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GIVENS Cree Frame ..July 20,1999
I am looking for information on Henry David Givens.  He is my Great Grandfather.  My grandmother was Maurine Givens.  She was born from his first marriage.  I do not know my Great Grandmothers name.  Henry David's second wife was Maude. 

CROZIER Jean Ogletree ..July 07,1999
Trying to find possible grandchildren of my Aunt who was married to a Will or William Crozier. 
We have found her grave and that of her husband in Shepherd Cemetery near Colquitt.  No one in Colquitt seems to know of a Crozier family.  I think she had about ten children but they are all probably dead.  But I believe there may be some grandchildren or great-grandchildren around
Colquitt.  We are interested in what happened to her after she left clay co. probably in the late 1800's and moved to Colquitt.  Would appreciate any information you might have as to where we might find more facts about this Crozier family

SHEFFIELD Sherry Wiley ..July 07,1999
I am looking for information on my great grandparents that are buried in Flatcreek cemetery. Their names were Charlie William SHEFFIELD b. 01-18-1856 d. 11-26-1945 or Nellie Mock SHEFFIELD b. 09-17-1878 d.03-22-1964...This is my father's Grandparents and his name is Lamar Wiley.       Thank you, Sherry Wiley

GRIFFIN April McConnell ..June 19,1999
Looking for any information on Wiley George GRIFFIN born in Colquitt, GA around 1891. Wiley married Addie Lee EXUM who was born in 1895 (in Colquitt) and died 1959 (location unknown).  Thanks in advance.

QUICK / WEBB Z Cline ..May 30,1999
I have found a family listed in 1920 census soundex that married into my Watson/Barrett line.  Mary Magdeline QUICK was born in Colquitt  26 April 1920 to Arthur R QUICK [b c1886] and Mattie WEBB [b c1888]. Margaret later married Loyd Jack WATSON born Fannin Co, Ga.  They came to NC and reared their family in Gaston County, NC in the 1940s working in the textile industry there.  Any info on these QUICK'S or WEBB'S will be appreciated.   ZC

JOHNSON / HAIRE / WIDNER Jackie Hughey Smith ..May 30,1999
I am looking for info on the Johnson, Haire, and Widner families.  They were in the Miller, Early and Baker Counties in the late 1800 and all the 1900's. Would love to hear from others researching these families. 

DUNN Donald Dunn ..May 29,1999
I have been trying to track down my family's Georgia roots
but have only a few clues available.

William Henry Payton Dunn d 1862 married Caroline Tate d 1873. I know of one child my ggrandfather George (W or Henry) Dunn  b Dec 1862 or 1852 . Some census info doesn't match with family documents.  I found a 1860 census index for Miller county, Ga. Colquitt po,  page 506 listing both a William and a George Dunn. Would appreciate any info on these two Dunn's.
Thanks,    Donald Dunn  at

PHILLIPS Nancy Milligan ..May 29,1999
I am looking for any info regarding the PHILLIPS family in Georgia. My g-grandfather was Andrew Steven PHILLIPS (b. 5/6/1866) who married Mary Alice DEES.  They had Clyde Marie "Betty" PHILLIPS (b. 9/18/1898).  Clyde "Betty" PHILLIPS is my grandmother (rumor has it her dad wanted a boy) who m. James (or Charles?) Augustus MILLIGAN.  Other siblings of Clyde may have been: 
Harmon Eugene, Clemon, Clemmie May, Charlie Merrie. Andrew Steven PHILLIPS parents were John PHILLIPS and Edie BARLOW (b. about  1836). Any information regarding this family would greatly be appreciated since I know very little about this side of my family. Sincerely, Nancy Milligan

HEARN Kathleen Cornett ..May 29,1999
I am looking for the location of the Old Damascus Cemetery.  My great-great grandparents, Abner and Kiziah Bryant Hearn are supposedly buried there.  He died in 1869 in Miller Co. and she died in 1874 also in Miller Co.  The cemetery may be in Early Co. according to a family history but I am not sure.  He was buried with "full Masonic honors" but I am also unsure of what that means. 
Kathleen Cornett at

GOOLSBY Clara Goolsby ..May 29,1999
My husband was born in Colquitt, Miller County, GA Dudley Brown GOOLSBY. Ruby Clyde CATO is his mother, Nora THORNTON her mother.  Charles Andrew CATO her father.  Both are buried in Colquitt.  Virginia FLETCHER would be his grandmother from his fathers side. I am looking for any information on these names. 

YOUNGBLOOD Everett Youngblood ..May 29,1999
Seeking information on any information on YOUNGBLOODS.  Great Grandfather  is Isom or Isham Evans Youngblood. Believe he is burried in MILLER COUNTY.
Thanks,  Everett  Youngblood

