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   Gwinnett Photo Album

NOTE ABOUT LOCATIONS:   If you are not familiar with modern Gwinnett County, a particular mailing address may not be in the city limits of that town, and in fact may be miles away from the center of town.   For more information about towns and people, visit the Town and Surnames pages on this site.

If you can add to the history or the houses and buildings, and the families who lived there or operated the businesses, please let me know!  Be sure to check the Cemeteries page for additional photographs and information on Churches and Cemeteries.

As a real estate agent in Gwinnett County, I do a lot of driving and keep my camera handy.  It's rare that I make a special trip for the purpose of photographing a historic home or building, but if I feel that a home is endangered (and many are), I try to document the house.  If you OWN a historic home in Gwinnett, I would love to include a history with photographs.  If you know of a historic home or building slated for demolition, please consider taking a few photographs. I am working on a few in Lilburn in Jan 2015.

This index last updated March 3, 2016


Buford Railroad & Park

Main Street (3 views)

Bona Allen Mansion

Bona Allen Harness Factory

Historic Buford Sign

Stately Homes on Main Street

Bryant Spencer Rutledge

Joseph Spencer Rutledge & Amanda Clementine Hairston Rutledge

Clara Rutledge Roberts & William A. Rutledge

William Bryant Rutledge

The Hyder Brothers - Bona Allen Baseball Players

Adams Family Reunion - 1927 (includes Ramey, Rowe, & Related)

J. R. and Nancy Lou (Glosson) Verner Adams
Zoar United Methodist Church

2nd Avenue Scenes

White House (Cottage Coffee Shop)

Old Stone Chimney

Old House on Wilson Street

Hinton Street Scene

Dacula United Church of God

Ortho J. Pharr House

Leonard Hinton

Sarah Tullis

Elizabeth Tullis Berry

Mary Ann Berry

Mary Ellen Stanley Kendrick

Lucy Berry

John. F. Berry


Old Duluth First United Methodist Church
Nicholas J. Wallace

Sarah E. Roberson Wallace

Robert Harrison Broadwell

Eliza Frances Wallace Broadwell

Gloster Baptist Church & "Main Street"


Hog Mountain

Hog Mountain Baptist Church

Old House - Hwy 124 north of Old Peachtree Rd  (Benjamin Chesser Home?)


Old Lawrenceville School
Allen Manufacturing Company  Vintage Postcard Image*

Crogan Street, Then & Now 
Vintage Postcard Image c1910 & 1999

Hotel Pharr  Vintage Postcard Image
High School and Water Tank Vintage Postcard Image

Old Gwinnett County Courthouse

Confederate Memorials - Old Courthouse

Memorial to Those Who Died in 1836

Lawrenceville Female Seminary

Home and Farm on Hwy 124 at Prospect Church Rd

Robert Craig Plantation

Antioch Baptist Church

Duncan Creek Congregational Church

Prospect United Methodist Church

Walnut Grove Baptist Church

Lawrenceville Methodist Church

Peachtree Road Baptist Church

North Clayton Street Looking South

Old Building on N. Clayton

Craftsman Homes on N. Clayton

Old Railroad Depot

House at Old Peachtree and Hwy 124

Craftsman House - Hwy 124 and Old Fountain Rd - Update 2013

Also, See Sweetwater for other scenes in Lawrenceville

Landress Grocery Store

Luxomni Baptist Church Cemetery

Luxomni School - C.1907 Group Photograph


Jetha Brooks Homestead
Garner, Landford, Brooks, Puckett connections **destroyed**
Main Street Shops
Camp Creek Primitive Baptist Church
Friendship Primitive Baptist Church
Yellow River Baptist Church

Wynne- Russell House
Thomas P. Hudson Plantation House

Hudson-Nash Farm (now a park) New Photos

Yellow River Post Office & General Store

Corinth Baptist Church

Mr. & Mrs. Coy Epther Deal House - Five Forks Trickum  - **Destroyed
Claud & Mamie Nash Home on Five Forks Trickum 

Perry & Margie Nash Home on Five Forks Trickum  

Jewel and Willie Nash Home, Five Forks Trickum

Clyde Lee Home Place on Five Forks Trickum

William Garner House on Five Forks Trickum

Tom Smith House on Tom Smith Road

Jewel Nash and Willie (Lee) Nash

Coy Epther Deal & Bertie Mae (Blair) Deal
Norcross M.E. Church - Vintage Postcard Image

Elizabeth Williams Smith House - Old Photograph

Park View - Vintage Postcard Image

Street Scene - Vintage Postcard Image

The Brunswick Hotel - Vintage Postcard Image*

Park Street Stores

Railroad Depot

Thrasher Park

Buchanan Street

Yellow River Park

Bethany (S.B.C.) Baptist Church

Stone Mountain (from South Gwinnett)

December 2005

Sugar Hill

Sugar Hill School Class 1912


Suwanee Methodist Church

Suwanee Main Street Stores

Suwanee Congregational Holiness Church

Train Coming Through!    

Sweetwater Primitive Baptist Church and Cemetery

Landers-Cain House

The Yellow River

Yellow River Park in Spring- multiple views

River With Winter Snow

The Yellow River flows from north of Lawrenceville through Gwinnett County, into Rockdale & Newton Counties


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All original color photographs are 1999- 2016 unless otherwise stated on the page, and they are made available as
a permanent contribution to the Gwinnett County GAGenWeb, as part of the official USGenWeb Project.   

I've taken photographs over several years, and will be adding to this collection as time permits. You are more than welcome to capture any of my own  images for  personal use, but please don't republish them (on the Internet or elsewhere) without my knowledge and consent.  Thank you!  .  



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