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Inferior Court Minutes

Abstracted from Court Minutes Book in Probate Judge's Office, Butler Courthouse

Essie Child's They Tarried in Taylor

Inferior Court Minutes of Taylor County Georgia Feb. 18, 1852
Justices Jeremiah Wilchar, Hiram Drain (Drane), T (Thomas) J. Riley, John
Sturdivant and Isaac Mulkey presiding.
The court decided the county site should be called Butler in honor of the
notorious Butler Family (of and be located at the fifty mile station on the
Muscogee Railroad [known as Wolf Pen]).
W. A. Skellie was elected to be County Treasurer.
S. (Serrence) H. (Haynes) Dwight was appointed to take the census of the
county.  March 25, 1852 was a date set for sale of Butler lots and notice of
sale to be given in the Columbus Inquirer, (Columbus, Ga.); Georgia
Telegraph (Macon Ga.); Southwest Georgian (Oglethorpe), and Southern
Militia Districts determined:"
Prattsburgh # 737 (now Daviston), Halls District # 743 (now Carsonville),
Reynolds District #741, butler District #757, Cedar Creek District #1071,
White Water District #853 (now Howard & Rustin), Blackman's Mill for Halls
(Carsonville, and Daviston for Daviston District on 2nd Saturday in March.
The Panhandle in Crawford above Patsalige added later to Taylor).
March 1 1852

The court commissioned John Thompson, Sheriff; J. M. McCants, Clerk of the
Superior Court; James Turner Harmon, Clerk of the Inferior Court.  James B.
Hamilton , Judge of Probate (Ordinary), Charles A. Loyd, Tax Collector and
Jonathan Stewart, Surveyor.
March 1, 1852

The court appointed the following reviewers of roads:
J. T. Harmon, Henry Joiner and James B. Hamilton to lay out a road from the
home of J. T. Harmon by way of Lewis Bridge on White Water to Butler,
Jonathan Stewart, George Hays and Lewis Hill to mark our a road from J.
Stewart's Mills on Cedar Creek (crossing White Water at or near the mouth of
Rambullet. (Lebanon) to Butler and report to the court.
Halls, Daviston District at Daviston, Reynolds District at Reynolds.
John Thompson was commissioned sheriff, J. M. McCants, Clerk of the Superior
Court, James T. Harmon, Clerk of the Inferior Court, James B. Hamilton,
Judge of the Probate Court, Charles Loyd, Tax Collector and J. Stewart,
County Surveyor.
Jonathan Stewart, George Hays and Lewis Hill appointed to review and mark
out a road form J. Stewart's Mill on Cedar Creek (crossing White Water at or
near the mouth of Rambullet) to Butler.
March 15, 1852
Justices Jeremiah Wilchar, Hiram Drane, T. J. Riley, John Sturdivant and
Isaac Mulkey.
William Hurst, R. C. Baily and John Hericks appointed reviewers of a road
liading from Butler to intersect the old Federal Road near the west line of
the original 12th district.
J. Parker, Jackson Colbert and H. H. Magham appointed reviewers of a road
from Butler to Carsonville by way of McCants Mill.
Jeremiah McCants, C. Y. Perry and Thomas Wilson appointed reviewers of a
road from McCants Mill to Prattsburg.
Henry Millirons given the contract of clearing and heaping of the under
growth of the streets of Butler $14.00.
March 8 1852
Justices Drane, Riley Sturdivant and Mulkey.
A. M. Rhodes commissioned as receiver of tax returns.
The court took deeds from John L. Parker and Andrew McCantd, John T. Gray
and John Sturdivant.
John L. Parker sold to James H. Tucker for $34.80, 28 acres of land in the
14th district of Talbot County in the SE corner of Lot 32.   In lot 33 south
of the railroad ( a 3/4 interest) to Andrew McCants, John T. Gray and John
Sturdivant for $94.00, who in turn sold it to the Justices of the court and
one from John L. Parker fo rland in lots 32 and 33 in the 14th district of
Talbot County and south of the railroad known as the Butler Land that had
been formerly owned by John L. Parker and James H. Tucker.  (About 56 acres)
to locate the court house on.
On 11/11/1851 John L. Parker had sold to James H. Tucker 28 acres of land in
the 14th land district of the Talbot County in lot 32 for $34.80 and 6 days
later that and more 18 more acres in lot 33 for $95.00 to Andrew McCants,
James H. Tuckier sold 3/4 of those 46 acresJohn T. Gray, and John
John T. Gray, and John Sturdivant later sold it to the justices of the
inferior court (those 46 south of the railroad known as the Butler Land) for
$100.00 on March 8 1852.   John L. Parker sold to the justices of the
inferior court for $5.00, 10 more acres of land in lot 32 adjoining the

March 8 1852 (out of order in book)
Absolem M. Rhodes appointed tax receiver.  The court then took a deed from
Andrew McCants, John T. Gray, John Sturdivant and James Covington paying
them $100.00 for land conveyed to the above by James H. Tucker and known as
the Butler Land on the south side of the rail road. (deed signed later March
26 1852 and recorded in deed book A, page 44).  Earlier Nov. 11, 1851, John
L. Parker had sold to the above mentioned James H. Tucker, 28 acres in the
southeast corner of lot 32 in the 14th land district where the courthouse
was located for $34.80, which was sold to the justices, seemingly for
$100.00  "the said parcel of land to locate the court house on, and also a

