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If your information is posted on another website and it is acceptable to link to it, please send us the link.

If you have a document (PDF, Word, plain text, or other) you wish to share, send it on and we will be happy to post it here. Be sure to note the Special Instructions regarding Family Trees and Family Pictures.


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Our online resources are primarily the result of work done by numerous genealogical researchers just like you. They have researched their family lines and along the way they have graciously agreed to share their efforts with others who are, perhaps, just starting research on their family. The efforts of these volunteers are greatly appreciated!


As a reminder, the work you will see posted in this section is the property of the researcher who donated it.

  • If you are conducting research for some endeavor that will profit you or your business, you may not use the material contained herein WITHOUT the permission of the researcher.

  • If you are conducting research for your own personal interests and will not subsequently sell your work, you may use the material contained herein. HOWEVER, please "give credit to whom credit is due" and be sure to cite the researcher when you use their material.

Here are the Resources currently available:

Account Book of John Henry Lewis

Cemetery Transcriptions

Census Transcriptions

Family Bible Images

Family Picture Album

Family Trees

Military Records


Postcards from Cobb County



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