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Chattahoochee County, Georgia

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Kemis Massey, County Coordinator
Linda Blum-Barton, State Coordinator
Trish Elliott-Kashima , Assistant State Coordinator

Welcome to the Chattahoochee County GAGen Web Project Page. My name is Kemis Massey and I am the county coordinator for this site. That means I do the web pages and try to point you in the direction for you to do your family research. I am not a genealogist, only someone looking for their roots and sharing the clues as I go. In order for a site to be truly helpful it needs several things. A good history of the community will help you understand your ancestors joys and sorrows. So if you have any books, photos, stories of family history on Chattahoochee County, please share it with the rest of us. Besides you never know what relative is looking for you.


POST your Query "View Message Type" - choose bible, marriage, obit, etc. While you are there,click "Add Board to Favorites" - then next time, you can select "My Favorites" and easily go between Boards. Send me an email Kemis Massey, if you need help.


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Chattahoochee County Archives

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Chattahoochee County, Georgia History

Chattahoochee County, named for the Chattahoochee River that forms the county's western border, was created 14 February 1854 from parts of Marion and Muscogee Counties. Cusseta, the county seat, was incorporated on December 22, 1855.

The county courthouse, in Cusseta, was constructed in 1854, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Chattahoochee County is home to the Fort Benning Military Reservation, which was founded at the beginning of the first World War, and was named for General Henry Lewis Benning, a Confederate general. More History of Chattahoochee County (includes Old maps)

Chattahoochee County Neighbors

Neighboring Counties Map

Marion County Muscogee County
Webster County Talbot County
Stewart County
Russell County, AL

West Central Region Georgia Counties

To make this site a helpful place for doing research, we NEED YOUR information. Would you be willing to share some of your family history? This may help you locate other branches of your family.

Would you be willing to help with some looks up? WHAT BOOKS or MICROFILM on Chattahoochee COUNTY are in YOUR LIBRARY?

Do you have family buried in Chattahoochee COUNTY CEMETERIES? Have you contributed that information to us? Do you know anyone who has any printed lists of CEMETERIES to share? Would you be willing to do a cemetery survey (know any scouts looking for a community project, that you could oversee?)

If you have any suggestions for improvement, ideas or material please send them to Kemis Massey, County Coordinator for Chattahoochee County.

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