March 8, 1852 (out of order in book)
Absolem Rhodes appointed tax receiver.
The Justices with help of Sheriff and Clerk of Superior Court drew 36 grand
jurors and 48 petit jurorers.  The court then proceeded to take a deed from
John Sturdivant, John T. Gray, Andrew McCants and James Covington to a
certain tract of parcel of land to locate a courthouse on and also a deed
for a certain parcel of land for the same purposes as the above from John L.
Parker.  (see below)
(The first deed dated March 26 1852.  Sold to the Justices of the Inferior
Court Jeremiah, Wilchar, Isaac Mulkey, Hiram Drain and Thomas J. Riley for
the sum of $100.00 all the land conveyed to them by James H. Tucker and
known as the Butler land on the south side of the railroad.  Recorded in
Deed Book "A", page 44.  In an earlier deed dated 11-11-1851 and recorded in
Book "A" of deeds, page 27, John L. Parker had sold to the above James H.
Tucker for $34.80, 28 acres of land in the southeast corner of lot 32 in the
14th district of Talbot County where the court house is now located.)
(Second deed recorded in deed book "A", page 29 and dated March 3, 1852,
shows John L. Parker selling to the Justices an additional 10 acres of land
for $5 in lot 32 in the 14th district.)
Lot 32 had originally been granted to Jacob Meadows, soldier of Oglethorpe
County on Oct. 11, 1830.   Lot 33 adjoining lot 32 on east side was granted
to E. M. Landrum and taken up by Cornelius Bradley on Sept. 4, 1848.  On
Nov. 14, 1851 Conrelius Bradley sold 18 acres of lot 33 to James H. Tucker
for $60.  James H. Tucker sold to the Justices 46 acres in the SW corner of
lot 33 in 14th district for $95.
Lot 33 probably included the place where the train depot is now, the trains
from Macon via Ft. Valley were turned around on a large turn table located
in the area where the road to Fickling Mill begins in Butler near the home
of the late Dr. Beason.  In the same locality there was a large well and
water tank for the trains.  Also there was a wolf pit dug deep enough so
that a wolf could not get out and covered with brush that would give way
underneath the wolf when he walked on it.
Remember that this was called Wolf-Pen and there is a legend that Butler was
a trading post where skins of animals were traded for supplies.  In the late
1800's an old newspaper stated that wolves were still in the area.
In the first deed book, page 290, Cornelius Bradley  sold to Robert
Scandrett land south of the Muskogee railroad called Stage Stable lot for
$100, likely to have been in lot 33 .  ON Nov. 11 of the same year, Robert
Scandrett sold the lot to Britton Pope for $400.
It was in this area also that Charlton Y. Perry and wife, Harriet, owned a
hotel.  Mr. Perry was one of the first Commissioners of Butler when it was
chartered in 1854.  He died and in the returns from his estate were records
showing hams and other supplies bought for the hotel.
March 15 1852
William Hurst, R. C. Bally and John Herricks appointed reviewers of a road
from Butler to intersect the old Federal road neat the west line of the 12th
district (towards Mauk).  J. Parker, Jackson Colbert and H. H. Mangham to
review on a road leading from Butler by way of McCants, Charlton Y. Perry
and Thomas Wilson appointed reviewers of a road from McCants Mills to
Prattsburgh.  Also ordered that Henry Millirons have the contract clearing
and heaping the undergrowth of the streets of Butler $14.
April 19, 1852
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.  The Inferior Court in
Chambers appointed James Thompson appraiser for the right of way for the
Southwestern Railroad, Columbus Branch, on the part of the County.
Also ordered that a court house of bricks be built in Butler 44 feet by 60
feet, 3 feet from 1st floor to ground.  Lower walls 2 bricks thick, upper 1
1/2 bricks thick, the lower story 12 ft. high in the clear and upper story
14 feet high to be built on the plan of the court house in Buena Vista
(Marion County, Ga.).  4 chimneys and 8 fireplaces.  Inside walls plastered
with 2 good coats, well white washed to receive sealed bids until the first
Tue. in June.  The said house to be completed in 18 months.  The clerk to
advertise in the Southern Democrat and the Columbus Times.  It was also
ordered that the court build a jail house on the same terms to be finished
by Jan 1, 1853.  The jail house to be built 22 feet by 18 feet two stories
high with each story to be eight feet in the clear with the lower story to
be double walled with 4 inches of space between the walls filled in upwards
with 4 inch scantling. The lower floor 12 inches thick and the space between
floors to be 10 inches thick.  On the outside door upstairs 3x6 with 2
shutters, the outside one to be iron and the inside one 4 inches thick lined
with sheet iron.  Also trap door 3 feet square with two shutters, all with
sufficient hinges and locks.  The lower room to have four windows two feet
by sixteen inches with iron bars three inches apart.  The upper story to
have four windows tow feet square with iron bars four inches apart.  The
outside to be weather boarded and painted red and completed by Jan. 1, 1853.
April 26, 1852
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
The county treasurer ordered to pay Jonathan Stewart $41. for surveying the
streets of Butler.  Perry C. Carr, Edmund Stewart and James T. Harmon
appointed road commissioners for Cedar Creek District for 1852.
May 10, 1852
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
County treasurer ordered to pay J. T. Harmon $5 for food for blind son of
Stephen Dickerson.  Ordered that Judge Isaac Mulkey be paid $5 for jury
June 1, 1852
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
Ordered that P. O. J. may be paid $12 for advertising, A. J. Colbert $20 for
the use of Solomon Millirons, $10 to T. J. Riley for use of Mrs. Nicks, a
blind woman, $10 to John M. Hobbs for rent of a house for a court room for
May Superior Court, $173.75 to B. F. Griffin for blank books for the county,
W. A. Skillie $2. for freight on books and the Tax Collector was ordered to
collect 50% on the State tax for county purposes.
The court then let out the building of the court house to Patrick Adams for
$5,400 and the building of the jail house to John M. Hobbs for $945.00.
J. H. Wallace, E. C. Butts, and James Williamson, B. L. Ross and J. Thomas
Ross for Hall's District (now Carsonville), Henry Long, Joseph /Brannon and
Alfred Coleman for Reynolds District, Richard Holt, Setpimus Brewer and
Sterling Bartlett for Butler and Jackson Fountain, James Willis and William
Hurst for Howard (White Water district).
July 3, 1852
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
The court ordered that Stephen Johnson be appointed as appraiser of the
right of way of the Southwestern Railroad, Muscogee branch, with James
Thompson previously appointed.  Ordered that Jacob Bickley, George G. Dias
and C. F. Fickling be appointed reviewers of a road form C. F. Ficklings
Mill on Patsalige to Butler.
July 13, 1852
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
Thomas G. Blackman was commissioned a justice of the peace for the 853rd
District, GM (Howard) and he with Martin Kinsey and Perry Watson were
appointed reviewers of a road beginning near the 39 mile station running by
Blackmans Mill on Big Whitewater to Kinsey's Mill on Little Whitewater
thence to the line between Taylor and Marion on lot 6 in the 12th district.
Aug. 9, 1852
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
Ordered by the court that John M. Thompson, Major Brooks and James Revel be
reviewers of a road form Butler to Flint River at Kegler's old Ferry on
fraction lot 239 in First District.   Received report of George McDowell,
Allen Whittington and James Revel of a road from Patsalega meeting the new
road in Crawford (Crawford County extended west of the Flint river to
Patsalaga Creek in what is now Taylor County until around 1854 when a group
of people petitioned the legislature to be added to Taylor County) on lot
#268 as it is reviewed and marked out by way of Reynolds to Col. George w.
Towns Mills (G. W. Towns was Gov. of Ga.)
Ezekiel Adams appointed a road commissioner for Reynolds in place of Dr. A.
Coleman resigned.
Ordered that the road from Tazewell to Butler be turned, commencing at Geo.
Layfields by way of Willis Jinks and crossing Big Whitewater at Jackson
Fountains Bridge on lot 173 in the 12th district.
Ordered that the road leading from Lowe's bridge to Butler be turned by way
of John Garnder's and Hardy Williamson's.
Ordered that the court pay John M. Hobbs $30 for building a bridge across
Whitewater at the mouth of Rambullet (where Lebanon is now)
Sept 7, 1852
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
Daniel Whatley, George Hays and John Williamson appointed reviewers of a roa
d from Hills bridge on Whitewater to butler and see if the road can be put
on a better ground and nearer than the present route.
Enoch Garret, Benjamin Williamson and Willis Whatley appointed reviewers of
a road from George Layfields to Butler.
Oct. 23, 1852
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
Ordered that the Court pay C. M. Graves for 3 seals and postage of
$32.(Seals for Inferior court, Ordinary and Clerk of Superior Court)
John Sturdivant appointed road commissioner in the place of Sterling
Bartlett, resigned.
John H. Wallace, Gipson Dean and Thomas Wilson appointed reviewers of a road
from Prattsburg to Butler.
Dec. 3, 1852
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
A. J. Colbert, G. F. McCrary and Britton Pope appointed commissioners for
the next five years to let out the bridge on Big Patsaliga Creek at John
Dec. 4, 1852
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
Ordered that S. Jackson, J. H. Winchell and Wm. H. Lowe be appointed
commissioners to let out the building of a bridge across Whitewater where
Lowe's bridge was and keep it in order for 5 years and J. T. Harmon ordered
to put Hiss's bridge in good order.
Feb. 1, 1853
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
Ordered that William B. Fulfort be paid $75. for building the bridge across
Whitewater where Lowe's Bridge formerly was an Jesse Cason be paid $375 for
building a bridge across Patsaliga near John McCrary.
Ordered that the county pay in case of the smallpox in Butler and the county
food and nurse in case of the smallpox in Butler, McCants and company be
paid $10.75 for goods furnished, Wright and Hamilton be paid $7.68 for goods
furnished, Thomas D. Brand be paid $10.80 for money expended, R. C. Jones be
paid $34 for nursing the Morrell's family 17 days.
Ordered that William Chew be paid $4 for making a coffin William Morrell and
John M. Thompson, Sheriff, be paid $14.65 for blankets and jail fees.
Ordered that Perry C. Carr and Edmund Stewart, Justices be paid the usual
fee for holding an inquest on the body of Henry Battle, murdered.
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
Ordered that John Herricks be paid $15. for the use of Josiah Layfield.
April 5, 1853
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
Ordered that Seaborn J. Smith, Esq., William Mathews and D. A. J. Willis be
appointed road commissioners for Daviston District for 1853, and William A.
Skellie, Lawrence Walker and Jesse Stallings for Halls District, John
Sturdivant, Sr., William Stuckey, and Andrew McCants for Butler District,
John B. England, James M. Willis and Willis Jinks be appointed for
Whitewater district (Howard), William Royal, Esp., John S. Murray and John
M. Hobbs appointed for Cedar Creek District, David Brand, James Revel and
John H. Davidson for Reynolds
Ordered that the house appropriated for a hospital for smallpox be burned
and Gideon Bland be paid $40 for it. (Bland was a 27 year old carpenter on
the 1850 census of Talbot)
May 3, 1853
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
Ordered that Dr. John Walker be paid $183.05 for attending to cases of
smallpox and that all the materials of a house moved away from Butler by
Isaac Stringfield be burned by the sheriff.
May17, 1853
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
Ordered that Haynes Dwight, Joseph Brannon, George Dias be appointed land
processioners for Reynolds District.
June 15, 1853
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
Ordered that the tax collector collect 50% on the state tax for county
purposes and 12 1/2 % as a paupers fund.
August Term, 1853
Ordered that Price Stringfield be paid $25 for services as a nurse in the
smallpox in the county, John F. Herricks be paid $30 for support of Josiah
Layfield (would have been 113 years old at this time by 1850 census of
Marion County, Ga.), Jackson Fountain be paid $16.25 for inquest held on
body of Joseph Cox, D. L. Griffin be paid $2.75 for work on jail, Hamilton
and Wright be paid $4.48 for goods furnished for burial of Joel Brit,
Ellison and Wilson be paid $10.12 for furniture furnished at the hospital
for the smallpox, Jacob Hortman to be paid $20 for taking care of Joel
Britt, T. J. Riley to be paid $40. for use of Solomon Millirons and Mary
Butler, that H. H. Long, John H. Garner and Wm. B. Brooks be reviewers of
the district line between the first and thirteenth districts in Macon and
Taylor counties leaving the Talbotton road near the house of William Wells
and following said district (line) to Reynolds.
Nov. 21, 1853
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and Drane.
Ordered that William B. Fulfort be paid $60 for building and keeping in
repair of Hills  bridge across Whitewater for the next 5 years, that Wilborn
Jinks, James Layfield and John Herricks be appointed reviewers to lay out a
road form James M. Millers to Butler, that John B. England, James M. Willis
and Isaac B. Griggs be appointed Commissioners from Talbot County to have
the bridge across Patsaliga at Huffs repaired.
January 3 1854
Justices Riley, Mulkey, Sturdivant and William Lowe presiding.
Ordered that William Stuckey, James S. Bartlett and George Hays be appointed
commissioners to let out the bridge across Whitewater at Stuckey's and that
William Drane, M. D. be paid $30 for his services in the smallpox.  E. B.
Waters, jailor be paid $40.50 for keeping and dieting 3 prisoners, John
Clark, William Lewis and Abraham Hortman.
Feb. Court 1854
Charlton Y. Perry was appointed guardian of Vina Robinson.  William Brooks
family in the smallpox hospital, John Herricks be paid $25 for Josiah
Layfield, John Davis be paid $12 for the use of Mary Ann Adams, $12 to Blue
Hancock for found child and $12.50 each for blind son of Stephen Dickerson,
Mary Butler and Solomon Millirons.
Ordered that Charles E. Moore, William Wilson and Cross R. Davis be
appointed road commissioners for 743rd district (Carsonville) for 1854.
W. W. Bowden, Bennett Stewart and Daniel Royal be appointed commissioners
for Cedar Creek for the present year of 1854.  John H. Wallace, Julius
Lockhart and William H. Greer commissioners for Prattsburgh (Davidson).
James M. Willis, J. P. Wilborn Jinks and Thomas G. Blackman appointed
commissioners for Whitewater (Howard) district.
Thomas D. Brand, James S. Bartlett, John C. M. McCants appointed for 757th
(Butler district).
H. H. Long, Sampson K. Adams and James M. James for Reynolds district.
Wilborn Jinks and John F. Herriicks reported their review of a road form
Howard down the south side of the railroad to J. M. Willis then across to
the north side and down to intersect the Daviston road then directly to
Feb.14 1854
The terms of county officers seemed to have been two years from the
beginning of the formation of the county in 1852 through 1853 and possibly
elections had been held in Jan 1854 as certain officers take oaths of
Jas. T. Harmon and John A. W. McCants take oaths as deputy clerks of
Inferior Court and James T. Harmon as deputy clerk of Superior Court.
John M. Thompson appointed deputy sheriff by James Layfield (was 32 years
old on 1850 Talbot census) sheriff.
April 3 1854
Ordered that an election for two justices and bailiffs for 768 G. M.
(panhandle district) be held at James Griffiths on 3rd Sat. in April.
Ordered that W. B. Fulfort be paid $72 for building a bridge across
Whitewater at Stuckey's.
Ordered that Seborn Mulkey, William A. Robinson, James McNight (McKnight)
and Charles Mulkey be each paid $8 for their services as guards in the case
of Hiram Carter in having the smallpox. (Hiram 46 yrs old on 1850 Talbot
May 16 1854
James Wilsher took oath as deputy sheriff and was sworn in.
July Term 1854
Ordered that Davis (or David) Castlebury (age 24 in 1850 Marion Co. census)
be paid $23.78 for groceries furnished for smallpox purposes.  John Hericks
be paid $25 for Josiah Layfield and $1.50 for services rendered in cases of
smallpox.  William Wilson and John Joiners partners in trade mentioned.
Ordered that John A. Hamilton be paid $1 for services as bailiff and David
Lawson be paid $3.50 for services as constable in arresting, jailing and
guarding of William Lewis, Prisoner.
Ordered that William W. Wilson be paid $2 for service in relation to the
August Term 1854
Ordered that Robert Scandrett be paid $4.25 for provisions the Carter family
in smallpox.
Ordered that Ezekiel Royal be paid $16 for board of 4 hands for smallpox,
Davis Castlebury be paid $5.50 for merchandise in the cares of smallpox and
that Price Stringfield be paid $97 for service as attendant and nurse in
Carter family during the smallpox.
Ordered that T. J. Riley be paid $100.00 for building a bridge across
Ordered that Jessee Adams, Charles Loid and James R. Hudson be appointed
reviewers of a road from Butler to Ficklings Mill on Patsaliga.
Ordered that the road from Butler to Lanier be made a public road to the
Macon County line.
Ordered that the road from Hills bridge to Butler be turned to where the
road was originally laid out by way of Barnes and the Rev. John Howell's on
the through the Red Level.
August 10 1854
Ordered that C. B. Dickson, William H. Griffith and Benjamin Beeland be
appointed road commissioners for Panhandle for the present year.
Ordered that William Mulkey, John A. Hamilton, John H. Grace, Samuel
Hilburn, John F. Lockhart, Newton Mulkey.  Fielding Rucker and James
Layfield be paid $1.50 each for guarding the jail the night of 9th inst at
October 10 1854
Ordered that I. Newton Mulkey be paid $4 for guarding the jail on the nights
of Oct. 10-13.
November 1 1854
Ordered that John Sturdivant, J. P., be paid for holding inquest on body of
Alexander Sudeth, dec'd.
November 24 1854
John Mitchell appointed commissioner to assess damage to A. G. Perryman
against the Southwestern railroad.
January Term 1855
Ordered that Thomas T. shine, Gid Newsom, Jesse Tennison, Joshua Tennison
and Charles Stewart be added to the Reynolds district.
Ordered that Hardy P. Wilks be paid $2 for rough lumber. James Layfield,
sheriff be paid $47 for jail fees in the case of James L. Hesters.  William
A. Skellie late treasurer of Co. Paid to John H. Wallace present treasurer
county funds.
Ordered that John S. Brooks be paid $24 for the use of Sarah Ricks and Sarah
Sutton and $12 for Mary Butler.  $12 to be paid to John M. Hericks for use
of Josiah Layfield, $12 to Jesse Adams for use of Mary Adams, $6 to C.
Pullen for 2 mo. and 18 days in 1854 taking care of Mary Adams.  James T.
Harmon paid $50 for extra services as clerk of Inferior Court.
Ordered that W. . And J. A. Hamilton be paid $4 for paper furnished the
court in 1854.
Ordered that James Bateman be paid $4 for guarding the jail four nights.,
James M. Wright $17 for seventeen nights and Thomas Cameron one dollar for
one night.  Isaac Mulkey and Co. be paid $5.45 for goods furnished the court
and William Roberts $2 for work on the jail in Sept., 1854.
Jan 8 1855
Ordered that G. W. Gilbert, Samuel Dukes and Francis R. Perry be appointed
reviewers of a road to continue the road from Gray's Ferry to Reynolds and
mark out the same.  That John S. Murray, Archibald Hill and Allen Johnston
be appointed reviewers of a road from Benjamin Lancaster's Collin Bridge on
Cedar Creek and thence to the County line.
Ordered that the road from Butler to Lanier be altered and turned around lot
of land of Caleb Lindsey.  That the road from Butler to Ficklin's Mill by
way of John Windham's as last laid out be established.
Ordered that Nathan M. Rogers (47on 1850 Marion County Census, H. H. Long
and Bryant Ingram be appointed road commissioners for Reynolds for 1855,
William H. Griffith (50 in 1860 Taylor Co. census), Benjamin Beeland and C.
B. Dickson for Panhandle, E. C. Butts, William Mathews, SR., and D. P. Bates
for Daviston, R. be. Rucker, William Davis and A. J. Colbert for Halls
District (now Carsonville, James M. Willis, Jackson Fountain and G. W. Wade
for Whitewater (now Howard), E. W. Bowden, Archibald Hill and Bennett
Stewart for Cedar Creek, John Sturdivant, Willis Whatley and Jerry McCants
for Butler.
Ordered that Jon A. Hamilton be paid $2 fro 2 days service as bailiff to
this court.
March Term 1855
Joab Willis got bid to build bridge across Patsaliga at Fickling's at
$248.00 and Blackman got bid to build a bridge at Blackman's at $180.00
(over Whitewater).
April 2 1855
Ordered that William W. Wiggins, Deputy Sheriff be paid $23 for carrying
James L. Hesters (prisoner) to Bibb County jail.
May 11 1855
Ordered that Joab Willis and S. T. Rigdon be paid $258 for building a bridge
across Patsaliga at Fickling's
Ordered that E. C. Butts, William Mathews and D. A. J. Willis be appointed
commissioners of patrol for present year for Daviston District, Bartley
McCrary, Jessee Stallings, And Lawrence Walker for Halls (now Carsonville),
C. B. Dickson, James Griffith and Benjamin Beeland for Panhandle, Daniel
Royal, Y. S. Joiner and William Bryant for Cedar Creek, James Willis, John
England and Thomas Blackman or Whitewater (Howard) and H. H. Long, Joshua
Tennison and Dr. Alfred Coleman for Reynolds.
June 21 1855
James T. Harmon appointed clerk of Inferior Court in place of Seaborn
Mulkey, resigned.
Mary Ann Adams epileptic carried to asylum by Jesse Adams after trial.  He
paid $25 to carry her, clerk paid $10.
July Term 1855
Ordered by the county that John Sturdivant be paid $17.50 for holding
inquest on body of William  Lewis, and William Roberts paid $4  fro work on
the jail doors.
County paid subsistence money for the following, Nancy and Elizabeth
Bachelor, Josiah Layfield, Sarah Rix, Stephen Dickerson's blind son and Mary
Butler.  Thomas G. Blackman paid $180 for building a bridge across
Whitewater at Blackman's Mill.
Cornelius Clark declared lunatic.
Nov 6 1855
Ordered that James Hollis be paid $11.16 for lumber to cover Fountain's
Bridge across Whitewater. Paid for advertisement for election to be held the
first Monday in January 1856 to elect a judge of Inferior Court to fill
vacancy caused by the death of William H. Lowe.
January Term 1856
John A. W. McCants and George W. McCants file bankruptcy proceedings. Many
firms and lawyers named.
Jan. 14 1856
John H. Wallace appointed county treasurer for 1856-7
April 1 1856
Ordered that the following be appointed road commissioners for 1856.
Henry H. Long, Bryant Ingram, Nathan Rogers and G. G. Potter for Reynolds,
C. B. Dickson, C. F. Fickling and Samuel Peter Corbin for Panhandle,
Jessee Stallings, T. Northern and A. J. Colbert for Carsonville  (first time
called Carsonville),
David Bates, William H. Grier and E. C. Butts for Daviston,
John B. England, Joseph Hollis and James M. ?Willis for Whitewater (Howard),
William A. H. Royal, John S. Murray and Joshua J. Harris for Cedar Creek,
Thomas D. Brand, Absolem Rhodes and James so. Bartlett for Butler

