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Taylor County Bibles in Archives
GA Bible Records. These they might not have known the county.

John Henry Adams Bible

Brewer Family Bible related names - Brewer, Wilchar, Brady, Dennard. Transcribed by Millie Stewart

Caldwell Family Bible-related names-Warren, Huff, Glover

Cannon -related names - Amerson, Hammack, Duvall

Funderburke Biblecontributed by Lynda Livingston Walden

Humphries Family Bible Thomas D. Humphries, Newsome, Carter families

Jinks-Streetman Family Bible

Jinks-McKown Family Bible


Jones, Alexander-related names-Montgomery, Parrish

Littleberry - Lucas, Littleberry Bible

Lucas-Wright Family Bible

McCants, Andrew J. Family Bible John Adams

McCants, Jeremiah Crealman Bible John Adams

McDaniel Family Bible related names - Hill, Cooper, Ruffin. Transcribed by Lisa Windham.

Montgomery Family

Pope Family Pope, Beeland, Adams

Rhodes - related names-Willis, Whately, Williams, Wall, and Williamson

Rhodes-Thornton Bible

Ruffin - related names -Averett, Jinks, Layfield, Humphries, Parker, Salter

Shehee, Daniel Family Bible by Dan Shehee

Shepherd Family

George M. Smith Bible

Linnie Ann Margarett Willis Smith Bible

Jinks Family Bible

[Children of Willis and Nicey Martin Jinks]

John Fortt [Floyd] Jinks was born 17th January 1834

Elizabeth Jinks was born 12 February 1837

Mary Jinks was born 1 January 1839

Toliver Lafayet Jinks was born the 9th November in the year of our Lord 1843

William Henry Jinks was born 18th July 1848

Winnie Virginia Jinks was bornd June the 27, 1852

Mary Ella  was bornd October 23, 1857

Laura Ella Thomas Averett was bornd May the 20th, 1858
Drewery Lafayett Avrett was bornd July 27, 1860

Elbert Lemuel Streetman was bornd January the 2, 1869
[The first two are  children of Mary Jinks who married Drewery Averett, who 
was killed in the Confed Army. Mary "Polly" then married Lemenual M. 
Streetman and Elbert Lemenuel is their child. There were several other 
children born after Elbert, but they are not included on these pages]

On the back cover is lightly written:
L. M. Streetman
E.L. Streetman

Shepherd Family Bible

 Contributed by: Lucretia Ann Goodson Harrison


William F. Shepherd
Born October 14th AD 1842

Martha* A.L. Bruce
Born Feb. 23th A.D.1843

Nancy Ellen Lucretia Shepherd
Born May 3rd AD 1867

Susan Eldora Lilian* Shepherd
Born March 3rd AD 1871

Mary Elizabeth Buelah* Shepherd
Born May 30th AD 1872

Franklin Bruce Shepherd
Born July 16th AD 1874

Mathew* Ralph Shepherd
Borned, July, 30 AD 1876

(column 2)
Oscar Walton
Son of O.T. and
S.E.L. Landrum
born Oct. 1, 1890
at 3:50 oclock P.M.

Infant son
of J. Earl and M.E.B.Richardson.
Born Aug. 30 1897 at 5:00 AM.

Buelah Lois Richardson
born Aug. 30, 1908 3 oclock AM

Leitha James Richardson
born April 6, 1910 2:30 oclock PM

Lillie May McCormick
May 7, 1888

Vivian Bernice
daughter of M. R. and
Lillie May Shepherd
born February 7, 1920

** Vera Barbara
September 29, 1922

** Lois Irene
May 31 1924

(column 2)
Wm. F. Shepherd Sr.
born February 26, 1807

Nancy "Davis" Shepherd
born June 14, 1812

*** Wm.. F. Shepherd Jr.
 born October 14, 1842

*** Wiley Judson Shepherd
 born December 5, 1833

*** Mary Shepherd
born December 15, 1835

*** Nancy C. Shepherd
born December 6 1837

*** Missouri Shepherd
February 3 1846

 *** Elizabeth Shepherd
 born July 19 1847

** Also the daughter of  M. R. and Lillie May Shepherd

*** Child of  Wm. F. Shepherd, Sr. & Nancy "Davis" Shepherd


William F. Shepherd
Martha* A.L. Bruce
Married June 21st 1866
in Macon County Ga
By Rev. A. Pilkinton

O.T. Landrum
S.E.L. Shepherd
Married Dec. 25 1887
in Suwannee Co. Fla
By D.M. Puterbaugh.

