Rabun Co., GA was created on December 21, 1819 from lands ceded by the Cherokee Nation and from part of Habersham Co., GA.
 It was named after William Rabun, who served as the 11th Governor of Georgia from his election in 1817 until his death in 1819.
 The county seat, Clayton, was incorporated on December 13, 1823, and was named after the first Judge of the Superior Court in Rabun County,
the Honorable Augustus S. Clayton, who later became a Congressman.
In 1856, Towns Co., GA was created from parts of Rabun and Union Counties.

While Clayton is the largest town in the county, it is not by far the only attraction Rabun County has to offer. The beautiful foothills that make up the area landscape have been a haven for tourists and naturalists since the late 19th century. Today, 60% of the land is in National Forests and Parks. Another 20% or so is held by Georgia Power and the rest is in private hands. This division allows plenty of room for the enterprising explorer who wishes to taste a little of the wilderness that must have existed two centuries ago, well before the influx of European settlers.

Other area towns are Dillard, Rabun Gap, Sky Valley and Mountain City in the north end of the county and Tiger, Lakemont, Tallulah Falls to the south.


William Rabun


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