April 8 1856
Ordered that William Chew be paid $18 for tables and benches furnished
courthouse and William Roberts $10 for loan of a negro man.
Ordered that Jesse Tennison, Joshua Tennison, Allen Whittington and Henry H.
Long see if advisable to change road running through land of Mrs. Rhoda
Morris and J. H. Wallace, Dr. Merkison and Jeremiah C. McCants appointed to
review and report on public utility of a road from McCants Mill to intersect
the road leading from Carsonville to Daviston at Samuel B. Baldwin's
Ordered that funds be paid for use of Josiah Layfield, Sarah Nix, Nancy and
Elizabeth Bachelor, blind son of Stephen Dickerson and Mary Butler.
May 12 1856
Ordered that John S. Murray , Bennett Stewart and A. L. N. Wilson be
appointed patrol commissioners for Cedar Creek District for next 12 months
and C. B. Dixon, Thomas J. Drawhon and Benjamin Beeland for Panhandle
Ordered that the Petit Jurors be paid each his proportionate share of the
money received at the last term of the Superior Court for verdicts and
confessions and no more.
Ordered that Gabriel  Binswanger (age 30 born Germany in 1850 census of
Talbot and Macon County, occupation peddler) be paid $12 for blankets for
William W. Wiggins mentioned as Sheriff.  Isaac Mulkey, Clerk Inferior
Court.  William P. Whittington, Constable in 1854 from Reynolds district. H.
H. Long, Justice of Peace Butler Boundaries.
W. W. Wiggins, sheriff states, "I have proceeded to lay off the prison
boundaries in said county around the jail in the town of Butler, commencing
at the southwest corner of said town the boundary then known by a pine tree
near the Baptist Church, blazed, thence north 500 yards, to the house
occupied by the negroes of Mrs. Montfort, thence east 1000 yards near house
of Benjamin Gray, thence south on the town Incorporation 500 yards, thence
back to the beginning line on the southwest corner.  This has been done to
the best of my ability unaided by a surveyor as there being no county
surveyor in said county and as I believe being in conformity to law and said
bounds containing about 100 acres."
May 29 1856
James Griffith qualified as a Justice of the Inferior Court.
Ordered that Jackson Perkins be paid $9 for attending as a witness on the
part of the State vs. George L. Taylor and Jonathan McCrary be paid 15.50
for taking off and putting irons on prisoner and for work on jail.
June 19 1856
Nancy Hobbs petitions  that she be given custody of her minor children,
Paschal B. and John Hobbs, presently in custody of her husband, their
father, John Hobbs.  Her petition was granted.
Ordered that James Wilchar, jailor, be paid $90.10 for keeping in Jail a
negro man  named Edmund (property of James Montgomery, deceased) for 106
days at 84 3/4 Cents per day.  Ordered that W. W. Wiggins sheriff, be paid
$20 for safekeeping, bringing before the court for commitment and trial and
putting back in prison and executing a negro man, Edmund, property of James
Montgomery, deceased.

July 14 Term 1856
Ordered that the attorney for the county William S. Johnson be paid such
fees as shall seem to him to be reasonable and right for services rendered
to county.
Ordered that John (Bird) Wright, jailor, be paid $39.65 for keeping and
feeding Edmund, a negro man, in jail 47 days at 8.84 3/4 cents per day.
May 6 1856
ordered that W. J. and J. A. Hamilton be paid for large padlock for jail
1.50, 1qr paper .25
May 12 1856
Ordered that W. J. And J. A. Hamilton be paid for 12 yards black homespun
for shroud for  Edmund 1.50.

July Term, 1856.

Ordered that John Hortman be paid $6.00 for coffin and burial of Mary
Butler.  W. T. Northern paid $25.00 for support of Mr.(s?) Cunningham.

Ordered that the Tax Collector levy and collect 25% on state tax for county
purposes, 25% for poor school purposes and 12 1/2 for paupers. (First
mention of support for paupers).

Ordered that Willis Hobbs, G. T. Coxwell and Joseph Johnson be appointed to
review and change the road leading from Wilcher's Mills to Gorge T.

Ordered that the road from Howard by Averitt's Mill on Whitewater, thence by
John Herricks thence by Samuel Hughey's and thence to intersect the Tazewell
Road at or near Bartlett's Mill.  S. L. Brewer and J. F. Herricks reviewed
and approved said road.