(column 2)

James Earl Richardson
Mary E.B. Shepherd
Married Nov. 24 1895
in High Springs, Fla
Baptist Church
by Rev. G.S. Geiger*

Matthew* Ralph Shepherd
Lillie May McCormick
March 22 1914
by Rev._______



Franklin Bruce Shepherd
departed this life July 18th 1874

Nancy Ellen Lucretia Shepherd
departed this life Sep 17, 1874

Oscar Walton Son of
O.T and S.E.L. Landrum
Died Oct **1890 at 3:50 P.M.

S.E.L. Landrum daughter
of W.F. and M.A. Shepherd
departed this life Oct. 6 AD 1890
at 11:45 AM

Infant son of
J.E. and M.E.B. Richardson
died Aug 30, 1897 A.M.

(column 2)
Martha* A.L. Shepherd
departed this life Oct 8 1902
   at 3 oclock A.M.

William F. Shepherd
   departed this life
Nov. 8 1908 at 9 oclock P.M.

*NOTE:  Any discrepancies in spelling of names is the result of exact
transcription. In some instances the same individual's name is spelled
differently on another page.

**No day is entered. It is believed the day is either the 5th or the
6th. Per oral tradition mother & child died with hours of each other.

***It isn't clear if this name was meant to be entered as a name for the
Richardson baby that follows but, the belief is that the name appears
here in error. It appears lighter & was possibly an inadvertent error
made when S.E.L & son's dates were entered. It appears that the writer
may have forgotten that Oscar Walton was already entered & after
entering his mother, the writer started to enter him again.

Rhodes-Thornton Bible

Contributed by:
Gail Hopkins 

Emily Thornton Rhodes. Bible published in 1900.

  Emily Thornton daughter of Samuel I. Thornton & Hester Raynor
Samuel I. Thornton buried next to Harper House Bentonville

Emily Thornton m. William Henry Rhodes. Bible given to Mary Mae Rhodes m. Jessie James Talton, Bible
then given to grandaughter Gail Sasser Hopkins , daughter of Alice
Millie Talton m. Lewis Sasser.

William Henry Rhodes              b Sept 8 1861

Emily Millia Thornton               b. May 14 1862

Henry Whitfield Rhodes           b. Jan 5 1883
Dook Atlas Rhodes                 b. Aug 27 1884
Anna Hester Rhodes               b. Oct 10 1886
Emily Florence Rhodes            b. Feb 14 1889
Lela Lelon Rhodes                  b. July 11 1892
William Charle Rhodes             b. May 1 1895
Maggie Bell Rhodes                b. Sept 28 1897
Samuel Warden Rhodes          b. Sept 4 1902
Millia Pearl Rhodes                 b. Jan 8 1906


William Henry Rhodes               d. Jan 8 1933       Wayne co NC

Emily Millia Thornton Rhodes     d.  Aug 18 1926    Wayne co NC

deceased children:
Maggie Bell Rhodes                  d. July 15 1899
Emily Florence Rhodes Mitchell   d.  Dec 7 1955
Henry Whitfield Rhodes            d.  Jan 5 1954
Dook Atlas Rhodes                  d.  May 28 1962    Wayne co NC
Anna Hester Rhodes Hill           d.  Oct 10 1969     Wayne co NC
Lela Leon Rhodes Mitchell        d.  Jan 1969          Wayne co NC
Millia Pearl Rhodes Bridgers      d.  Sept 7 1977      Wayne co NC
William Charlie Rhodes            d.  Dec 3 1976
Mary Mae Rhodes Talton         d.  Oct 5 1980        Wayne co NC

Children of Mary Mae Rhodes & Jessie James Talton
Kathleen Talton
Alice Talton
Eugene Talton
Hoover Talton
James Bell Talton
Vernon Talton
Donald Talton
Besty Grace Talton
   This is all the information that I have except marriage info on these
children , my E Mail Address is:  Thank you  Gail

