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Haskins Crossing School and students. Circa 1906.  School was located west of Dublin between Dudley and Montrose

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Laurens County was created on Dec 10, 1807, and was formed from Wilkinson County.  In 1811 parts of Washington and Montgomery Counties were added to Laurens County.   It has 812 square miles and is the third largest county in the state of Georgia.


Initially the county seat was located at Sumpterville, near Turkey Creek, but later a more central location was chosen.  The town of Dublin was laid out at that central location on a bluff overlooking the Oconee River in 1812. 


Laurens County was named for Lt Col John Laurens.  He was a Revolutionary War Soldier and a statesman from South Carolina during that war.  John Laurens was born in 28 Oct1754, Charleston SC.  His father was Henry Laurens (president of the Continental Congress) and Eleanor Ball Laurens. He was educated in Switzerland and England from 1771-1776, returning to America in 1777.  He was an aide to General George Washington and was present at all of General Washington's battles.  He was wounded a few times, once when he saved Washington's life at Monmouth.  He was a special envoy to appeal to the King of France for relief supplies for the American Armies about 1780.  When he came back he rejoined the American Army.  He died 27 Aug 1782, killed by a British Patrol near the end of the American Revolution. 

John Laurens, by Charles Wilson Peale, 1780



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