Ordered that Gipson and M. Dean, James Whittle and John a Childs be
appointed to lay out a road from Prattsburg to Butler crossing Patsaliga at
Gipson Dean's (Isaac Mulkey still clerk Inf. Ct.)

Willis Edwards ordered to be an appraiser for the Inf. Court to meet with
the appraisers appointed by J. L. Downs and Muscogee Railroad to appraise
damages fo railroad through lot 220 in 15th dist. the property of S. L.


Gipson M. Dean, John A. Childs and James Whittle report they laid out and
marked road from Prattsburg to Butler as follows:  Beginning at Prattsburg
thence leaving the Daviston Road at Josiah Mathews plantation, thence by
Thomas Wilson's and crossing the Wire Road at Dr. Merchison's, thence along
the road to McCant's Mills to the place whereon the widow Taylor lives,
thence by Thomas Silas, thence to cross Patsaliga at Joseph Fuller's, thence
by the double ponds in the original 15th dist., thence to Butler, crossing
the railroad at the road leading from Butler to Daviston.


Sheriff Wm. W. Wiggins death cause a vancacy for sheriff so Bartley McCrary
appointed to fill office until an election can be had.


Mark D. Lloyd to receive $20.00 to be paid to Charles A. Lloyd for his use.


Ordered that Jeremiah C. McCants be paid $12.00 for lumber destroyed by
burning the house wherein the Carter family had the smallpox.


Ordered that James H. Winchell be paid $5.00 for clothing made for Edmund
(who killed James Montgomery) by order of W. W. Wiggins, late sheriff.

January Term 1857

Ordered that James M. Willis, J. P. be paid  $23.00 for holding and inquest
on body of James Barefoot on 12/12/1856.

Ordered that Arza T. Murray, John S. Murray and A. L. Wilson review and lay
out a road commencing at the n/w corner of James Taylor's land, form thence
to Mc Lendon's bridge on Whitewater thence to Turner's bridge on Cedar

Willis Mc Lendon paid $14.00 for use of Penny  Smith. Mrs. Pullen paid
$14.00 for Miss Partine, W. Maynard Paid $14.00

January Term 1857

Ordered that James M. Willis, J. P. be paid  $23.00 for holding and inquest on body of James Barefoot on 12/12/1856.

Ordered that Arza T. Murray, John S. Murray and A. L. Wilson review and lay out a road commencing at the n/w corner
of James Taylor's land, form thence to Mc Lendon's bridge on Whitewater thence to Turner's bridge on Cedar Creek.

 pg 92 Willis Mc Lendou paid $14.00 for use of Penny  Smith. Mrs. Pulleu paid $14.00 for Miss Sarah Ann  Partin, W.
Maynard paid $14.00 for Hial Donegha.  Willis Hobbs pd. $14 for Thomas Bozeman. 


Gideon Newsom, A. J. Colbert and R. B. Ricker presiding. 

Ordered that all the portion of Taylor which was cut off from the County of Macon lying west of Whitewater is hereby
annexed to the 1071 District, said district line shall extend down Whitewater to Barfield's bridge and from thence run due
east till it intersects line of Macon.  


Edmond Stewart, J. P. and John Bird Wright, Jailor.Justices Andrew Colbert, Rucker, Edmond Stewart presiding, Isaac
Mulkey, Clerk Inferior court. 


The following Road and Patrol commissioners appointed for 1857.  John L. Parker, James T. May, Jerry C. McCants,
Elam B. Waters. 

William M. Stuckey and Wiley B. Shepherd for Butler District. 

Bryant Ingram, Henry H. Long, John D. Mitchel, Alfred Coleman, Asa Marshall and David P. M. Brand for Reynolds

Joel E. Montfort, C. F. Fickling, Benjamin Beeland, Thomas J. Drawhorn, David Beeland and Abel Windham for
Panhandle District. 

Pg 101  

James Layfield mentioned as Ex-Sheriff 

Ordered that Hill Donegheage, Jesse Moore, Mark D. Loyd's family, Sarah Ann Partin be paid maintenance money. 

Pg. 98  

Wm. C. Sibley, E. C. Butts, T. J. Riley, James J. Gray, Joseph Sheridan and John Searcy for Carsonville 

D. A. J. Willis, Hiram Drane, John P. Culverhouse, John H. Wallace, Wyatt Seley and James Mathews for Daviston. 

James M. Willis, John B. England, Willis Jinks, Jordan Wilchar, Joseph Hollis and Jacob Elliston for Whitewater
(Howard & Rustin) District. 

Wm. A. H. Royal, Johnathan Stewart, Willis Hobbs, Benett Stewart, John S. Murray and A.L.N. Wilson (Alex.
Leonard) for Cedar Creek. 

pg. 102 

July Term, 1857 Johathan Stewart petions and gets $40.00 for laying off and surveying into town lots a certain lot of land
in Butler belonging to Wm. B. Johnson under an agreement with Johnson. (That was probably land where school was and
Methodist church) 

14 petitioners (not named) ask for establishment of a public road from Benj. C. Williford's to intersect the Butler Road at
Jaesse Mathews. 

19 Petitioners (not named) ask for a road to be established leading from Lowe's Bridge on Whitewater to Turner's bridge
on Cedar Creek saying it will forma  connection with road leading from Turner's Chapel to Americus and will promote the
interest of the county more than any other road in the county.  The petition was granted up on the verbal promise of
Gregory Julius Turner that the bridge of Cedar Creed was to be no expense to the county. 


Ordered that t abridge be built across Patsaliga Creek on the road running from the agency on Flint River to Reynolds
and that Benjamin Beeland, Joseph Branan, Bryant Ingram and Gideon Newsom be appointed to let out, superintend the
building and keep in repair the birdge for 7 years. (2/1/1858 Osborn Dowling paid $97.00 for building the bridge)
Jonathan Stewart paid $4.00 for repairing bridge at Lewis Hill's. 

Pg. 106 


Mrs. Millins paid $8.00 for clothing, shrouding for Josiah Layfield. 


True bill against Alfred T. Slaughter for murder of Thomas A. Walden and Slaughter ordered sent to Bibb Co., Macon
Jail fo rsafekeeping.  Jailor of Taylor paid $20 to carry prisoner to Macon and $20. sent to Macon for his board. Guards
of Slaughter paid $49. 

Ordered that Adolph Baer (29 yrs old from Prussia, merchant, Taylor Co. Census of 1860) be paid $1.50 for engraving
2 seals. 


Vacancy in office of Inferior Court Clerk occasioned by death of Isaac Mulkey.  Charles Mulkey appointed to fill place
till an election. 

pg 109 


Enoch Garrett mentioned as Dep. Sheriff, J. B. Wright, Jailor. 


Osborn Downing paid $97.00 for building bridge above near Reynolds. 

Feb. Term 1858 

Robert L. Coursey pleads unable to pay honest debts. 

Ordered that Bridgett Mullins be paid $22. for service and attention to Josiah Layfield for the last 6 mo. of his life.
(Bridgett Mullins was 60 in the 1850 census of Talbot, wife of Lewis) 

Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton paid $17. for caring for Josephine and Thomas J. Walder, orphan children of Thomas Walsen
Deceased from 10/5/1857-012/17/1857. 

Catherine Cannon transfers title to lots 7 &* in Block 11 in City of Butler where she lived, to Robert Scandrett and
authorized him to receive a title from the court for them. 

Ordered that Theophilus Mc Gee be paid $4.05 back to him out of any funds in his hands arising form the sale of strays. 

Ordered that John Anthony, Coroner be paid $12.50 for holding an inquest on body of Thomas Walden the first Monday
in Oct. 1857 

Ordered that Jesse Stallings and S. H. Dwight take the census of the county. 

Ordered that E. B. Waters be paid $8 for work on jail and for irons etc. 

Ordered that John Boyd had the right to change the road from Butler to Tazewell on Lot of land 66 by keeping up same
and Wm. Anderson may change it on the other side of his house. 


Ordered that the old jail be torn down below the bottom windows and rebuilt with stronger bars, doors, windows and
locks.  William Anderson got the job, to be done for $221.50. (The records tell fo people guarding the jail while
prisoners are inside and some being sent to Macon for safekeeping.  It was built very strong by first specifications with
doors lined with iron and many bars but the last had bigger bars, hinges etc. 

Feb. Term 1858 

Ordered that W.A.H. Royal, Jeremiah Wilchar and A. L. Wilson be appointed road commissioners for 1858 for Cedar

John Canada and M.W. Willis for Whitewater dist. 

D.A. J. Willis, Ely Rogers and Hiram Drand for Daviston, Wm. C. Sibley, W.T. Northon and John Sercey for
Carsonville, C. B. Dixon, Benjamin Beeland and John S. Brooks for Panhandle, Bryant Ingram, Henry H. Long and John
D. Mitchell for Reynolds and Judge John Sturdivant, Andy McCants and James Bartlett for Butler. 

Gideon Newsom, Jessee Stallings, R. B. Rucker, Edmund Stewart and A. J. Colbert Justices of Inferior Court, Feb. term

Columbus W. Wade mentions his store in Butler, groceries stolen from it. 4 hams, bacon 4 sacks flour, 1/3 rack of
coffee, one pistol, 2 boxes cigare valued at $48.  June 23, 1858 

Wiley B. Shepherd and Wm. J. Wilson mentioned as J. P.'s. 6-23-1858 

August Term 1858 

E. Stewart, D. Royal and C. Lindsey appointed to examine bridge across Whitewater at Lowe's bridge and have it
repaired or rebuilt and John B. England, D. A .J. Willis appointed to let out building of a bridge across Patsaliga at Jinks. 

List of goods in a store of George T. Rogers and son or R. W. Smith. 


Appointments for Road Patrol Commissioners for districts for 1858, John B. England, D.A. J. Willis and John H.
Wallace for Daviston 

Lawrence Walker, Joseph Riley and John Sercey for Carsonville, Martin Brooks, C. Dickson and David Shine for

Jordan Wilchar, George Elliston and Joseph Hollis for Whitewater, Herny Long, Asa Marshall and G. G. Potter for

W. A. H. Royal, Johnathan Stewart and Willis Hobbs for Cedar Creek. 

Ordered that the road from Butler to Stewart's Mill be changed leaving the road at the corner of J. H> Purvis's fence and
intersecting the old road at Benj. Watson's 

Ordered that S. Bartlett, W. Shepherd and E. Garrett renew route of road commencing on hill between  Anderson's And
Garrett's and from thence the straightest and best route to Butler. 

Ordered that Charles Mulkey and James T. Harmon be paid $25 each for extra services as Clerk fnd Deputy Clerk of
this Court for 1857. 

Ordered that John T. Gray be given the job of building a bride over Little Patsalaga near Bartley Mc Crary, Sr's on the
old stage road and keep it up for 5 years for $75. 

