Georgia State Gazeteer and Business & Planters Directory 1881-1882.

Atlanta:Standard Directory Company, 1881.
   under ELBERT COUNTY is found the following:
    p. 75 [in Hart Co though close to Elbert]  AMANDAVAILLE, 10 miles from Hartwell, 3-1/2 from Bowman. A
              small place of inconsiderable population.  Bever Dam creek furnishes water power for a saw mill, flouring mill
              & gin & there isa steam saw mill.  Ws estab as a PO in 1848 & receives mail 4 times a week from W Bowersville
          .  W M Brown post master
    p. 167 BAKERS FERRY, Elbert Co. Population of about 100, located on Broad River, 12 SW of Elberton. Has
             semi-weekly stage communication with Washington & Elberton.  E B Starke post master
    p. 184  BOWMAN a station on the E.A.L. Ry, 12 miles from Elberton, 131 from Atlanta. Has an office of the
             Southern Express Co,  2 churches, Bapt & Meth, grist & saw mills run by water power furnished by
             Beaverdam Creek, steam saw mills & population of about 110.  Estab as a post office in 1879 & receives
             a daily mail from Elberton & Toccoa.  A R Elliott post master
    p. 186 BROAD RIV3R with no mail facilities, located in small hamlet about 10 miles west of Elberton
    p. 218  COLD WATER a re-established post office situation about 7 miles north of Elberton
    p. 232  CONCORDIA located 7 miles north of Elberton, has a Meth church, also a grist mill operated by
                power furnished by Coldwater & Beaverdam creeks
    p. 239  CRAFTSVILLE an old post office before and during the war, discontinued but re-established in
                1875 has an inconsiderable population and is located on the Savannah river 15 miles from Elberton
                & 13-1/2 miles from Hartwell.  River furnishes abundant water power but not utilized, has a steam saw
                mill & two gins, 2 churches, Bapt & Meth & 2 schools.  Receives  mail 4 times a week by wagon from
                Ruckersville & Anderson.  J D Craft post master; Ella Andrews, teacher;  J D & R P Craft
                gen'l store;  Lizzie Goss, teacher;  I H G Hulmne gen'l store; P M Turner, wagon maker
    p. 261  DOVE'S CREEK  small post office, 7 miles from Elberton.  Mail daily by carrier.  A C  Stovall, post master;
                H R Deadwyler,  gen'l store
    p. 273  EUREKA MILLS situated 7 miles from Elberton.  Beaverdam creek furnishes power to operate a flouring
                mill & gin & has one church & a school.  Receives a tri-weekly mail from Elberton by carrier.  M J Thornton
                post master;  J B Bell, physician; Wrenn Blackwell, blacksmith;  Reed Day, carpenter & Millwright;
                Mrs W W Gray, grist mill;  John H Grogan, M J Thornton
                grist mill & gen'l store;  B A Henry physician;  Barry Rucker, blacksmith
    p. 278  FISH DAM 9 miles north west of Elberton.  Address mail to Elberton
    p. 279  FLATWOODS ACADEMY  Names from the institution of learning located here.  Has a population
                of 75 & is 10 miles SE of  Elberton
    p. 307  HARD CASH  8 miles from Elberton with population of about 110.  Beaverdam creek, 1-1/2 mi
                furnishes power to flouring and grist mill & there is a steam corn, wheat and saw mills.  Mails daily .
                T A S Maby post master and gen'l store
    p.  308  HARMONY  7 miles north of Elberton.  Post office, Concordia

    In same book - Planters and Farmers  p 875-877
    Information provided includes PO address, number of acres owned, valuation according to following:
         A = $1000 or less                        E = 3000-5000
         B = 1000-1500                              F = 5000-10,000
         C = 1500 - 2000                            G = 10000-20,000
         D = 2000-3000                              H = over $20,000

          for Baker's Ferry
            Baker, Louisa A, Mrs,  564  C;    Ballard, William G, 425, B;  Bell, David P, 200, A;  Bell, James B, 250, C;
             Bell, Mary B, 197,  A;  Bell, William B,  450, A;  Boyle, Elizabeth A, 352, B;  Bradford,  James, 905,  C;
             Brewer, John M, 483, C;  Burch,  Thomas C, agt, 750, D;  Clark, William D, 1633, D;  Davisman, L M, 703, D;
             Fortson, Geo G, 2200, F;  Fortson, Geo T, 454, B;   Herndon,  James E, 950,  D;  Hill, Sarah A, 346, A;
             Hill & Tillman, 525, C; Hudson, S C, 300 A;  Hudson, William D, 207 , A;  Jones, Jeptha B, 800, F;
             Smith, Thomas B, 420, A; Snelings, B W, 505, C;
             Snelings, William K, 500, B; Stark, Edmund  B, 808,D; Stark, Samuel C, 1035, F;  Swift, William A, 400, B;
             Thornton, Thomas D, 412 , B;  Webb, Martha A, 312, B; Wythe,  Madison H, 440, A