Littleberry Lucas Bible

 Contributed by John Adams:

Historical Collections of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Volume
IV, Old Bible Records and Land Lotteries. 1932 (No Copyright)
LITTLEBERRY LUCAS BIBLE owned by Mrs. Whit Taylor, Hawkinsville, Ga. in 1932

Littleberry Lucas, b. November 3, 1780, Brunswick Co., Va. m. Peggy Rosseau;
came to Monroe Co., Ga.
Cincinnatus M. Lucas, b. August 3, 1812, d October _ 1885, m. June 5, 1834,
Pamelia Early Smith (daughter of John Smith and Celia Lester) b August 23,
1817 d. October 30, 1859; m. 2nd November _, 1871 Caroline Shine.
Malvinia Isadore Lucas b. August 5, 1833 d. December 24, 1880 m. January 17,
1855 James M. Brown.
James Turner Lucas b. October 10, 1840 d. 192_ (Confederate Soldier) m.
December _, 1866 Saluda Hicks.
Littleberry Lucas b. March 17, 1847 d. 191_ (Confederate Soldier) m. 1st.
Susan Shine m. 2nd Louie Pyron, Griffin, Ga.
Cincinnatus M. Lucas, Jr. b. September 7, 1849 d. July_, 1926 m. Martha
Dugger, daughter of Monroe and Ann Dugger, formerly of Virginia
Celia Smith Lucas b. July 3, 1852 m. May _, 1870 Francis H. Bozeman
Smitha Pamelia Lucas b. February 24, 1855 m. March 30, 1886 Matthew Whitmill

Births: Children of Cincinnatus M. Lucas and Pamelia E. Smith.
Malvina Isadore Lucas August 5, 1833
Francis Little Lucas March 31, 1837
Littleberry E. W. Lucas November_, 1838
James Turner Lucas October 10, 1840
Marcus De Lafayette Lucas December 30, 1844
Littleberry Lucas March 17, 1847
Cincinnatus M. Lucas September 7, 1849
Celia Smith Lucas July 3, 1852
Lovic Pierce Lucas October 10, 1842
Smitha Pamelia Lucas February 24, 1855
George Rosseau Lucas 1872 son of C. M. & Caroline Shine Lucas.

Francis Little Lucas February 26, 1838
Littleberry E. W. Lucas July 24, 1842
Lovic Pierce Lucas October 27, 1863 Confederate Soldier died in service.
Marcus De Lafayette Lucas January 10, 1865 Alexanderia, La. Confederate
Celia Lucas Bozeman November 1, 1926

James Turner Lucas

LUCAS Bible  (James Turner LUCAS, Saluda HICKS)
Copied from Bible in possession of David D. Moncrief II of
Leesburg, GA

James Wright was born July (?) 8th, 1829
------- Wright was born May 25, 1829
Sarah E. Wright was born Dec. 2, 1830
Martha Gordon Wright was born July 19th, 1832
Martha Gordon Wright was born August 31, 1833
Cefolee(?) Jefferson Wright was born March 7, 1836
Richard Franklin Wright was born Jan 30, 1838
Laura Coleman Wright was born Jan 9, 1841
Lewis Henry Hicks was born June 21, 1852
Mary Elizabeth Hicks was born August 29, 1859
James Turner Lucas was born October 10, 1839
Saluda Hicks was born Jan 12, 1849
Saluda Hicks was married Dec 18, 1866
Lewis Marion Lucas was born Jan 2, 1868
M.(Mary?) Permelia Lucas was born Dec 6, 1870
James Henry (or Hamp) Lucas was born March 10, 1873
Eva Clyde Lucas was born September 3, 1875
Laurence Beall Lucas was born November 20th, 1877
Bessie E. Lucas was born September 2, 1880
Catherine Iola Lucas was born November 18th, 1882
Ray Lucas was born October 22, 1885
Katie L. Lucas was born July 13th, 1888
Ida W. Lucas was born May 15, 1892
Adiel Edwin Moncrief was born August 5th, 1901
Ilah Lucile Moncrief was born August 16th, 1906