Ordered that Thomas Cameron be paid $8 part payment for repairs on R. B. Rucker be also paid $8 for repairs on jail
and David Lawson be paid $4.50 for guards for jail and W. Mulkey, Dep. Sheriff be paid $1.90 for arrest of a prisoner. 


Ordered that J. M. Willis claimant, for Chesley B. Howard be paid $3.30 from sale of a certain cow strayed by J. A.


Ordered that Wilburn Jinks be paid $150. for building Jinks bridge across Patselaga. 

Feb. Term 1859 

Jessee Stallings resigns his commission as Justice of Inferior Court 

Patrick Henry Mc Elmurray homestead or bankruptcy proceeding named Eralburt W. Miller and Washington Wall as

Feb. Term 1859 

Ordered by the court that Daniel W. Miller, Washington L. Grice, James T. May, James A. Ricker and Henry Maghum
be hereby appointed a board of examiners to examine teachers under the act of 1858 passed fro the purposes of

Ordered that George W. M. Gammon and Serrence H. Dwight  take the census of the county for the present year in
conformity to the statute of the state. 

Ordered that Thomas Ragland and company be paid $15 for 5 quire indexes for superior court (Thomas was 31 years
old in 1850 census Macon Co. and living at Lanier later Miona Springs and now disappeared or overgrown). 

Ordered that Abram Wainwright be paid $3.80 for services as coroner and fro services by bailiff in a inquest on the body
of George Mc Dowell who died by violence. 

John Turner to be paid $2 for two days service as bailiff during the term and that Jessee Stallings be paid $2 fro two days
service as bailiff.   


Bennett Stewart to be paid $23 for repairing Lowe's bridge across Whitewater. 

Ordered that William G. Allman, S. H.  Adkins and James H. Allman appointed to point out a road commencing at
Brooks Bridge on Cedar Creek thence due north to intersect the road from Stewart's Mills to Butler at or near Wm. H.

Ordered that Jonathan Stewart, Willis Hobbs and James N. Harris point out a road from Wilchar's Mill to Brown's
Bridge on Whitewater (now Stuckey's) 

Ordered that David O. Smith, Jesse Stallings and Willis McLendon mark out a road form Butler to W. W. Corbitt's 

Ordered that the following be appointed road partole commissioners for their districts for 1859, William Waddell, W. H.
Ingram and Joseph Brannon for Reynolds, Y. H. Caldwell, John Hudson, Jr. and John M. Hobbs for Cedar Creek, W.
B. Shepherd, James R. Eliston and William Montgomery for Butler, David Beeland C. B. Dickson and Jacob Saylor for

Henry H. Mangham Lawrence Walker and P. E.  Riley for Carsonville, John H. Wallace, D. A. J. WWillis and Leonard
P. Breedlove for Daviston, Wilborn Jinks, Joseph Hollis and William Wilson for Whitewater. 

Newsom, Stewart Rucker Colbert, Justices. 

Lucius Q. C. McCrary, Sheriff 


James Griffith, M. D. 

Jas. A. Rucker to be paid $4 he paid out for transporting prisoners to the Columbus jail and $2 each to C. A. J. Pope
and J. W. Stringfield as guards.   


W. S. Wallace paid $25 for transportation and maintenance for prisoners. 

Dempsey A. J. Willis, John B. England and George A. Heath appointed commissioners to act with commissioners from
Talbot County to build a bridge on Patsaliga Creek the dividing line between this county and Talbot. 

Henry F. Wilson, Frances Wilson, Maryann Wilson bastard children of Adaline Wilson paid $10 to Henry Wilson
(grandfather of them). 

August Term 1859 

Ordered that tax collector collect on the state tax 50% for county purposes  and 12 1/2 % for pauper funds. 

Ordered that the court pay Hugh Knox, Jailor of Muscogee, $93.10 for board for prisoners from this county. 

Elizabeth Presswood received $10 from County and infirm child of Hiarm Williams. 

Elbert Fagan gets homestead or delcares bankruptcy. 

Feb. Term 1860 

James A. Rucker mentioned as Dep. Sheriff. 

Ordered that Catherine Cannon be Paid for$1.25 for dining four jurors and a bailiff during the last superior court.  Griffith
and Montrogt be paid $5.50  for blankets furnished county.  Chas. Mulkey paid $50.00 for extra clrk of inf. Ct. for

Mrs. Haried Perry paid  $12 for board of prisoners and guards at hotel. 

Road Commissioners for 1860  

Town District:  Williw Whatley, Thomas R. King, Charles Lloyd 

Whitewater: Joseph Hollis, Willis Jinks, Turner Willis 

Cedar Creek;  A. L. N. Wilson, Zachariah Watkins, Willis hobbs 

Reynolds: H. H. Long, P. J. Mullins, wm. H. Ingram 

Panhandle:  Joes E. Montfort, Able Windham, C. F. Fickling 

Carsonville: John T. Gray, William A. Wilson John Sercey 

Daviston;  w. H. Grier, Hiram Drane, D. A. H. Willis 

The above put in good order, measured and sign boards put up as the law directs. 

Gideon Newsom and Samuel Montgomery to repair or rebuild the bridge known as Montgomery's across Patsaliga and
Lawrence Walker, B. A. Northern and John Sercey build or repair one across Little Patsaliga  

August Term 1860 

Justices Newsom, E. H. Wilson, Rucker, Colbert and John A. Childs, presiding 

It appeared to the court that the laws stated it necessary for the inferior court and ordinary to act as examining committee
in connection with some proper person to be appointed with them as one of the board of education so they appointed W.
L. Grice 

Feb. term 1860 

Ordered that H. H. Davis be paid $1.20 fro claim docket for inferior court .  

August Term 1860 

Isaac Ellis and wife Peggy, destitute and county to pay Wm. H. Heard the $20.00 for their use or send them to

John H. Wallace and Thomas E. Riley appointed to confirm and carry out agreement with Wm. B. Hohnson concerning a
lot of land in or near town of Butler. 8/13/1860 

Justices Rucker, Wilson and Childs presiding. 

Ordered that W. J. Evans be paid $35 for furnishing the court house lightning rods as soon as the county jail can be paid

Feb. Term 1861 John Anthony to be paid $27.50 for inquest and burial of John T. (Morton) Moulton and B. F. Newson
and G. W. Newson be paid $ 20. for post mortem exam of John T. Morton (Moulton) 

Feb Term 1861 

Justices Childs, Y. H. Caldwell, Waters and Willis 

Drs Newsoms paid for post mortem of William S. Or L Hoskins and George McDowell 

Following appointed road and patrol commissioners for 1861.  

Butler, North of RR: Jas. A. Rucker, J. P. and A. J. McCants, T. H. Brown 

South of RR:  Jas. W. Gibson, J. P. and J. R. Ellison, H. L. Green 

Whitewater Jas. M. Willis, Allen Crawford, Jordan Wilchar 

Cedarcreek: William A. H. Royal, J. P. John S. Murray, Simeon Thompson 

Reynolds:  Wm. Waddell , J.P. and william Ingram , Thomas Amerson 

Carsonville: John Sercey, John T. Gray, T. McGee 

Panahndle: C. B. Dickson, J. P. and Thomas Humphries, J. J. Saylor 

Daviston: Wm. H. Helms, J. P. and William C. Sibley, F. M. McKinney. 


Justices Waters, Childs, Y. H. Caldwell presiding 

W. J. F. Mitchell and Lewis Hill paid for bridge repairs and Jhon M. Wilchar and James Jones for repairs on bridge at

August term 1861 

Persons receiving assistance from the county 

Hiram Williams Child 

H. Donegan 

Sarah Ricks 

Nancy Lamb 

Isaac Ellis and Wife 

Jane ? Johnson and children 

Sarah Gee and children 

Rhoda Sutton 

Inferior Court Minutes Book I.  August 13, 1861

Inferior court in chambers present their Honors John A. Childs, Y. H. Caldwell, D. A. J. Willis and Asa

An ordinance by the Inf. Court of Taylor Co. for the purpose of raising a fund for the equipment of volunteers
and the support of their families when it is necessary during their absence in the service of the Confederate

Whereas our once peaceful and prosperous country has been forced into the miseries and hardships of war by
the unrelenting hatred and fanaticism of those that were once our brothers but have for some time been and
have shewd themselves our worst and most bitter enemies willing and determined to murder our citizens,
confiscate our property and subjugate us to a state of misrule and vasalage.  And whereas many of our brave
and patriotic County men have volunteered nobly to endure hardships and risk the dangers of battlefield in the
defense of our honor, our rights and our homes.

And whereas manifestly just and proper that we should supply those so volunteered with those necessaries
which our government has has fully provided for and should further relieve the necessities of the families of
such of them as are not able to make suitable provision in their absence and whereas it is equitable and right
that each citizen should pay these expenses in proportion to the amount of his or their property.  Be it
therefore resolved and enacted by the Inferior Court of State of Ga. and county of Taylor that every citizen of
said county be and he is hereby required to pay to the Tax Collector of said County of such other person as
this court may appoint 33 1/3 cents for each and every one hundred dollars worth of property owned by him on
the first day of April 1861. The value of said property to be reckoned on the said first day of April.

2nd.  It is further ordered and enacted, elect and appoint someone for the purpose of collecting Tax imposed
by the first section whose duty it shall be to make out a book containing the names of all those liable to pay
said tax the amount of property given in by each one and the amount of tax imposed upon each one by the said
first  section.  I shall further be the duty of the said officer to collect all the taxes to due and to pay over the
same to a treasurer to be appointed by his body on or before the firs day of November 1861.  For which
services when duly and truly done.  He shall receive out of the amount collected by him, the sum of $100.00.

3rd It is further ordered and enacted that it is the duty of the said court to elect and appoint a suitable and
proper person to receive, keep and pay out the funds raised by said tax who shall be known as the treasurer of
the Taylor County Relief Fund.  It shall be the duty of said treasurer before entering upon the discharge of his
official duties to execute a bond payable to said Court in the sum of $15,000.00 conditioned to be void upon
the faithful discharge of all his duties which shall be as follows:

He shall keep a true account of all the monies and provisions received by him.  Keep them safe and pay them
out according to the order of said Court and make a true return of his acting's and doings including receipts
for all amounts paid out at the end of three months after his entering upon his office and at the end of each
similar period thereafter during his term of office which shall continue one year and for which service he shall
be paid one hundred dollars out of the money so received by him.  It is further ordered and enacted that the
said Court appoint two discreet men in each Militia Distinct of said county whose duty it shall be to ascertain
the number of families of absent volunteers in their respective districts who are or will be in need of
assistance, the number of persons in each family to meet together i Butler on or before the 20th day of August
next and after learning the probable amount of said tax to determine the equitable proportion or amount to
which each of  said families will be entitled and report the sum to said court immediately.  

