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   1836 Memorial
Memorial to those who died in 1836
Old Gwinnett County Courthouse, Lawrenceville, Georgia

The Story of This Memorial
From "Georgia's Landmarks, Memorials, & Legends, Vol I"
By Lucian Lamar Knight
The Byrd Printing Co., State Printing Company
Atlanta, Ga 1913

Gwinnett's Earliest Martyrs:  A Monument Which Tells of Two Tragedies

     One the court-house square in the town of Lawrenceville, there stands a monument which the people of this community erected in 1836 to commemorate a double-sacrifice which was made at this time by the county of Gwinnett upon  the altar of patriotism.  There is nowhere in the State a shaft of marble around which gathers a more pathetic story; and to the youth of the town it has ever been the most powerful incentive to heroic deeds.  On one side of the monument is chiseled the following inscription:

This monument is erected by friends to the memory of Captain James C. Winn and Sergeant Anthony Bates, Texan Volunteers, of this village, who were taken in honorable combat at Goliad, Texas, and shot by order of the Mexican commander, March 27, 1836.

The following inscription appears on the side opposite:

To the memory of Ensign Isaac Lacy, Sergeant James C. Martin, and privates William M. Sims, John A.Y. Tate, Robert T. Holland, James H. Holland, brothers; Henry W. Peden, and James M. Allen, members of the Gwinnett company of mounted volunteers, under the command of Captain H. Garmany, who were slain in battle with a party of Creek Indians, at Shepherd's in Stewart County, Ga., June 9, 1836.  Their remains rest beneath this monument.

     The story of the brutal massacre of Fannin's men at Goliad is elsewhere told.  Captain Winn, on the first call to arms, went to the relief of the distressed Texans, accompanied by his boyhood's companion, Anthony Bathes, who perished with him in Fannin's devoted band.  The remains of the victims were left unburied in the neighborhood of the mission where they were shot by order of Santa Anna.  Three months later occurred the second holocaust, whereupon a town meeting was held in Lawrenceville; and, on motion of Colonel N. L. Hutchins, it was decided to erect a monument to the memory of these gallant men:  Gwinnett's earliest martyrs.

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