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Warren County was established on December 19, 1793 by an act of the Georgia General Assembly, and was created from parts of Columbia, Washington, and Wilkes counties. Georgia's 20th county was named for Revolutionary War hero, General Joseph Warren, who was killed in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

The 1793 act creating Warren County provided that a courthouse was built, courts would meet in the house of James McCormick. By 1797 no courthouse had been constructed, so the General Assembly directed that county courts meet at the house of Sterling Gardner (Ga. Laws 1796, p.7). An act of February 9, 1797 designated a lot on Gardner's plantation as the permanent county seat of Warren County (Ga. Laws 1797, p.34). This lot became the town of Warrenton, which the General Assembly incorporated on December 8, 1810 (Ga. Laws 1810, p.39).

The county has three municipalities; the largest of which is Warrenton, the county seat.; The other two communities are Camak and Norwood. Camak was named for James Camak, a newspaper editor in Athens and the first president of the Georgia Railroad.

Warren County claims to have had the first Rural Free Delivery system, initiated in 1868 by several farmers near Norwood. The six men hired someone to deliver the mail to their farms in return for room and board.

The above picture is not the present Warren County Courthouse. It was built about 1910 and is an example of Neoclassical Revival architecture. It was designed by Walter Chamberlain. Warren County's first courthouse was allegedly erected in 1809 and served for a century until it was destroyed by fire and replaced by the 1910 courthouse.

The county seat, Warrenton, was also named for General Joseph Warren, and was designated the county seat in 1797 and incorporated on December 8, 1810.

In 1857, Glascock County was created entirely from Warren County (Ga. Laws 1857, p.35). Also, portions of Warren County were used to create Jefferson County (1796), Taliaferro County (1825), and McDuffie County (1870).

Joseph Warren

b. June 11, 1741; d. June 17, 1775
Hero of the Battle of Bunker Hill, Joseph Warren dispatched Paul Revere on his famous ride. He was a physician and American patriot, born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, and was educated at Harvard College. Following the passage of the Stamp Act in 1765, he became a leader of the anti-British party. In 1774 Warren took part in drafting the Suffolk Resolves, which urged forcible opposition to Great Britain. Warren was a member of the first three provincial congresses of Massachusetts, was president of the third, and was a prominent member of the Committee of Public Safety. He also served as Grand Master of Freemasons for North America. He became a major general on June 14, 1775, during the American Revolution, and three days later he was killed in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

The population of Warren County in the year 2000 was 6,336.
The population of Warrenton was 2,013.

Warren County is 286.8 square miles in total area size.

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