Long County Schools

If you have information on these schools or know of others please email the county coordinator.

Name Location per GNIS

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Latitude Longitude
Bear Branch School (historical) 315844N 0814711W  
Beaverdam School (historical) 315021N 0815506W  
Beulah School (historical) 315208N 0814937W  
Central School (historical) 314920N 0815314W  
Cross Road School (historical) 315149N 0814601W  
Donald School (historical) 314819N 0815109W  
Elim School (historical) 314724N 0814057W  
Hampton School (historical) 320046N 0814934W  
Howard Chapel School (historical) 314928N 0815331W  
Jones Creek School (historical) 314536N 0814835W  
Long County High School 314226N 0814433W  
Macedonia School (historical) 315108N 0814817W  
Minnesota School (historical) 314722N 0814406W  
Oak Grove School (historical) 315610N 0815049W  
Ochs Grove School (historical) 315015N 0814953W  
Persimmon Grove School (historical) 314546N 0814629W  
Pleasant Hill School (historical) 314547N 0814211W  
Rye Patch School (historical) 314850N 0814628W  
Walker Elementary School 314216N 0814428W  

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