/05/192102/15/1968Georgia, PFC Engineers, WWII
Strickland, Suretha Gail06/02/194908/26/1949 
Swain Jr, Raiford L09/15/194701/13/1948"Gone but not forgotten"
Swain, Raiford L08/02/192506/19/1998T(or)PEC 5 US Army, WWII, Quartermaster Div
Swann, Homer Ottis08/19/192207/14/1999 
Swann, Martha (Evans)10/30/192608/21/1990wife of Homer Ottis Swann
Taylor, Rachel C10/10/189903/03/1984 
Taylor, William Hilton "Joe"01/24/191908/02/1994 
Thompson, Annie (O'Neal)08/12/191312/28/1975"Gone but not forgotten"
Thompson, Ashton J02/03/187501/09/1954 
Thompson, Glenn L03/03/190807/18/1945 
Thompson, Gussie W10/16/188602/28/1970 
Thompson, John D06/04/190910/26/1978"Gone but not forgotten"
Thompson, John R10/18/187208/23/1949 
Thompson, Lottie C09/25/189810/03/1985wife of John R Thompson
Thompson, Steve P03/20/196206/11/1967 
Thursby, Ellis Cecil12/30/190901/10/1966CPL US Army, "Now cometh rest"
Thursby, Josephine O04/19/191910/23/1997"Now cometh rest"
Tillman, Alda Rae (Livingston)12/15/190705/17/1997"A sweet gentle lady. Peace at last."
Tillman, John Lester "Phoebe"12/27/190610/09/1994"Lived life. Loved life. Has now met the big fisherman."
Truluck, James M10/13/189405/23/1964 
Truluck, Mary G06/14/189203/15/1964 
Tucker, Lester02/27/190509/20/1937"I pray thee Lord my soul to keep"
Tucker, Michael Keith10/07/195805/27/1970 
Turner, Frances Patricia08/03/193608/21/1945 
Turner, James Walton01/11/193111/09/1991PFC US Army, Korea
Turner, Luther Holton07/02/190811/12/1973 
Tyson, Nancy Sue09/09/195009/09/1950"Asleep in Jesus"
Tyson, Rebecca Rae10/26/195201/29/1954"Asleep in Jesus"
Varnadoe, Ann (Baird)06/29/1930  
Varnadoe, Edwin Hudson10/14/192702/09/1999SGT US Army, Korea
Wamble, Ivan Allen06/01/192102/26/1988 
Wamble, Juanita (Worsham)09/19/192111/28/1982 
Warrens, Catherine E03/24/187405/05/1946wife of Irvin J Warrens
Warrens, Irvin J10/12/188309/27/1959 
Watson, Emma W06/07/188801/24/1948wife of William Green Watson
Watson, William Green04/02/188705/05/1982 
Wellons, Henry C12/31/187811/11/1947 
Wellons, Henry Mumford07/25/191706/17/1994CPL US Army Aircorps, WWII
Wellons, Minnie (Mumford)05/21/187812/07/1963wife of Henry C Wellons
Wells, Marie (Cannon)05/20/191803/17/1996 
Wheeler, Charles James18831996 
White, Ivey Anderson08/28/192101/08/1988 
White, Judy Elizabeth10/01/195511/24/1963"Daughter of Virginia & Ivey White"
White, Lucille (Spooner)08/24/190103/21/1990 
White, R L18951945"Beloved by God and man"
Williams, Alonzo L11/27/188702/26/1950"G" emblem
Williams, Charlie C10/26/189109/24/1948Georgia, PFC Medical Dept, WWI
Williams, Hallie (Hines)06/28/189502/28/1976wife of Homer B Williams
Williams, Homer B08/07/188805/25/1948 
Williams, Patsy (Casey)03/25/194907/06/1969"Gone but not forgotten"
Williams, Ruby (Page)07/26/190806/23/1986wife of Charlie C Williams
Williams, Winnie (Ellis)09/09/198710/22/1975 
Williford, Annie (Larke)02/26/193406/17/1955 
Willis, Cecil M12/26/191009/20/1947Woodmen of the World plaque
Wilson, Norman Lamar04/20/192111/24/1961 
Winders Jr, Dallas03/18/193802/15/1989"Always remember"
Winders, Edward Lloyd10/25/192011/04/1951GA TM2 USNR, WWII
Winders, Julian D02/23/191911/13/1962 
Winders, Lavada D11/01/192112/21/1983 
Wingate, Allegra09/13/191203/08/1973wife of James Lewis Wingate
Wingate, James Lewis03/02/188812/27/1947 
Winter, Edward Lee10/19/193109/18/1972GA PFT US Air Force
Wirt, Fletcher E18961958 
Wirt, Lillian C18971985 
Woodward, James Thomas03/16/191304/04/1952 
Worrell Jr, Wesley "Buddy"09/02/192903/28/1985 
Worrell, Benjamin W03/17/189612/28/1977 
Worrell, Florence D19031954 
Worrell, John A03/01/189207/23/1945GA PFT 311 AUX RMT Depot
Worrell, Maggie E04/20/190404/26/1965 
Worrell, William Benjamin08/15/193503/20/1994BTC US Navy, Korea, Vietnam
Wright Jr, Robert Byrd05/02/192009/24/1984 
Wright, Bernice (Wright)01/24/189606/24/1981 
Wright, Robert Byrd01/08/189111/29/1957 
Wright, Terry Eugene09/30/192406/06/1944Ensign U.S.N.R.
