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Born September 1788 or September 1812 or September 1814.

Prettyman Berry died in 1903.

Parents: Prettyman and Sarah Berry from Robeson County, South Carolina.

Brothers and sisters?: Unknown for sure. Good bets are; William (1800), Richard (1829), Simon (1830), Benjamin F. (1834?), Mary Ann(1833).

Married or bonded to:  Prettyman Berry married Elizabeth Tullis on March 25, 1847 in Gwinette County, Georgia. Elizabeth and the baby (possibly twins) died in labor 1862. Prettyman then married Tabitha Brimer on February 25, 1863. Tabitha and the baby died during childbirth in 1864. Prettyman then married Precious "Presha" Bruce in Arkansas. Prettyman and Precious had no children.

Children: John F. Berry (1848), Elisha Berry  (1850), Simon Berry (1855), Mary Ann Berry (1861).

1836 - Prettyman was enlisted in Captain Garmany's Mounted Volunteers in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He was enlisted May 24, 1836 and served under Captain Hammond Garmany and First Lieutenant John N. Reeves.

1840 - Georgia - Prettyman buys a grave site for himself in Beard Cemetery. He didn't know his true age of birth when he had his tombstone made, so he had the stone cutter put either "circa 1807" or "circa 1817" on it. This same year, a marble monument was erected for Captain Garmany's Mounted Volunteer's, by Henry Fitzsimmons.

1846 - Mexican War. Prettyman Berry's future mother in law, Sarah Tullis has her photo is taken in a Mexican blanket.

1847 - Georgia - Prettyman marries Elizabeth Tullis, daughter of Sarah and John Tullis. Elizabeth was at least 18 years younger than Prettyman. He posted a bond for her a month before they were married. They were married March 25, 1847 in Hog Mountain, Georgia.

1848 - Georgia - Prettyman's son John F. Berry is born.

1848 - Georgia - Prettyman is chosen to be a juror in June 1848 for a trial taking place in the Inferior Court of Gwinette County, Georgia.

1850 - Georgia - Prettyman's twin children, Elisha (a male) and Lucy (a female) are born after the census taker is there. Prettyman talks to the census taker. Living in his household with him are his wife Elizabeth, his son John F. Berry and his wife's 75 year old mother, Sarah Tullis. Sarah is listed as an imote. Elizabeth's brother, John and his family are living next door to them. Her brother's and sisters live near her. They are William Tullis (1786), Mary Tullis(1800), John Morris Tullis. (1810), Simpson Tullis (1812) and Moses Tullis (1817).

Prettyman Berry's family as listed on the 1850 Census for Gwinnett County, Georgia.

1851 - Georgia - Prettyman's nephew, Clayborn marries Lousia.  Clayborn will name his first child, James Prettyman Berry.

1855 - Georgia - Prettyman's son, Simon is born.

1861 - Georgia - Prettyman's daughter Mary Ann is born. Civil War begins in Georgia. Georgia secedes from the Union and joins the Confederacy

1862 - Georgia - Elizabeth dies in childbirth. The date is recorded in her brother Johns family bible.

1863 - Georgia - Prettyman's brother's, Simon and William, die in the Civil War. Simon Berry, a Private in the 42nd Georgia Company "A" dies of a disease at Tazwell, Tennessee on May 22, 1862. William Berry, a Private in the 42nd Georgia Company "A" dies in service. They are called the Gwinnett Beauregards.

1863 - Georgia - Prettyman marries Tabitha Brewer on February 25, 1863.

1864 - Georgia - During the Civil War, General Sherman's troops burn Atlanta to the ground, and leave a path of destruction throughout the state.

1865 - Georgia - Civil War ends.

1869 - Georgia - Prettyman's son John, marries Mary Jane Willingham.

1870 - Georgia - Prettyman talks to the census taker. He says that he is 53 years old. Living in his household are his wife Tabitha (age 35), his son Elisha (age 19), his son Simon (age 16), and his daughter Mary Ann (age 9). Beside his property is his son John and his wife Mary and their daughter Jane. Also listed in John's household are his sister Lucy (age 19), Lucy Anne (age 7), Sarah (age 5) and George (age 3). On the property beside John is Prettyman's nephew Clayborn and his wife Louisa. Prettyman's farm is one of the largest in that area of Georgia and he runs it without slaves. He owns 1200 acres and has given 115 acres to his son John and 100 acres to his nephew Clayborn.  Prettyman has adopted Clayborn as his son.

