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The Georgia Flag Today

I am seen every day as you shop and work or play,
but did you ever stop to wonder just what I mean today?

I am not a flag of hatred, to be scorned  or even burned,
I am a flag of families and lessons we have learned.

I represent our people who come here ever day,
and those who were always here and have since moved away.

I represent my people no matter what race or creed.
I welcome them with open arms and try to fill their needs.

I have gone through many changes as the years have passed,
But I still stand for my families and of their love that lasts.

I am not a flag of battle that was carried into war,
That was another flag from the days of yore.

I am not a flag of hate, I am a flag of love.
Love of life, love of families and love for God above.

So when treated with disrepect you're not only hurting me.
You are disrespecting those you love upon your family tree.

So next time that you see me, take a moment, watch me wave,
and think about your families and all the work they gave.

Don't let their efforts be dismissed because of a jaundiced eye.
Take pride in WHO I stand for and their memories will never die.

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