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  Mary Ann Berry 
Mary Ann Berry

Born June 14, 1861 in Georgia
Died September 9, 1941 in Arkansas
Parents: Prettyman and Elizabeth (Tullis) Berry


Mrs. Mary Ann Berry was born June 14, 1861, and died September 9, 1941, making her 80 years old. She is survived by her four sons, Scott, Richard and Almer Berry, all of Scotland, and Lennie Berry of Grant City, Ill., also 22 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.

She had been failing in health for several years, but seemed to be as well as usual when she had a stroke about nine o'clock Saturday night. She only spoke a few words before she closed her eyes seemingly in sleep and remained the same, never moving again until her death about four o'clock Tuesday evening.

"Aunt Sis," as she was called, will be sadly missed by her relatives and friends. We all miss her as we pass her home and fail to see that silver haired mother sitting in her rocking chair.

She was laid to rest in the Low Gap cemetery, Wednesday of last week at two o'clock. Funeral services were conducted by Mrs. Oma Bryant and burial was in charge of Coffman funeral home.

Miss Chloe Gardner.


Brothers and sisters: John F. Berry (1848), Simon Berry (1855), Elisha Berry and Lucy Berry (twins born 1850).

Married or bonded to: John Tully

Children: Scott T. Berry (June 7,1879), Almer Gilvard Berry (January 1884), Elizabeth Berry (October 1887), James Richard Berry (July 7, 1891), Samuel Lenny Berry (September 1897).

1861 - Georgia - Mary Ann is born in Gwinette County, Georgia, to Prettyman and Elizabeth Berry. Before Mary Ann is one year old, the Civil War will begin in Georgia.

1862 - Georgia - Mary Ann is left without a mother when Elizabeth dies from complications due to childbirth. Both Elizabeth and Mary Ann's new sibling are buried in the Beard Cemetery at Hog Mountain, Georgia.

1863 - Georgia - Mary Ann is given a new step-mother when her father marries Tebitha Brimer.

1864 - Georgia - During the Civil War, General Sherman's troops burn Atlanta to the ground, and leave a path of destruction throughout the state.

1865 - Georgia - Mary Ann is four years old when the Civil War ends.

1870 - Georgia - The census taker reports that Prettyman is the head of the household, which includes his new wife Tebitha, his son Elisha, his son Simon, and his daughter Mary Ann.

1870 - Georgia - Mary Ann's step-mother Tebitha dies due to childbirth complications.  Mary Ann is nine years old when the Union Army forces evacuation of Georgia.

1878? - Arkansas - Mary Ann is 18 years old. Her new step-mother is Precious, the daughter of an Oklahoma Indian Agent.  Through Precious and her family, she meets and falls in love with a handsome young Cherokee man named John Tahlee in the Archey Valley area of Arkansas, where she and her family are living.  According to rememberances of Archey Valley, Mary Ann married John in a Cherokee ceremony, but since it was not a "legal" ceremony, Prettyman discounted the marriage and refused to let John on his property. Mary Ann met John elsewhere for the next several years. They will eventually have five children together, but will never live together as man and wife. 

1879 - Arkansas - Mary Ann gives birth to her first child, Scott T. Berry.

1880 - Arkansas - The census taker came to Prettyman's farm in Archey Valley. The census shows Prettyman and his new wife, Precious Berry, his daughter, Mary Ann Berry and her one year old son, Scott T. Berry. Mary Ann is listed as nineteen years of age and single.

1884 - Arkansas - In January, Mary Ann gives birth to Yuvard Almer Berry.

1887 - Arkansas - Mary Ann gives birth to Elizabeth Berry in October. It is thought that she named Elizabeth after her mother.

1891 - Arkansas - Mary Ann gives birth to James Richard Berry on July 7, 1891.

1897 - Arkansas - Mary Ann gives birth to Samuel Lenny Berry in September 1897.

1900 - Arkansas - The census taker reports Prettyman Berry and Precious Berry living on Prettyman's farm as man and wife. Also listed in his household are Mary Ann Berry, Yuvard A. Berry, Elizabeth Berry, James Berry and Samuel Berry. Archey Valley is now part of Craig Township.

1910 - Arkansas - Prettyman and Precious are no longer listed on the census. The farm is now owned by Mary Ann Berry. Mary Ann is now 49 years old. Single. Listed as part of Mary Ann's household are James R. Berry, 17 years old and Samuel L. Berry, 12 years old.

1918 - Arkansas - Mary Ann's son, Samuel Lenny Berry is arrested and imprisoned in the Arkansas State Penitentiary with Exom Egger, Jess Bost and Freeman for making moonshine.

1930 - Arkansas - Census shows James Richard Berry is now head of household. James is 39 years old, his wife, MaryMary Ann Berry Frances Berry is 27 years old, Floy Mae Berry is 8 years old, James Lloyd Berry is 6 years old, Oliver Hersel is 4 years old, Garner Herbert is 1 year old. Also in the house is James Richard Berry's mother, Mary Ann Berry who is 69 years old. On the property beside James is his brother Scott and his wife Luella and their family.

1941 - Arkansas - Mary Ann dies at 80 years of age.   On her death certificate, she is listed as the widow John Tully Berry.  Mary Ann is buried in the family cemetery in Low Gap, Arkansas.  Beside her, is a grave with a headstone that simply says "John".

In photograph's of Mary Ann as a young adult, she is wearing a Cherokee style beaded broach. I like to think it was a gift from John. The broach is beaded into the style of the number 7. Seven is the sacred number for the Cherokee, and is a typical wedding Cherokee gift for the time.


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