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Best source for historical materials--monthly 40 pg newsletter published by Taylor County Historical-Genealogical Society.
Details on subscribing.


Memoirs of GA,1895Vol I:Military History
Industrial Resources
Vol II:Medical Resources
Bench & Bar
Vol II: p. 862-868 Bios of Taylor County.
J.B. Barefield
John A. Cameron
Wm H. Fickling
Frank Glover
Jonathan J. M"Cauts
Joel E. Montfort
Hugh Neisler
JJ Ruffin
Thomas L. Waters
Adams, John and JaniceBethel Primitive Baptist Church, Taylor Co, GA 1838-1938
Chronicles of Southern Heritage, Inc,1996.
Abstraction of Minutes of church, including baptisms, deacon and Ministerial ordinations, 130 obituaries, biographies of Confederate soldiers.
Adams, John and Janice
$38 - P.O.Box 5059
Warner Robins, GA 31099
Minutes of Bethel Primitive Baptist Church 15 June 1838-1 April 1854)
Sesquicentennial Crowell United Methodist ChurchHomecoming Celebration October 7, 197913 pages
Rev. Harold LawrenceMethodist Preachers in Georgia 1783-1900 Index and brief bio of all Methodist clergy.
Gibbs Memorial Baptist Church (Bostwick, GA)Church Records (1902-1961)Microfilm-Historical Commission, Southern Bapt., Nashville.
Membership records,business mtgs, histories, directories.
Minutes of the United Freewill Baptist Church of Christ at New Prospect (1878-1939)Barbara Paker Hartley, 1996Church minutes
A History of the Butler Baptist Church1975Church History
Lebanon Baptist Church(Taylor Co)Lebanon Baptist, 75 yrs service. 1978History of church 1903-1978
Childs, EssieThey Tarried in Taylor.
Cen GA Gen Society, 1992.
Available for purchase.
Cen. GA Gen. Soc.
P.O. Box 2024
Warner Robins, GA 31099-2024
$29 +$1.50 + 5% sales Tax (GA Res)
Census 1860,1870,1880, 1900.(Indicates family relationships)
Excellent history of county
Inferior Court Minutes(1852-1868)
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church (1829-1872)
Bethel Baptist Church(1828-1850)
Bethel Primitve Baptist Church,1838-1880
John Childs family
Central Georgia Genealogical SocietyThe Books of Taylor Co (CD-rom)
$10.00 plus $2.00 for shipping
Box 2024, Warner Robins, Ga 31099
They Tarried in Taylor
Cemeteries of Taylor
Butler Herald Abstracts 2 vol
Cemeteries of Taylor County
Cen GA Gen Soc.1990.
Available for purchase
Indexed.55 cemeteries included.
McGuffin, Essie Jones ChildsA Guide to Taylor Co. Cemeteries ca 1970 (Mrs. Lila Rogers Wainwright)
Wainwright, Mrs. C.G.
Cemetery Records of Taylor Co,GATyped, unpublished record
History of The Butler Herald
Lookup:Corinna -
The Butler Herald. P.O. Box 550, Butler, Ga. 31006-0550. Tel. 478-862-5101 (oversize book) $10.00 plus postage & handling $5.00 100th birthday of The Butler Herald (1977); history of Taylor Co.
History of Reynolds, GAReynolds Woman's Club,1976
Available: The City of Reynolds; P. O. Box 386;Reynolds, GA 31076. $6.00 plus .50 for postage.
103 pages
Windham, Marilyn NeislerMarriages, deaths, etc from The Butler Herald, 1876-1896
Cen GA Gen Soc.
Available for purchase.
Indexed. Factual data plus interesting tidbits of visitors, legal notices, grand jurors.
Windham, Marilyn NeislerMarriages, deaths, etc from The Butler Herald, 1897-1910
Cen GA Gen Soc.
$31.80 + 6% GA Sales Tax (when applicable) +$3.00 shipping. Available from Central GA Genealogical Society
Fears, Mary L. JacksonSlave ancestral research : it's something else
Bowie, Md. : Heritage Books ; Daytona Beach, Fla. ; 1995.
xv, 268 p. : ill., map ; 28 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 259-263) and index.
Fears, Mary L. JacksonSlave ancestral research in seven steps within the Jackson-Moore family history and genealogy : with related families Anderson, Ball, Bedgood, Brown, Cheatham, Denman, Ewing, Fears, Goins, Gray, Harrell, Holton, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, McCants, McCrary, Mansfield, Ray, Roberson/Robinson, Scott, Turner, Williams Bowie, Md. : Heritage Books ; Daytona Beach, Fla. ; 1996.
435 p. : ill. Includes bibliographical references and index.
History of the Baptist Denomination in Georgia with Biographical Compendium and Portrait Gallery of Baptist Ministers and Georgia Baptists compiled for the Christian Index
This book contains several hundred biographical descriptions that usually give birth and death dates, placenames, parents, wives and number of children, physical descriptions and an etching type portrait.
Lookup: E. F. Beckemeyer
Bloodworth,Avoline Murder at County LineMurder of Howard Underwood from Pottersville -1923 (published 1985)
More Info
Williams,E.M. "Jack" Shadows:History of Williams-Veasey FamilyIncludes Rhodes, Mott, Theus, Walker, Whatley, Amerson. $25 postage prepaid; checks to: P. O. Box 393 Chiefland, Fl 32644 Ph 352-493-4558
Mangham, Dana M."Oh, For a Touch of the Vanished Hand": Discovering a Southern Family and the Civil War More Information