1871 - Georgia - On September 10, 1871 the courthouse is burned, destroying most of the court records.

1872 - Georgia - Union Army forces evacuation of Georgia.

1876 - Arkansas - Prettyman marries Precious Bruce in Low Gap, Arkansas.

1880 - Arkansas - Prettyman moves his family and his son's families to Archey Valley, in Van Buren County, Arkansas. The census taker reports that Prettyman and his wife, Precious Berry, his daughter, Mary Ann Berry and Mary Ann's one year old son, Scott T. Berry are living in Prettyman's household.

1900 - Arkansas - Census shows Prettyman and Precious, Mary Ann, Yuvard A., Elizabeth, James and Samuel. Archey Valley is now in the Craig Township.

1903 - Arkansas - Prettyman Berry dies.  His grandson, James Richard Berry, makes his headstone.  The headstone reads, "Prettyman Berry - 1788 - 1903".  


About Prettyman's gravesite in Georgia..... In 1946 the state tried to contact the family members to let them know that the graves must be moved or they would be left to be flooded by Corps of Engineers for Lake Lanier. Prettyman's grave is mentioned in a book called the "Big Red Cemetery Book".

* Prettyman is shown to be a juror on a trial listed in; Flanigan, James C. (1959/1999). History of Gwinnett County Georgia 1818-1960 Volume II. Gwinnett Historical Society, P. O. Box 261, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046, pages 52. (Originally published by Sheridan Books, Inc., Fredericksburg, Virginia)


Minutes Book # 1 - 1867

Georgia - Gwinnett County

Prettyman Berry do swear on oath that I will duly administer upon the estate of Simon Berry deceased and will make a true relation of all my actings and closing and will make a true return to the court when requested by Law to the best of my judgment and understanding so help me God.

Sworn to before me this August 4th, 1867.

Prettyman Berry

G.T. Rakinstraw Ord


Gwinette Court of Ordinary August seven, 1867

Citation having been duly issued and published regressing all and singular the memory, kin and creditors of Simon Berry Deceased, of said county to appear at this time and show cause if any why they should not pray and permanent letters of Administration should not be granted to Prettyman Berry of said county. The parties so cited making no valid objections in this, permission is ordered by the Court that Letters of Administration be issued to Prettyman Berry as Administrator of Simon Berry Deceased, upon his giving bond and security in the sum of thirty-four hundred dollars with Robert Braver and John C. Fountain Security and taking the usual oath of office.

G. T. Rakinstraw, Ord.

Gwinette Court of Ordinary - August seven, 1868


Upon application of Prettyman Berry administratior of Simon Berry for the appointment of appraiser to appraise the Estate of Simon Berry, it is ordered by the court that a monetary appraiser witness, Jesse T. William McHugh, Daniel Fountain, Benjamin F. McHough, William Jackson and Filford Davis in the usual form.

G. .T. Rakinstraw Ord.

Georgia - Gwinette County

The petition of Prettyman Berry Administrator of Simon Berry Deceased for leave to sell the personal property of said deceased as the thinks best and said estate it is therefore ordered by the court that he sell the same by advertising according to law.

This August 4, 1862

G.T . Rakinstraw Ord.


Court of Ordinary - October 7th, 1862

Gwinette Court of Ordinary - October 7th 1862

Upon the application of Prettyman Berry Administrator of the Estate of Simon Berry Deceased and also to carry out the Administration of Benjamin F. Berry Deceased, of which the said Simon Deceased is in Administration, for Leave to sell the land of said Benjamin F. Berry Deceased and upon Examination of the same, has been advertising two months in the Atlanta Intelligencer, one of the publick gazettes of this State, for leave to sell the same.

It is ordered that this said Prettyman Berry present Administratior sell the lands of Benjamin F. Berry by Advertising the same according to the law.

G.T. Rakinstraw, Ord.


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