Yon, Donnie L03/01/188105/07/1969 
Yon, Luther J07/01/188010/16/1936 

Additional transcriptions, submitted by Lowell Turner Berenguer. In the "Additional Info" column, anything in quotation marks is quoted verbatim from the gravestone. Other information provided in collaboration with Katherine Lanier Ricker gives full names, indicates relationships among the deceased or gives parentage (when known), etc. Tombstone photos taken and submitted by Lowell Turner Bernenguer.

NameDate Of BirthDate of DeathAdditional Info
Alderman, John Richard, Sr.24 Dec 188212-Mar-73Husband of Minnie Manning Alderman; son of William James Alderman and Rutha F. Norman Alderman
Alderman, Minnie Manning01 Sep 188624-Jan-67Wife of John Richard Alderman, Sr.
Arthur, Anna A.29 Jul 189610 Dec 1896"Infant daughter of D. F. and Susie R. Arthur"
Arthur, Paul Eugene26-Aug-047-Apr-06"Son of D. F. and Susie R. Arthur"
"A fairer bud of promise never bloomed"
Arthur, Valerian23-Mar-065-May-07"Son of D. F. and Susie R. Arthur"
"Of such is the kingdom of heaven"
Autrey, D. A.15 Oct 185413-Aug-40Husband of Ida Reaves Autrey
Autrey, Ida Reaves22 Dec 18614-Jul-35"Wife of D. A. Autrey"
Autrey, Lucile Reaves20 Sep 18967-Nov-86Daughter of D.A. and Ida R. Autrey
Autrey, Mack Clyde16 Dec 188924-Mar-24"Son of D.A. and Ida R. Autrey"
Autrey, William Reaves10 Jan 188527-May-11"Son of D.A. and Ida R. Autrey"
Between the two following is carved "Married Aug. 10, 1935"
Avera, Thelma Knoblock15-Feb-1329-Apr-84Wife of William Drayton Avera
Avera, William Drayton4-Sep-1023-Feb-97Husband of Thelma Knoblock Avera
Bowman, Henry Lee10 Feb 189820-Mar-74Husband of Nettie Sloan Bowman
Bowman, Nettie Sloan22-Oct-0311-Dec-91Daughter of John Linton Sloan and Florence Lanier Sloan; wife of Henry Lee Bowman
Brooks, James B.7-Nov-156-May-77Husband of Mary Nadine Brooks
Brooks, Mary Nadine21-Dec-1328-Sep-71Wife of James B. Brooks
Dekle, Franklin Eugene27-Jan-3320-Aug-75Son of Thelma Irah Dekle and Mary Eudell Dekle, Dekle Plot
Dekle, Mary Eudell4-Apr-0030-Aug-45Mary Eudell Thompson, wife of Thelma Irah Dekle, Dekle Plot
Dekle, Thelma Irah18 Dec 189813-Jul-43Son of Irah Dekle and Alderette Irene Adams; husband of Mary Eudell Dekle, Dekle Plot
Farley, Matthew Clay27 Oct 188120-Jun-42Husband of Lillie Thompson Farley
Farley, Lillie Thompson05 Mar 188631-Dec-73Wife of Matthew Clay Farley
Glisson, Edna Murphy14-Jun-037-Nov-86"Wife of C. Stedman Glisson, Sr."
