Click on cemeteries to see records that have been submitted for that cemetery. This is an ongoing project. Please help me better identify the location with names of roads and towns. If you have access to one of these cemeteries and would like to adopt it for transcription, please let me know.

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Town
Antioch Cemetery 324037N 0850335W Bartletts Ferry Dam
Beech Springs Baptist Cemetery 324743N 0845727W Pine Mountain SW
Bethany Cemetery 325115N 0845219W Pine Mountain
Bethel Cemetery 324708N 0844619W Pine Mountain
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery   Bethlehem Church Rd Pine Mountain
Billingslea Cemetery 324710N 0850345W Whitesville
Bingham Chapel Cemetery 323945N 0845729W Mulberry Grove
Blue Springs Cemetery 324353N 0845710W Mulberry Grove
Bruce Cemetery 324242N 0845217W Cataula
Bugg Cemetery 324956N 0845714W Pine Mountain SW
Chipley Cemetery, Part I 325201N 0845102W Pine Mountain
Chipley Cemetery, Part II 325201N 0845102W Pine Mountain
Clowers Cemetery     Cataula
Cook Cemetery 324902N 0850659W Whitesville
Copland Cemetery 324721N 0844546W Pine Mountain
Cornett Family Cemetery at Calloway Gardens   Pine Mountain
Cox-Mullins-Binns Cemetery [Jesse Cox Cemetery]   Hwy 315/Kennon Fortson
Crawford Cemetery 323821N 0845317W Mulberry Grove
Dean Cemetery      
Ellerslie Cemetery 323753N 0844804W Ellerslie
Fellowship Primitive Baptist Church   Hwy 116 Shiloh
Geter Cemetery 324744N Hamilton Pleasant Grove Rd Pine Mountain SW
Gordon Cemetery on Huling Road   Hamilton
Hadley Cemetery   Price & Hopewell Church Rd Pine Mountain SW
Hadley Cemetery 2     Pine Mountain SW
Hamilton Cemetery     Hamilton
Harmony Grove Cemetery      
Harris Cemetery 324715N 0845457W Pine Mountain SW
Harris Cemetery 325010N 0845035W Pine Mountain
Hopewell Church Cemetery #2     Pine Mountain SW
Hopewell Church Cemetery #1     Pine Mountain SW
Hopkins Cemetery   Alex Hopkins Rd Pine Mountain
Hutchinson Cemetery 325121N 0850452W Whitesville
Kellan Cemetery      
Key Family Cemetery      
Maull Cemetery     SW of Chipley
Meadows Cemetery 324527N 0844443W Shiloh
Moore Family Cemetery      
Mount Olive Cemetery      
Mountain Hill Baptist Church Cemetery 9630 Ga Hwy 219   Hamilton
Murphy Cemetery Murphy Cem Rd   Pine Mountain
Nelson Cemetery 324825N Nelson Rd Pine Mountain SW
New Hope Methodist Church Cemetery on Highway 103   from West Point, Ga
Old Sardis Primative Baptist Church      
Old Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery     Shiloh
Old Smyrna Cemetery      
Pierce Chapel Cemetery 323504N Pierce Chapel Road  
Pine Mountain Cemetery, Part I 325201N 0845102W Pine Mountain
Pine Mountain Cemetery, Part II 325201N 0845102W Pine Mountain
Pine Mountain Valley Church of God Cemetery     Pine Mountain Valley
Pine Mountain Valley First Baptist Church Cemetery     Pine Mountain Valley
Piney Grove Baptist Church Cemetery   Highway 85 Waverly Hall
Rehobeth Baptist Church Cemetery   Near Catula Mulberry Grove
Richardson Cemetery 323833N 0845747W Mulberry Grove
Ridgeway Cemetery 323756N 0844328W Waverly Hall
Rivers Cemetery 325206N 0850337W Whitesville
Roosevelt Memorial Cemetery 324753N Hwy 116 Pine Mountain Valley
Saint Johns Cemetery 324209N 0844409W Waverly Hall
Sardis Cemetery      
Shady Grove Cemetery 324518N 0850451W Whitesville
Smith-Hattox Cemetery 324749N 0845901W Pine Mountain SW
Spear Cemetery 324646N 0845537W Pine Mountain SW
Spence Family Cemetery near Beach Springs Bapt Church    
Thomason Cemetery   Hwy 315 Ellerslie
Thomason-Long Family Cemetery      
Tramell Cemetery     Shiloh
Union Baptist Church Cemetery     Jones Crossroads
Waverly Hall Cemetery 324121N 0844252W Waverly Hall
Whatley Family Cemetery   Johnson Mill Road  
White Cemetery 325110N 0845750W Pine Mountain SW
Whitehead Cemetery 324816N 0844600W Pine Mountain
Whitesville Church Cemetery      
Wright Cemetery 324859N 0845645W Pine Mountain SW
Zachry Cemetery   Hamilton Grove Road Pine Mountain

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