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Native American Heritage

We WELCOME your sharing of any information about your ancestors! There were probably many intermarriages that took place, but due to the Georgia Laws regarding Native Americans, the individuals may have faded into the white culture which makes research extremely difficult.
The Muscogee Indians were the first settlers of this section of Georgia. The more common usage of "Creek Indians" derived from the fact that they lived along the Creeks, and the White Man used this term.

Images of 1832 Creek Indian Census. I'm not sure where this was taken -- but most Creek moved Westward out of GA, so their roots would have been in GA.

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Lance Hall's Creek Indian Researcher Page

Comprehensive page by Lance Hall includes census, obituaries, "how to's".

Indian Lands Cessions in Georgia. Covers treaties showing land ceded by the Creeks to federal government and the role that Georgia Governor Troup played.


Native American Census Project Be sure to click the "Read about Native American Enumerations" link at the top.

There is a wealth of information covering many different tribes at the Oklahoma Territory - Indian Territory USGenWeb Project site.

The NARA web site hosts an informative article by Kent Carter, Director of National Archives-Fort Worth Branch, entitled Wantabes and Outalucks: Searching for Indian Ancestors in Federal Records. The article describes federal records of Native Americans and their value for genealogy.

Local NARA facilities might hold area specific records:

The Department of the Interior (DOI) has a page of helps for genealogical research:

A DOI pdf file listing contact information for tribal leaders:


Here are some excellent pages to help you on your search.

Lower Creek Towns Settlements were spread along the watercourses of the Chattahoochee, Apalachicola, Flint, and Ochlockonee rivers.

Carol Middleton's AMONG THE CREEK or Text Format

Combines documents and stories to provide a living picture!
Excellent Links


Creek History

Bibliography on Creek Indians

Muscogee Creek Nation of Today

Muscogee-A Study of the Creek Indians. Four pages covering many topics.

Native American page

Native American Resource Center Native American Resource Center Type in your surnames.

Northern Georgia Cherokee information.

Site dedicated to helping researchers with "mixed blood" find their roots.

White Men with Indian Families White men living in the Cherokee Indian Nation East. While this does not directly pertain to Muscogee County residents, it may be useful.

Rootsweb Native American Data Search site If you suspect your ancestors were Native American you check out this site.

Southeastern Indian History Many links to Southeastern Indian history and maps.

Creek Nation Census Rolls This contains a list of the Creek Nation Census rolls.

The Genealogy Forum: Native American Resource Center: Creek Roll

More Native American Links

Letter and reports regarding the 1857 Old Settlers Roll and the 1857 Creek Payroll

African - Native American Heritage

The African-Native American History

See especially Creek and Seminole Freedmen Resources

Black-Indian Genealogy

If you find dead links, please let me know: Virginia Crilley.

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