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Atlanta Historic Newspapers Archive

Spans the years 1857-1922 and includes the following titles: Southern Miscellany, and Upper Georgia Whig, 1847 Southern World, 1882-1885 Sunny South, 1875-1907 Weekly Constitution, 1869-1882

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Taylor County Newspapers


Some Schley County Abstracts

Abstracts from Schley newspapers

Ellaville Citizen
Jan. 1967-Aug. 15, 1968

Ellaville Sun
Jul. 16, 1937-May 1965; Nov. 16, 1967-Mar. 29, 1968

Harris Hill has transcribed from the following microfilm:
The Ellaville Sun  Jul. 16, 1937 thru Dec. 31, 1937
The Ellaville Sun  Jan. thru Oct. 14, 1938 (ongoing, I'm working on this roll now)

Harris has the microfilm for: The Ellaville Sun 1939 thru Jul., 1948

Schley County Enterprise
Jan. 7, 1886-Dec. 13, 1888

Schley County News
Jul. 1889-Dec. 1895; Jan. 1897-Jun. 2, 1939

Schley County Enterprise
Jan. 7, 1886-Dec. 13, 1888

Schley County News
Jul. 1889-Dec. 1895; Jan. 1897-Jun. 2, 1939

Harris Hill has transcribed from the following microfilm:
The Schley County News  Oct. 1892 thru Dec. 1892
The Schley County News  all of 1893
The Schley County News  all of 1894
The Schley County News  all of 1895
The Schley County News  Jan. 1897 thru April 22, 1897
The Schley County News  May thru Dec. 1904 (These are incorrectly label "The Sylvester Local 1904 in the archives.  I mistakenly titled the first paper that way.)
The Schley County News  all of 1905
The Schley County News  all of 1906
The Schley County News  all of 1907
The Schley County News  all of 1908
The Schley County News  all of 1909
The Schley County News  Jan. thru April 1910

Harris has the microfilm for:
The Schley County News  May 1897 thru Dec 1900
The Schley County News  May 1910 thru Sept. 1913

Marion County Newspapers

Washington Memorial Library has the Argus in its many manifestations from late September 1875 to Decmber 1923. The chronology and name changes are as follows:

Buena Vista Argus 
September 24, 1875 to March 26, 1881 

Marion County Argus 
April 2, 1881 to January 23, 1884 

Marion County Sentinel 
February 6, 1884 to August 27, 1885 

Marion County Clipper 
September 3, 1885 to March 26, 1886 

Marion County Patriot 
April 9, 1886 to December 1923 

The Marion County Patriot, April 1886 - Sept. 1894
The Marion County Patriot, Jan. 1900 - May 1904
The Marion County Patriot, Oct. 1906 - July 1909
Transcribed by Carla Mills - posted
Marriages and deaths posted in Vital Records Section

Earlier Area Newspapers


Genealogical Abstracts from the Georgia Journal (Milledgeville) Newspaper by Fred R. and Emilie K. Hurst/ Tad Evans 5 vols/over 1200 pp in each vol $60 each volume Vol 1 1809-18 1990 Vol 2 1819-23 1992 Vol 3 1824-28 1994 Vol 4 1829-35 1994 Vol 5 1836-40 1995

"Milledgeville,GA Newspaper Clippings" (Southern Recorder) by Tad Evans vol.1 1820-1827 vol 2 1828-1832 vol 3 1833-1835 vol 4 1836-1838 vol 5 1839-1841 vol 6 1842-1844 vol 7 1845-1848 vol 8 1849-1852 vol 9 1853-1856 vol 10 1857-1861 vol 11 1862-1866 vol 12 1867-1872

Many of the above newspaper abstracts have been sent through the GEORGIA-L mailing list. To search for a name, http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/search?aop. Type in GEORGIA. Next page type in the surname or county name you are searching for. If you want to see ALL of them type in "Ga Journal" or "Journal".

Georgia Journal Transcribed by Joyce McMurray from Tad Evan's Abstracts
[Mar 1814-Oct 1821]

Early Taylor County Court Minutes (1852-1857) mention publication in Newspapers: Columbus - TIMES and SENTINEL

Columbus - Muscogee County

GA Historic Newspapers on-line


Columbus Enquirer

Columbus Enquire Archive Searchable for issues 1828-1890

Published book:
Wright, Buster W. Burials and deaths reported in the Columbus (Georgia) Enquirer, 1832-1872

COLUMBUS ENQUIRER (Columbus, Ga. : 1828)
v. ; 68 cm.  Weekly  Vol. 1, no. 1 (Apr. 29, 1828)- Ceased in 1861.

Columbus,GA Newspaper Clippings (Columbus Enquirer)
vol 1 1832-1834 vol 2 1835 - 1837 vol 3 1838-1840 vol.4 1841-1843 vol 5 1844-1846 by Elizabeth Evans Kilbourne
Transcribed by Joyce Murray and posted on Georgia Mailing List. Search or Browse. Type "Columbus Enquirer" as "Subject" and "Georgia" at List You can browse the transcriptions. OR you can type in your Surname in the "body" or "subject" and the specific issues of the Columbus Enquirer will come up.