Taylor County in The Olden TimesThe Butler HeraldWeekly column. Exerpts from 1877-continuing.
Obituaries from The Butler HeraldTaylor County Tracer
Obituaries from The Gospel MessengerTaylor County Tracer
Administrator/Guardian Bonds v.A (1852-1915)Cen GA Gen Soc
(Vol 18, No 2, 3,4)
Name of deceased, Admin, Security, Guard, dt/$ Bond.
Index/Admin/Guard by pg#
Census-A Short HistoryCen GA Gen Soc
(Vol 16, No.4)
Helpful info on GA Census
Fractional Land Grants
1821 Land Lottery
Cen GA Gen Soc
(Vol 17, No 1)
Fractional lots (not in Lottery) were sold.
Old Agency Reserve on Flint River Cen GA Gen Soc
(Vol 17 #3)
Lots sold/granted

LDS Family History Books on-Line
Go to the web site of the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU, then on the home page, from the list of collections that are displayed, follow the links:
Find Other Materials;
On Line Collections at BYU;
Text Collections tab;
Family History Archive,


"Colonial Georgia Marriage Records from 1760 - 1810"
by Frances T. Ingmire.Lookups: Donna Warlick"

The Georgia Black Book: Morbid, Macabre, & sometimes disgusting records of genealogical value.

It is research based on court rulings, prison records, insane asylum records and various other crimes and felons. Volume II has: Genealogical sources relating to felons, felony victoms, etcs Divorces in Acts of the legislature (1793-1868) Names changed in legislative acts of the legislature 1800-1856 Ga defaulters of the federal direct tax of 1812 Ga widows and orphans of war of 1812 Ga state insane asylum inmates 1842-1853 Ga civil war depredations and state troops' courts-martial Artificial limbs for ga veterans 1866-1867 reports of racial violence 1868-1871 Widows and orphans of the civil war and the Ga masonic orphans home lottery, 1870-1876 some names in State prisoner redcords 1877-1886 1880 census of the GA insane asylum Pardon & parole files 1858-1942. This book is really a source on where to look for records - it does not contain the records themselves for the most parts. Some are detailed, most are just indexes to the records that they are discussing. So if you found your ancestors name in the prisoner records section, for instance, it would tell you where to go to find the records, but no details about what they contain. There is a short summary at the beginning of each section as to what types of info you could expect to find. Sharon Garner"
Helpful to Taylor County Research
The History of Randolph County, GA. Vol. II.
Many references to Taylor County.  The
families listed: Allen, Allison, Ansley, Anthony, Arnold, Arthur, Aycock,
Bailey, Baldwin, Balkcom, Ball, Barge, Barnes, Bass, Berryman, Binion,
Blackburn, Bogle, Boyett, Bridges, Brown, Brumbelow, Bryant, Buchanan,
Bullock, Burgin, Bynum, Chambliss, Cheney, Cherry, Clark, Cobb, Coffin,
Coleman, Coram, Culbreth, Curry, Daniel, Davis, Dixson, Domingos, Donald,
Dubose, Eaton, Faircloth, Fellows, Ferguson, Fowler, Freeman, Fulford,
Gadson, Gilbert, Gleaton, Henderson, Hill, Holman, Ivey, Jackson, James,
Jarman, Jenkins, Knighton, Lanier, Lay, Long,Lovett, McCrary, McDonald,
McKinnon, Moore, Morgan, Moye, Nichols, Oliver, Orr, Palmer, Patterson,
Pritchett, Proctor, Puckett, Ragan, Recore, Rice, Rooks, Sampson, Stevens,
Strozier, Swann, Taylor, Thames, Thompson, Thornton, Trippe, Turner, Tyus,
Vickerson, Wall, Ward, Weathers, Weil, West, Whaley, Wilkerson, Williams,
Wilson, Winslow, Wooten, Yeargan, Yelverton.   
Donated to Butler Public library by   Linda Morgan