          for Bowman
              Adams, Middleton B, 482, C;  Brown, Sarah, Mrs, 320, A; Burden, Nelson, 230, A;  Burden, William, 412, C;
              Daniel, Allen C, 700 B;  Eaves, James A, 233, A;  Glore, Isaac D, 513, F;  Hall, Charles W, 318 A;  Hall, James, 600, C;
              Hall, Marion, 267, A;  Hall, Robert P, 539, A;  Hall, Simeon, 210, A; Hendrick , William B, 350, A;
              Higganbotham, J B, 280, A;  King, William H, 325, C; Moon, James  B. 750, B;  Moss, Hamilton, 200, B;
              Seymour, M G, 269 A;  Smith, Pleasant H,  255, A;  Smith, Susan, 420, A;    Vaughn,  Alexander, 550, C;
              Vickery, William J , 230, B;  Wakefield, H J, 425, C;  Winn, David J, 313, B

          for  Concordia
              Adams, L M, 272, A  ;  Adams, S A , 400, B; Adams, William H H, 650, C;  Brewer, Thomas H, 250, A;
              Brown, L J, 340, A;  Brown, Mary A, 400, B;  Carpenter, W H, agt, 513, C; Everson, Willis J,  288, A;
              Gaines, Richard A, 745, C;  Hulm, Thomas  M, 1150,  E;  Maxwell, Anna B, 300 C;  Maxwell, Johnson O, 333, B;
              Norman, Henry P, 550, D;  Norman, James S, 710, C;  Norman, J W, 900, C;  O'Bryant, Thomas, 397, A;
              Smith, James W, 600, C;  Teasley, William H, 625, C; Thornton, James W,  614, B

          for Craftsville
             Adams, H G, 390, C;  Adams, James J, 463, C;  Adams, Lawrence M, 630, D;  Adams, William M , 480 C,
             Burdett, William, agt,  300, A; Gaines, F M, 200, A;  Gaines, Linsey A, 792, C;  Gaines, Sarah J, 516, B;
             Galaway, Richard B, agt, 400, B;  Hulm, Isham   H G, 400, D;  Jones, John L , 252, A;  Teasley, William A, 378, A;
             Terrell, Sarah A, 663, C;  Turner, James B, 400, B;  Turner,  Thomas M, 250, A;  Ward, George M, 409, B

          for Dove's Creek
           Biggs, Thos D, 450, A;  Deadwiler, Asa M, 250, A; Deadwyler, Asa P,  636 C;   Deadwyler, Henry B, 489, C;
           Deadwyler, Joseph P,  600,D;    Gaines, Francis, 364, A;  Harper, Mary C, 763, C;  Herndon, George L, 285, B;
           Moore, Joel M, 453, B;  Oglesby , C, 385, A; Oglesby, Drewry P, 600, F;  Oglesby, George H, 406, B;
           Oglesby, Thomas J,  400, B;  Oliver, Alfred, 2500, H;  Ridgeway, R C, 308, C;
           Stovall,  Abda, 530, C;  Thornton, J M, 400, A; Wilhite, W J, 600, C;  Alexander, Thomas B, 432, C

