Long County Churches

If you have information on these churches or know of others please email the county coordinator.

Name Location Per GNIS Misc Information & Links
Latitude Longitude
Elem Church314358N 0814615W  
Elim Church314723N 0814057W  
Grace Church315010N 0815429W  
Jones Creek Church 314522N0814841W  
Macedonia Church315108N 0814820W  
Middleton Church313700N 0813807W  
Monticello Church314735N 0814355W  
Mount Sinai Church 314435N0814123W  
Pigott Branch Church 314954N0815419W  
Pleasant Hill Church 314424N0814143W  
Pleasant Mound Church (historical) 314533N0814213W  
Poplar Head Church 315201N0814727W  
Rye Patch Church314853N 0814627W  
Saint Thomas Church 314824N0815146W  
Walthourville Church 314501N0813649W  

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