5th. It shall be the duty of said court after the report as to the proportion that each family is entitled to, itself
or by some member or person by it, authorized to draw orders upon the treasurer for the amount that each
family is entitled to by the said report per month and for ours monthly.  Which said orders shall be made
payable to the heads of said families respectively or to any proper and discreet person for their use in case
there is no one of said families calculated to manage the amounts due them discreetly and properly.  Said
Court or its authorized agent shall continue to draw said orders as prescribed monthly until the expiration of
one year next after the first orders.  Provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent any of said families
from receiving their pro rata share though the members or member in the service as afore-said should be
discharged on account of sickness or wounds or die. And provided further that nothing herein contained shall
prevent the support of any family in need where any of its members has become a volunteer as aforesaid in a
company from this County and not otherwise.  It is further enacted that where any person may have during the
present year paid out or may hereafter pay out on subscription any amount or amounts for the purpose of
equipping volunteer companies or of supporting their families, he or she upon obtaining a certificate from the
person or persons to whom the amount or amounts was paid upon oath to the correctness thereof shall be
entitled to that amount and the Tax Collector is hereby required to receive the same and return them to the
treasurer with said money heretofore required to be collected and returned to the treasurer by him.

7th. Be it further enacted that said court shall have the power to appropriate such an amount of the fund so
raised as they deem proper for the equipment of any future company or companies of volunteers that may be
raised in said county.  Ordered by the court that in assessing/passing the within ordinance and for the more
fully carrying it into effect, we hereby appoint the following:

Butler district: Andrew Mc Cants and Lorenzo D. McMillen

Daviston:  George A. Heath and F. M. McKinney

Carsonville:  John Searcey and William J. F. Mitchell

Panhandle:  C. F. Fickling and Dr. Jessee Donreath Beall

Reynolds:   Pleasant J. Mullins and Bryant Ingram

Cedar Creed:  Jeremiah Wilchar and Wesley Jinkins

Whitewater:  James W. Willis and Allen T. Crawford to ascertain the number of families and the members of
each family tat are or will need the assistance of the Court in their respective districts and make their reports
by the 26th instant.  there after to report monthly for twelve months.  We further appoint Wm. H. Herd
Treasurer and James Williamson Tax Collector.

Justices Presiding: John A. Childs, James H. Edwards, Willis McLendon.

Jan. Term 1864

Ridley D. Allen appointed county agant for Butler District to distribute all salt and yarn cards other provisions
to the indigent families of soldiers.

Mar 1 1864.  

J. O. Mangham sworn in as Clerk of Inferior Ct.

Ordered that the tax collector pay over to the relief fund $12,000.00 of county funds to pay off the claims of
borrowed money etc.

Feb. Term 1864

Road and patrol commissioners named for 1864:

Butler: Thomas R. King JP,  Joseph Hollis, J. C. Cozatt.

Reynolds: Wm. Waddell, JP, Thomas. Amerson and G. G. Potter

Panhandle: C. B. Dickson, JP, Sol Lockett, Jesse D. Beall, M. D.

Carsonville: E. M. Robinson, Wm. J. F. Mitchell, W. C. Spears

Daviston: D. A. J. Willis, JP, Whatt Sealey, Hiram Drane

Cedar Creek:  Wm. A. H. Royal, JP, E. F. Collins, Jacob Thompson

Whitewater: John F. Jinks, JP, George Layfield, S. Webster

Ordered that the payments to paupers be doubled.

James Mosley, Bartley McCrary, Sr. and John S. Brooks let out the building of a bridge across Patsaliga at
Fickling's Mill.

June Term 1864.

Enoch Garrett, Sen. paid $30. for cleaning public well and for ropes.

Ordered that Y. H. Caldwell be paid $221. for specific tax paid by him for distillation $100. for extra services

July 4 1864

Ordered that the court leave to arbitration the price to pay for corn belonging to Wm. Searcy bargained for by
the agent for the relief fund.  Hiram Drane appointed to represent interests of county.

July 16 1864

The court deemed necessary the following physicians to be exempt from state service they haveing been duly
elected by b allot.

A. L. Edwards, George Newsom, G. P. Dillard.  The court also ordered that all millers be exempt and all be
given certificates to that effect.

Willis McLendon paid $40. for book of records for superior court and $150. for abook for ordinary. D. O.
Smith paid $7. for work on public well.

July 27 1864

Call term to take into consideration the county police and the following appointed.

Carsonville: J. H. Gray, Wm. J. F. Mitchel, Briton Smith, J. H. Bivens

Panhandle: Dr. J. D Beall, Sol Lockett, C. M. Lucas

Reynolds:  Wm. Green, Hon Whittington

Butler: James R. Elliston, James Johnston

Cedar Creek:  Josiah T. McLendon, Jas. L. Green
each of the above subject to the court where the duty is not well performed.

John T. Griffin appointed a notary public. and D. W. Miller

Sept 5 1864

Ordered by the court agreeable to an order of Gov. Joseph Brown, the jsutices appointed policeman of said
county as follows: Josiah T. McLendon, C. M. LUcas, A. H. Riley, S. H. Lockett, J. H. Gray, J. H. Bivine,
John L. Woodward and Wm. J. F. Mitchell (none were in the military at the time)

Jan., Feb. 1865

J. D. Mitchell took oath of office as a justice of the inferior court as well as J. H. Biving, John A. Childs and
A. H. Riley.

Feb. 1865

The following appointed road and patrol commissioners:

Butler: J. C. McCants, E. B. Waters, J. C. Cozatt

Carsonville: W. J. F. Mitchell, Wm. J. Hamilton, M. Reviere

Reynolds: Dr. Wm. H. Christopher, Dr. B. F. Newsom, Henry Hodges

Daviston:  John H. Wallace, D. A. J. Willis, T. McGee

Whitewater:  John Jinks, Jas Willis, John England

Cedar Creek:  J. L. Wilchar, John S. Murray, Enoch Collins

Panhandle: Curry B. Dickson, Dr. J. D. Beall, Wm. Griffith

Feb 14 1865

Ordered that Henry Long furnish to Ridley D. Allen and William Wall the agent 500 bushels of corn for the
families of indigent soldiers to be reserved from the tithing corn

G. W. Newsom appointed as one of the county physicians according to the orders of Gov. Brown.

William Chew appointed commissioner of the poor to report conditions of the poor when called by tht court to
do so.

Ordered that the county treasurer pay $100. for relief of smallpox and James Whittle $50. for paupers.

April 4 1865.

William Chew appointed agent to purchase corn for soldiers families.

Ordered that the old road from Anninias Martin's to Wilchar's Mill be abolished.

Paid W. J. F. Mitchel $480. for 80 bu. corn at $6.00 per bu.

Paid mrs. Funtain $300. for Nancy and Elizabeth Bachelor.

Paid A. H. Riley $4. for 14 bu. corn @$6.00 per bushel.

Paid Elizabeth Goodale $200. for attention to Smallpox cases

John L. Woodward appointed agent for sale of cotton cards.

Wilborn Jinks and J. B. Engleand paid $250. by Taylor and Talbot counties for fixing bridge on county line
over Patsaliga.

April 8 1865

J. J. Walton appeared and said that the tax schedule given for 1864, namely: a negro man valued at $4000., 1
carriage $500.00, lot of buggies and drays $500.00, 3 horses $3,000.00 for total of $8,000.00 had been
rendered valueless by the public enemy. April 8 1865 (war ended a couple of days later)

May 14 1865

Owing to the emergencies (The Civil War was over April 9, 1865) the court appointed the following  appraisers
for the purpose of putting a price to the provisions of the county taxes: W. P. Edwards, J. L. Woodwasrd, W.
S. Wallace, D. W. Miller, J. E. Montfort.  They made the following report:  wheat $1.50 per bu., corn $1.00,
Rice 8 cents a pound, peas .75 cents, bacon 16 cents, syrup 60 cents, sorghum 40 cents.

Drl James Griffith paid $25. for attention of smallpox in family of Nowell (Henry Nowell?).

William Chew appointed to collect and pay out th the real needy of the county the following tax being 120% on
the tax of 1860, one half of which is to be collected and distributed immediately.  

Oct. Term 1865

Ordered that Wm. L. Wall, C. G. Ogburn and Malachi Jones be licensed to retail spritous liquors upon their
complying with the law in such cases and J. T. Harmon, Detp. Clerk given authority to issue other such
liecnses to responsible people.

Feb. 24 1866

Joab Willis paid $250. for building a bridge across Patsaliga at Fickling Mill.

Wm. H. Royal, John S. Murray and W. H. Collins appointed commissioners to build have a bridge built on
Cedar Creek and L. Q. C. McCrary, Bartley McCrary and Brantley Mosely to let a bridge on Littel


Feb. Term 1866.

H. N. Neisler petitions that the road leading from his residence (north of Butler) and crossing Beaver CReek
before intersecting the Butler Road is of great importance to him and his neighbors and used for the last 25 or
30 years, be made a public highway and the obstruction put in it recently be removed.  Aden Wainwright,
Gilley  McCaray and Jesse Adams appointed to investigate the matter and report to the court.  After that
ereport, the court ordered John Windham to give 12 feet through the whole lane of make it a good a passable
road.  March Term 1866.

Called Term of the court March 14 1866

"Tis ordered by the court that we have established a smallpox hospital, a nurse and provisions.  C. G. Ogburn
also ordered to take in hand the vaccine matter and distribute it out to any physician who will vaccinate

April Term 1866

Lewis Hill paid $75.00 for moving and repairing the bridge across Whitewater at Hill's Mill. G. P. McCrary,
clrk. Inf. Ct.

August 14 1866 

Henry Peed, J. D. Mitchell, Jas H. Edwasrds, John A. Childs JIC

Ordered taht a tax of 100%  be levied ont eh state tax for count and other purposes.

A. G. Cooper paid $234.00 for building a bridge across Patsaliga.  Wilborn Jinks paid $120. for keeping up a
bridge across Patsaliga.

April 3 1866. 

C. J. Peterman, coroner, paid $10.00 for holding inquest on body of John Culverhouse and paid $10.00 for
holding inquest on body of Cicero Paschal, a freedman, on June 23 1866, and $15.00 burial expenses.

August 14 1866

Commissioners Dr. Jas. Griffith, W. L. Wall and J. Crouch to repair windows, blinds, steps to courthouse, the
yard fence and steps.  Also that the upper storyof the courthouse be carpeted with heave Gunny Bagging and
also the stair steps.

Ordered that I. J. Ricks be paid $13. for burial and doctors bill of Sarah Ricks. (she was about the same age
as I. J.  Probably a sister and blind).

W. L. Wall paid $27. for three locks and putting them on and for cleaning courthouse.

Jacob Hyman paid $5.00 for "lone" money.

Court appointed D. O. Smith, Robert, Scandrett, F. Wilcher, F. M. McKinney and e. B. Waters to build a good
and secure jail in the town of Butler.  Frank Wilchar paid $304. fro building a bridge across LIttel Patsaliga,
near Bartley McCrary's.

