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Rabbit was a community on the west side of the county in Howard GMD, north of the present community of Mauk, right on the Marion County border. Its name was later changed to Norwich.

Norwich/Rabbit is in District 11 Land Lot 252 in extreme western part of Taylor Co. Land lot 225 is west of 252 and the next land lot is Marion Co. Land Lot 225 has Marion Co to the North, West and South of it!( Land Lots are 2900 feet long on all four sides. Approximate 1/2 mile on each side)

Origin of Name

The story goes that the place was named Rabbit (by Sebron Montgomery whose was the postmaster) because of the number and size of the rabbits found there. The Montgomery Family were early residents in the area. Vincent Montgomery, one of the early school teachers of Taylor County, and was in charge of the Panther Creek Academy in 1855. The contract is in the Vincent Montgomery files on microfilm at Emory University, Atlanta, GA. This microfilm is also available in the Butler Library.

After the Civil War, Vincent moved to near Howard, Georgia, near where his brother, Sebron Montgomery lived and remained there until his death.

Sebron named the family post office Rabbit, Georgia to which mail was brought by Star Route from Howard, about 7 miles away.

A letter dated June 1910 clearly bears the Rabbit postmark! You can see this in the Butler Herald Bicentennial History.

The name was changed from Rabbit to Norwich sometime after 1910 and Norwich existed as a Post Office for several years.

When the Post Office at Norwich was discontinued, the people in Norwich addresses(for mail purposes) moved to Mauk.

However, geographically, the two places are about 3 or 4 miles apart and still call themselves as Norwich and Mauk.

This material is based on information in the Butler Herald 1976 History. I welcome additional information about early Rabbit and the families who lived there.

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