A History of the Formation of Cobb County

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The Cherokees' villages were primarily located in three towns in Cobb County: Sweet Water on Sweet Water Creek, Kennesaw on Noonday Creek, and Buffalo Fish Town (southeast of Marietta).


Information taken from: "Images of America: Cobb County," by Rebecca Nash Paden and Joe McTyre and published by Arcadia Publishing in 2005.



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The land that is now Cobb County was once part of the lands of the Cherokee Nation. Their land encompassed parts of north Georgia, north Alabama, Tennessee and part of North Carolina. White settlers moved into the northern Georgia portion and lived alongside the Cherokee nation for a number of years. However soon the Georgia Legislature would pressure the federal government to take these lands from the Cherokee Nation. Factors such as the discovery of gold in the area and the Indian Removal Act gave the Georgia Legislature the impetus to claim this portion of Cherokee lands for Georgia and name it Cherokee County in 1830. The Cherokees who had not already removed to the West were forced to leave Georgia and walk to lands on the other side of the Mississippi, particularly Oklahoma and Arkansas. There is much information available online on this subject and I invite you to research "The Trail of Tears" at the Cherokee Nation website, the National Park Service website, or use your favorite search engine.


Some two years later, it became evident that Cherokee County was too big for a local government to handle so in December 1832, the Senate and House of Representatives of Georgia enacted a law whereby parts of Habersham and Hall counties along with Cherokee County were merged and then re-divided into nine new counties:

Later (1857) a part of Cobb County would be used to create Milton county which was merged with Fulton County in 1932.


Cobb was Georgia's 84th county and named for Thomas W. Cobb a former U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator, and Georgia superior court judge.





Cobb County Geography

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