Continued by: Weekly Columbus enquirer (Columbus, Ga. : 1861)

COLUMBUS DAILY ENQUIRER (Columbus, Ga. : 1874) U of GA
 v. Daily (except Mon.), Mar. 2, 1875-
  Vol. 16, no. 203 (Sept. 1, 1874)-v. 19, no. 259 (Nov. 3, 1877).

Continues: Sun and Columbus daily enquirer
Continued by: Columbus daily enquirer-sun (Columbus, Ga. : 1877)
             Daily (except Mon.)
                   Began in Nov. 1877.
                   -v. 28, no. 110 (May 8, 1886).

    (chiefly adv.) Weekly Vol. 59, no. 31 (July 11, 1887)-
Continued by: Weekly Columbus Enquirer-Sun


MACON - Bibb County

Macon Telegraph Digital, searchable issues which includes Georgia Telegraph, as well as the Macon Telegraph.

Thank you, Jennifer Braswell, for supplying the information about Bibb County papers

Check out this site for Newspaper abstracts: www.rootsweb.com/~ganews


The first newspaper in Bibb County (City of Macon) was the GEORGIA MESSENGER (estab. March 16, 1823, Ft. Hawkins 1824, Macon, 5th Street). after passing through the hands of many owners, it was bought and merged with the GEORGIA JOURNAL of Milledgeville and titled the JOURNAL and MESSENGER. Apparently it was a weekly paper and didn't become a daily until 1868. In 1869, it was united with the TELEGRAPH.

Abstracts on-line
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The Telegraph, P.O. Box 4167, Macon, GA 31208-4167
The Macon TELEGRAPH was founded in December, 1826. A small daily was also published from 1831 -1833 (1st in Macon). In 1844, a weekly paper, the REPUBLIC, was begun and continued until 1845 when it merged with the TELEGRAPH. After several more ownership changes, and merges with other papers, including the GEORGIA CITIZEN and the CONFEDERATE, interest in the MESSENGER was purchased, and merged also with the TELEGRAPH and was titled the TELEGRAPH and MESSENGER.

The MESSENGER title is no longer used, but the MACON TELEGRAPH continues today even after more ownership changes... (these notes were taken from Butler, John Campbell. HISTORICAL RECORD of MACON AND CENTRAL GEORGIA, c1879, J.W. Burke CO, Macon, GA. {2nd copyright 1958 by the MACON TOWN COMMITTEE of the NATIONAL SOCIETY of the COLONIAL DAMES of AMERICA in the state of GEORGIA}, PP. 329-333.

Macon Georgia Telegraph Nov. 1, 1826-Dec. 26, 1832

'The Daily Macon Telegraph', published from 17 Oct 1831 thru 26 Sept 1832, and then became the semi-weekly Macon Telegraph from 2 Oct 1832 thru 21 Dec 1832.

">Macon Messenger

Willard Rocker's "Marriages and Obituaries From The Macon Messenger 1818-1865" is available at Washington Memorial Library, Macon
Look-up: Galen Chambers

Macon,GA (Bibb County) Newspaper Clippings (Messenger) Tad Evans Vol. 1 1823-1830 Vol. 2 1831-1837 Vol. 3 1838-1842 Vol. 4 1843-1847 Vol. 5 1848-1851 Vol. 6 1852-1854 Vol. 7 1855-1858 Vol. 8 1859-1865 Vol. 9 1866-1869

Macon ,GA Telegraph 1826/1832 - Mary Warren
"The Macon [GA] Telegraph 1826-1832" Vol. I, #1-Vol. VII, #13, Nov.1, 1826-Dec. 26, 1832 Abstracts of Marriage, Divorce, Death, and Legal Notices, compiled by Michal Martin Farmer, Mary Bondurant Warren, Nicole Moran O'Kelley and William Brett Hill. On the inside of this book a notation reads: 'The Macon Telegraph founded Nov. 1, 1826 and edited by Myron Bartlett, at Macon, Bibb Co., GA. Transcribed from microfilm of newspapers from Washington Mem. Library, Macon, GA." Look-ups: Donna Hall dfshine@worldnet.att.net

Macon ,GA Telegraph 1833/1839 - Mary Warren

"The Macon Telegraph, for a time called the Georgia Telegraph, began weekly publication on Nov. 1, 1826 in Macon, Bibb Co, GA. Subscription price for the Macon Telegraph was $3 per annum if paid in advance, or $4 at the end of the year, and its publisher was Myron Bartlett. The newspaper office was on Cherry St., near the public square in Macon, GA. Between Oct. 17, 1831 and Dec. 21, 1832, Bartlett also published the Daily Macon Telegraph.

