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Carsonville is located very near the north-west Taylor County line, and was a part of Talbot County until 1852. It is situated on the crossroads of the present day US 80 (GA 22) about 3 miles from the Talbot County line. The North South crossroad was a part of the historical "Wire Road".

It is one of the oldest settlements in Taylor County.

Origin of Name

This community was named for John and Robert Carson. Robert served as the second postmaster (Dec 29, 1840) succeeding William A. Skellie appointed Feb 14, 1839.


Feb 14, 1839   William A. Skellie
Dec 29, 1840   Robert Carson
Nov 25, 1842   William A. Skellie
June 26, 1845  George W. Davis
Oct 17, 1845   William A. Skellie
Mar 10, 1848   George W. Davis
Dec 10, 1849   Henry H. Mangham
Apr 7, 1852   William S. Wallace

Discontinued on March 24, 1855


In 1830 Census, Carsonville, was in "Burk's District" of 24th Land District of Talbot County. This changed to Georgia Military District 743, still 24th Land District of Taylor County, when it was created in 1852.

Settlers crossed the Flint River at Gray's Ferry, which had been authorized by Georgia General Assembly in 1825. The "road to Gray's Ferry" is mentioned in early deeds of this period.


When the early settlers came, the "Methodist Society" was formed and in 1830 a meeting house was built.

Land given to Trustees by Thomas German (Jermain) Deed Talbot Co. pg 43, Bk C Jan 21, 1833 (This was for Methodist Episcopal Meeting House. Trustees: Howell Short, John C. Short, Blaney Braswell, James Braswell, Harris McDaniel, Trustee Methodist Episcopal Meeting House Note:The Shorts married into the Jacob McDaniel family; Harris McDaniel and his brother, William McDaniel as witness. Harris' two daughters married Howell and John C. Short. Harris McDaniel was married to Lucinda Gresham, daughter of John and Susannah Gresham. Researcher: Sandra Lamb pg 43 13 Jan 1833 Thomas Jimain (Germane) to Howell Short, John C. Short, Blaney Braswell, James Braswell, Harris McDaniel, Trustee Methodist Episcopal Meeting House [Carsonville ] $2 24th Dis LL138 Wit Jas Stallings, William McDaniel (Not sure how these two deeds compare)

Robert Carson, deeded to the trustees of The Methodist Episcopal Church in 1842, one acre of land Deedbook D/169(Lot 131, 24th Land District). It was known as Carsonville Methodist Episcopal Church.

The trustees names in this deed were Micajah Blow, John Carson, William P. Edwards, Thomas Greer, Henry H. Mangham, Dennis Sheridan, Howell Short, John Solomon and Jesse Williams.

The church was discontinued as families moved away in the early 1900s and the building itself was torn down around 1925.

The Carsonville Cemetery is at the rear of this site.

Antioch Baptist Church , organized in 1829 is southeast of Carsonville. Membership     History of Church

Planter's Academy

Robert Carson also deeded (April 6, 1842) to Planters Academy, an adjoining acre of land next to the Methodist Church. (Land Lot #131, 24th Land District). The Trustees at the time were John Carson, William P. Edwards, John Emerson, Nathaniel Raines, Richard B. Rucker and Howell Short. Edwards and Rucker were prominent farmers, slaveholders and owners of large acreage (Talbot Co at that time). This early school was incorporated in 1835.

1827 Lottery Land

Land Lot 178 - Gabriel Moss, Sr
Land Lot 179 - David Simmons

Early Settlers

Archibald Gray and Joseph Riley were early settlers.
Archibald Gray (His Mother was Mary Riley) was cousin to Joseph Riley (His Father was John Riley Rev. Sol. her brother)
The Mangham listed is probably John Wiley R. Mangham who later died in Chambers Co. Al. He married 1821 in Pike Co. Ga. Cynthia Amanda Gray sister of Archibald and child of Mary Riley above.
contributed by: Gerry Hill Gerry Hill"

Others: Gostin , Foy, Sanders, Weekes Adams, Mangham


Besides the Carsonville Cemetery and Antioch Baptist Cemetery, there is also a Harris-Gray Cemetery and Butts Cemetery in this district.

Today the community of Carsonville no longer exists.

From the Macon Daily Telegraph
Saturday, April 5, 1862
Reprinted The Taylor County Tracer Oct 2000

Collected by S.W. Durham of the ladies of Carsonville, Taylor County, and its vicinity, which will be handed you by W.J. F. Mitchell, Esq which you will please acknowledge in the Telegraph.

Mrs. Jacob Koffman	$1.00
Mrs. Thomas Edwards	 1.00
Mrs. W.A. Edwards	 1.00
Mrs. James J. Gray	 1.00
Mrs. S.W. Durham (Talbot Co) 1.00
Mrs. William Walker	1.00
Miss Mary Walker (Alabama) 1.00
Miss Laura A. Cariker (Talbot) 1.00
Mres. John Searcey	 1.00
Mrs. Dr. W.H. Draine	2.00
Mrs. Wm W. Seay (Talbot) 1.00
Mrs. Wm J. Mitchell	2.00
Mrs. Wm J.F. Mitchell	2.50
Mrs. Dr. B.L. Ross	1.00
Miss Fannie Mitchell	2.00
Miss Sapronie Mitchell	1.00
Mrs. Sidney Mosley	1.00
Miss Alice Mitchell	.50
Mrs. George W. Byass	1.00
Mrs. Britton Smith	2.00
Total		$34.00

We welcome any information about families, places or events to add to this history of Carsonville


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