Daughter of David Aaron Murphy and Carrie Cooper Murphy
Groover, Abner Hammond14 Jul 187811-Apr-42Masonic emblem, Son of James Abner Groover and Virginia Lane Groover Groover; husband of Mary Rebekah Groover
Groover, Mary Rebekah15 Apr 18693-Sep-52Daughter of Daniel Abner Groover and Martha Ann Groover Groover; wife of Abner Hammond Groover
Killebrew, Louise Farley11-Feb-121-Oct-94Daughter of Matthew Clay Farley and Lillie Thompson Farley
Lanier, America B.04 Apr 187720-Apr-58Wife of John E. Lanier, M.D., Family Plot
Lanier, Gladys Mae22-May-1025-Apr-19Daughter of Thomas A. Lanier and Hattie S. Lanier
Lanier, Grace Horton2-May-1023-Jul-01Wife of Thomas Grady Lanier
Lanier, Hattie S.24 Oct 18866-Aug-76Harriet Lou "Hattie" Sheffield, wife of Thomas A. Lanier
Lanier, John E., M.D.06 Jun 187224-Jan-53Husband of America B. Lanier, Family Plot
Lanier, Thomas A.03 Oct 187523-Nov-54Thomas Archibald "Tom" Lanier; son of Marion Bruce Lanier and Mary Ellen Mathis Lanier; husband of Hattie S. Lanier
Lanier, Thomas Grady19-Feb-0522-Jun-86Son of Thomas A. Lanier and Hattie S. Lanier, husband of Grace Horton Lanier
Morey, Dora E. Murphy10-Feb-1722-Oct-75Wife of Rayford Clyde Morey, Morey Plot
Morey, Phillis Ann19541954Daughter of Rayford Clyde and Dora E. Murphy Morey; died 18 Apr 1954, age 12 hours, Morey Plot
Morey, Rayford Clyde1-Feb-156-Apr-86Husband of Dora E. Murphy Morey, Morey Plot
Murphy, Aaron Wandell28-Mar-1030-Jan-89Son of David Aaron Murphy and Carrie Cooper Murphy
Murphy, Andrew Eugene20-Jan-4524-Sep-84"Pvt US Army Korea"
Murphy, Carrie Cooper08 Dec 188019-Mar-61Wife of David Aaron Murphy
Murphy, David Aaron27 Jan 187316-Feb-52Son of David W. Murphy and Mary Jane Elizabeth Hutchison Murphy; husband of Carrie Cooper Murphy
Murphy, David Cooper16-Jun-0526-Apr-67Son of David Aaron Murphy and Carrie Cooper Murphy
Murphy, F. Anthony15-Jul-1517-Nov-62Francis Anthony, son of David Aaron Murphy and Carrie Cooper Murphy
Murphy, Fearn R.30 Jan 18816-Nov-67Fearn Russ, daughter of Henry Thomas Russ and Mary Eleandor Young; wife of Willie C. Murphy, Family Plot
Murphy, Frank15-Jan-0611-Aug-09Son of Hilary J. Murphy and Stella Johnson Murphy
Murphy, H. J., Jr.6-Oct-0330-Oct-09Son of Hilary J. Murphy and Stella Johnson Murphy
Murphy, Hilary J.25 Nov 186828-Feb-48Son of Kilby Murphy and Lusina Hurst; husband of Stella Johnson Murphy
Murphy, James Thomas11 Jun 18846-Jan-45Son of Thomas and Martha Daniels Murphy
Murphy, Julia K.07 Dec 189929-Dec-77Julia Knight, Wife of Newton Murphy, Sr.
Murphy, Kilby T.5-Apr-1324-Nov-86"PFC US Army World War II"
Kilby Timothy, son of Kilby T. Murphy and Ola Pearl Vinson Murphy
Murphy, Louise Tompkins8-Jul-231-Feb-00"Wife and Mother"
Wife of Kilby T[imothy] Murphy
Murphy, Mattie18591949This is written on a tiny metal plaque at the grave of James Thomas Murphy
Murphy, Newton, Sr.25 Sep 18973-Apr-78Son of George W. Murphy and Callie B. Murphy Murphy, husband of Julia K. Murphy
Murphy, Stella Johnson15 Dec 18779-Feb-69Wife of Hilary J. Murphy
Murphy, Theresa P. S.19131969"Adieu"
Murphy, Willie C.23 Aug 188012-Nov-75Son of William H. Murphy and Martha C. Weeks Murphy, husband of Fearn R. Murphy, Family Plot
Between the following two is a stone noting "Married Sept. 15, 1929"
Sloan, David Wright16-Sep-0318-Apr-93Husband of Ruth Lewis Sloan
Sloan, Ruth Lewis20-Jan-117-May-99Wife of David Wright Sloan
Siefert, Albert W.15-Sep-0228-May-60 Military Stone "Indiana Captain, 528 Base Unit AAFWorld War II"
Husband of Evelyn Murphy Siefert
Siefert, Evelyn Murphy25-Sep-0814-Apr-97Daughter of Hilary J. and Stella Johnson Murphy; wife of Albert W. Siefert
Turner, Julia C. 26-Nov-1417-Dec-97Julia Elberta Christian, wife of Roland A. Turner; daughter of Clarence Azmond Christian and Elberta Louise Nichols Christian
Turner, Roland A.4-Apr-0923-May-65Roland Alonzo, husband of Julia C. Turner; son of William Monroe Turner and Magnolia Virginia Morris Turner
Vandiver, Charles Wesley04 Apr 18906-Dec-80Military Stone, "US Army World War I", Husband of Treva Murphy Vandiver
Vandiver, Treva Murphy6-Apr-0115-Sep-88Daughter of Hillary J. and Stella Johnson Murphy; wife of Charles Wesley Vandiver
Webb, Mary Ann Avera6-Jul-4427-Sep-88"Loving Mother, Lady, Wife"
Daughter of William Drayton Avera and Thelma Knoblock Avera

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