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The following Family Trees and Biographies are the work of the individual contributor. Posting on this site is no endorsement that the information is accurate.

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William L. Bishop (1823-1905) and Kiziah Power (1823-1894) - Contributed by Rebecca Landrum

Jacob Reed Brooks (1787-1872) - A biography written by and contributed by the Rev. Dr. Cynthia Ford

James Welsman Brown (1840-1887) - A biography contributed by Martha Aldridge



Joseph Patrick Carnes (1834-1895) and Emeline Whitlock (1834-1895) - Contributed by Ann Sims

Peter L. Cortelyou (b. 1843) - A biography contributed by Barbara Walker Winge

William Daniell (1743-1840) and Mary Melton (1770-1843)- Contributed by Beckie Watson

John Wesley Dobbs (b. 1882) - A biography contribution from the Library of Congress

Thomas Jefferson Dobbs (b. 1839) - A biography contributed by Steve Hodson





Abraham Glore (1798-1871) and Tabitha Drake (1807-1886) - Contributed by Beckie Watson






William E. McCollum (1867-1921) and Mary Selena Chastain

William E. McCollum (1867-1921) - A biography contributed by Wally McCollum

Charles James McDonald (1793-1860) - Contributed by Carla Miles

Samuel George Means (b. 1873) - Contributed by Saundra Brown








Barnett Seay (1813-1875) and Isabella Brown (1830-1880+) - Contributed by Beckie Watson
Samuel Sewell (bef 1820) - Contributed by Shirley Holland
Randall Sorrow (1786-1860+) and Jane Williams (1784-1850+) - Contributed by Beckie Watson
John Tritt (1852-1918) and California Bishop (1853-1928)
- Contributed by Rebecca Landrum


John Whitlock (1792-1860+) and Sarah Giddings (1803-1860+)




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