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Name Location per GNIS More Information
Anvil Block School 333727N 0841545W Jonesboro Historical
Austin Road Elementary School 333624N 0841103W Stockbridge  
Austin Road Middle School 333633N 0841102W Stockbridge  
Beersheba School 332803N 0840041W Ola Historical
Bethlehem Elementary School 332259N 0840842W McDonough  
Bible Baptist Christian School 332559N 0841634W Hampton  
Chimney School 332530N 0840341W Ola Historical
Community Christian School 332850N 0841340W McDonough  
Cotton Indian Elementary School 333343N 0841204W Stockbridge  
Creekside Christian Academy 332807N 0841236W McDonough  
Crossroads School 332647N 0841349W McDonough Historical
Daniel School 332330N 0840619W Ola Historical
Dutchtown Elementary School 332801N 0841508W Hampton  
Dutchtown High School 332815N 0841511W Hampton  
Dutchtown Middle School 332812N 0841449W McDonough  
Eagles Landing Christian Academy 333021N 0841102W Stockbridge  
Eagles Landing High School 332926N 0841231W McDonough  
Eagles Landing Middle School 332917N 0841231W McDonough  
East Lake Elementary School 333032N 0840758W Stockbridge  
Fairview Elementary School 333634N 0841342W Stockbridge  
Faith Academy 333240N 0841339W Stockbridge  
Ferguson School 333001N 0840429W Kelleytown Historical
Flippen Elementary School 332939N 0841200W McDonough  
Foster School 332733N 0841145W McDonough Historical
Gordon School 333720N 0841142W Stockbridge Historical
Hampton Elementary School 332324N 0841715W Hampton Link to Photo new
Hampton High School     Hampton Historical - Link to Photo new
Link to  Photo
Hampton Rosenwald Elementary & Junior High     Hampton Historical - Link to Photo new
Link to Photo
Henry County Academy        
Henry County Evening Academy 333020N 0840810W Stockbridge  
Henry County High School 332658N 0840800W McDonough  
Henry County Middle School 332546N 0840924W McDonough  
Henry County Training Elementary & High School     Henry County Historical - Link to Photo new
Hickory Flat Elementary School 333025N 0841009W Stockbridge  
Jackson Academy        

Lake Dow Christian Academy

332634N 0840632W Ola Established 1977 as Tabernacle Christian School, name changed to Lake Dow Christian Academy in 2002
Lemon Elementary School     Henry County Historical - Link to Photo new
Link to Photo new
Liberty Hill School 332537N 0841635W Hampton Historical
Locust Grove Elementary School 332020N 0840632W Locust Grove  
Locust Grove Institute       Historical
Luella Elementary School 332245N 0841147W McDonough  
Luella High School 332240N 0841200W McDonough  
Luella Middle School 332226N 0841214W Luella  
McDonough Christian Academy 332756N 0841321W McDonough  
McDonough Collegiate Institute Unknown Unknown   Historical
McDonough Elementary School 332703N 0840810W McDonough  
McDonough Elementary & High School     McDonough Historical - Link to Photo   new
Link to Photo
McDonough Middle School 332650N 0840817W McDonough  
McDonough Presbyterian Childrens Academy 332713N 0840800W McDonough  
Meadowlands Montessori School 332523N 0841237W McDonough  
Metro Heights Baptist Christian Academy 333449N 0840941W Stockbridge  
Morris Grove School 333445N 0841258W Stockbridge Historical
Mount Bethel Elementary School     Henry County Historical - Link to Photo  new
Link to Photo
Mount Carmel Elementary School 332626N 0841604W Hampton  
Mount Olive Elementary School     Henry County Historical - Link to Photo  new
{Same photo as Lemon Elementary above}
Mount Vernon Christian School 333617N 0841112W Stockbridge  
New Creation Center 332625N 0840643W Ola  
New Hope Elementary School 332405N 0840128W Ola  
New Testament Christian Academy 333311N 0841351W Stockbridge  
North Henry Academy 333355N 0841153W Stockbridge  
Oak Grove School 332436N 0840709W Ola Historical
Oakland Elementary School 332548N 0841150W McDonough  
Oakland School 332536N 0841257W McDonough Historical
Ola Elementary School 332631N 0840223W Ola Link to Historical Photo  new
Ola High School 332648N 0840237W Ola  
Ola Middle School 332646N 0840257W Ola  
Pates Creek Elementary School 332950N 0841438W McDonough  
Patrick Henry Evening Academy 333230N 0841350W Stockbridge  
Patrick Henry High School Main Campus 333229N 0841350W Stockbridge  
Patrick Henry High School South Campus 332645N 0840228W Ola  
Patrick Henry Middle School Main Campus 333230N 0841350W Stockbridge  
Patrick Henry Middle School South Campus 332644N 0840228W Ola  
Peoples Baptist Academy 332615N 0841229W McDonough  
Pine Hill School 332555N 0835939W Worthville Historical
Pleasant Grove Academy        
Pleasant Grove Elementary School 333301N 0840822W Stockbridge  
Pleasant Grove School 333308N 0840705W Kelleytown Historical
Pleasant Hill School 332531N 0841116W McDonough  
Progress School 332832N 0841520W Hampton Historical
Red Oak Elementary School     Henry County Historical - Link to Photo  new
Riverview School 332658N 0840215W Ola Historical
Rock Spring Elementary School 332520N 0835904W Worthville  
Rock Springs School 332727N 0835718W Worthville Historical
Rocky Branch School 332810N 0840530W Ola Historical
Saint Paul School 332238N 0841326W McDonough Historical
Sharon School 332702N 0840228W Ola  
Shoal Creek Elementary & Jr High School     Henry County Historical - Link to Photo new
Smith - Barnes Elementary School 333216N 0841409W Stockbridge  
Springfield Elementary School     Henry County Historical - Link to Photo  new
Link to Photo
Stockbridge Elementary School 333235N 0841353W Stockbridge  
Stockbridge Elementary & Jr High School     Stockbridge Historical - Link to Photo new
Stockbridge High School 333350N 0841210W Stockbridge  
Stockbridge Middle School 333329N 0841318W Stockbridge  
Stockbridge Rosenwald School     Stockbridge Historical - Link to Photo new
Strong Rock Christian School 332032N 0840755W Luella  
Timber Ridge Elementary School 333016N 0840437W Kelleytown  
Tussahaw Elementary School| 332335N 0840649W Ola  
Union Graded School 332519N 0840525W Ola Historical
Union Grove High School 333020N 0840811W Stockbridge  
Union Grove Middle School 333022N 0840747W Stockbridge
Union Grove School 333027N 0840726W Kelleytown Historical
Unity Grove Elementary School 332228N 0840430W Locust Grove Historical - Link to Photo new
Walnut Creek Elementary School 332808N 0840918W McDonough  
Wesley Lakes Elementary School 332651N 0841012W McDonough  
Woodland Elementary School 333403N 0840928W Stockbridge  
Woodland High School 333344N 0840911W Stockbridge  
Woodland Middle School 333357N 0840924W Stockbridge  

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