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GMD - Georgia Military District Numbers

Original 1852 Designation
Inferior Court Minutes-Feb 19, 1852
Prattsburg District (Number 737 GM commencing at Prattsburg and running with the county line to the twelve mile post on the Wire Road then with said county line to Patsiliga Creek to the original District line and then with the old Militia District to the county line thence to the beginning.

Halls District (Number 743 GM) to remain as it originally stood. [Now Carsonville]

Reynolds District (Number 741 GM) bounded as follows commencing at the south east corner of lot No 123 in the 13th District of originally Muscogee now Taylor County and run due North to Patsiliga Creek then down said Creek to the Flint River thence down said River to County line then with the county line to the beginning.

Butler District (Number 757 GM) bounded as follows, commencing at the south east corner of lot 123 of original survey 13th Dist and running with the county line to White Water, then up White Water to Browns' Bridge then due North to Patsiliga Creek, Thence to the corner of the Militia District between Prattsburg and Holt's, thence up said line to the Wire Road thence with the Wire Road to McCrary's Bridge on Patsiliga then with said Creek to the Reynolds district corner on said Patsiliga then on due south to the beginning

Cedar Creek District No 1071 GM to commence Turner's Bridge thence up said creek Jamison's Ford then with the Tazewell Road to White Water at Brown's bridge Then down White Water to the Burnt bridge then with the county line to the beginning.

White Water District Number 853 commencing at Jemison's Ford on Cedar Creek and running to Brown's Bridge on White Water then due North to Patsiliga Creek then up said Creek to the Talbot line then with the Talbot line to the corner of said county then along the county line to Cedar Creek thence down said Creek to the commencement.

County map showing
Georgia Military Districts (GMD
all roads
(Takes a while to load, and I'm trying to improve on this!)

1839 Map Shows major roadways through Taylor County at that time period. [Remember Taylor was formed in 1852]

Land Districts and Land Lots
Using your deeds, you'll be able to locate your ancestors' land.

Maps of Taylor County
City of Butler
P.O.Box 456

These contain the major roads and towns, but no land lots or districts

Map showing the area BEFORE Taylor County was formed
This will give you a very good idea of what sections of present day Taylor County were formerly in Talbot, Macon, Macon, Crawford.

  • Choose Butler, GA. This map of Butler shows major streets. Try "Large" and "Zoom" for even more area.

  • when screen comes up. You can adjust this one too.

  • Search a location for yourself. Taylor County has the following "Feature Types". Just type in the specific word in box "Feature Type", i.e. cemetery. [post office, pop place (populated place)]
    [cemetery, church, school, tower, crossing]
    [stream, dam, swamp, reservoir, island]

    More Detailson how to find EXACTLY where the cemetery is from the components given, i.e. AIKEN MEMORIAL CEMETERY : cemetery : Aiken : 333636N 0814343W : Aiken
  • Plotting your deeds!"
  • Historical County Neighbors Map of area in 1846
    Since Taylor Co wasn't formed until 1852, your ancestors very likely lived in the SAME PLACE, but the county was DIFFERENT.

    Be sure to read the Land Pages here on the Taylor County page which give you more explanation about how the county was divided into Land Lots and how to locate them.

  • County Map with Names Click on county for more info.

  • Geophysical GA maps Just about any kind of map of GA you'll ever need!

  • Old Maps - various collections
  • Hargreaves Map Collection, University of Georgia, Athens. Click on the "nineteenth century" for some antique maps!
  • Map of 1852Takes a while to load...do this when you have some time, but very interesting to see Taylor County just as it was being formed.
    Look for Talbot, Marion and notice the important towns at that era! Bonner's Pocket Map of GA, 1851
  • 1850 Map of Georgia
    Visit Paul Hickey's Genealogy page and also select later maps of 1860, 1870, 1880, 1910.
  • 1895 Map of Taylor County, Georgia
    Visit Pam Rietsch's Genealogy page to see a comparison of what was listed then compared to now!

  • Map Collectionfrom University of Texas.
  • Maps Can Help You Trace Your Family Tree

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