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Revolutionary War in Georgia

Taylor County Revolutionary Soldiers

Daniel Whatley
Reuben Windham

Early Georgia Militia

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On-Line Alphabetical listing of Rev War Veterans
who drew in 1820, 1827, 1832 lotteries. (Adobe Reader Viewer needed)

Georgia Vault digital documents. issued to Rev Veterans. Good description of military ranks and acreage they qualified for.

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Revolutionary War records for the soldiers who served in the Georgia Militia transcription of the Compiled Service Records of Revolutionary War Soldiers Who Served in the American Army in Georgia Military Operations 1775-1783--National Archives Microfilm M105

Revolutionary War Participants in the 1840 Federal Census for Georgia

These are arranged by County. Remember that Taylor County wasn't formed until 1852, so you need to look in the "older" county.

Daniel Whatley
Birth: Dec. 25, 1744 Culpeper County Virginia, USA
Death: Sep. 28, 1857 Taylor Co Georgia, USA Inscription: Aged 112 yrs. 9 mo. & 3 days

Daniel was the son of Michael Whatley and Catherine Kiddy Bird. He was born Dec. 25, 1744 in Culpepper, VA, and died Sept. 28, 1857; resided in Orange Co, NC 1779. Served as Rev. soldier, private, Capt. Trousdale's, Col. O'Neal's Regiment. He also served as a soldier of 1812.
Moved to Georgia in 1785; to Houston Co, in 1834; to Macon Co. in 1839; applied for pension 1847 while a resident of Talbot Co, GA.
(Grave in Taylor Co. marked.) Tracer March 2014. Note: Marker only he is not buried here. New Hope Cemetery (not Heritage Baptist Church Cemetery) Reynolds.
From ROSTER OF REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS IN GEORGIA, VOL. I, GA Society D.A.R., Atlanta, GA, 1941, compiled by Mrs. Howard H. McCall, State Regent, GA DAR 1916-1918.
(One source shows him dying at age 104; another at age 113.) The Georgia Journal & Messenger, Macon Wed Oct 14, 1857
Died in Taylor County on the 20th September, Mr. Daniel Whatley, aged nearly 114 years. Mr. Whatley retained his mental faculties and considerable degree of bodily activity till the close of his life. He was probably at the time of his decease, the oldest inhabitant of the state.

The Butler Herald March 25, 1937
Around the Circle by Eugene Anderson
When is a Man Really Old?

In the old Newsome cemetery in Taylor county is a grave with a monument to Daniel Whatley. The inscription says he died at 112 years, nine months and three days.

His former acquaintances say he would not have died so early but for an accident. He ate some peas that were not well cooked, and he died within a few hours from the effects of indigestion, plainly an accident.

At 90 Mr. Whatley is said to have seen his son riding a fiery horse, "I can jump him", said the nonagenarian. This meant he could run up behind the horse, plant his hands on the hips and rise to the middle of the animal's back. He did.

On the day of his death he had been riding until mid afternoon, and when he went home all the members of the family were gone fishing. He went in and tried to prepare some food for he was hungry. He dearly lived field peas, and he cooked some; but bein better at other things than at cooking, he did not know when the peas were "done", so he took them off the fire too soon. After eating them with many other things along with them, he soon began to suffer discomfort, and a little later the physicians were there trying to save his life. He died that night.

Digital image of Butler Herald
page 3 March 25, 1937

Reuben Windham

Mentioned in a couple of books. Lamar Knight, Georgia's Landmarks, Memorials and Legends pg 948 image 1017 "Patriots of the Revolution".

Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia
By Howard H. McCall, Ettie Tidwell McCall
The graves of the following Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia have been located by the Georgia Society of Daughters of the American Revolution. (Alphabetical Listing)

Reuben Windham page 9

From ROSTER OF REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS IN GEORGIA, VOL. I, GA Society D.A.R., Atlanta, GA, 1941, compiled by Mrs. Howard H. McCall, State Regent, GA DAR 1916-1918.
Google book edition

Published Books

Index to Compiled Service Records of Revolutionary War Soldiers Who Served in the American Army in Georgia Military Operations 1775-1783. Source: National Archives Microfilm M1051
  • Look-up:GEORGIA'S ROSTER OF THE REVOLUTION, Lucian Lamar Knight. First printed in Atlanta, 1920 [this is a reprint w/new material in 1997 by Southern Historical Press].
    Digital google Books
  • A partial list of some members of the Patriots' Liberty Club organized in Savannah

    Revolutionary Records of the State of Georgia, by Allen D. Candler. (3 vols., Atlanta, 1908), II, 667.