James Johnson paid $5. for repairs on Stuckey's bridge across Whitewater.

Aug 15 1866.

Dr. James Griffith paid $150. for treating 3 cases of smallpox (in consequence of the time elapse since the
contract was made and the depreciation of the currency)

Ordered that Jacob Hyman be paid $5. for money advanced to remove a case of smallpox out of town last

F. M. McKinney paid $118.90 for articles and goods furnished the county. 

Wm. H. Heard fined $5. for failure to appear as a juror in a lunacy case of Caroline McLin relative of Green

Lewis Hill paid $75. fro moving and repairing the bridge across Whitewater at Hill's Mill. 

Oct. Term 1866

Ordered that a road be opened commencing at Butler by way of Stalling, Fowlers and Johnsons to extend to
Newsom's Mill, Jessee Stallings, G. T. Coxwell, Samuel Johnson and John Fowler to review.

J. Willis paid $300. for building a bridge across Patsaliga at Fickling Mills and James Johnson $10. for
repairing Stuckey's Bridge on Whitewater.

Oct. Germ 1866

James T. Harmon paid $27.50 fro 1/2  dozen chairs, paper, pens and postage for county.  James D. Russ paid
for 1 ream of fools cap paper and freight on books.

Ordered that the road from Cooper's Mill intersecting the Reynolds road be established as a public road. 
L.Q. C. McCrary appointed road commissioner in 75th district in place of J. C. McCants, Deceased.

Hugh H. Russ to be allowed $8. on his county tax for furnishing coffin for pauper. 

Dec. 10 1866

James Johnson paid $279. for bridge across Cedar Creek at Wilchar's old mill and gave bond to keep it up for
5 yrs. 

Jan Term 1867 

McKinney and Crouch paid $23.91 for osnaburg furnished

Jan Term 1867

County paid $4.50 for carrying lunatic to Milledgeville.

Thomas Clark, Isaac Ellis and Brinkley Glisson paid $5. each-paupers


Feb. Term 1867

Road commissioners appointed for 1867

Butler, north of RR: John A. Hamilton, JP, J. A. McCants, Frank Wilchar

Butler, south of RR: James Thompson, JP, Willis McLendon, James Elliston

Reynolds: Osborn Downing, Wm. H. Ingram, Crawford Goodwin

Panhandle: David Beeland, JP, C. M. Lucas, John Glover (probably John P. Glover, Jr.), Dr. Wm.

Carsonville: John Searchey, T. J. Riley, Peter E. Riley

Daviston: DAJ Willis, Wyatt Sealy, T. McGee

Howard: J. M. Willis, Wellborn Jinks, John Jinks

Cedar Creek: W.A.H. Royal, JP, Jesse Mackey, Benett Stewart.

James Johnson paid $90. for building a bridge across Whitewater known as Fountain's bridge and keep it in
repair for 5 years.  George Heath paid $38.50 for repairing county line bridge  across Patsaliga between
Taylor and Talbot.

Ordered that Henry Peed be paid $30. for guarding corn 60 nights and that the clerk take the same for his
retail license and it is further ordered that Wm. L. Wall be allowed to pay for his retail license (for spirituous
liquors) with county orders and also J. J. Ruffin Etc.

Ordered that the old road from Reynolds to Butler by way of Henry Nowells be opened and put in repair
immediately and the settlement road leading to the public road from Butler to Wethersby on top of the hill
near J. E. Lock by way fo Simon Cox, H. Y. Revells, and Isaac Childers to count line at Mack Reaves be
opened and put in repair.


March Term 1867

Ordered that Osborn Downing be paid $27.  for holding inquest on Clark and Hortman.

Mrs. Rebeccs Fountain paid $75. out of paupers fund for ?

May 10 1867

Nancy Stringfield paid $82.50 for nursing smallpox cases, $15. paid to G. G. Potter fro provisions furnished
smallpox hospital, $25. to Nance Goodale for bedding burnt and $200. to  Dr. James Griffith for attending
smallpox cases during the years 1866-67.  Contract made March 5 1867.

May 25 1867

Dr. W. H. Christopher paid $20. for post mortem exam on John Hortman.  James D. Russ paid $75. for
various services to court in 1866.

James T. Harmon paid $51. for provisions for his daughter a widow S. Gardner and Anna Clark.  $20.00 for
taking charge of  Thomas Clark.  J. H. Holsey paid $32. for advancing for smallpox.

Sept term 1867

The court had investigated the tax digest, the amount of indebtedness and for the purpose of building a jail,
raising a poor school and paupers fund and ordered that the following assessments be made:

James D. Russ paid $75. for various services rendered the court for 1866.

Sept. Term 1867

John A. Childs, Jas. H. Edwards and Henry Peed, justices presiding.


Upon investigation of tax digest for amount of indebtedness for building a jail for raising a poor school and
pauper's fund the following assessments were made: 232 1/2 %: 25% for paupers fund, 15% fro juty unmnd:
12 1/2% for poor school fund.  Total 300% on state proptery tax assessment: 300% on poll tax (that had been
at one time 25cents, to 67 cents), 100 % on professions, from $5. to $10. in 1868.

Anna Clark paid $20. for Thomas Clark.

Isaac Ellis paid $10.

James D. Russ paid $100. for extra special services to the court and intersst from 1st day of month.


Oct. and Nov. ct. 1867

Jas. H. Edwards, John A. Childs, Henry Peed, justices presiding.  Miss Sallie McKenny (31 in 1870, daughter
Mary Alice buried near depot in Butler) paid $20.00 for stationary for county court of court ordinary, ordered
by J. D Russ.  Ordered that the stationary be considered a special order receivable in payment of county
taxes or paid out of first money received by county treasurer. Ordered that Miss Thomas Gilbert and
company of Columbus, Ga. be paid for books and blanks furnished  the county.  

William L. Wall, Sheriff, paid $149.30. Brinkley Glisson paid $20.00 and Jesse Stallings paid $81.

December court.

Ordered by the court that L. B McMillan, Louis Fountain, Louis Hill, Owen Barfield, And Willis Whatley
examine bridge over Whitewater Creek at Battle's Mills by S. H. Hobbs and report if it be proper for county
to receive it.

Ordered by court that James . D. Russ be allowed to retain any money he may collect for retail liquor licenses
and place the same to the credit of an order which he olds against the county.

Thomas Griggs paid $3. for hauling " Smart Buss" from and to the depot.


Wm. L. Wall sheriff, paid $40. for jail fees in Talbotton, Talbot Co.

James D. Russ allowed to retain in his hands place as a credit on a certain order of the year 1857 which he
has in his possession, $25. which he collected from Willoughby, Peters and Craft for retail license.

Jan Term 1868

Justices J. D. Mitchell, Edwards and Childs presiding.

Mc (Mack or Malachi) Jones paid $24.20 for guarding and boarding freedman under arrest.

Wm. s. Wallace and James D. Russ appointed notaries for the county and seal of Inf. Ct. lost, ordered that
their commissions be sealed with seal of Superior couty of Taylor Co.

Feb. 25 1868

Justices Edwards, Childs and Mitchell presiding.


Following road commissioners appointed for 1868 for their districts"

Reynolds Osborn Downing, JP, Allen Whittington, S. H. Lockett

Panhandle: David Beeland JP, James Lucas, J. D. Beall

Butler, North of RR:  John A. Hamilton, Jeremiah McCants, Frank Wilchar

Butler, South: James Thompson JP, James Johnson, S. L. Brewer

John Hinton paid $20. 

March 7 1868

Justices Childs, Edwards and J. J. Ruffin presiding.  


Gilbert Hobbs paid $190. for building bridge across whitewater at Battle's Mills.

Abigail Lancaster paid $10. 

Tax collector ordered to allow Thomas Dwight and Jesse Shinholster error of tax be remitted and changed to
the insolvent list.

Ordered that the pauper book be made out as now allowed and be put in the hands of the county rtreasurer
and said treasurer paid off each one monthly as allowed and take receipt for same.

Tuesday Oct. 8 1868

Taylor County Court of Ordinary.

Sitting for county purposes James D. Russ ordinary presiding

Mrs. Ann Clark unable to any longer provide care for Thomas Clark, who is in an almost helpless condition
unless she has help from the county.  She is given $10.00 or that amount credited toward her taxes at her

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Page 293
Sept 7, 1868
W.D. Murray applies for Letters of Administration for the estate on John S. Murray
Columbus Enquirer Whereas W.D. Murray has this day applied to me for letters of administration on the Estate of John S. Murray, late of said county deceased, these are thus and therefore to cite all concerned to be and appear at my office within the time prescribed by law to show cause if any can that ...not be granted said applicant.

Page 294
Sept Term 1868
To March Scandrett, Freedman also March Barrow appear in my office 1st Mon, Oct next to show cause why judgement should not be entered against you for $2.00 cost fee for marriage license issued.

Page 295
11 Sept 1868
Petition of W.H. Walker. Zella, a freed minor girl aged 8 yrs has no parents, and is unfit to be turned loose upong th world without some person to care for and protect her, she is totally unable to maintina herself....order binding out said freed minor to him until age 18.

A.M. Rhodes applies for duties as Receiver of Returns of Taxable Property.

Page 296 Oct 1, 1868
Indenture. 28 day of Sept. Eliza Rogers, mother of Susan Victoria Rogers, her daughter, about 13 yrs of age, 7 months of one part and James H. Gray and James H. Gray, the other part, does bind out to said Gray as apprentice, Susan Victoria Rogers in trade or craft of house servant or laborer upon premises of James H. Gray to live with him 4 years and 4 months. He will faithfully instruct, also to read English Language, will furnish and provide meals, drink, and clothes.

Page 297
Oct 5, 1868
R.B. McCants and L.L. McCants, orphans, minors of J.C. McCants deceased, without a Guardian. We are over the age of 14. Appointment of K.G. McCants, our brother. He is asked to come forward and present Bond.

Oct 17, 1868
John L. Woodward makes Homestead Application.

House Hold, kitchen	175		7 Mules	560
20 Hd cattle		125		1 lot Hogs	 70
Wagon & Farming Utensils	35		Total 965

Page 300
Petition of Augusta A. Walker, wife of Wm. H. Walker who refuses to apply for Homestead Exemption.

2 Mules	$150		1 lot corn est 100 bu		60.00
9 Hd Cattle	90		1 lot cottonseed est30-40bu		4.00
6 Hogs		35		1 lot wheat about 15 bu		30.00
Wagon&Plows	50		1 buggy & harness			50.00
Household	250

James J. Gray dec'd testate. Widow Harried L. Gray qualified as Extrix of will. Afterwards Harriet L. married and left the estate unrepresented and without having fully administered-that citation had been rendered by former Ordinary J.J. Huff as req. James H. Gray to be appt as Adm. on said Estates. Order be appointed and given Bond & Security $3,000. (Administrator Bonds

Page 301
W.L. Murray, Adm of Jno S. Murray dec'd asked for 12 months support for widow and children of said dec'd. (Wm A.H. Royal, Jacob Thompson, Smeion Thompson, Bennett Stewart apptd taking in consideration of sd Jno S. Murray's family and estate assess for his widow and childre a sum necessary for their support and maintenance for 12 months from the death of said Jno. S. Murray and then set apart that amt in money or such property as the wodow may select at a fair valuation to be made by them and also to set apart for wiow a sufficient amt of household furniture for the use of widow and children to return to me within 3 months after this appointment with amount of money to set apart.