Franklin Hicks died October 17th, 1915
Lewis F. Hicks died Dec 2, 1880
Mr. James H. Wright departed this life on the 20th of April, 1847
Martha C. Wright died Dec 23rd, 1833-34
Cefolee Jefferson Wright died 1837
Mary Ann Hicks departed this life Feb. 20th, 1865
Oscar Hicks departed this life the 6th of April, 1865
Katie Lucas died August 23rd, 1883 (or 1885)
Saluda Hicks Lucas departed this life April 20th, 1917
Lewis M. Lucas died August 25, 1949
Emmanual Duggar died April 30th, 1919

O.Ray Lucas was married Nov 12th, 1915
Mary Ann Hicks was married Aug 1, 1847 *

*(Note MJB: This was date Mary Ann WRIGHT married Lewis F. HICKS, in
Crawford Co. GA.)
Note:  This Bible was much worn, and was falling apart, but at some
time was rebound.  Records seem to have been sporadically kept, with
very few marriages recorded, and these not always in their appropriate
section..Newspaper obituaries have been kept between some of the
family record pages, adding to the problem of yellowing and fading.

 We have always referred to this as the Lucas Bible, but the earliest
entries were for a Wright family. These are in a different hand, and
are quite faded. At present I am assuming that these were the kin of
Saluda Hicks, who married James Turner Lucas. Saluda was the daughter
of Lewis F. Hicks and his 2nd (or 3rd) wife Mary Ann Wright.  The
death of Mary Ann HICKS is recorded as Feb 20th, 1865.  If this is the
mother of Saluda Hicks, then she died a year before Saluda’s marriage.
"Margaret Bland" 

Humphries Family Bible

Effa Ann Carter, daughter of James B and Alia Carter was born May 1, 1831

Thomas Humphries son of John and Eliza Humphries was born February 28, 1822

Dubose Humphries son of Thomas and Effa A. Humphries was born September 6, 1852

Bascom Humphries son of Thos and Effa A Humphries was born April 27, 1854

Frances Fokes daughters of Thos & Effa A. Humphries was born January 4, 1856

John Humphries son of Thomas & Effa E F Humphries was born July 1, 1858

Peter Secar son of Thomas & Effa F. Humphries was born May 18, 1860

Martha Bartow Daughter of Thomas & E.F. Humphries was born Augsut 28, 1862

Effa Humphries daughter of T.D. & E.F. Humphries wa born march 25, 1865.

Thomas John Humphrey son of Thomas & E.F. Humphries was born August 16, 1867

Thomas Humphries and Effa Ann Carter were married December 21, 1851

Gideon Newsom was born January 5, 1795
Died July 13, 1864  aged 69 yrs 6 months 8 days

Martha Newsom was born Nov 14, 1798
Died Nov 14, `1864  Age 66 years

John Humphries was born July 1, 1858
Died Nov 1, 1864  6 years 4 months

William Ellis Mitchell was 60 yrs
Dies May 24, 1897

Francis Folk Humphries Mitchell was born January 4, 1856
Dies April 8, 1917    age 62 yrs 3 mon 4 days

Jinks-McKown Bible

H.T. Jinks died April 26 - 1921

John H. McKown died april 6, 1917

Carrie Jinks Died Jan 17, 1902

Hattie McKown Boyd died  [no date given]

Nannie B McKown was Born Sep 26 - 1896
died June 20 - 1943

Note: Nannie Belle Jinks (who was born in 1892)
was daughter of Henry T. Jinks, and married to my paternal grandfather, John Henry McKown. Other siblings included: Woodrow Wilson Jinks
Henry Thomas Jinks.  H.T.'s wife, Carrie, and also his 2nd wife, Rosa, are buried in Rice Cemetery, Navarro County, TX.
Researcher: Mary de Jong


(owned by Lynda Livingston Walden, granddaughter of Charlie Lee Funderburke and Mary Belle Parker Funderburke);




John Henry Grace born January 26, 1825; died October 12 1863


Emaline Ann Pope born May 7, 1831; died April 17, 1863


Margaret Antoinette(Nettie) Grace born July 19, 1853;

Margaret Antoinette(Nettie) Grace Funderburk died August 14, 1915

(first daughter of John H. & E.A. Grace)


Anna (or Hanna)Jones Grace born July 15, 1855; died November 16, 1856

(the second daughter of J.H. and E.A. Grace)


Julia Gertrude Grace born July 15, 1859; Julia Gertrude Grace McCrary died September 26, 1886


William W. Pope born November 12, 1829; died October 3, 1863


Adaline E. Pope born November 25, 1833


Cullen A.J. Pope born March 7, 1834


William Henry Heath born March 1874


Addie L. Heath  born February 18, 1876


Eddie Heath born December 14, 1877.