Mr. Bartlett reported in the Oct. 22, 1831 issue that there were twenty newspapers published in Georgia. One in Athens, three in Augusta, one in Bainbridge, two in Columbus, four in Macon, one in MacDonough, three in Milledgeville, one in Mount Zion (Hancock Co.), two in Savannah, one in Warrenton, and one in Washington. Published in Macon in late 1831 were: The Macon Telegraph (weekly, and Daily), the Georgia Messenger, the Macon Advertiser & Agricultural and Mercantile Intelligencer, and the Georgia Christian Repertory (a Methodist paper)."

Abstracts on-line
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Earlier newspapers, i.e. The Talbotton Standard (1858), The Georgia Weekly (1865), West Georgia Gazette (1866), The Talbotton Standard (revived)(1868) but none published very long and no microfilm copies are apparently available.


Talbotton New Era - Talbotton, GA 31827
U of GA v. Weekly Began in 1882. -v. 13, no. 9 (Dec. 24, 1895)
Jan. 30, 1883-Dec. 1980; Jun. 1981-present

Georgia Register

Dec. 4, 1877-Mar. 27, 1883

Talbotton Standard

Jul. 25, 1872-Jan. 18, 1881


Issue in the Washington Library in Macon, there are some issues of the Crawford County Herald dated in the 1890's. University of Georgia has: Knoxville Correspondent Nov. 5, 1892-Jul. 10, 1903 Crawford County Herald Feb. 20, 1890-Oct. 28, 1892 Georgia Post Jan. 11, 1924-Dec. 1940; Jan. 1943-Sep. 28, 1972 Knoxville Journal Jan. 27, 1888-Dec. 18, 1889 Washington Memorial Library - Macon has the following Crawford County newspapers on microfilm: The Correspondent Nov 1892 - July 1903 The Crawford County Herald Feb 20, 1890 - Oct 1892 Georgia Post Jan 11, l924 - Dec 1940; Jan 1943 - Dec 1954 Knoxville Journal Jan 1888 - Dec 1889 (incomplete) Crawford County News Feb 1906 - Dec 1913; Jan 1917 - Apr 1924 Fort Valley Mirror (published in Roberta) Mar 19, 1880 - Mar 25, 188l If you view any of these, please share what you transcribe.
Thanks to Joyce Murray and Jane Hampton for helping me with this list of newspapers available.

Tips on Using Newspapers in Your Research

Newspaper-Macon Telegraph indexed on computer from 1899 in Washington Memorial Libary - Macon. The newspaper is also indexed in the genealogy room in books for dates prior to that.

Around 75 years ago, Georgia passed a law that courthouses should keep copies of their county newspapers. Many courthouses, libraries, and special collections have preserved this material.


In the early 1950's the University of Georgia Libraries began a special project to convert Georgia newspapers to microfilm. From 1987 through 1991 the National Endowment for the Humanities funded a large portion of retrospective microfilming, as well as cataloging all Georgia newspaper holdings in the OCLC union catalog.

These microfilm from the Georgia Newspaper Project can be available through interlibrary loan. Contact your local public library or the University of Georgia for details.

Researching at U of GA

From: "Carole Johnson" fojo@mindspring.com

Keep in mind that the Journalism School was only able to microfilm what was was found; some papers apparently were not archived and/or others just didn't survive.
Some that I've researched personally are: Polk County (Cedartown weekly); Cherokee County Tribune; Tifton, Douglas County, Grady County (Whigham), Meriwether County. I also was researching Haralson County and I believe checked a Bowdon paper. There were some earlier papers in Atlanta prior to the Atlanta Journal and Consitituion (of which there are drawer after drawer full).

There is a parking deck on Jackson street (the street past the Arches if you are heading east). When you come out of the parking deck, walk across Jackson onto campus (there will be steps). After you reach the top of the steps, turn left and continue down the sidewalk to the Main Library. After entering the Library walk toward the back of the building to the stairs. Go down to the next floor, turn left and immediately turn left again. You won't be able to miss the many file cabinets. Everything is self-serve. Don't expect much help.
There is a wooden file system like the ole' Dewey decimal one every library used to have for you to check the existence and location of your microfilm. It is indexed by city and county. I had been researching here for awhile before I even knew there is also a genealogy library upstairs.
The hours for it vary and it isn't open as many hours as the main library. The newpaper and census microfilm; however, is available any time the main library is open including late at night and on Sundays. I have had great success at this library and enjoy the students. They have been without exception kind and helpful. There is a light lunch place in the building near the entrance. Another big perk: an ATM! Hope this helps someone.

Extant Georgia Newspapers

A statewide reference covering 1763-1829 : Marriages and Deaths from Extant Georgia Newspapers 2 vols. by Mary W. Warren.

"Marriages and Obituaries from Early Georgia Newspapers" by Huxford -covers late 1700's to late 1800's.
Galen Chambers

WASHINGTON - June 11, 2001 - More than 20,000 community newspapers, some long
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The Southern Christian Advocate

The originals of "The Southern Christian Advocate"are located at Wofford College, Sandor Teszler Library.


There is a searchable index.
Click on Archives. Click on Search the Advocate
This is a great resource for the eastern GA newspaper of early Methodist and other early pioneers of GA.

If you find dead links, please let me know: Virginia Crilley.

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