The Federal Road Through Georgia, the Creek Nation, and Alabama, 1806-1836 by Henry
  Deleon Southerland, Jr. and Jerry Elijah Brown. 

  Georgia Land Surveying History and Law by Farris W. Cadle  There's nothing simple about land
  distribution and surveying in early Georgia.  Farris Cadle tackles the subject and does it well.  This volume should appeal
  to anyone interested  in understanding the intricacies of the system.

  Index to Georgia Colonial Conveyances and Confiscated Lands Records1750-1804 (Colonial
  Records Series No 3) by R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation.  Reprint Co.  June 1981    It's an every name index (grantors,
  grantees, witnesses, neighbors) to Colonial era (and, slightly beyond) deeds in Georgia.  An absolute must for anyone
  with ancestors in Colonial Georgia. 

  The 1833 Land Lottery of Georgia and Other Missing Names of Winners in the Georgia Land
  Lotteries by Robert S. Davis 

  The Cherokee Land Lottery of Georgia by James F. Smith 

  The Second or 1807 Land Lottery of Georgia by Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.

  Reprint of Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia 1827.  Southern Historical Press.  June

  The Georgia Land Lottery Papers, 1805-1914 by Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.  Southern Historical
  Press.  June 1979 

  The Eighteen Thirty-Two Gold Lottery of Georgia by Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.  Southern
  Historical Press.  June 1987. 

  Eighteen Twenty-Seven Land Lottery of Georgia by Martha L. Houston.  Southern Historical
  Press.  Dec. 1986 

  The Fourth or 1821 Land Lottery of Georgia by Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.  Southern Historical
  Press.  June 1986. 


  American Women and the U.S. Armed Forces : A Guide to the Records of Military Agencies
  in the National Archives Relating to American Women by Charlotte Palmer Seeley, Virginia C.
  Purdy, Robert Gruber, Charlotte Palmer Seely.  National Archives and Record Service.  Nov.

  Black History : A Guide to Civilian Records in the National Archives by Debra L. Newman.  
  National Archives Trust Fund Board. July 1984.  

  Guide to Cartographic Records in the National Archives by the National Archives.  Smithsonian
  Institution Press.  May 1971. 

  Guide to the Holdings of the Still Picture Branch of the National Archives by Barbara Lewis
  Burger.   National Archives Trust Fund Board.  Nov. 1991. 

  Guide to the National Archives of the United States by United States National Archives and
  Records Administration.  Smithsonian Institution Press. 1989. 

  A Guide to Pre-Federal Records in the National Archives by Howard H. Wehmann, Benjamin L.
  Dewhitt (compiler).  National Archives Trust Fund Board. 


  Camp Fires of Georgia's Troops, 1861-1865 by William S. Smedlund.  University of Georgia
  Press.  Sept. 1996.

  Charged With Treason : Ordeal of 400 Mill Workers During Military Operations in Roswell,
  Georgia, 1864-1865 by Michael D. Hitt.  Library Research Associates, Inc.  January 1992.   [The story of the "Roswell women".] 

  The Children of Pride/a True Story of Georgia and the Civil War [ABRIDGED] by Robert
  Manson Myers and Charles C. Jones, Jr.  Yale University Press.  1987 

  Georgians in the Revolution : At Kettle Creek (Wilkes Co.) and Burke County Robert S.
  Davis.  Southern Historical Press.  Dec. 1986  

  Joe Brown's Army : The Georgia State Line, 1862-1865 by William Harris Bragg.  Mercer
  University Press.  June 1987. 

  The King's Ranger: Thomas Brown and the American Revolution on the Southern Frontier by
  Edward J. Cashin.  Fordham University Press.  May 1999.

  Principles and Privilege : Two Women's Lives on a Georgia Plantation by Frances A. Kemble,
  Frances A. Butler Leigh.  University of Michigan Press.  April 1995. 

  Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia CD-Rom.  H-Bar Enterprises.  March 1994.


MICROFILM-Washington Memorial Library

Census1860-1880,1900-1920 Soundex
Census-NonpopulationAgricultural 1860-1880
Social Status 1860-1870
Manufactures 1880
Defective, Dependent, Deliquent, 1880
DeedsGrantor-Grantee Index1852-1932
Estate RecordsInventories & Appraisement (indexed) 1852-1952Sales of Estates 1852-1909
MilitiaJoe Brown Census14 Dec 1863
Mortality1860, 1870, 1880Indexed
PostmastersAppointment1852-30 Sept 1971
PensionsConfed Pension Applications
Slave SchedulesNo names. Ages/sex1860
Tax RecordsIRS ListAnnual 1864,1865-1866
Monthly/Special Aug 1865-Dec 1866
Voter ListsReconstruction Act1867

AGLL Genealogical Services MICROFILM-Interlibrary Loan

Memoirs of GA,1895Vol I:Military History
Industrial Resources
Vol II:Medical Resources
Bench & Bar
Vol II: p. 862-868 Bios of Taylor County.
J.B. Barefield
John A. Cameron
Wm H. Fickling
Frank Glover
Jonathan J. M"Cauts
Joel E. Montfort
Hugh Neisler
JJ Ruffin
Thomas L. Waters
Microfilm # V169-23
Microfiches # F-4904


Administrator/guardian bonds, 1852-1915Court of Ordinary #0321097
Administration and testamentary letters, 1856-1908Court of Ordinary#0321095
Annual Returns of Estates,1857-1911Court of Ordinary#0321122
Army-Navy Discharge Records, 1922-1962Superior Court#0321121
Confederate Roster 1861-8165.
Pension rolls 1890-1919
Court of Ordinary#0321104
Court of Ordinary Minutes (1852-1904)
Homestead records (1866-1911)
Court of Ordinary#0321092/1852-1869
Court Records/Minutes(1852-1868)Inferior Court#0321091
No Index
Index/Deeds/Mortgages (1852-1932)
Superior Court#0321107 Direct idx 1852-1932
#0321108 Reverse idx 1852-1932
#0321109 Idx 1888-1909
#0321110 v.A-B 1852-1866
#0321111 v.D 1866-1873
#0321112 v.E-F 1872-1889
#0321113 v.G 1880-1885
#0321113 v.H 1885-1890
#0321114 v.C 1890-1895
#0321115 v.D 1895-1899
#0321116 v.E 1899-1902
Distribution of Estates (1858-1887)Court of Ordinary#0321099 No index
Estate Sales (1852-1909)Court of Ordinary#032100 Part Indexed
Guardianship letters/temp. administration
Court of Ordinary#0321096 Index
Homestead records (1887-1931)Court of Ordinary#0321105 Index
Inventories/Appraisements 1852-1952Court of Ordinary#0321098 Part Indexed
Index record Book(A-E)
proceedings on estates
Court of Ordinary#0321089 Index
Marriages (1852-1910)Court of Ordinary#0321086 (1852-1865) v.A
#0321087 (1865-1897) v.Z
#0321088 <1897-1910>v.4
Tax Digest (1852,1857,1860-62)Tax Receiver#0159183
Physician/dentist register (1893-1913)Superior Court#0321106
Superior Court Minutes (1853-1903)Superior Court#0321118 v.A-B (1852-1873)
#0321119 v.C-D (1873-1889)
#0321120 v.E-F (1889-1903)
Vouchers/Returns (1852-1864)Court of Ordinary#0321101 (1852-1858)
#0321102 (1858-1864)
12 months supportCourt of Ordinary#0321103 index
Wills (1853-1917)Court of Ordinary#0321090 Index

Brent Holcomb of Columbia, SC, genealogist and publisher, has published two volumes of Marriages and Deaths from the Southern Christian Advocate, the Methodist paper. Vol I covers the period 1837-1860. Vol II covers 1861-1867.


Library of Congress listing of books relating to Georgia.
Contains Family Histories as well as general books on Georgia genealogy. Limit your search! "Taylor County Georgia" gives one book but "Georgia" would give over 1,000.

Volunteers who own these books can help you with finding out if your family names are mentioned. No copies of pages are made.

WPA Life Histories from Georgia
73 titles listed for Georgia. Searching for specific name is possible. Interesting reading!

If you find dead links, please let me know: Virginia Crilley.

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