Wm. D. Murray shows due and legal citations has been published in the Columbus Enquirer for adm of estate of John S. Murray, late dec'd petition to take the oath as Administrator. Ltrs of Admin ordered. Ordered that Wm. A.H. Royal, J.P., Jacob Thompsons, Simeon Thompson, Bennett Stewart and Enoch Collins hereby be appt. as appraisers.

Guardian of person and property of Frances V. and William A. Murray orphan minors of Anthony R. Murray late of sd county, dec'd.
Oath of Wm. D. Murray, guardian, have leave to sell perishable property of the dec'd.

Pge 302
Nov 1868
Laura T. Mitchell orphan and of age 14, has no guardian, desires appt guardian to take possession of her person and nominates A.M. Walker of Talbot County as a fit and proper person to act in this capacity.
Oct 31, 1968. I, Allen M. Walker do swear that I will well and truly perform the duties required of me as guardian of the person, L.T. Mitchell, according to laws now in force in this state.

Sallie S. McKenney and 3 orphan minors Mary Alice, Josephine and Robert Lee McKenny all under age of 14 yrs. They are possessed in their own right of a considerable amt of property. Children without a guardian, pleads to grant her guardianship. Granted. Come forward and give Bond and good Security for her acts.

Page 303
Mrs. Rhoda S. Hollis (husband dec'd) See Admin. Bond 2 minor children.

Land Lot 200 (13th District) 200 acr
Land Lot 11 (13th District) 202 1/2 acr
Land Lot 299 (11th District) 202 1/2 acr
Land Lot 24 (12th District) 202 1/2 acr
LL 24 (24th District) 202 1/2 acr
LL 210 (12th District) 202 1/2 acr
LL 9 (10th District) 202 1/2 acr
LL 24 (12th District) 100 acr 
LL 45 (12th District) 202 1/2 acr
LL 10 (12th District) 202 1/2 acr
LL 280 (11th District) 202 1/2 acr

Wm. H. Christopher applies for Homestead

3/4 lot Reynolds (pd taxes on it for last 5 yrs at 1,000 Greenbacks)
House and Kitchen	200
1 Pony Horse Spaumed	50
Old Buggy		25
2 cows & calf @ 20		40
2 yearlings @10		20
12 hd hogs @$5		60
1 set blacksmith-farm tools	50
Medical Library & Office furniture	100
(deduct 1,500 for depreciation) $505.00 greenbacks
Page 304
Nov 11, 1868
Petition of Mrs. Mary C. Bivins wife of J.H. Bivins, applies for Homestead Application for herself and her children out of the estate of sd husband. J.H. Bivins appointed Trustee for management of homestead
1 lot Household and Kitchen Furniture	150
1 crib corn and fodder		200
1 lot plows and Gear		20
1 Wagon and Harness		20
6 Mules and 2 Horses		480
1 lot Wheat			10
1 pig and hogs		20
20 hd cattle			84.00
1 lot sugar cane		5.00
		Total		285.00

John L. Woodward makes Homestead Application

Mrs. Augusta A. Walker (wife of Wm H. Walker, who has refused to make Homestead Application.

Page 305
Petition of Frank and Jordan L Wilchar Admin of estate of Jeremiah Wilchar dec'd. Consequences of present low price of land and the pending of a suit in Superior Court against the Estate, request that they be allowed to rent for only one year, 1869 to highest bidder on 1st Tues of Dec.

Page 306
Nov 13, 1868
W.T. Lightfoot vs John S. Wooward
W.T. Lightfoot dissatisfied and appeals to Judgement of the Court in the matter of Homestead .

Page 307
Nov 19, 1868 Election of A. Wainwright, Coroner.
Sureties: Robert Scandrett, E.B. Waters

W.H. Christopher applies for survey for Homestead Application.

Mrs. Rhoda S. Hollis applies for Homestead and James Stewart appt to survey.

Page 308
Sat. Nov 12, 1868
Mrs. Mary C. Bivins applies for Homestead (her husband refused)
Surveyor James H. Stewart appointed.

Petition of Susan M. Duncan, Exectrix of estate of James Duncan, late dec'd to sell all perishable property and has consent of legatees.
T.F. Duncan note agrees (Susan M. Duncan his mother)
Martha E. Woody agrees (Susan M. Duncan her mother)
L.A. Turner agrees.

Page 310
Saturday, Nov 28, 1868
Inquest on body Sarah Cureton 31 June 1868. J.F. Parker, Constable. $1.00 to summon jury. D.A.J. Willis, JP ( in absence of county commissioner) Filed in Superior Court.

Page 311
Nov 30, 1868>br> Mrs. Abigail Forshee guardian of John, Sarah, Daniel, and Elisah Forshee annual profit of estate insufficient for support. children not large enough to earn support sufficient to provide food, clothing, necessities, askes to go into the corpus of their estate to purchase a milch cow and calf for benefit of minor children. A. Hill testified that $50 was appropriate.

M.T. Edwards applies for Homestead and requests Surveyor to lay off.

 3 mules @60	180
1 cow		40
1 heifer		8
Personal Household furniture	150
	Total $378 
Published in Columbus Enquirer

Page 312
Sat Dec 5, 1868
Present: James Russ Ordinary

"It appearing to the County that Thomas Clarke a Pauper entitled to assistance from the Paupers Fund of said county and it appearing that nothing has been paid for the month of November last as well as several other months, and it appearing that the said Pauper is now supported by Ann Clark of said county it is ordered that the said Anna be allowed Ten dollars for the support of the said Pauper during the month of November and that a copy of the following order be furnished the said Anna Clark:
1)Ordered by said Court, the County Treasurer pay Mrs. Anna Clark the sume of Ten dollars for Thomas Clark out of the Pauper's Fund out of any money in the Treasury of said Pauper Fund not otherwise appropriated.
		James D. Russ

Whereas it appears that it was the rule of the Inferior Court of this County to allow the Clerk of said County the sum of One Hundred dollars annually for Extra services and whereas the duties are now devolved upon this Court, it is therefore ordered that the same amount be appropriated to this Court for said Court and that a special Tax be levied for the same and other claims of a like nature.

To the Ordinary of said County.
The petition of William D. Murray, Adm'r of Estate of John S. Murray dec'd respectfully shows that owing to the condition of the Country and the lateness of the present year, it would be to the interest of the Estate of said deceased, to rent out the lands belonging to said Estate for and during the year 1869. Wherefore your Petitioner prays the Court to grant an Order allowing your Petitioner to rent out said lands for the year 1869 upon terms to be prescribed by the Court.
Wm. D. Murray, Adm'r

The foregoing Petition having been read and considered and if appearing to the Court that the allegation there in set fort are true, it is Ordered that William D. Murray Adm'r on Estate of John S. Murray have leave to rent out the land belonging to said Estate for and during the year 1869 by giving at least two days notice thereof in writing at three of the most public places in this County and specifying the terms upon which said lands are to be rented out. James D. Russ, Ordinary

Ordered that James D. Russ, Ordinary be allowed the sum of Twenty five dollars of money advanced to various indigent persons and orders taken up by his at various times. And also the sum of Ten dollars for wood furnished the County offices, cutting the same and putting it in Courthouse. And the further sum of Twenty five dollars for Insolvent costs in the Court and taking and recording official Bonds of County Officers.

"Beth Collins"

Repair of Montgomery & Mosley Bridges, 1869

(Taylor County Minute Book A, page 371) At the April (1869) Term of the Superior Court of said County, the Grand Jury of said Term having reccommended that the Bridges known as Mosley's Bridge and Montgomery's Bridge should be either repaired or rebuilt and called the attention of this Court to said recommendation, it is:
Ordered that C B Dickson, I J Ricks and Wm H Green be appointed Commissioners For the Bridge known as Montgomery's Bridgs and that Wiley McCrary, Brantley Mosley and C A J Pope be appointed Commissioners for the Bridge known as Mosleys Bridge. And it is further ordered that the following instructions be issued to said Commissioners, which instructions hereby constitute the action of this Court in the premises-: You are hereby appointed Commissioners to proceed to the Bridge known as Mosely's Bridge and Montgomery's Bridge and make a thorough examination of the same; and if in your judgement the same can be repaired you will let it out publicly to the lowest bidder. If on the contrary you decide that said Bridge cannot be repaired with safety, you will let out the same pubicly to the lowest bidder to be rebuilt. You will appoint such a day for said letting out as you may deem fit and proper giving not less than fifteen days notice of said letting out. You will give notice of the style character and place of Bridge to be built and give notice that the Bridge will not be received until examined and received by Commissioners who will be appointed for that purpose. You will also give notice that the builder will be required to give Bond and Security for keeping said Bridge in a good and safe condition for the term of five years from the date that said Bridge was received by the Examining Commissioners. You will also give due notice that payment for the building or repairing said Bridges will be made out of the Tax of the year 1869 - say about January 1st 1870
James D Russ Ordinary
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pg 194

August Term 1866   
State of Geo, Taylor Cty)
Tis ordered by the Inferior Court of Said County that the Treasuer pay to 
C.J. Peterman Coroner of said County Ten dollars for holding an inquest over 
the body of Louisa Clark held on the 22nd day of June  1866  Infant of Sarah 
Clark of said County also for Burial Expenses Fifteen dollars .  J.P. McCrary 

Georgia, Taylor County)  
To the Hon Inferior Court of Said County.  The undersigned commissioners 
appointed by your 
honorable body to examine & receive of reject the Bridge built across Cedar 
Creek known as Royals Bridge by W. A. H. Royal and John S. Murray beg leave 
to report that they have carefully examined Said Bridge and find it completed 
in a Substantial & workmanlike manner in accordance with the specifications & 
Contract.  That they have accepted the same & recommend immediate Payment of 
the amount for which said Bridge was let out it being four hundred & fifty 
Dollars $450.00    All of which is respectfully submitted.
Archibald Hill
W.H. Collins                Com(missioners).
Jacob Thompson

Georgia, Taylor County)   H.N. Niesler
Respectfully ask the Inferior Court of Taylor County to appoint commissioners 
to examine the road between himself & John Windham.  Particularly that 
portion of the Road running between H. Neislers & Windhams farms & report to 
the Inferior Court the condition & necessity of road to Said Neisler August 
14th 1866             Edward & Holsey Attys for Neisler
D.O. Smith
Jessee Adams
Adin Wainright       Commissioners
John Hawthorn
Gilly F. McCrary 

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