James H. Funderburk born June 17, 1846; died June 10, 1914


Roy Jackson Funderburk born August 28, 1883; died October 21, 1925

(son of Nettie and James H. Funderburk)


James Newnon Funderburk born September 16, 1885

(son of J.H. & Nettie Funderburk)


Thomas Franklin born June 24, 1888; died August 29, 1914

(son of J.H. & Nettie Funderburk)


Charlie Lee Funderburk born August 19, 1892;died February 4, 1955

(son of J.H. & Nettie Funderburk)








Agnes Lee Funderburk born November 29, 1918 in Taylor County, Georgia;died March 27, 1977 in Muscogee County, Ga.

(daughter of Charlie Lee & Mary B. Funderburk)


Dorothy May Funderburk born October 6, 1923 in Taylor County, Georgia;

 died July 17, 1987 in Muscogee County Georgia

(daughter of Charlie Lee & Mary B. Funderburk)


Barbara Ann Funderburke born February 16, 1934; died February 16,1934

(daughter of Charlie Lee & Mamie Funderburke)


Charlie Lee Funderburke, Jr. born May 14, 1937 in Talbot County, Georgia

(son of Charlie Lee & Mamie Funderburke)


James Allen Funderburke born March 25, 1944 in Talbot County, Georgia;

died September 23, 1991 in Russell County, Alabama

(son of Charlie Lee & Mamie Funderburke)


Jeffrey Allen Funderburke born September 1959 in Randolph County, Georgia

(son of Charlie Lee Funderburke, Jr. & Allene Herndon Funderburke)


Charles Slayton Funderburke born November 1, 1961 in Randolph County, Georgia

(son of Charlie Lee Funderburke, Jr. & Allene Herndon Funderburke)





John H. Grace married Emaline A. Pope on September 12, 1852 by Reverend Sanders W. Durham


John H. Heath married  Margaret Antoinette(Nettie) Grace May 29, 1873


James H. Funderburk married Nettie Grace Heath September 21, 1882


R. J. Funderburk married Corene Mosley April 6, 1905


C.L. Funderburk married Mary B. Parker April 12, 1914


C.L. Funderburk married Mamie Jewel Parker May 4, 1924




Dorothy M. Funderburke married Willis F. Livingston January 12, 1942 in Russell County, Alabama

(divorced October 1964)


William Kirby Smith married Agnes Lee Funderburke July 3, 1944 in Talbot County,

Georgia by Reverend Weyman Cleveland


Charles L. Funderburke, Jr.  married Allene Herndon in 1955


James Allen Funderburke married Gloria Lindsey June 1965 in Phenix City, Russell County, Alabama





E.A. Grace died April 17, 1863


John H. Grace died October 12 1863


Julia Gertrude Grace McCrary died September 26, 1886


J.H. Funderburk died June 10, 1914


Frank Funderburk died August 29, 1914


Nettie Funderburk died August 14, 1915


William W. Pope died October 3, 1863


Liser? Pope died August 1, 1861


Britton Pope died January   2, 1858


Mrs. Margaret Pope died March 5, 1876


John H. Heath died August 10, 1880


Corene Funderburk died February 19, 1906


Ernest Whittle died May 1, 1913


Guss Funderburk died March 29, 1918





Mary Belle Parker Funderburke died November 21, 1923

(buried Campground Methodist Cemetery in Taylor County, Ga.)


Roy Jackson Funderburke died October 21, 1925


C.L. Funderburke, Sr.  died February 4, 1955

(buried in Campground Methodist Cemetery in Taylor County, Ga.)


Mamie Parker Funderburke died November 28, 1959

(buried in Campground Methodist Cemetery in Taylor County, Ga.)


Barbara Ann Funderburke died February 16, 1934

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