         for Elberton
               Almond, John B, 580, D;  Almond, John W, 500, B; Andrew, William T, 150, A;  Arnold, Joseph G, 265, A;
               Bentley, Joseph A J, 207, B;  Bond, Andrew J, 246, A;  Bowman, Thomas J, 570, H;  Brawner, Seaborn J, 650,C;
               Brewer, James H, 2117,G; Bristol, George W, 260, C;  Brown, Isaac D, 237, A;  Brown, Thomas H, 96[8]0, E;
               Brown, William A, 343,B; Bruce, Perry F, 115,C;  Campbell, Lucy, 400, A;  Campbell, Thomas J, 280, A;
               Carithers, Hugh M, 280, C;  Carlton, Daniel M, 700,C;  Clark,  James L, 250,B;  Clark, William H, agt, 326, A;
               Cox, John H, 237,A;  Crittenden, Robert M, 300,A; Crook, William R, 275, A;
               Deadwyler, George W, 260,A;  Dickinson, John T, 560,A; Fortson, Elijah R, 686, C;  Fortson, Henry A, 316, A;
               Fortson,  Richard, 600,C;  Fortson, Stephen H, 960, E,  Fortson, Thomas J, 1455, F;  Franklin, Henry, 400, B;
               Gardner, Henry K, 229, F;  Grimes, William, 700,C;  Grogan, George C, 328 C;  Hall, Alexander, 950, E;
               Hall, Mary A, 1000, D; Harper, Mary L H, 500,F;  Heard, James L, 475, E;  Henry, William R, 500,D;
               Herndon, James E Jr, 500,B;  Herndon, Thomas J, 400, C;  Hudgins, John C, 434, C;  Jones, John H, 2300,G;
               Jones, Sarah Mrs, 300,A;  Jones, William S, 681, B;  Kerlin, David S, 700, C;  Lovinggood, Susan  A, 256, A;
               McClanahan, James W, 560, C; Malley, Sidney, 526, C;  Mailey, T A, 146, A; Martin, Sarah E, Mrs, 900, D;
               Matthews, David A, 200, F;  Mattox, Clark, 1150, F; Mattox, C, Mrs, 360, A;  Mattox, Henry P, 959, F;
               Maxwell, Benjamin, 500,  A;  Mewborn, S M, 152, A;  Mize, John L, 230,A; Norman, Elijah  B, 372, B;
               Norman, William T, 680, D;  Pulliam, Joseph S,  250, B;  Roan, Barbara A, 340, A;  Seymour, Charles M, 412, B,;
               Sewell, Joseph, 670, D;  Tate, E B 568, G;  Tate, Robert F,  1600, F;  Tate, Uriah O, 2745, G;  Turner, John W, 308, B;
               Vaughan, Alexander W, 400, B;  White, E A, 344, B; White, William J, 570, C;  Wilhite, Philip A, 460, C;
               Willis, James M, 541, C;

          for Rock Fence
               Cade, William G, 705, C; Childs, Lewis S, 150,B; Dubois, Joshua W, 450, B;  Edwards, James A, 1050, D;
                Nelms, Jane, 1717,F;  Stovall, J H, 550, C;  Tate, Z A, 900, G;  Thomas, Sarah E, 960, E;  Wardley, Ambrose G, 413, B;
               Adams, Richard C, 906, C

          for Ruckersville
               Adams, Richard E, 686, C;  Bayley, Newton L, 206,C; Black, Thomas J, 452, C;  Brewer, James E, 575, B;
               Cleavland, Andrew P,  1000, F;  Cleavland, Francis B, 181, B;  Cleavland, S C, 400,B;  Conwell, George B, 400, B;
               Gaines, Peter C, 291, A;  Heard,  Bedford H, 300, C;  Heard, George E, 3306, G;  Henry, Beverly, agt, 659, D;
               Hulm,  Henry B, 250, A;  Hulm, John T, 860, C;
               Hulm, William J D, 281, B;  Hutchinson, William, age, 546, B;  Lanxton, Asa H, agt, 130, A;
               McCaully, John W, 100, F;  McCaully, M A, 1200, F; McIntosh, M L, Mrs, 375, C; Mattox, William H, 3800, H;
               Rice, Richard M, 620, C; Rucker,  Alexander B, 1566, F;  Rucker, Elbert M, 3290, G;  Rucker, Joseph W, 500, C;
               Tate, John, 743, C;  Wall, James N, 420, C;  Warren,  John M, 333, A;  Warren, Thomas J, 468, B;
               White, Rachael N, 1000,D;  White, T C, 400, A; 

    for Stansell
         Blakwell, Samuel D, 740, C;  Calhoun, James E, 2600, E;  Carter, Samuel L, 800, D;  Childs, Lewis G, 336,A;
         Davis, Absolom S,   533, C;  Dye, George W, 2377, G;  Dye, Thompson B, 274, A;  Fuller, James J, 300, B;
         Gray, Thomas L, 210, A;  Grogan, John   H. 770, E; Grogan & Thornton, 750, F;  Hall, Robert, 800, B;
         Heard, Eugene B, 900, D;  Heard, William H, 700, C;  Stanton,   Martin L, 350, A;  Teasley, Mary B H, Miss, 574, C;
         Wall, B C,  1315 F;  White, T B, 750, D

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