MUNDY / PYLE Henry T. Poole III ..May 11,1999
I have photographs of my grandfather, Henry T. POOLE, with some unknown relatives in Miller County. Can you help identify them? Surnames of the unknowns may be MUNDY and PYLE. The photos can be viewed at:
HARRELL Becky Adams ..May 10,1999
Anyone still living in or around Miller cty.trying to locate a Jerry Harrell known to be still living in Colquitt. If, anyone can pass along my e-mail address would be appreciated. Jerry is the son of Harry Harrell who was my mother's nephew. Thanks, Becky Adams---603 Eve St. Augusta, 
DORSEY Mary Alice Wojcik ..Mar 14,1999
Brooks R. DORSEY married Louzia Vicey Jane GIDDENS in Miller Co. Ga about 1875-76. They were listed on the 1880 Miller Co. census as having a son Mathew Abram DORSEY. Living in their household was Frances and Sarah GIDDENS, sisters of Louzia Vicey Jane. They were living in Polk Co. Fl in 1900 and Mathew Abram DORSEY possibly moved back to Miller Co. after his mother died 900-1910. Louzia, France and Sarah GIDDENS were the daughters of Abraham GIDDENS and Frances STEGALL of Pulaski Co, Terrell Co and Miller Co. Ga. Appreciate any information you have on this family.
JEFCOAT Patrick A. Coleman ..Jan 02,1999
I am posting this to see if anyone doing research in Miller Co. has come across info regarding Alfred JEFCOAT. He is listed as household #57 in the 1860 Census #57-Alfred Jefcoat--21--M--SC, Sarah Jefcoat--45--F--NC, Ann SMITH--20-F--GA. From this, I gather Sarah is Alfred's mother. Also there are two privates in the Miller CO. Grays from the 1861 Albany Newspaper: A.JEFFCATE and Sidney JEFFCATE. My question is this: Who is Ann SMITH, a fiance or a boarder? Is she a cousin or niece? Is Sidney JEFFCATE a brother or father? Why is he not in the 1860 Census? Has anyone come across any land deed records regarding any of these names in Miller? I have not had a chance to look him up in the State Archives because he is not related to my family, but just this stray Jeffcoat in the middle of nowhere in the 1860's is intriguing. If anyone can help, please feel free to e-mail me at: 
55th Co. E Jay Bush ..Nov 16,1998
I am seeking information on the 55th Co E. Mainly either pictures of the soldiers which I will pay for copies or descriptions of the uniform that the soldiers wore. Thanks James Bush.
DUKE Charlotte Pierce ..Nov 15,1998
Seeking information on Leondus (Lonnie) Benjamin DUKE born March 11, 1890 in Miller County son of Elijah Duke and Mary Jane YON. Lonnie married Mattie Mae MARTIN. Other children of Elijah and Mary Jane were George, Gordon, Nancy who married Erastus Smith and Carrie who married a Mr. Clenney. Any help or information would be appreciated. 
SMITH Paula Johnson ..Nov 07,1998
I am searching for information on Turner SMITH. He married Elizabeth GILBERT. They had about 10 children. (1) Georgia SMITH m. Joe BROWN (children) Estelle and Alberta; (2) Reuben Franklin SMITH m. Lina HINSON (children) Howard, Ann Laura, Lola Mae, Isaac, Alma Lois, and Jackson; (3) Ludie SMITH m Gus BASS (children) Burie, Chuck, Burt, Mary, Ruby Bell, Dot & Doris (twins) and Beulah; (4) Lorenzo Rance Downling SMITH m. Donie GILFORD (children) Bessie, Fannie, Vassie, Cullen, Harvey, Selma, Verna, docia, Dowling (Dowd), Viola, and Mary Lucille; (5) Vann SMITH (1/2 brother) m. ? (children) Henrietta (6) Jennie SMITH (1/2 sister) m. MCGLAVERTIE (no children listed) (7) Sampson SMITH m. Alice POWELL (children) James Henry (an Assembly of God Preacher); (8) Ida SMITH m. WILLIAMS (no children listed); (9) Ella SMITH (no spouse or children listed); (10) Turner Thomas SMITH m. Maggie DIXON (children) Evelyn Estelle, Marmaduke, Reba Mae, John Henry, Geraldine, Hattie Inez, Robert Edward, 
JOHNSON Paula Johnson ..Nov 07,1998
I am searching for information on John Riley JOHNSON. He married Mary Lou DEAN ( her mother was mentioned to have been a MELTON). John Riley was orphaned out at a young age and we are not sure of his brother's and sister's! John Riley and Mary Lou's children are: (1) Maggie JOHNSON m. ? WADE; (2) Clarence JOHNSON m. Mealie Agnes GORDON (her parents are Robert GORDON and Lanie WIDNER); (3) Vessie Mae JOHNSON m. Jesse DEAN; (4) James (Riley?) JOHNSON m. Lillian GORDON (her father was Harvey GORDON); (5) Corinne JOHNSON m. ? WESTBROOK. Any information you have would be appreciated! 
GORDON/WIDNER Paula Johnson ..Nov 07,1998
I am searching for information on Thomas GORDON and his wife Amealia DANIELS. They had a son named Robert Talbert GORDON b. 1-26-1891 d. 12-5-1961. He married Lanie WIDNER b. 4-29-1893 d. 7-16-1978 on 6-20-1908. I am also looking for Lanie's parents Johnny WIDNER and his wife Jennie PHILLIPS. Johnny and Jennie are supposed to be buried in TABB cemetery in Miller County, GA. Any information would be appreciated. Paula Johnson
BOWMAN/WHITE Lynn Bowman Connell ..Nov 07,1998
according to my family the "Bowman and White" families lived in Miller Co.for many years. If anyone has any info on these two families from Miller or the surrounding counties please let me know, I've run into a brick wall.
McMULLEN/LEWIS Sheila Tindle McMullen ..Nov 07,1998
Seeking family members of MCMULLEN/LEWIS line. My project is to place tombstones on all unmarked graves. Family members who live/lived in Early/Miller/Seminole Counties I need your help to determine the location and I need money donations. Tombstones are very expensive. Thanks for your help.
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