    "Final Revolutionary War Pension Payment Vouchers: Georgia".
    NARA (National Archives) Publication M1746
    This publication was funded by The R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation, and copies of the film were distributed by the Foundation to select libraries.

    It is an alphabetical list of all Pensioners, or their heirs, residing in the State of Georgia when Final Payments of pensions were made.
    It names the Spouse, Pension Act applicable, amount of pension, Military Service, County of residence, Previous counties of residence, Final Payment Amount, Date Paid, and Miscellaneous Information such as name of Attorney. Many of the Pensioners were from other states, but lived in Georgia at their death.

    A typical entry: Pensioner: Anna Pettit-deceased 6 Sep 1845. Spouse Henry Pettit. Act 1843 & 1844. $43.33/year from 4 Mar 1843 to 6 Sep 1845. Service: Private, South Carolina Line. County of Residence: Gilmer. Previous: Rutherford District, SC. Date of Final Payment: 4 Mar 1843 - 4 Sep 1845. Amount: $108.56. Date Paid: 17 Sep 1847. Miscellaneous Information: Attorney William Morel. Paid to Administrator John Pettit, and surviving children of Anna & Henry Pettit: Sarah Toney, Henry Pettit, Mary Ann Pool, Rebecca Street, Elizabeth Mooney, Hannah McDaniel and Susan Walker.

    All entries are not as complete as the sample shown above. Some payments were entered for residents of bordering counties of AL, SC, & TN.

    Review by : Frank P. Hudson

    "Georgia Revolutionary War Soldiers' Graves", by H. Ross Arnold, Jr. & H.Clifton Burnham.

    This 2 vol.compilation, published with the aid of a grant from The R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation, Sons of the American Revolution, and others, is organized alphabetically, by counties. The Patriots named are also alphabetical within the counties.

    Unfortunately, there are numerous errors, principally from old published sources wherein credit for Revolutionary service was recorded in error due to misunderstanding of records for citizens' and bounty land grants.
    Review by : Frank P. Hudson

    History of the Georgia Militia
    Purchase from Boyd Publishing

    Smith, Gordon Burns. History of the Georgia Militia, 1783-1861

    Volume 1, Campaigns and Generals. Milledgeville, GA: Boyd, 2000. ISBN: 1-890307-32-7.
    Volume 2, Counties and Commanders, Part One. Milledgeville, GA: Boyd, 2000. ISBN: 1-890307-33-5.
    Volume 3, Counties and Commanders, Part Two. Milledgeville, GA: Boyd, 2000. ISBN: 1-890307-34-3.
    Volume 4, The Companies. Milledgeville, GA: Boyd, 2000. ISBN: 1-890307-35-1.

    Compiled by Alex Hitz by Authority of Ben W. Fortson, Jr., Secretary of State of George, Atlanta, 1966, private collection.

    compiled by Lucy Kate McGhee, Washington, D.C. private collection

    Chapter Regent Project Daughters of the American Revolution, Etowah Chapter, Cartersville, Georgia. private collection

    in three volumes, Mrs.Howard H. McCall.Vol. 3, (1969), reprinted in 1996, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore, purchased from Genealogy Books, $38.00.

    North Carolina in the Revolutionary War
    Abstract of the Army Accounts of the North Carolina Line

    Col. Elbert's Letter Heralds Victory at St. Simons 1778

    Rebels: Traitors to the Crown; Heroes to Georgia

    Letter from Stephen Moore and John Barnwell to General N. Greene
    List of prisoners taken by the British exchanged at Charles Town in 1781. Nathaniel Greene, a famous General for the American side, took up residency in Georgia on a plantation the state gave him after the war.

    Was your Ancestor a Loyalist? "Loyalists of the American Revolution" Lorenzo Sabine Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Co.,Ltd.-1979.

    Loyalists: Heroes to the Crown; Traitors to Georgia


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