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Univ of GA Digital Library - GALILEO

You'll be amazed at what all is on-line. Get Started

On left hand colum click on "browse by Institutions"

Scroll down to the "GA Legislative Documents"

Georgia Archives - Colonial Wills

Colonial Wills 1733-1778. Search by surname.

Actual images of wills probated in the Colony of Georgia both . Trustee period, 1733-1753 and Colonial period beginning in 1754.
These records are from Record Group 049-01-02, Colony of Georgia -- Wills.

Ancestry now has all the Census records up through 1930.

WW I Draft cards records -- remember these include men who were too old to be in the actual army but were required to register

Death Certificates and Social Security Dates. These can help to confirm Cemetery tombstone information.

Form for Family Sheets

Just copy and use anywhere -- e-mail, files, etc.

Cousin Chart

Cousin Chart
Want to know what "4th Cousin once removed" means?

Calculate Birthdate

Calculate age from Tombstone data i.e. 46 years 4 months 16 days

Finding Recent ancestors

Go to the Social Security Death Index at

Enter the surname and search. Experiment. There are many different ways to search.

Even if our older ancestors did not pay into the SS fund, if they were alive in the early 1960s during the Johnson administation when Medicare was implemented, they were assigned a SS# so they could receive Medicare benefits.

Once you know her residence at the time of her death, you will have a clue where to look for the others. A married woman uses her husband's surname.

Go to one of the search engines which provide USTel & Mailing addresses. Enter the surname ,and a list appears with all of that surname from every state. If you believe they were in GA you can narrow your search by entering GA. Just keep experimenting. This will help you confirm if they were in the a particular place or county, GA area. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers are listed.

Railroad Employees - Retirement

Railroad Site
The Railroad Retirement Board, like the Social Security Administration, was not established until the mid-1930's, and it began maintaining its own records of all covered rail service in 1937. Therefore, the Board's service records are limited to individuals who worked in the rail industry after 1936. Effective October 1, 2000, the fee for searching records increased to $21 for each employee, fee is payable in advance, and not refundable.

Colleges - Closed

Colleges closed. Alphabetical by name, lists county, and organization and closing dates. GEORGIA HELPFUL LINKS
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