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If you have early Cobb County postcards and can email scans of them, or if you have additional information about any of the images here, we welcome your contact.

Scene Description
Cobb County courthouse A 1906 view of the 'new' courthouse, which replaced the one demolished in 1898. Courtesy of Gary Doster.
Cobb County courthouse A slightly retouched and manually-colored version of the previous card. Courtesy of Gary Doster.
Marietta: bird's eye view This view to the northwest, from the southeast corner of the square was probably taken from the courthouse tower. Kennesaw mountain looms in the distance. The tall smokestack, center, has not yet been identified, but the smaller one to the right may be that of the Brumby chair works. Courtesy of Gary Doster.
Marietta: cotton scene This is a view looking east and slightly south along Washington Street. The buildings on the right face the south side of the square. The brick structure intruding slightly from the left is probably the courthouse, under construction (thus, this view would predate the 1906 views of the completed work). Courtesy of Gary Doster.
Marietta City Park This is a view looking south along the east side of the park. The two-storey brick building which dominates this view is still in use, though the facade has been remodelled significantly. For another view of this building, see the cotton scene card. Courtesy of Gary Doster.


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